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Thoughts on all things Autism and mental health

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Currents: Poems (Paperback or Softback) | eBay

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After the speech I signed books along with the illustrator, a wonderful local artist called Andrew Hore. I found it hard to respond to this highly offensive statement, particularly as I had spoken for a good twenty minutes about empowering young Autistic people to be their own amazing selves and support them through getting work. In context, I spect my teens and early twenties trying to belong and fit in. It was an unmitigated disaster and cost me my identity for many years and could have cost me my life. The biggest insult was that the woman did not understand why I unfriended her on Facebook after the incident!

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I was at a conference a couple of years ago and had gone to the quiet room because I found the first keynote presentation triggering. The only other people in the quiet room were conference volunteers, mostly non-autistic people. This was when not many people had come across me and my work. I was a little vulnerable because I was quite unwell but was determined to go to the conference and deliver my presentation about Autism and employment.

I live in a house I am paying off with the wages form my permanent, full-time job in the public service! I think all three of these encounters demonstrate assumed knowledge and stereotypes. I think it is always best not to assume.

Treat everyone as an equal because we are equals. We are all human.

We are born and we live and we die. We need air, food water and love. Assumptions create misunderstanding, distance and anger between people. It is ironic, given my peripheral position in society! I sit to ripen: Uncoiling a hose to irrigate a quince tree in the orchard, I sense water flow before it flows.

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