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I happen to know almost the exact time the room was rented to Arthur Sheldon, Room 5. I rented that room myself, mister, at 3 yesterday afternoon. Anyway, what's it to you? You got a badge entitles you?

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I'm a lawyer, I'm trying to find out something for a client. Well, I don't stand around checking on people, I got better to do. And you didn't rent a room to a good-looking girl, 22, 23? Look, I'm trying to help her. Well, one thing could have happened. And anybody can come in and register, put their money in the slot, go over to the board and take the key and go in and sleep.

I wanna see that room. The old ones always sleep all over the bed. It's only the young ones leave it like that. Or someone with a clear conscience. She was a dainty one. I'll just straighten this up. Nobody will never know it's been slept in. Them look like feathers. Make it my usual, Helen. Lieutenant Tragg's got a man on me. Far as he knows, this is just a casual cup of coffee. I've been frantic trying to reach you. Paul Drake's men found the horse.

They're bringing him in now. You know, Paul said Tragg's out to get you this time. Both Faulkner and the hotel detective identified the woman who called on Callender at 2: It's Tragg's theory that she killed him and that you're harbouring her. If she does, tell her to meet me at the Vine Record Shop in a booth. Meanwhile, I might take the pressure off her if I throw Tragg a bone. I'm gonna lead him to one of the two Lois Fentons. But you're not here to visit, are you, Mr. Would you say that I'm the visiting type? Right now, I'm the question-box type.

For example, why did you visit Callender last night? I took him the fans, and to report that you hadn't really found the horse. Oh, he kept insisting that you had, and that the fans were just a-- - Heh. Oh, he was flexing all sorts of muscles. A man named Meeker, the house detective, claims you did. I left at 2. Now, what do you think? Oh, you are a question box, aren't you?

Well, I have nothing to hide, as you can see. One thing, we look alike. She married John Callender, so I asked her, could I take over her act, and she said okay. So I copied her. Her walk, style, even the clothes I wear on the street. And now my name's Lois Fenton too. What happened when she left her husband? Didn't she want her identity back, or her act? Callender offered me money. A lot of money, if I'd help him get a horse back. He said the finder might get mixed up and bring it to me instead of to his wife.

That's why I wrote that letter he showed you. You realise, of course, there's going to be a lot of notoriety about all this. Oh, I'm terrified, Mr. She has dark brown hair-- A young lady has been waiting in one of our demonstration booths - for quite a while, sir. You were in Arthur Sheldon's room when I went to the hotel last night? I went across the hall and into my husband's room. I told him if he tried to make trouble for my brother Jasper, I'd get back at him.

I went to the door, and I was so afraid of him, Mr. I started to run, and, well, the elevator looked so far away, I ran down the stairs. Now, I want an answer to something. You did not call on your husband again at 23 minutes past 2? Now I wanna know about that-- That horse. Well, when I decided to leave my husband, I threw all my personal things in the back of my car and I drove to Brawley.

I took an engagement at the Valley Club. Jasper rode Starlight into Brawley for me and put him in a stable. And while you were working, he was stolen. Well, anyone could have walked in and led him out. Did you have any trouble with this other girl, this Cherie Chi Chi, when she heard you were dancing again? When I married John, I gave her a letter authorising her to use my name and bookings until I wanted it again. We both signed it. As witness, my husband kept the only copy.

He said that would protect me. But she knew I didn't have a copy and that he wouldn't lift a finger to help me. He wanted me to flop. Well, I can't let you go back to wherever you're staying.

Perry Mason (1957) s01e15 Episode Script

We can't afford to make it seem like you're running away. You have to be somewhere that's logically right for-- Near your horse. There's a motel down the road from the Edendale Stables. I'll get my car. Is Starlight all right? Outside of a scratch and a bullet in his saddle, he's in a better spot than we are, Miss Fenton. Feed him old hay and a little grain, please. Not too much grain. I don't want him to get too hot. Just enough to keep him on his mettle.

tWitch Surprises a High School Senior for His Prom

Okay, take good care of the horse, put the saddle in my car. By now, Tragg will certainly know we found Starlight. They'll trace him right here. Don't get embarrassed, just talk. Arthur said-- Well, he said I mustn't tell anybody about that. Sheldon left the hotel and went to that boarding house.

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But he'd registered there earlier that day, long before I asked him to leave the Richmell. Well, Arthur got the room for my brother Jasper. We intended that Jasper stay there, but he never showed up, so Arthur stayed there himself. Why did you go there? When Arthur-- When he arrived at the boarding house, he found something in his room.

One of my fans, soaked in blood. Well, I took that other room and I tried to wash out the stains. Somewhere it'll never be found. Just put it in the car, please. Did Arthur explain how the blood got on the fan? In murder cases, they wind up in death row at San Quentin. If they happen to be nice-looking, they might have a fifty-fifty chance of making the women's prison at Tehachapi. Cooped up in a cell with no makeup, the drab routine-- - Stop. Yes, I have had it. We're going to the police. Will you sign this for boarding the horse? Why is it every time a man's been victimized by a woman, every other woman he knows starts beaming with delight?

Could be that mentally, they're putting him on their sucker list. Well, like it or not, Lois Fenton is still our client. How much evidence has the DA got, Paul? Witnesses identify her as the woman who went into Callender's room at 23 minutes past 2. And she had motive to burn. She was protecting her brother Jasper. He's admitted to the police that he stole her horse and made the burglary attempt at Callender's ranch. And the police have the saddle with the bullet in it.

Could Jasper have killed Callender? Perry, he was only in there ten seconds. How long does it take to stick a sword into a man? Well, more than that just to find and pick up a weapon. Because Callender brought it from the ranch. The bellboy who checked him in remembered he had it when he arrived.

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Did Tragg find Cherie Chi Chi? It's gonna be a rough one, Paul. Yeah, particularly since Lois Fenton's got to be guilty. Well, I'm glad you're not going to be on the jury. Will counsel stipulate for the jury is present and the defendant is in court? Mason, at the close of the morning session, the district attorney had concluded his opening statement. Does the defence wish to make its opening at this time? No, Your Honour, we will reserve our opening statement until we start putting on our defence.

The district attorney will call his first witness. Now, doctor, did you find any foreign substances in the body of John Callender? That is, near the wound or within the wall of the chest? A feather, sufficient in quantity to be recognised as portions of an ostrich plume.

Meeker, you were acting in your capacity as house detective at the Richmell Hotel? And at 20 minutes after 2 in the morning, this young woman appeared in the lobby of the hotel. When you say "this young woman," who do you mean exactly? The young woman sitting over there. You're pointing at the defendant, Miss Lois Fenton. Are you absolutely positive the woman you saw in the hotel lobby was this defendant?

Frantic stock photos

Yes, sir, I am. You identified her at the police station? Well, she was marched into a shadow box with six other women. You're positive there could be no mistake? Who was present with you at that time? Sergeant Holcomb, another detective and Sam Meeker. And, oh, yes, another police officer who keeps the records. Would you describe the shadow box for us, please? Well, it's a stage, all lit up. Real bright, there's a curtain of material that hangs down the front and you can see through it.

You can sit in a dark room and see inside the box, but the people inside the box can't see you. There are lines on the back so you can tell how tall the people are. And you saw the defendant in that box? Well, not the first time I saw her in the shadow box. You mean there was more than one occasion? Why was she returned to the shadow box? Some question in Sergeant Holcomb's mind about the way she acted. But Sergeant Holcomb himself told me-- Makes no difference. That is merely hearsay. Well, did you yourself notice something? Well, when she first entered the shadow box, she didn't talk very clear.

She was sulky and kind of non-cooperative and kept her head down. The sergeant didn't like her appearance, and there was an argument between him and another officer, so he had her brought back the second time. How long an interval passed between the first and second time? Oh, 20 minutes, maybe longer.

It has now reached the hour of 5, the hour of the evening adjournment. I'm going to remand the defendant. The jury will be in the custody of the sheriff. Court is adjourned till What about this shadow box business? But they're wrong when they say I was sulky and non-cooperative. But he's working for the district attorney.

Faulkner's employed by Paul Drake. Burger just had him subpoenaed to identify you. But I wasn't sulky. While you were there, did you see any sign of this other girl? I think I did. But you never believe me. If that were true, I wouldn't be defending you.

Jill St Clare (Author of Frantic Fan Dancer)

I don't want you to think with my appearance in court and being a witness for the prosecution that I'd sold you out. I appreciate your position, Faulkner. Well, maybe I can make it up. Well, the police have her. She's in custody, and willingly. I felt I owed you something. As far as I'm concerned, Faulkner, you're completely paid up. Your Honour, before we proceed with the trial of this case, there's a matter I wish to call to attention. It concerns a witness. A potential witness for the defence, Irene Kilby. Stage name, Cherie Chi Chi. I fail to see the necessity of making such a statement at this time and in front of the jury, Mr.

The reason I'm making the statement, Your Honour, is that I've just discovered why we've been unable to find this witness. She's being held incommunicado by the police. I resent that, Your Honour. The law specifically gives the prosecution the power to hold material witnesses. This is a material witness for the prosecution.

What is she a witness to? May I ask the district attorney if he will promise to put this witness on the stand? I don't have to promise any such thing. Your Honour, it's apparent this woman is not a witness. Now, wait a minute. What do you propose to prove by her? The woman who was in the Richmell Hotel at 20 minutes past 2 on the morning of the 17th. You asked for it, I'll bring her into court. Your Honour, I think if I have 15 minutes I can satisfy counsel's request.

Meanwhile, I can save some time while we're waiting by putting on another witness. Will you take the stand and be sworn, Mr. You've already admitted that you entered the deceased's room at 2: Now, when you found him dead, you ran out without notifying anybody, is that right? Well, the next day I went to the police. Of your own accord, and gave them a written statement. And at this time, you did not know that your sister was accused of the crime, did you?

It goes to the motivation and the interest of the witness, if the court please.

The question is leading, but I think I'll overrule the objection. I think the jury is entitled to the facts. At that time, I did not know my sister was involved. Get your hand off my arm, I can walk. Brought here at the suggestion, in fact the demand, of Perry Mason. Would you step forward, Miss Kilby?

Miss Fenton, over there, please. The two of you together. This is indeed a strange situation. There's no great facial resemblance, but as far as figures are concerned, these two women are almost identical. If the court please, it is my understanding that the district attorney is going to put this young woman on the witness stand. I've produced her, that's sufficient.

Either you call this witness to the stand, or explain to the grievance committee why you were holding her where I couldn't find her, claiming she was a material witness. Miss Kilby, take the stand. Now then, directing your attention to the afternoon of September 17th, you were in your apartment? Incompetent, irrelevant and immaterial. And not proper cross-examination. It would seem to be highly incompetent, counsellor. Your Honour, this witness was arrested, placed in the shadow box and identified absolutely by the witnesses Sam Meeker and Frank Faulkner as the woman they had seen in the Richmell Hotel at 20 minutes past 2 on the morning of September 17th.

You can't prove that. This woman was arrested as Lois Fenton. She was identified by the witnesses. A few minutes after that identification, the police arrested the real Lois Fenton. So Sergeant Holcomb asked the witnesses to see the girl again under better circumstances. He then sent Lois Fenton into the shadow box, knowing the witnesses would re-identify her. Later, he put the defendant, Lois Fenton, back in the shadow box for the second time. But at that time, there was no one else on the other side of the screen.

This was a deliberate ruse to prevent me from learning the truth. How did you know? The witnesses said you were sulky the first time they saw you. You told me you weren't. Assuming that you were telling the truth and they were too, then it must have been somebody else, not you, that they identified the first time. The court would like to know whether or not this witness, Irene Kilby, was put in the shadow box at the time the witness Sam Meeker and the witness Frank Faulkner were there to make an identification.