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So far out…It's really something else!

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Don't forget to come by ftgreenebar tomorrow night! Not only will there be a thing n or rad people and vendors, but we'll be screening So I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle, a seasonally appropriate crowd favorite! This site uses cookies. Send Me an Angel. Talk to me what you hiding Tell me what you done to me Thought we were best friends But I guess I was wrong But I guess you were wrong Was she really worth it? To mess up what you had with me I thought that you love me But I guess I was wrong But I guess you were wrong You can say what you want boy But you're never gonna get me again I bet you didn't think I'd catch you in lie And though it hurts me I got to say goodbye I'm tired of screaming Can Somebody hear me?

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My heart is bleeding Can somebody save me? Send me an angel, angel angel x4 So don't say that you're sorry Cause your sorry's don't mean a thing to me You thought you could play me But I guess you were wrong But I guess I was wrong So grab your stuff boy don't hesitate You're wasting time, stop your crying Cause you know it's too late You think I still love you Boy you so wrong And you can say what you want boy But you're never gonna get me again I bet you didn't think I'd catch you in lie Catch you in a lie And though it hurts me I got to say goodbye Say goodbye I'm tired of screaming Can Somebody hear me?

Can somebody hear me? Can somebody save me? Alex was carrying around some heavy baggage and he built a fortress around himself and his heart, but Daisy is so damn irresistible that his walls begin to crumble ever so slowly. He puts up a great front, but the reader can feel how much he cares for this woman who shares his bed and his life.

The deal for the marriage calls for 6 months, but how can he ever let her go?! The ending took me totally off guard.

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I never expected it to play out the way it did. It was such a pleasant surprise, my jaw just dropped to the floor and it took a while for me to lift it up and put it back in place. So many amazing characters that took front and center, but the two that stole the show were Sinjun and Tater! However unrealistic it was, it worked in a big way. So much fun, SEP outdid herself with this one. This book stirred every emotion in me…it was head-spinning!

The dialogue was amazing; I was captivated by the story and charmed by all the characters, especially Daisy and Alex. The passion they shared felt real and they had amazing chemistry. SEP does intimate very well. View all 62 comments. Alex is a jerk, a fucking major jerk. Let's give him some space. I love you too. You are a bit of cunt.

I sure hope it lives up to my expectations. View all 37 comments. Feb 18, AleJandra rated it it was amazing Shelves: Lo bueno de esto es que nunca me quedo sin material de lectura, al terminar de leer un libro ya tengo en frente otro. Como es el caso de este libro. Lo mejor del libro es que se desarrolla en un Circo. Ame este libro por completo, esta fue mi cara todo el tiempo mientras lo leia. View all 13 comments. Oct 04, Grecia Robles rated it it was amazing Shelves: Tiene un gran crecimiento a lo largo de la historia. El ambiente donde se desarrolla la historia es en el circo.

Jun 22, NMmomof4 rated it really liked it Shelves: This was so much better than I thought it'd be! I know I might be giving too much away here -- but I think keeping the circus aspect of this book a secret is a poor choice! I might've picked this up sooner if I had known what all we experienced with that! It's an older book, but it really didn't fell all that dated tbh -- maybe the clothing descriptions, but that's about it.

I came across this again when I asked GR friends and followers what their favorite re-read 4. I came across this again when I asked GR friends and followers what their favorite re-read books are, and I can totally understand where this would come in! I think it's going on my favorites shelf and will probably be a re-read again farther down the line. Why not 5 Stars then, you ask? The sexual chemistry felt lacking. It wasn't fade-to-black or anything, but I felt like the scenes could've been better.

I'm also a greedy, greedy girl and I like my epilogues! This one was alright. I didn't hate it or anything, but I definitely think it could've been a lot better! Brief Summary of the Storyline: This is Daisy and Alex's story. Daisy finds herself forced to marry a man of her father's choosing or face jail time. Alex is a mysterious older man that is up for the job for at least the 6 months she is required to stay married before getting her inheritance.

Daisy is shocked when Alex swoops her up to get on a plane that takes her to Florida where they join the traveling circus he works for. There is a lot of big adjustments Daisy has to make to fit in with this new lifestyle and with her new husband, and Alex is also consistently shocked that Daisy isn't the spoiled and dumb socialite that he had pegged her to be.

There are a lot of ups and downs, some funny moments, some sexy times, and some sad moments This alternated between focusing mainly on Daisy and Alex in 3rd person narrative.

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  • It did have some parts that focused on side characters as well. Overall Pace of Story: I ate this up and read it super fast! I never skimmed and I thought it flowed well. No, they take a while to develop stronger feelings.

    Gonna Find Me an Angel - Alania E. Osborne-Currie - Google Книги

    I felt bad for his past, but I did want him to communicate a little better with Daisy at times. She was a mess and a lot lost when we first meet her. Her upbringing and family relationships were sad, but I appreciated the woman she became despite it all. I teared up a few times, but I never needed any tissues. Yes view spoiler [ They both push away and also pursue the relationship at times.

    They have some alright tension, chemistry, and scenes -- but not so much it takes away from the story. I do think this could've been a little bit more steamy tbh. Their sexual chemistry just fell a little flat for me for some reason. Yes view spoiler [ An ex f-buddy of the H is the owner of the circus, and she causes a good bit of drama for the couple because she had fallen in live with him and he didn't return the feelings.

    No view spoiler [There is a descriptive scene of two side characters hide spoiler ] Cheating: Yes view spoiler [Loss of a parent off page , arranged marriage on page , child abuse off page , the h was a virgin, and unexpected pregnancy on page.

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    This is my biggest issue with the book. It gives us a small days? How about them with their children later in life?! That would've been awesome. I am still calling this a HEA though.

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    View all 20 comments. Oct 22, Ana rated it did not like it Shelves: When I first read Kiss an Angel I was highly disappointed. I don't know why it bugged me so much. Honestly, I just didn't like the hero or the heroine in this book. The hero is no hero. He is abusive, explosive, and a complete douchebag. He treated the heroine horribly. Daisy starts out an awesome heroine and turns into a doormat. SEP books I recommend: My first SEP novel and it was oh soooo good!!!!

    Normally contemporary romance novels from the 90's aren't really my thing, but this was compared to The Unwanted Wife by Natasha Anders so I had to read it. Kiss An Angel is the story of Daisy who gets roped into an arranged marriage to a man who seems to despise her. Alex works for a traveling circus and seems to find a lot of pleasure in assigning Daisy to tasks which would humiliate her. As time goes by, sparks fly between the two and 4. As time goes by, sparks fly between the two and they give in to their attraction. But Alex will never love anyone, and he makes it clear he will never love Daisy.

    This book started out a bit rough for me, I almost threw in the towel and I pushed on. I'm such an angst whore, I swear. I really liked Daisy and Alex, I liked them even more together. Another highlight for me was the relationships developed with the circus animals because I am a giant softy for animals. I cannot wait to discover more by SEP! View all 7 comments.

    Aretha Franklin - Angel

    Jan 18, Amy Foxy Blogs rated it it was amazing Shelves: Alex is a strict Russian who has agreed to marry Daisy because of a debt he owes her father. Alex is a no nonsense man who manages a traveling circus. The circus atmosphere along with the animals adds to the completeness of the story. I really want my own Sinjuin the tiger.

    Standalone 10th book of View all 8 comments. It has been a lazy day for me. So I am going to continue with my laziness and provide you with a short and sweet review. Susan Elizabeth Phillips rocks! Now that I have read and loved enough of her books I have put her on the dreaded author pedestal.

    Their words are spot on and their pictures capture some of my favorite moments in the book too. But I will say….. The two main characters Daisy and Alex were pretty amazing. The moments between them were endless. There was humor, sweetness and sexiness. The plot was creative and filled with SEP originality. The candidness of the dialogue was perfect. It provided for laughter, romance and endless sexual tension. Which I must say I loved! It really was a wonderful story. View all 42 comments. Jan 15, Geo Marcovici rated it it was amazing.

    O poveste despre iubire.

    Angel (Aretha Franklin song)

    View all 6 comments. I have to thank my buddy Lana for the rec and for listening to me bitch and moan while reading this one. D Will definitely re-read some day. Mar 15, Dilek VT rated it liked it Shelves: Their marriage was based on something unbelievable for me. And there wasn't enough groveling at all My 2,5 points go to the scenes with Sinjun, the tiger and Tater, the elephant, as I fell in love with these two animals: View all 4 comments. In this wonderful story. Therefore, this is an exuberant, completely one-sided tribute review and must be read with an ounce of sanity.

    Because I never want to stop and will say again and again in different ways how much I love this book. I just want to scream - What a great novel!! I'm so impressed, almost 20 years old written but it outperforms most in the genre even though it is in a traditional romance style.

    Maybe nothing new under the sun but in this case it doesn't hurt. I don't think you get a story who is in anyway hyped, vulgar, to sugar sweet or overly fuss to keep us, the readers, on the rack - you just get a good well thought out story. Sure it's steamy with a very hot, handsome alpha hero Alex, you are a favorite! There is both happiness, tears, laughter but above all an absolutely incredible wonderful heroine in the lovely Daisy an angel is really the right term.

    When it comes down to it, it's mostly novels with a heroine I really can love who will also be the most memorable in the long run. No doubt; highest rating! Arranged marriages in a contemporary romance? Yes, poor Daisy have debts and her father has a condition to help her. She, his daughter, must be married to, and live as wife, with the stranger man her father picked out in six months.

    When the time has elapsed, they may go separate paths and Daisy will get access to a trust fund and can choose how she wants to live her life. What do you do as a 26 year old woman with debt and without a job? A few hours later, they're in Florida and she faces that her new married life to a stranger is going to be with a traveling second class circus.

    Her new husband is nasty, lasting, superior and menacing and is pointing to a mangy old-fashioned caravan; her new home.

    Gotta Find Me An Angel by Aretha Franklin

    As if that were not bad enough, Daisy is terrified of animals Now I'm going to take a shower. Stab me with your eyebrow pencil? Here are a lot of lovely second characters and their stories. We have the charmer Brady, the bitter but so tough Sheba and the young insecure teenager Heather. It is whining whips, horse arts and one for me quite new and unknown circus world. It's humble, lives in mobile homes, muddy, constant travel, much gossip and bullshit, but also caring and warmth.

    Tater the baby elephant in love, Glenna a lonely female gorilla and of course the poor old "talking" tiger Sinjun.