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  1. 3 Distinguishing Qualities of a Faithful Man and How to Spot a Cheater
  2. 9 signs You're With a Real and Faithful Man
  3. Different reasons, it turns out.
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  5. The Rareness of Loyalty and How to Find It

They are very different. See why it is so rare for humans to be loyal? We are often impulsive — or to put it nicely — spontaneously pleasure seeking beings. The man who valued the instant gratification of a woman who offered him sex or validation, over staying present and working on it with you. A person who is loyal will often give it selflessly, simply because that is what they value.

It takes a strong person to give loyalty. Loyalty could have costed our ancestors greatly.

3 Distinguishing Qualities of a Faithful Man and How to Spot a Cheater

Loyalty to that dude over any length of time could have costed your entire genetic future; your genes may die out permanently as you and your children could starve or be more vulnerable to predators. And all you get is the memory of your loyalty. Loyalty is not glamorous. I believe truly loyal people are not afraid of befriending pain. That is also important. This is something I have found painful to deal with in the past in my own marriage with my lover…when he was hurt, do I value my feelings of failure and guilt over hurting him?

Or do I value feeling and sharing his pain, so he gets the gift of knowing that I do in fact care, and always will care? Loyalty can be learned, often through many painful experiences — we find that loyalty is all we have. Loyalty can be offered when one has self esteem, courage and confidence , which a small number of people truly have. So just remember that; life is full of contradictions. Click here to learn in depth about what men deeply crave from you. You get to indulge in the illusion of actually having something, having a full life, being someone, and being popular.

When all of us are just as human as the next.

All of us are going to die. No amount of popularity or superficial masks will ever, ever change the truth.

9 signs You're With a Real and Faithful Man

Very often, when we look at ourselves, especially as women, because we operate from guilt so much — we begin to realise we could be doing more or being more; and this is not an unhealthy thing. I want you to have the strength to choose the right people to be loyal to. So how do you do that? This is called the reciprocation test.

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And if you want to learn more about inspiring a man to be more loyal to you, join our members in the commitment control area. Find out if someone is willing to give proportionate loyalty back to you when you offer your vulnerability first. By doing this — you get to learn about people when you give something; you get to see if they are at all serious about getting to know you or reciprocating.

Different reasons, it turns out.

How to do this? In fact — if someone is only in it to take value from you — they will never reciprocate. You can also show a vulnerability: If a man is interested in you as a person, he will be able to offer his presence — not just compliments, not just flowers or a meal, not just sex.

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The key is presence. Not even taking you to see his family or friends. How often do others — men or women, children and even parents — really show loyalty? In a world where people are focused on taking what they can from others without realising how taking just empties the friendship or relationship bank account…what are we to do? There really are gems out there who are loyal, just like you. Have the courage to believe. People will naturally be attracted to you.

One of the highest forms of value that you can give is simple genuine connection: Other loyal people feel it if you feel the need to be friendly, open, flirty and to gain status and approval from everyone. And the time that could be going to investing in people who do value loyalty. Sometimes these seemingly flashy and cool things in life come at a big price. Sensitivity is important for relationships to last. Our impulses can have huge consequences — especially if we say things out of anger, self doubt, resentment, envy…. Sometimes, we are not ready. Loyalty is not for everybody in every stage of life.

Disloyal people are also valuable for that very reason.

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Find out how three words can make your man commit to you. If you want to find someone who is loyal, you probably need to display those traits. There are so many gems of truth in this article I cannot begin to comment on all of them. Firstly what you said about feeling the guilt and failure of hurting your husband, and finding out that being with him and feeling his pain is much better and feeling your own guilt and failure, that I learned a lot.

Every time I hurt my future husband I feel like such a failure. I just love this stuff more than I can say- it is so frustrating and time consuming and dishonest to live expecting men to be like us. We know they are not, and yet we continue to enforce feminine rules in our partnerships and demand equality and compromise and sharing. Sometimes, we have to move in zig zags to get to a better place.

This is a geat article Renee. I love your blog. As far as loyalty is concerned, I put people in the category of a tree. The majority of people are the leaves on the tree. They take from the tree and give shade every now and then. The season changes, they wither and die and are gone.

Some are like the branches. You have to be careful with the branches.

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LOVE the new article Renee! Here are 3 qualities of a real man and how to spot a cheater. I have known men on both sides of the proverbial coin, those who cheat fluently and those who are steadfastly faithful. Both arrive at their chosen destination intentionally. They use the latest technology to advance their indiscretions. What determines its use is its user.

A committed man will use these tools to honor the woman he is committed to with great integrity. Integrity is what a man does when no one is watching.

The Rareness of Loyalty and How to Find It

This man will protect the integrity of his relationship in the presence of his woman and in her absence. He avoids situations that will compromise his relationship. No other woman should have the same access to him that she has. There is no justification for disrespecting a woman in this manner even when she disrespects herself and even when she will allow a man to disrespect her.

Beyond language, respect is how a man treats a woman. This is governed by two things. At worst, he will treat her with respect simply because she is a woman. If a deeper relationship ensues, his treatment of her will also deepen as the relationship progresses. As for those males who choose to be unfaithful, options have very little to do with their choice to be untrue. They search for opportunities to be unfaithful. These poor souls measure manhood by their sexual conquests.

The greater the conquest, the greater the man.