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  2. Student Government Association officers attended the Big 12 on the Hill conference.
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Mooney and Francis led the team with three steals each, while Davide Moretti added nine points and six assists, starting with a lob pass to Owens for a dunk on the opening possession and then drilling a 3-pointer on the next trip down the court. The Red Raiders started the season on a run to start the game before UIW kept it close throughout the opening half.


Culver would hit a 3-pointer with four seconds remaining in the opening half as Tech took a lead into the locker room. Instagram Facebook Twitter Playlist. At the time this paper was presented in April , the Dairy Barn was not in good shape. There were holes in the roof and the paint was peeling. In the fall of , restoration work was completed on the Dairy Barn. The roof was replaced.

The Diary Barn received a fresh coat of paint and exterior damage was repaired. The author is not aware of what work was completed inside the building. The First Thirty Years. Builders of the Southwest. The majority of the material that makes up the University Archives at Texas Tech University consists of historical documents and memorabilia relating directly to Texas Tech.

Student Government Association officers attended the Big 12 on the Hill conference.

Occasionally an item will appear within a collection that does not fit the collecting scope of the University Archives. Bradford Knapp was president of Texas Tech during this time period. The oddities highlighted here will remain within this collection. This collection contains an entire folder of advertisements sent to the Texas Tech Bookstore by various publishing houses and suppliers of items a college student might need.

Vogue Sport Soles Advertisement, Metal Soles to attach to any shoe to make it into a sport shoe.

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Economic Forum newsletter subscription offer, including 3 free books concerning the economy. This advertisement was in the Bookstore folder dated , at the height of the Great Depression.

Patton suggested the following scale, stating that it was as close as he could recall from previous experience:. An A Student is one who has mastered the subject and has made it a part of his mental equipment to such as extent that he can use it independently. An B Student is one who knows the subject, can answer most of the question upon it, but has not made it so thoroughly a part of his mental equipment that he can use it independently to any large extent.

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  • Before that, he had served as professor and department head of chemistry and geology at Musingum College and associate geologist with the Bureau of Economic Geology at the University of Texas, as well as having served as a high school principal and superintendent of schools in Ohio. Patton was also a member of Sigma Xi, a graduate science research society. Patton, learning of the new college that was opening up in West Texas, contacted the new president, Dr.

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    Paul Whitfield Horn in the hopes of obtaining a new position. As there were not enough students to fill a geology position full-time, Patton agreed to also teach chemistry. The very limited number of buildings on the new campus proved to be a challenge for many who started teaching at Texas Tech.

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    Richard Studhalter, his classroom space was in the Administration Building, his labs in the Home Economics and Textile Engineering Buildings, and additionally he also coached boxing in the mule barn. Not one to rest on his laurels, Patton worked hard to publish in his field and a Geological Society of Texas Technological College was established which later petitioned Sigma Gamma Epsilon to become a chapter in Geology courses were popular, having students enrolled by fall of and in the fall of Patton also began to conduct a field course in geology for his students starting in The goal was to give his students field experience before they graduated.

    A wonderful little scrapbook resides in the Archives from the first field trip to New Mexico from June 7-July 14, Richard Studhalter later formed a similar student group, called the Biology Club, in which also went on field trips and his collection can also be found in the University Archives.

    One of the best aspects of the Internet is the ability to provide access to unique or rare material to a larger audience. One such item we ran across was a Tech promo video which had been placed on YouTube. The five minute film was narrated by Clint Formby, a noted Tech alum who graduated with a journalism degree in The same person has also posted footage of the Jones Stadium expansion. The University Archives houses thousands of feet of school footage, including footage from the University News and Publications Office, now called Marketing and Communications.

    However, the recording does not have sound yet as currently we do not have the equipment that can transfer that part. Hopefully we will be able to do that in the near future. Numerous recordings and reels are unlabelled and will have to be viewed to determine their content. Do you have any such hidden treasures among your holdings?

    If so and you are interested in sharing it with other Tech alumns, please contact the University Archives. If you were a student at here, chances are you visited one or both of these buildings at some point. You may have stayed in Gaston Hall when it served as graduate housing or paid a late night visit Thompson Hall to see a doctor in the Student Health Clinic.

    Kingsbury, who has a record in six seasons, said he expected to sit down soon with athletic director Kirby Hocutt.

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider dev diary goes over The Forge contents, new paths with each DLC

    The coach wouldn't provide any indication of what he expected to happen. Hocutt, who usually attends the coach's postgame news conferences, wasn't in the room after Saturday's game. During his weekly radio segment earlier this week, Hocutt acknowledged there has been progress this season before adding, "But when you're , it's hard to hold your hat on a lot of progress," and that the only thing that matters is the record.

    The Red Raiders were before finishing the season with a five-game losing streak in which they scored first each time.