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  1. Prince's Band (Musical group)
  2. Automatic A-Rolls
  3. Automatic A-Rolls - Chicago SouthSide Piano

Von Weber and Harry Prendiville []. Winter March and Two Step -- By: Zulaikha Egyptian Dance -- By: Ayer and Atkinson []. Changes Fox Trot -- By: Chiquita Waltz -- By: Dolly Morse and Andrew Donnelly []. Eily Beadell and Nell Tollerton []. Dorothy Ingersol Wahl []. Dolores Fox Trot -- By: Gus Kahn and Ted Shapiro []. Art Kassel and Mel Stitzel [].

Gus Kahn and Ted Fiorito []. Eliza Fox Trot -- By: Richardson and Joe Burke []. Flamin' Mamie Fox Trot -- By: Dorothy Terriss and Joe Burke []. Glorianna Selection from Musical Play -- By: Isham Jones and Gus Kahn []. Logan and Frank Harling []. Howard Dietz and Walter Donaldson []. Knock Three Times -- By: Irwin Levine and L.

Laila Arabian Dance -- By: Engelmann [, and ]. Memories Song -- By: Egbert Van Alstyne and Gustave Kahn []. Mother Machree Waltz -- By: Chauncey Olcott and Ernest R. Paul Biese and F. Williams and Grey []. Richard Fall and L. Vincent Rose and Harry Owens []. Denni, Boyton and Grant []. Paul Lincke [ and ]. Wenrich and O'Donnell []. Sunday Fox Trot -- By: Walter Donaldson and Paul Ash [].

Box , Folder 72 Sheet Music: Eagan, Steve Pasternack and Richard A. Gus Kahn and Tolchard Evans []. Under One Flag March -- By: Minnie Lee Jeffords [Not Dated]. Box , Folder 76 Sheet Music: Schmid [ and ]. Box , Folder 78 Sheet Music: Wayne King and Emil Flindt [].

Johnson [ and ]. Jay Livingston and Ray Evans []. Box , Folder 82 Sheet Music: Box , Folder 83 Sheet Music: Robert Sauer and Milt Taggart []. Gus Kahn and Joe Burke []. Benjamin Hapgood Burt []. Apple Blossoms Selection -- By: Fritz Kreisler and Victor Jacobi []. Benny Davis, Harry Akst and L. Lewis, Young and Mabel Wayne []. Fischer - Migliacci []. The Bridal Rose Overture -- By: Lavallee [ and ]. Harry Akst and Benny Davis []. Lewis, Young and Ray Henderson []. Paul de Ville []. Honolulu Moon Waltz -- By: Van Alstyne and Goldstein [].

La Castagnette Caprice Espagnol -- By: Alice Lloyd [Not Dated]. Love Dreams Medley Waltz -- By: Henrietta Blanke Belcher []. The Love Tyrant Waltz -- By: William Frederick Peters []. Ayer and Schwartz []. O'Donnell and Smith []. Gus Kahn and Isham Jones []. Razzle Dazzle -- By: Al Sherman and Ben Bernie []. Rustic Twilight Reverie -- By: Gerald Frazee [Not Dated].

Silver Bell Indian Intermezzo -- By: Southern Rose Fox Trot -- By: Sweet Man Fox Trot -- By: Paul Baker and Ben Bernie []. Symbol of Honor Overture -- By: Skaggs Opus 31 [Not Dated]. Box , Folder 66 Sheet Music: Van Alstyne and Schmid []. Eduardo Marzo Opus []. Waters Of Venice Waltz -- By: Woodland Selection from Musical Fantasy -- By: You Belong To Me -- By: Gus Kahn and Carmen Lombardo []. The American Rose Waltz -- By: Army Frolic March -- By: Brown and Ayer [].

Margis - Berger Opus []. The Chirpers Morceau Characteristic -- By: Civilization Peace March -- By: Colorado And You Waltz -- By: Johnson and Carson J. The Dazzler March -- By: Egyptian Nights Oriental Waltz -- By: Flying Arrow Intermezzo Indienne -- By: Lewis, Joe Young and Walter Donaldson []. Jane Hathaway and J. Egan, Ange Lorenzo, and Richard A. The King's Escort March -- By: Lee Orean Smith []. Gumble and Van Alstyne [].

Magnolia Fox Trot -- By: Meditation Valse Poetique -- By: One Step and March -- By: Brockman and Smith []. Relaxation Valse -- By: Charles Tobias, Coleman Goetz and J.

Prince's Band (Musical group)

Somebody's Lonely Fox Trot -- By: Byron Gay and Richard A. Texas Fox Trot -- By: Lew Wilson and Alfred Dubin []. Young, Ruby and Glogau []. Who Are You With Tonight? Xylophon Polka -- By: Walter Donaldson and Joe Burke []. Goetz and Meyer []. Medley March and Two Step -- By: Azaleas Two Step Intermezzo -- By: Tom Turpin [ and ]. Francois de Moulineux []. Daughters of America National March -- By: Down The Field -- By: Friedman [ and ].

The Enterpriser Military March -- By: John Philip Sousa []. Flickering Firelight Shadow Dance -- By: Follow The Flag March -- By: Paul de Ville [] -- [Manuscript]. LeBoy and Botsford []. Vincent Scotto [ and ]. Introduction and Waltz Lagunen -- By: Jerome and Schwartz []. Off to Dixie Characteristic March -- By: Kammermeyer [ and ]. Louis von der Mehden, Jr. Jolly [ and ]. Soap Bubbles Characteristic March -- By: The Sun Dance -- By: Under The Double Eagle -- By: Wagner [Not Dated] -- [Music Manuscript]. Albert von Tilzer []. Buddies One Step -- By: Hilliam and Harold Ivers [].

Bye-Bye Pretty Baby -- By: Jack Gardner and Spike Hamilton []. Chain Of Daisies Waltz -- By: My Maryland -- By: Cherrytime Gavotte -- By: Homer Grunn Opus 7 []. Flying Thoughts Characteristic Intermezzo -- By: Foxy Quiller Selection -- By: Reginald de Koven and C. The Gray Eagle Overture -- By: Haunting Melody Waltz -- By: Larry Spier and Larry Schloss []. Harry Pease and Ed. Longing For Home Heimweh -- By: Albert Jungmann Opus [Not Dated]. Minuet in G -- By: Ludwig van Beethoven Moissaye Boguslawski [].

Moonlight and Starlight Waltz -- By: Moonlight Sonata First Movement -- By: Ludwig van Beethoven Theo. Mother Machree Duet -- By: My Rose of Yestereen -- By: Unknown [Music Manuscript] -- [Not Dated]. Robert Nelson and H. Knapp [Phoebe Palmer Knapp] -- []. Peace With Honor March -- By: Punchinello and Yesterthoughts -- By: Burt Bacharach and Hal Davis []. George Wiegand Revised by: Tom Clark] -- [, and ].

Salut d'Amour Love's Greeting -- By: Edward Elgar Opus 12 []. David Wallis Reeves []. Anton Emil Titl []. Ludwig van Beethoven []. Smile A Little Bit -- By: Bob Morton and Peggy Shevlin []. Louis Tickle -- By: There'll Always be An England -- By: Ross Parker and Hughie Charles []. Voices Of The Woods -- By: Anton Rubinstein and Michael Watson []. Walter Donaldson and Abe Lyman []. George Atwater [ and ].

In A Persian Garden -- By: Liza Lehmann [ and ]. Buddies Selection -- By: Hilliam and George J. Comedy-Drama Overture -- By: Billy Rose and Fred Fisher []. Follies Of Selection -- By: Gene Buck and Dave Stamper []. Jolly Fellows Waltz -- By: Vollstedt and Henri Greissinger []. Jack Yellen and Milton Ager []. The Midnight Dream Overture -- By: Normandy Fox Trot -- By: Papillons Butterflies -- By: Robert Schumann Opus 2 [ and ].

Ethelbert Nevin [ and ]. Soldiers and Sweethearts Overture -- By: Edward Bergenholtz Opus 18 []. Richard Howard and Harry Woods []. Allan and Bob Allan []. Evans Opus 32 []. George Frideric Handel []. Conquer Or Die Song -- By: Do I Love Thee? Cecil Lorraine and W. Eolienne Harp Morceau de Salon -- By: Sidney Smith Opus 11 [Not Dated]. Fantaisie Pastorale -- By: Flow'ret, Forget Me Not! Theodor Giese Opus [Not Dated]. The Gleaners -- By: Elizabeth Akers Allen and J. Hope Beyond Duett -- By: White [ and ]. The Hum Of Bees -- By: Molloy and Marion Haig [].

Gertrude Wakefield Hassler []. The Last Hope -- By: Louis Moreau Gottschalk [, , , and ]. Sigismond Thalberg Opus 70 []. Lullaby From Jocelyn -- Opera -- By: Blessed Land Of Gwalia -- By: George Onslow Opus 25 []. Sixth Nocturne Sixeime -- By: Joseph Leybach Opus 91 [c. Spanische Weisen Spanish Airs -- By: Henry Weber [Not Dated]. Evans Opus 30 []. Bamboo Tree -- By: The Dashing Cavalier March -- By: Joseph Parry Opus 32, No. Thomas Oliphant and T. Davies [ and ]. Oolah Selection from -- By: Friedland and Gumble []. Gwilym Gwent [Not Dated] -- [Missing pages 1 - 2].

Soko Moorish March - Intermezzo -- By: Artillery Corps March -- By: Valiant Warriors Wyr Philistia -- By: David Jenkins Opus 25 []. Will Cobb and Gus Edwards [c. Gus Edwards [Not Dated]. Michael Bergson Opus []. Angel's Serenade La Serenata -- By: Gaetano Braga [Not Dated]. Au Matin At Morn -- By: Benjamin Godard Opus 83 [c.

Autumn Etude de Concert, No. Chaminade Opus 35 []. Dixie Quadrille -- By: Joseph Leybach Opus 35 [Not Dated]. Joseph Leybach Opus 96 [c. Sydney Smith Opus 24 []. Good Company -- By: Stephen Adams and Dr. Grand International Peace March -- By: Les Huguenots Grand Fantasie -- By: Sydney Smith Opus 44 [].

Lohengrin Fantaisie Brillante -- By: Joseph Leybach Opus [c. Lunar Festival Overture -- By: Morgan [Not Dated] -- [Music Manuscript]. A Polish Dance -- By: Scharwenka Opus 3, No.

Automatic A-Rolls

Redemption Descriptive Sacred Song -- By: Anton de Kontski Opus [c. The Roses' Honeymoon Reverie -- By: Scarf Dance Scene de Ballet -- By: Touches Of Little Hands -- By: Alice Cary and J. Come Jesus, Redeemer Sacred -- By: James Carroll Bartlett []. Jack Judge and Harry Williams [].

Journey Through Afrika Selection -- By: Cardinal Newman and D. Boex [] -- [Music Manuscript]. Mother, Dixie and You! Howard Johnson and Joe Santly []. Spring-Dawn Mazurka Caprice -- By: William Mason Opus 20 []. Gavotte Moderne -- By: Gilbert Raynolds Combs Opus 32 []. George Cooper and Homer Norris []. Just Between Ourselves -- By: Gilbert Raynolds Combs Opus 42 []. Martha Fantaisie Brilliante -- By: Sydney Smith Opus 30 []. Ludwig van Beethoven Opus 13 [c. Reginald de Koven and George Wiegand []. Christian Sinding Opus 32, No. Bach [ and ]. Friedrich Menzel Opus 40 [].

Violin - Concerto No. Franz Joseph Haydn [Not Dated]. Bees In Flowerland -- By: Bits Of Remick's Hits, No. Confirmation Fantasia -- By: Fear Not Ye, O Israel! Sacred Song -- By: Sir Arthur Sullivan [Not Dated]. Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy [Not Dated]. Joys Of Summer Waltzes -- By: Gruenwald Opus [] -- [Music Manuscript]. Arthur Sullivan [Not Dated]. Constantin von Sternberg []. Robin Hood Selection -- By: Felix Mendelssohn Opus 70, No. Car[nival Of Venice] -- By: Carlo [Barbi] -- [c.

Coronation March -- By: The Holy City -- By: Italian Hymn -- By: The Palms Les Rameaux -- By: Bryceson Treharne [] -- [Incomplete]. Reception Overture -- By: Schleppegrell [Not Dated] -- [Music Manuscript]. Russian Fantasia -- By: Moses [Not Dated] -- [Music Manuscript]. The Star Of Bethlehem -- By: Unknown [Not Dated] -- [Incomplete]. Tally-Ho Galop -- By: Tell Me -- By: Max Kortlander and J. Will Callahan [] -- [Incomplete]. Box , Folder 13 Songbook: Box , Folder 14 Songbook: Franklin Square Song Collection: Box , Folder 15 Songbook: Gli Ugonotti The Huguenots: A Grand Opera in Four Acts [].

Box , Folder 26 Songbook: Box , Folder 27 Songbook: Box , Folder 28 Songbook: Box , Folder 29 Songbook: Box , Folder 32 Songbook: Box , Folder 33 Songbook: Box , Folder 34 Songbook: Box , Folder 35 Songbook: Box , Folder 1 Songbooks: The American Male Choir: Box , Folder 4 Songbooks: Box , Folder 5 Songbooks: Box , Folder 6 Songbooks: Box , Folder 11 Songbooks: I Hear America Singing: Box , Folder 27 Songbooks: Box , Folder 36 Songbooks: The World's Best Composers: Box , Folder 3 Songbooks: Carl Fischer's Music Library, No.

Edvard Grieg Sonata No. Box , Folder 7 Songbooks: Carl Fischer Professional Folios: Album of Overtures Volume I [c. Box , Folder 8 Songbooks: Box , Folder 9 Songbooks: Box , Folder 12 Songbooks: The Art of Vocalization: Box , Folder 2 Songbooks: Edition Peters - Kreutzer: Edition Peters - Mazas: Box , Folder 13 Songbooks: Edition Peters - Paganini: Caprices for Violin Opus 1 - No. Box , Folder 14 Songbooks: Box , Folder 15 Songbooks: Box , Folder 17 Songbooks: Box , Folder 18 Songbooks: Box , Folder 19 Songbooks: Hadley Opus 21 [].

Cramer Opus 1 [Not Dated]. Box , Folder 10 Songbooks: Ditzon Edition - Kreutzer: Forty-Two Studies for the Violin No. Ditzon Edition - Sieber: Edition Peters - Casorti: Edition Wood - Schumann: Box , Folder 20 Songbooks: Box , Folder 21 Songbooks: Mischa Elman Favorite Encores: Box , Folder 22 Songbooks: Box , Folder 23 Songbooks: Box , Folder 24 Songbooks: Box , Folder 26 Songbooks: Schirmer's Library - A.

Box , Folder 28 Songbooks: Box , Folder 29 Songbooks: Box , Folder 30 Songbooks: Mozart's Concertos for the Pianoforte Volume []. Box , Folder 31 Songbooks: Box , Folder 32 Songbooks: Schumann's Phantasie Opus 17 - Volume []. Box , Folder 33 Songbooks: Schumann's Sonatas for Pianoforte Opus 11 - Volume []. Box , Folder 34 Songbooks: Schumann's Sonatas for Pianoforte Opus 22 - Volume [].

Box , Folder 35 Songbooks: Box , Folder 38 Songbooks: Box , Folder 39 Songbooks: Box , Folder 43 Songbooks: Carl Fisher's Music Library Edition: Masterpieces for the Violin and Piano Volume 2 - Volume []. Carl Fischer's Music Library Edition: Edition Adams - St. Presser Collection - Mendelssohn: Box , Folder 16 Songbooks: Werner's Practical Method for the Violoncello []. Neue Meister des Violinspiels: Method for the Clarinet 4th Division: Method for the Clarinet 5th Division: The Beckwith Easy Piano Method: The Rapid Instructor for the Piano [].

Schirmer's Library of Musical Classics: Hrimaly's Scale Studies for Violin Volume []. Mastersongs by Great Composers: Modern Music and Musicians - Volume Two: Famous Compositions for the Piano []. Modern Music and Musicians - Volume Four: Gospel Hymns Consolidated No. Excelsior Edition [with reader notes] [].

Instructions for the Pianoforte [Not Dated] [incomplete]. A Collection of Sacred and Secular Music []. Senior Citizens Swervice Center: Box , Folder 2 Books: The Great Tone Poets: Box , Folder 3 Books: Box , Folder 4 Books: Box , Folder 7 Books: Box , Folder 8 Books: Music Study in Germany: From the Home Correspondence of Amy Fay [ and ]. Box , Folder 15 Books: Box , Folder 1 Books: Original Technical Studies for the Boehm Clarionet: Voice Culture Booklet and Correspondence [c.

Box , Folder 17 Music Journal: Two Centuries of American Musical Composition: Box , Folder 2 Phonograph: Box , Folder 3 Phonograph: Mose Michel - 50 Jahre Frankfurter Oper [] [78 rpm? Box , Folder 4 Phonograph: Old Folks at Home - By: Box , Folder 1 Book: Box , Folder 2 Book: Box , Folder 3 Chart: Box , Folder 4 Chart: Front Cover and Table of Contents Only]. Box , Folder 13 Program: Florida's history is your history.

Boxes The Music series contains six subseries: Sheet Music Box Subseries B: Songbooks Box Subseries C: Books Box Subseries D: Music Journals Box Subseries E: Phonograph Records Box Subseries F: December Box , Folder 2 Sheet Music: Wullenhueber [] Box , Folder 3 Sheet Music: Alone Waltzes -- By: Harris [] Box , Folder 4 Sheet Music: American Legion March -- By: Robyn [] Box , Folder 7 Sheet Music: Marsh [] Box , Folder 8 Sheet Music: Neidlinger [] Box , Folder 12 Sheet Music: King [] Box , Folder 13 Sheet Music: Chansonette Fox Trot -- By: Read [] Box , Folder 15 Sheet Music: Hersom [] Box , Folder 16 Sheet Music: The Cossacks' Patrol -- By: The Diver Tuba Solo -- By: Loder [] Box , Folder 19 Sheet Music: Eulalia Valse Espagnole -- By: Tobani [] Box , Folder 21 Sheet Music: Smith [] Box , Folder 23 Sheet Music: Fern Cliff Quadrille -- By: Barnard [] Box , Folder 24 Sheet Music: The Fighting Hope March -- By: Kerr [] Box , Folder 28 Sheet Music: How'dy Hiram Barn Dance -- By: Friedman [] Box , Folder 31 Sheet Music: Spencer [] Box , Folder 32 Sheet Music: Cobb [] Box , Folder 35 Sheet Music: Rubinstein [] Box , Folder 36 Sheet Music: Donizetti [] Box , Folder 43 Sheet Music: Loveland Waltz -- By: Duss [] Box , Folder 51 Sheet Music: Hold To God's Unchanging Hand.

Home In San Antone. Home on the Banks of the River. Homer Ledford and the Cabin Creek Band. Honey in the Rock. Hoosier or Russian Rabbit. Hornpipers, The music group. Horses in the Canebrake. Horses in the Canebreak. Hot Corn, Cold Corn. Hot Corn Cold Corn. House of Davey Blues. House of David Blues. How Beautiful Heaven Must Be. How Great Thou Art. How Happy Are They. How Long O Lord. How Tedious and Tasteless the Hours. Huldy in the Sinkhole. Hyatt, Keith, Rorrer, Kinney. I"ll Meet You In the Morning.

I'd Rather Have Jesus. I'll Be All Smiles Tonight. I'll Be Home One Day. I'll Do Anything for You. I'll Meet You in the Morning. I'll Never Get Drunk Anymore. I'll Shout and Shine. I'll Take My Vacation in Heaven. I'll Wake Up in Glory Land. I'm A Good Hearted Woman. I'm a Poor Boy. I'm Bound For the Promised Land. I'm Finding New Joy. I'm Getting Ready to Go. I'm Going Away Dear Mother. I'm Going Back to Carolina. I'm Going Down to the River of Jordan.

I'm Going On With the Lord. I'm Going to Make My Home. I'm Going to the West. I'm Gonna Walk the Streets of Glory. I'm in Love With a Handsome Man. I'm In The Gloryland Way. I'm Leaving You Woman. I'm Longing For Home. I'm Now a Widow. I'm On My Way. I'm So Glad to be Here. I'm the Villate Bad Boy. I've Been Waiting Lord to Go. I've Changed My Mind. I've Got a Girl Named Susie. I've Got A Grandpa. I've Got a Home in that Rock. I've Got the Blues. I've Just Seen the Rock of Ages. I Am A Pilgrim. I Am a Poor Pilgrim of Sorrow. I Am a Poor Wayfaring Pilgrim.

I Am Dwelling on the Mountain. I Am Left Alone. I Am On My Way. I Am Waiting and Watching. I Can't Be With You. I Can't Keep From Crying. I Can't Sit Down. I Can Tell You the Time. I Claim Jesus First. I Cried On and On. I Don't Love Nobody. I Feel Like Traveling On. If I Had My Way.

If I Were A Carpenter. If the Ocean Was Brandy. I Gave My Love a Cherry. I Got a Bullfrog. I Had a Dream Last Night. I Have A Savior. I Have Heard About Heaven. I Have Heard of a City. I Have Letters From the Father. I Know I'm Saved. I Know I Am Saved. I Know It Was the Blood. I Left My Gal in the Mountains.

I Like Mountain Music. I Love My Saviour Too. I Love to Tell the Story. I Love You For Myself. Independence Folk Festival Independence, Virginia. Indian and the Woodhen 2. Indian Ate the Woodchuck. Indian Tribes of Tennessee. I Never Will Marry. In My Adobe Hacienda. In the Blue Hills of Virginia. In the Floods of Tribulation Sweet Affliction. In the Good Old Summertime. In the Holler Where I was Born. In the Sweet By and By. In the Sweet Bye and Bye. In The Sweet Forever. Iowa Center [Ioway Center]. I Shall Know Him. I Shall Not Be Moved. It's a Long Way to Tipperary.

It's A Shame to Throw Rice. It's Been a Long Time. It's Glory For Me. It's Going To Rain. It's Written in the Stars. It Hurts Me Too. It Makes No Difference Now. It Rains Everywhere I Go. It Was a Dream. It Was Just a Dream. Iv'e Always Been A Rambler. I Want a Mansion in Gloryland. I Want A Woman. I Want To Keep Singing. I Want To Live and Love. I Will Follow Thee. I Wish It Wasn't So. I Won't Marry At All. I Won't Turn Back. Jack and His Master. Jack and the Bull Stripe.

Jackson, Sam "Peg Leg". Jack Was a Lonely Cowboy. Jennie Put the Kettle On. Jenny Get Your Hoecake Done. Jenny in the Cotton Patch. Jenny Put the Kettle On. Jerilyn Ray and the Bluegrass Partners. Jesus is All I Need. Jesus Is Coming Soon. Jesus Spoke To Me. Jesus Walked That Lonesome Valley. Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley.

Jimmy Brown the Newsboy. Johnny Court the Widow. Johnny Don't Get Drunk. Johnny Get Your Hair Cut. Jonah and The Whale. Jonah in the Windstorm. Jones, Judy and Julie. Joshua Fit the Battle of Jerico. Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee. Just a Closer Walk With Thee. Just a Few More Days of Sorrow. Just a Little Talk With Jesus. Just A Lonely Hobo. Just As I Am. Just as the Sun Went Down. Just Over The Stars. Kansas City Here I Come. Kate's Got the Bellyache. Katy Fetch the Soap Home. Katy Hill [Speed the Plow]. Keep an Eye on Your Heart. Keep On The Sunny Side. Keep Your Hand Upon the Plow. Kentucky on the March Radio Program.

Kentucky Running Set Killiecrankie. Kentucky Traditions Radio Program. Kentucky Wit and Humor. Keys To the Highway. Keys To the Kingdom. Key to the Highway. Key to the Highway Blues. Kickin' Up the Devil on the Holiday. Kidd and the Bacon. King, Martin Luther, Jr, Knee Deep in Blues. Ladies in the Ballroom.

Ladies on the Steamboat. Lady Gay Child Lady Isabel and the Elfin Knight. Lady Isabelle Child 4. Lady Went A Hunting. Lakes of the Pontchartrain. Lakota Love [Souix Love Song]. Lamb, Lewis and Donna. Land Just Over The Stars. Lansing Quadrille [Lancer's Quadrille? Last Chance Lullaby [Lullaby]. Last House in Conaught.

Last of Old Callahan. Last of Sizemore Callahan. Lay Down Beside Me. Lay Me Down a Pallet on your Floor. Ledford, Minnie "Black-Eyed Susie". Left Me for Someone Else. Left My Gal In the Mountains. Leitchfield, Kentucky Baptist Church Quartet. Let Me Call You Sweetheart. Let Us Be Lovers Again.

Lie a Little Longer. Life's Railway to Heaven. Life Is Like a Mountain Railroad. Lifeline Hour Radio Program. Life on the Farm. Light At The River. Lightning in the East. Lillie, Margaret An't Idy. Lilly, Margaret An't Idy. Listen to the Honeybee. Listen to the Mockingbird. Little Black Eyed Susan. Little Bonnie Blue Eyes. Little Boy Working on the Road. Little Cabin Home on the Hill. Little Eller Beth Cremer. Little Eller Beth Kremer. Little Girl Dressed in Blue. Little Home in West Virginia. Little Home To Go To. Little Old Band of Gold. Little Old Cabin in the Lane.

Little Popular Log House. Little Stream of Whiskey.

Automatic A-Rolls - Chicago SouthSide Piano

Look Away to Heaven. Looking for Henry Lee. Look On The Brighter Side. Lord I'm Coming Home. Lord in the Morning Exhortation. Lord I Want Two Wings. Lord Stand By Me. Lord Thomas and Fair Ellender. Losing My Sleep Over You. Love Is All I Need. Love is Just a Five Letter Word. Love Letters In the Sand. Love Of The Mountains. Lower Edge of Breathitt. Lower Lights Keep Burning, The. Lula Combed Down Her Hair. Lulu's Back in Town. Madam, I Have Come a Courting. Ma He's Makin' Eyes at Me.

Mama's Old Faded Sunbonnet. Man And Wife Quarreling. Man at the Mill. Man of Constant Sorrow. Maple on the Hill. March Down to Old Tennessee. Mary Clay Sweethears, The. Mary Don't You Weep. Mary of the Wild Moor. Masters, Larry, Dixie Breakdown. May I Sleep in Your Barn? McCown, Jimmy and Ada. Me and My Fiddle.

Medly of Carter Family Tunes. Meeting At the Old Camp Ground. Memories of Old Kentucky Home. Meredith, John Louis "Coot". Mike in the Wilderness. Minner on the Hook. Minnow On the Hook. Minnow On the Line. Mole in the Ground. Monkey on a String. Monkey on the Fence. Monky On A String. Moon Behind the Hill. More Pretty Girls Than One. Morgan On the Railroad.

Morris, Banjo Music--West Virginia. Mother's Little Children Seen Hardtimes. Mother's Old Sun Bonnet instrumental. Mountain Heritage Folk Festival. Mrs Murphy's Boarding House. Muddy Road To Dublin. Muddy Road to Ducktown. Mullins, Harry Little Clifford. Murder of Colonel Sharp. Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone. My Baby's Gone and Left Me. My Blue Ridge Mountain Home. My Brown Eyed Texas Rose.

My Daddy Was A Gambler. My Dear Old Innocent Boy. My Home, Sweet Home. My Home Across the Blue Ridge. My Last Gold Dollar is Gone. My Life and My All. My Lovin' Gal Lucille. My Name Was There. My Old Cabin Home. My Old Kentucky Home. My Old Pal of Yesterday. My Parents Treated Me Tenderly.

My Peach Trees are All in Bloom. My Pretty Little Indian Napanee. My Race Is Almost Run. My Savior First Of All. My Soul Is Now Singing. My Soul Shall Live On. Never Leave Harlan Alive. Never No Mo Blues. New Hazard Hayride Radio Program. New Money and Cherry River Rag. Nigger in the WoodPike. Nobody's Business But My Own. Nobody's Darlin' But Mine. Nobody Wants a Looser. No Corn on Tigert. No Place to Call Home. Northern Kentucky Brotherhood Singers. Not Made with Hands. Oh Come Angel Band. Oh Sinner Look Back. Oh The Glory Did Roll. Ol' Cow Crossing The Road.

Old-time music-- West Virginia. Old Age Pension Blues. Old Billy In the Low Ground. Old Black Mountain Trail. Old Blind Drunk John. Old Bunch of Keys. Old Fire on the Mountain. Old Man of the Mountains. Old Moon of Kentucky. Old Peddler and His Wife. Old Ship of Zion. Old Spinning Wheel, The.

Old Time Rovin Gambler. O Lord Hold My Hand. On A Little Dream Ranch. One More River to Cross. One Morning in May. One Room Country Shack. Onion Tops and Turnip Greens. On Jordan's Stormy Banks. Only One Step More. On the Hills Over There. On the Other Hand Baby. On the Sea of Galilee. On The Sea Of Life. On the Sunny Side of the Rockies. On the Way Home. On the Wings of an Angel. On Top Of Mount Zion. On Top of Old Smokey. Open Up Dem Pearly Gates. Oral history--Appalachian Region, Southern. Oral History--Berea College Ky. Out On the Lone Prairie. Over the River Charlie. Over the Waves Waltz.

Over to Uncle John's House. Paddy in the Morning. Paddy on the Pike. Paddy on the Turnpike. Paddy on the Turnpike, Baker Billy. Paddy Won't You Drink Some. Pale Horse and His Rider. Passing of the Train. Pass the Jug Around the Hill. Pat Murphy of the Irish Brigade. Payton Ray and the Beargrass Creek Boys. Peace in the Valley. Peach Picken' Time in Georgia. Pear in a Paradise. Peas in the Pot.

Peek A Boo Waltz. Pennington, Lily May Ledford. Phelps, W L "Jake". Pig in a Pen. Pig in the Pin. Pinex Merrymakers Radio Program. Pioneeer Mother of Mine. Plantation Party Radio Program. Please Send Me Someone to Love. Pleasure of a Single Life. Plucking Out the Devil's Eye. Polish My Shoes in the Middle of the Week. Polly Put the Kettle On. Poor Boy, Long Way from Home. Poor Little Kitty Puss. Possum Up a Simmon Tree.

Praise the Lord O My Soul. Preacher and the Bear. Preacher and the Bear, The. Preacher and the drunk. Prepare Me, Oh Lord. Prepare To Meet Thy God. Prettiest Gal in the County O. Prettiest Girl in the County-O. Prettiest Little Galin the County-O. Prettiest Little Gal in the County-O. Pretty Baby Won't You Dance. Pretty Fair Miss in the Garden. Pretty Little Miss All in the Garden. Put on the Old Grey Bonnet. Put Your Hand to the Plow. Put Your Little Foot Out.

Rabbit in a Log. Rabbit in the Pea Patch. Rabbit Sittin' in the Corner of the Fence. Raglif Jaglif Tetartlif Pole. Railroad is Finnished, The. Railroad Through the Rocky Mountains. Raining on the Mountain. Ram of Darby, The. Rare Willy Drowned in the Arrow. Rat's Gone to Rest. Rattlin' Down the Acorns. Red Foley Memorial Music Award. Red Haired Boy, The. Renfro Valley Barn Dance. Renfro Valley Gatherin' Radio Program. Renfro Valley Redbud Festival. Renfro Valley Traditional Music Festival. Rice, Darlene, Happyland Travelers. Rich Old Lady, The.

Ride Old Buck to Water. Ride On Jesus Ride. Ridin' Down the Canyon. Ridin' That Old Texas Trail. Roamin' In The Gloamin'. Rock of Ages Hide Thou Me. Rock Salt And Nails. Rock the Cradle and Cry. Rock the Cradle Lucy. Rocky Mountain Billy Goat. Rocky Road to Dublin. Roll Along Kentucky Moon. Room in Heaven For Me. Rose in the Mountain. Rose of Old Kentucky.

Rose of the Mountain. Roses Are Shining in Picardy. Roses at the Door. Roses in the Morning. Rosin on the Bow. Ross, Ralph Ralph Grubbs. Row Us Over the Tide. Run Boy Run A. Rye Straw [Buck Creek Gals]. Sadie at the Backdoor. Said the Child as He Stood. Sail Away to Glory. Sal's Got a Wooden Leg. Sal Got A Meat Skin. Salley in the Garden.

Sally and the Coon Hunter. Sally Comin' In The Rye. Sally in the Garden.

Sally of London [Sally Wellls]. Sally Put the Kettle On. Salvation Oh, the Name I Love. Samuel Moore and Johnny Dye. Save a Seat for Me. Second Set Of First Quadrilles. See My Girl Later. Set Your Fields on Fire. Sexton, Daisy Jane and Jim. Shake Hands with Mother Again.

Shakin' Down the Acorns. She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain. She's Got Something There. She's On the Road Again. Sheep in the Meadow, Cows in the Corn. Shinn, Larry D, Ship That Never Returned. Shoot That Turkey Buzzard. Short Life of Trouble. Shuffle Up the Boat. Sick and Down Blues.

Sift the Meal and Save the Brand. Silver Threads Among the Gold. Sincalir Sunday Serenade Radio Program. Since I Fell for You. Sinclair Sunday Serenade Radio Program. Singing Family of the Cumberlands. Singing Keeps Me Happy. Sing Your Own Song. Sinner You Must Die. Sittin' Down Here Wonderin'. Sitting on Top of the World. Six Bits of Rhythm Jug Band. Six Bits of Rythm Jug Band. Sizemore, Charles Edward "Buddy Boy". Sizemore, James L "Little Jimmie". Skip To My Lou. Smoky Row G ,. Snowbird in the Ash Bank. Snowbird On the Ashbank. Soapsuds in the Washpan. Soapsuds Over the Fence. Solider Traveling from the North.

So Long I've Been Waiting. Somebody's Talkin' bout Jesus. Someday We'll Meet Again Sweetheart. Some Morning I'll See Him. Some of These Days. Someone Exactly Like You.