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Sermons 2008

Understanding the Character of God—Part 2 [Romans 9: A Covenant Keeping God [Romans 9: Praying for the Lost [Romans Wild Branches and a Remnant [Romans To God be the Glory Forever [Romans It Only Makes Sense [Romans Thinking Like Jesus [Romans A Godly Self-Image [Romans Spiritual Reactors [Romans We Need One Another Teaming up with the Pastoral Care Team, Shawn offered a call to strengthen the bonds of community by caring for one another "for better or for worse Messages from the Animal Kingdom - Read Animals, too, have a stake in the fate of the earth.

Ilene continued her creative exploration of the UU seventh principle. Beauty Contest In a world where so much competes for our attention, true beauty is too often missed.

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Being the Resurrection" - Read A celebration of the many meanings of Easter. Shopping for a Messiah When the palms are laid down and the guy passes by on the ass, do we cheer, jeer, or stop our ears? A bystanders' guide to Palm Sunday.

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Natural Burial - Read Have you thought about your final resting place? Natural burials allow people to rest in nature as part of the interconnected web of all existence. Are We There, Yet? Reflections on the status and achievements of women on the eve of the 99th celebration of International Women's Day.

Sermons 2008

Only the Lonely Thoughts on how to leverage the loneliness that sometimes touches our lives. Punctuated Equilibrium - Read On this "Evolution Sunday" we celebrated the ever-unfolding ways our faith is shaped by science.

Sermons 2008

Mercury in Retrograde I've never met Murphy, but am well acquainted with Murphy's Law, "if something can go wrong, it will. Beware of Safety The harder we try to keep ourselves safe, the more freedom and independence we stand to lose.

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