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A good example of a halacha dispute and Panim Chadashot is gelatin. So, if you follow these laws, then I think the boots would be a no-go. As far as I know the only thing we stopped doing without a Temple was animal sacrifices. All the rules still apply. Hmmmm, just wanted to get in on this. I guess I really never wondered what my boots were made of. Then we can worry about attire.

Uhm… i believe in halakha, and am very much so shomeir mitzvot. Reading this fascinating article about pigskin, I couldnt help but think of Football. Fairgame changed so much its not pig anymore , or do you throw the same flag on the play traif, dont touch?

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Halacha debate, because I know that people who follow halacha stringently tend to hold it holier than Torah. As the story goes, the very first footballs were made out of pigskin. That might be true, but the people at Wilson Sporting Goods — the company that makes all the footballs used in pro games — say their footballs have always been made out of cow leather.

As an active duty Navy chaplain, I find this to be an interesting discussion. The pasuk verse in the Torah that has been quoted which really appears in Leviticus and not in Numbers applies only to those who find a carcass and are about to enter in the Temple or to eat kadshin—sacrificial food i. Even cowhide which comes from a cow which was not ritually slaughtered results in the same prohibition since, the cow which was not ritually slaughtered is also considered a carcass.

Jews are certainly not prohibited from wearing shoes made of animals which were not slaughtered properly. Today, all of us are in a state of tumah, ritual impurity, either from coming in contact with dead people or by touching dead aminals that were not ritually slaughtered. The laws of nidah which were cited in some comments are in a totally different category. Those laws deal with the ritual purity of the family—not the Holy Temple—and are still very much applicable today. For the military, there is a greater concern. That is the reaction of both our Muslim service members and the reaction of the Muslim community at large.

I am certain that since this has now been raised, it will be addressed by the highest levels of our military leadership.

The Pigskin Rabbi - Willard Manus - Google Книги

Rabbi Kaprow, thank you for your comments on this subject. Thank you also for serving our floating Jewish servicemen. Also, thanks for catching my mixup with the correct sefer. At least I got the perek and passuk right.

The Pigskin Rabbi

I respect your explanation, but I find that I have to disagree. G-d is very clear on a lot of things in Torah. Bottom line for me, personally, better safe with G-d than sorry. I recently heard from an editor from the Air Force Times regarding the story they ran. They would like to hear some feedback from troops affected by this issue. I thought he brought up an interesting point concerning wearing leather from cattle that were not ritually slaughtered. In my extremely limited knowledge about kashrut, an animal is either kosher or treif.

Settlers use pigskin to foil the martyrs

There is no animal that is more kosher or less treif than another. So if this is the case, then why would a non-kosher slaughtered cow skin be any more permissible to wear than a pig skin? And if this is a problem, why are there no hechshers for clothing? In this case there are two: I venture to say that the shoes we wear are made from nevailot, carcasses, because the cows were not ritually slaughtered.

The argument that family purity is not mentioned is fallacious.

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Thereafter, there are strings of commandments that tell us how to be holy. It has all to do with purity as a family and nation that is holy to Gd. First off, the Torah was written in Hebrew, not in English. To quote in English is to misquote the Torah. In our history, we have had Jews who attempted to study the Torah literally, without the benefit of rabbinic interpretation.

The most famous such groups were known as Kaarites. Rabbinic interpretation, of course, permits fire to be used on Shabbat provided it is not lit or controlled on Shabbat. In addition, when you complete your military service, I would encourage you to go and learn in a Yeshiva so you, too, can better understand the Torah and its obligations.

First off, please allow me to express my deep admiration for all of you in uniform. Your service to society is inestimable! Matters of halacha the practical application of the commandments in the Torah have to be decided by someone qualified to do so. All of you holy people should, of course, engage in learning Torah; but one needs to be humble enough to defer to more knowledgeable or qualified individuals when appropriate.

I have tremendous respect for all of you engaged in learning Torah while in the service. I had enough challenge keeping up with learning, etc. You all are doing an amazing thing, from all perspectives.

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Please accept my blessings to you all for a safe and successful tour wherever you are. May G-d bless you all, protect you, grant you success in your service, and bring you home safely. Pigskin boots are not going to make it on to my feet. What follows is the article from AirForceTimes. Boot dispute A pigskin utility boot feels pinch from some Muslims, who call it offensive By Nicole Gaudiano Times staff writer When Air Force uniform officials were first briefed on new utility boots that airmen are now testing, a question came to their minds: Easier to clean Uniform officials discovered the pigskin material in their search for a low-maintenance boot that required no polishing or shining, and would go with the new green-and-tan utility uniform due out in fiscal Lt Joe Friedman 03 Aug We use cookies to give you the best possible experience.

By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. Dispatched from the UK in 2 business days When will my order arrive? Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. Description In this ribald comic novel, Ezekiel Ziggy Cantor, a young orthodox rabbi, becomes the quarterback of the New York Giants through a very peculiar sequence of events. A satire of the All-American sports fantasy, this over-the-top, outrageous farce and theological primer features an unforgettable hero.

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