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  1. Putin seeks to defuse Israel crisis after Russian plane downing | Israel News | Al Jazeera
  2. Malaysia Airlines Flight 17
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The equipment, as a rule, was probably not at fault. Whose version of events is more believable? Who shot down the plane? But if Israel had warned Moscow earlier about its actions, [Russia] would have probably withdrawn its aircraft from the active combat zone. So indirect fault lies with the Israelis, as well. Comments recorded by Irina Kravtsova , translation by Kevin Rothrock. Skip to main content.

Putin seeks to defuse Israel crisis after Russian plane downing | Israel News | Al Jazeera

Lufthansa lately flew 56 times over crisis region]. Der Spiegel in German. Information Telegraph Agency of Russia. Retrieved 21 July NTV News in Russian. Russia accused of shooting down jet". Ukrainian Independent Information Agency. Air Force jet downed by Russian missile".

Archived from the original on 13 January The day Flight 17 was downed". Archived from the original on 9 October Retrieved 13 November Retrieved 10 June Retrieved 16 July Retrieved 8 June Flights over war zones 'because it's cheaper".

Malaysia Airlines Flight 17

De Telegraaf in Dutch. No forensic investigators, co-ordination or body bags as Ukraine locals are left to scour gruesome scene". Crews begin moving bodies at jet crash site". The Wall Street Journal. Retrieved 20 July Dutch experts examine bodies". Train with bodies leaves Ukraine station". Malaysia reaches 'behind the scenes' deal to recover bodies". The Globe and Mail. First bodies arrive in Netherlands from Ukraine". Archived from the original on 23 July The Daily Telegraph London. Retrieved 3 August Retrieved 4 August Retrieved 6 August Archived 18 November at the Wayback Machine.

Agence France-Presse in Kuala Lumpur. White hearses arrive at KLIA". Retrieved 6 December Retrieved 16 April Retrieved 23 April Dutch newspapers respond with anger and despair as wait for return of bodies continues — Europe — World". Malaysia Airlines crash victims robbed of their dignity by rebels". The Times of India. Retrieved 12 November Malaysia Airlines retires flight number after Ukraine crash". Retrieved 26 December Russia rebukes push for UN tribunal". Retrieved 10 July Retrieved 11 November MH17 shot down with missile fired from pro-Russian rebel controlled field".

Retrieved 21 December Dutch Safety Board , The Hague. Archived from the original on 19 September Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe. Archived from the original on 8 September The request came from Ukraine. In the end, Australia quietly deployed about special forces soldiers in a low-key role supporting police investigators.

Retrieved 2 September Press Trust of India. Retrieved 17 August Retrieved 14 September Dutch salvage team 'unable to start ' ". Retrieved 2 December Dutch complete recovery of Malaysia Airlines wreckage in eastern Ukraine". Retrieved 24 November Investigators find possible parts of Buk missile used to shoot plane down". Retrieved 11 August Openbaar Ministerie Dutch public prosecution service.

(15 Videos)

Wie schoot MH17 neer? Fitzpatrick 27 July Retrieved 25 February Fitzpatrick 13 August Retrieved 29 September After the tragedy, the accusations rain down". Ultimate responsibility lies with Putin". Archived from the original on 19 July Retrieved 18 September Associated Press via Postmedia Network. Retrieved 21 November Corriere della Sera in Italian.

S scrambles to determine who fired Russian-made missile at jet". Retrieved 17 September The United States has not yet provided any documented evidence to prove that the rocket that brought down the Malaysia Airlines Boeing was launched from militia-controlled territory, Russian Deputy Defence Minister Anatoly Antonov said on Thursday. Retrieved 12 March De Zeit in German. Retrieved 17 June Ukraine separatist commander 'admits' rebels had Buk missile system". Retrieved 4 November Black boxes show plane suffered 'massive explosive decompression' following shrapnel hit — Europe — World".

Retrieved 28 July Russians 'controlled Buk missile system ' ". Retrieved 9 September Retrieved 3 April BND says separatists are responsible for MH17 crash]. Retrieved 19 October Retrieved 20 October Archived PDF from the original on 9 November Retrieved 16 May Retrieved 18 June Retrieved 24 June New evidence against Russian soldiers on MH17". Retrieved 4 May Buk 3x2 — bellingcat". RTL News in Dutch. Retrieved 23 December RIA News in Russian. Retrieved 9 February Retrieved 13 June From 'Red October' village, new evidence on downing of Malaysian plane over Ukraine".

Russian-backed rebels ransack the wreckage of MH17 in shocking minute video". Retrieved 14 October Journal of Transportation Security. Five key findings from the Dutch Safety Board".

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Malaysia accepted as full member of probe team". Retrieved 22 November G 16 December Retrieved 30 March Retrieved 13 May Retrieved 30 July Retrieved 16 October Retrieved 24 May Rusland moet verantwoordelijkheid nemen". Retrieved 29 May United States Department of State.

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International tribunal looks like best chance for MH17 justice — Dutch sources". Retrieved 25 June Retrieved 28 June Lederer 20 July Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Dutch. Ministry of Security and Justice.

Retrieved 22 March Victims' families sue Putin and Russia". Retrieved 22 May The Week In Russia: You Might Also Like. Russia Don't Look Back: Russia The Piano Man: Russia Man Or Machine?