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While playing as a Thief, a character will change to his or her light armor set.

Falling, Face the Sun by Thieves of Eden - DistroKid

Many of Thief's abilities require you to be using a Dagger. Thief naturally have higher damage output with the dagger as well for humans, and us for them. Whatever race you are, using a dagger is a must have for any thief.

Thieves generally dual-wield as well. The reasons for this are obvious: Although in many picture thief is shown dual wielding daggers, Dual wielding a sword or other one handed weapon in your main hand, and a dagger in your off hand is usually more damaging than dual wielding two daggers or two swords-especially if your a human , and you can still access your Thief skills.

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THIEVES of EDEN Graphic Novel

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