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Video collection Holidays and transport. Video collection Communication technology. Video collection Describing people Relationships. Video collection Family and pets. Stuck for what to do to mark the European Day of Languages? School and daily routine.

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Transition Numbers, dates, ages. Translation Verbs and tenses. Transition Questions and answers. This PowerPoint introduces five adverbs of frequency: Practice translation tasks into English and into French. Translation Holidays and transport. Holidays and transport Home and local area. Culture, history and traditions Family and pets Free time. School and daily routine Work and future plans. Translation Describing people Teaching tools. Food and drink Resource templates.

Revision Countries and nationalities. Cognates and false friends. A short reading comprehension about losing a bag. Plant an infinitive in the flower pot and see a verb plant grow! Match the classic films to the genres to revise film vocabulary. Translation School and daily routine. A reading worksheet on the topic of present preferences. Six different people with health problems need some good advice! Translation Work and future plans. School and daily routine Verbs and tenses. Home and local area.

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A starter activity for the topic of free time. Translation Family and pets. Chiaroscuro Engraving 18 October 14 January Bringing together in an unprecedented way nearly prints, preserved in the most important Parisian collections as well as emblematic loans from French and foreign museums, the exhibition traces both a technique and a particular aesthetic of the print: It offers a chronological and geographical panorama through masterpieces engraved by or after the greatest masters of Archaeology goes graphic 26 September 1 July The Petite Galerie - the museum's artistic and cultural education space - offers an exhibition that brings together archaeology and comics, an art form invited for this fourth edition.

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