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Artukovich's sudden illness shocked his family who said he had never had to go to a hospital and was working seven days a week until he became sick. He also served in the Army during the Korean War until he was given an emergency discharge after his father died. In addition to his daughter Anita, Artukovich is survived by three sons: As many hundreds of other Croatian young men from Herzegovina, he left his native land and came to America in He permanently settled in Los Angeles and lived there until his death.

The late Vido Artukovich brought with himself all the values of a Herzegovinian village: His beginning was very hard as the livelihood was hard to all of our immigrants, but the late Vido didn't give up. During forty years of hard and persevere work, at the beginning together with other Croatian pioneers and then at his own, he succeeded to establish the construction firm he and all of the Croatians in California should be proud of.

Vido Artukovich, a prominent member of our colony, died on Tuesday, July 16, , the day after his 73rd birthday anniversary. He passed away of a short illness, comforted from his wife, children and numerous grandchildren. One of the leading cement contractors in Richmond and vicinity is Frank Ausez of No. He was born in Croatia on December 3, , one of five children in the family of Frank and Catherine Ausez. His father was a builder and it was natural that Frank,Jr.

After finishing his education in his native land, in , Mr. Ausez landed in America and crossed the continent to Lafayette, Colorado, where he spent three years. After some deliberation he concluded he would try his luck here and began work as a concrete and cement contractor, a business he had become competent to handle in every department. From the first he was successful and as the years have passed he has had his share of the cement and concrete work in this locality and has done considerable bridge and street work.

As he has prospered he has invested in property and owns his home and is well satisfied that he cast in his lot with Contra Costa County. He became a full-fledged American citizen. In San Francisco in She has one brother living in Richmond. Ausez have three children: Frankie, Annie and Frances. Ausez is a member of the Builders Exchange and takes an active interest in its meetings. To help boost the city of his choice he is a member of the Chamber of Commerce. When lunching or dining at the Neptune one may eat at the counter, or at open tables or in booths.

About persons can be accommodated at one time. The place is famous for its cioppino, fried crab legs, abalone, deviled crabs, charcoal broiled fish of various types, and other seafood specialties. Menus are made out according to fish available. Some meals are served daily. With such food, with such panorama of hills and bay, with such a picture of fishing scenes, a net mending, of crab cooking, of displays of fish for sale, of the teeming life of those who make their living by the sea spread before one, it is indeed a treat of treats to enjoy a fish dinner prepared as the specialists of the Neptune know how to cook it, and thus enter into one of the typical phases of life in San Francisco.

Ito came to the US in when he was a 18 years old. He worked at various jobs in the Los Angeles area. In , at age 40, he decided to return to Olib for a visit. Instead of flying like most people, he sailed to Olib in his 13 meter about 40 feet long sail boat. This was quite an undertaking. It would be quite a feat for a full crew of men to make this trip under the best of circumstances.

As it turned out, Ito sailed much of the way single handed. First, a little background on Ito. He was born on Olib in When Ito was three years old he was stricken with Polio and both his legs were effected. There was no doctors on Olib to help him. Although his legs were weak even as a child, his upper body was very well developed. It was therefore no surprise to his classmates on Olib when they heard of his adventure.

Accompanying Ito on the onset of the trip were two of his American friends, a man and a woman. They all left Los Angeles and sailed to Mexico where they encountered rough waters. While in Puerto Vallarta the woman in his crew did not continue the journey. This left him with only his male crewman.

The two men continued on until they reached Costa Rica. It took them 36 days to cross the Atlantic Ocean. The engine of the boat broke down while they were in Panama and they had no alternative but to use the sails for the remainer of the trip. To add to this already difficult endeavor, Maria was so sea-sick most of the trip, Ito had to tie her to the mast of the boat to keep her from going overboard.

Ito not only accomplished this, but he and Maria arrived safe and unharmed at the port of Zadar. The Croatian newspapers in Zadar interviewed him on his arrival. Later, Ito and Maria were married together they have a daughter. One can only say this is something to be proud of and a great deal of praise should be given to Ito for this accomplishment. John Babarovic was director of long-range planning at American Airlines in the late 's. These were the largest in the world at the time, designed to accommodate four of the new Boeing 's and two DC's under one roof. He also designed the American Airlines terminal at San Francisco.

At the time of his death he was working on a double- decker docking system for the Airbus A, a superjumbo jet that is planned to have two seating levels. Babarovic was born in Susak, Croatia, and was a graduate of St. Babarovic died on November 2, in London, England where he lived. John Babich, the tall right hand pitcher whom Connie Mack grabbed off the Yankee farm at Kansas City, a year ago, might well be called: John held the Yankees to thirty-six hits in the six contests. In the only game he lost to New York.

Winning fourteen and loosing thirteen games for a team that had a percentage of only at the end of the season was a great feat for Babich, especially when it is recalled that in , John was believed to be through as a pitcher. In fact, that was what everyone thought except John, himself. He had developed an injury to his right elbow when with the Boston Bees and was forced to undergo an operation for the removal of a chipped bone. He went on the voluntary retired list and returned to his home in California.

John had little to do but think about his future and when someone told him that George Uhle had been able to stage a comeback by reason of learning how to throw a "slider", John decided he would try to do likewise. He essayed to pitch for Boston again and also for Jersey City without success in '37 and was sent to the Mission team in California.

Won twelve and lost eight. In '38, he won nineteen and lost seventeen for Hollywood. He really staged a comeback with the Cowboys, winning nineteen and losing only six games. Despite that excellent record, the Yankees brought in Pitcher Breuer in preference to the veteran and this gave Connie Mack the chance to land the courageous Croatian in the draft, about the best bet Mr.

Mack ever made in the annual selection. The training season in California was not a week old before the dean of managers knew that he secured a most dependable hurler, one who should be a regular starter. Johnny, who by the way, is a neighbor of Sam Chapman, also of the Athletics, was just eighteen when he reported to the San Francisco club for a trial.

He was shipped to Globe, Arizona but recalled to win five and lose three games late in the season. The next year, , he was free agent, he signed with the Missions and did so well in , he was sold to Brooklyn. His trade to Boston, his injury and operation followed. Now at age of twenty-seven,Johnny finds himself really starting. More power to him. During his tenure as Superior Court Judge he was reelected to that office three times. During his term as Judge, among other duties Judge Babich was elected by his fellow Judges to serve as Presiding Judge of the Municiple Court and also of the Superior Court , His mother, Helen Skrmetta was born in the village Bobovisca on the island Brac, Croatia and came to the United States in , when she was two years old.

Judge Babich was born and raised in Sacramento, California. He was admitted to the California Bar in Married with six grown children, Judge Babich resides in Sacramento with his wife of 45 years, Eleanor. Army Education and Information Supervisor, Ft. Croatian-Americans have been a part of many different political movements in the United States. Communism was no exception. Indeed, Croatian Americans constituted in the early years of the history of the Communist Party of the United States of America one of the largest ethnic groups in the Party.

Since the fall of Communism, documents have been released from various archives which shed some more interesting light on this often overlooked aspect of our history. We do not know too much about Babin's early life although after he arrived in New York he appears to have mostly worked, like many of our immigrants from the islands and Dalmatia at the time, along the docks of New York's West Side. By the early s, Babin became active in Communist Party organizations and a member of the Party as well.

The outbreak of the Spanish Civil War saw Babin volunteer for the International Brigades and he served as commissar of a battalion while there. Primarily consisting of Croatian seamen and shipyard and dockworkers, the Club was a Communist-controlled front organization. It nevertheless achieved great importance in the Croatian-American community and, during World War 11, became one of the most vocal supporters- of Tito's Partisans.

Apparently, the OSS and SOE believed that these immigrants, all of whom appear to have been Communists, would be perfect for such activities. Yale University Press, , note that certain documents, recently released by the America's National Security Agency and available on their website show that Babin provided the GRU with information about his recruitment work for the OSS and SOE as well as providing it with "a steady stream of information The Americans never caught Babin.

He continued to remain a liason with the Croatian-American community and is known to have had contacts with various Croatian-American and other Communists. However, the United States had already instituted repressive measures against Communists and initiated deportation proceedings against him.

American authorities finally succeeded in deporting Babin to Poland in and he died in Warsaw in March ; far from both his native Preko and his wife and children in the United States. Nenad is a recording artist, composer, and performer who has recorded for Sony, Polygram and many other labels.

Two of his albums reached No. He has scored many features and short films. Another was "Life beyond Timothy Leary". Finally, Nenad is also a record producer with a special interest in documenting the fascinating but little-known musical traditions of his homeland, Croatia. His most recent work includes the production of three new acappella albums: Nenad's most recent solo record is "Thousand Years of Peace" which will be released in The album was recorded in Nenad's own recording studio, which he also uses for his scoring and production work and which was designed to accommodate anything from acappella vocals to rock and roll to symphonic orchestras on a location.

He is currently in preproduction for a new solo album, which is due for release in Spring Nenad sang in the new recordings of "We Are Family" benefit for the Sept. His label just signed a contract for the worldwide promotion and distribution of "The Pharos Cantors" Glagolitic Chants based on Gregorian Chants. Through his singing and songwriting Nenad's goal is to spread the message of joy and universal peace.

He came from Dalmatia, Croatia where he was born February 28, , the son of Luke Bachan, a hardworking farmer whom he never knew, for he passed away when the son, L. His devoted mother is still living. On October 6, , he landed in New York, eager to try his fortune under the more favoring Stars and Stripes; and soon after setting foot on American soil he boarded a train and started for California.

On the 13th of October, , Mr. Bachan reached the Pajaro valley in Watsonville and immediately went to work. Luckily, he had been able to save a little money from his dollar-a-day income, and, though his beginning was unpretentious enough, he has been, by hard work, foresight and thrift, very successful. His success here has developed an intense interest on his part in all that pertains to the growth and future of Watsonville. Bachan, who was beloved by all who knew her, died November 1, , and he had subsequently married Miss Maria P.

Alaga, by whom he has one child, Alice Maria. He is a republican; has attended to the third degree in the Knights of Columbus; is a Forester of America; and belongs to the Austrian-American benevolent Association. Josip Bachmann was the organizer and director of the Tamburica orchestra "Croatia" in the Croatian parish of St. Anthony's in Los Angeles. As an expert of Croatian tamburica music which interested and occupied him since his early youth in his native Osijek in Croatia. He was born January 7, He played for Radio Osijek.

Music was always a great part of Josip Bachmann's life-especially after his musical education, which he finished at the Osijek Musical Academy. Josip arrived in the United States in , where he continued to contribute to the artistic life of the Croatian community in Southern California. As a conductor of the "Croatia Orchestra" he held many a concert-not only in the parish halls of St. Anthony but also in many of the musical institutes of the United States. In this way, many thousands Americans first heard Croatian tamburica music.

He also conducted for three phonograph albums: Maestro Bachmann devoted much of his time-even as he worked regularly-to the Croatian children and young people to whom he taught the different tamburica instruments free of charge. She was an American citizen, originally from Los Angeles. John Badovinac published many articles on Croatian history and ethnic history; these were published in the Zajednicar newspaper of the Croatian Fraternal Union.

She was born to Croatian parents June 25, in Vancouver, Washington. Dalibor Bagaric has changed his summer plans after a heart-to-heart with operations chief Jerry Krause, who convinced the second-year center it would be in his best interests to participate in the Bulls' summer program. Bagaric had grown so disenfranchised with a lack of playing time, he vowed to stay in Croatia throughout the summer. But Bagaric has seen more playing time since Brad Miller was traded to the Indiana Pacers, and Krause made sure Bagaric understood the importance of remaining in Chicago.

But we never have had any problems with Dali. He's a hard worker. I will be here. Born June 21, , Chigago, Illinois. Candidate in Ibero-American Studies. He specialized in Spanish and Latin American Literature. Army Service in Germany, and study in Austria. It all begins with one woman. Caroline Puskarich , a native of the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area, played in junior tamburitz groups as a child and then went on the play, dance, and sing in the well-known Duquesne University Tamburitzans.

Moved to California, she married Afred Bahr in and settled in Mountain View to begin her married life. But once a tamburitzan, always a tamburitzan, and she missed the dancing, playing, and singing that she was used to. The solution was to start up a tamburitza group of her own based upon her past experience in Pennsylvania. In Caroline gathered a group of some fifteen adults who were willing to work at this new experience, found some instruments, and began teaching in various homes and in the fruit-drying shed on the Sulaver ranch in Cupertino. Shortly after that beginning Caroline started several junior groups and the era of the Veseli Seljaci and its allied groups was launched.

Veseli Seljaci played to enthusiastic crowds at nearly twnety national Extravaganzas and had presented yearly concerts to large audiences. During their most active period, the Veseli Seljaci recorded 4 LP records and 4 cassette tapes, and they performed at 15 Tamburitza Extravaganzas in various cities around the United States. What more appropriate name could be chosen for a restaurant specializing in sea food than Popeye? And so, when you step past the large stove on the sidewalk where fresh lobsters, shrimps and crab are cooked, into the dining room, you meet Popeye face to face in the amusing paintings on the wall of the Popeye Fish Grotto.

You see him in his various sea adventures which are delightfully intriguing. Then when you are seated in one of the comfortable open booths, he again greets you on the menu. The atmosphere of the sea, of fishing, of the Latin race, of the ships which sail the seas, always enfold one and carry the mind to distant shores, from whence came these men of many lands, where fishing was their calling in the old country. When Dan came to California in he missed his fishing adventures and decided to have a restaurant where fish would be the specialty.

He has worked and had restaurants since that time in Sacramento and San Francisco. Airy, bright, new and clean, the dinning room can accommodate as many as And, if some of the party desire fish and others do not care for it, each may be satisfied to his taste. The pots of chowder, Boston clam and Coney Island clam chowder, the mackerel pickled by the chef that day, the trays of freshly shelled shrimps, the great jars of newly made dressings, all were in readiness for customers. A small San Francisco boating club known for its stiff drinks and salty characters is making an impressive and unlikely bid for the oldest prize in professional sports, the America's Cup.

If it succeeds in this elite, highstakes race being waged in the waters off New Zealand, the Golden Gate Yacht Club - whose Commodore is a radiator repair businessman - could change the staid and sterIing image of yachting. The regatta is an exclusive party the band of blue-collar boaters never imagined attending. The Golden Gate snagged its front-row seats to the Super Bowl of sailing through an unexpected deal forged between the modest mechanic and Silicon Valley mogul Larry Ellison.

The incongruous pairing happened after talks unexpectedly broke off between Ellison and the city's prestigious St. The club had balked at Ellison's requirement that three members of Oracle racing sit on the St. Bajurin is credited with taking the club from a state of imminent demise to the pursuit of sailing's Holy Grail.

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Desperate to find sources of revenue to sustain the club, Bajurin pitched the sponsorship idea to Bill Erkelens, a Bay Area sailor who runs Ellison's racing operations. He is one of four billionaires backing syndicates. Oracle racing got what it wanted out of the sponsorship deal: The Golden Gate secured a much needed infusion of cash. More than members of Oracle racing became dues-paying club members.

Her death came upon suddenly in Her husband Joza passed away just few months ago, and now it seems that Ruza longed for joining her dear Joza. Ruza Bajurin was born in Zenica, Bosnia, on October 2, She attended elementary and high school in Zenica. Her parents moved to Zagreb, so she continued her education in Zagreb. She graduated in linguistics: French, Italian and Spanish. Beside those languages she was interested in Esperanto and Russian. In she was sent to Berlin as an official interpreter at the Croatian embassy.

There she met her future husband Joza. She married in Berlin. The son Borna was born in Zagreb in By the end of the war the couple separated- Ruza returned to Zagreb with her son Borna, and Jozo moved from Switzerland to America. She was working and studying in America. She was the secretary of the Lodge for many years. Furthermore, she organized the Croatian Library with an enviable number of books.

She founded the Croatian language school. Ruza was a humanitarian person. She had been working for years as a volunteer in the senior's home "Laguna Honda". She also wholeheartedly worked to ease the pain and suffering of Croatian orphans. Judge Bakarich currently sits on a Superior Court, assignment in Department 98 a criminal department.

Judge Bakarich is a second generation American. His grandfather, Stjepan, was born in Udbina, Lika and emigrated to the United States to settle in Rose, Nevada and work in the copper mines until his death as a result of a mining accident. Prior to his becoming a judge, Judge Bakarich served the City of Sacramento as a police officer and, after passing the bar, the County of Sacramento as Deputy Disctrict Attorney.

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He and his wife Peggy reside in Sacramento, California. Judge Bakarich has three adult children. Dad came earlier in He returned in to marry mother in her home town of Vis, Croatia on island of Vis. They were childhood sweethearts in Vis, and were married in Sveti Duh Catholic Church across the street from mom's house, which I have visited three times. They honeymooned in Split and Trieste and took a boat from there to New York, which took 30 days.

The train was the next transportation to San Francisco. Mother's maiden name was Slavic and her mother's maiden name was Mare Cargotic. Dad's mother's maiden name was Tonina Puhalovic. Dad was an artisan stonemason having learned his trade from his father and older brother, Antone, who were contractors in this trade in Vis. Dad worked in the Bay area, Napa and Martinez. My sister Mary was born December 7, in Martinez.

They moved to San Francisco in and were all shook up by the April 18, earthquake. They lost all but 2 blankets and a knife dad's father had given to him.

Eamon Duffy

They evacuated to a park near their Green St. Dad also later helped to bring his younger sister Lena, from Vis. In , my father, Petar Bakulich, arrived in Bellingham, Washington. I think he came to America through Canada. He was 19 years old and was born on the Island of Vis, Dalmatia, Croatia. I do not know a lot of his personal history at that time. However, he lived with his sister, Yela Mu1jat and brother-in-law, Nickola Mu1jat; who were the parents of my first cousins, Frank and Vince Mu1jat.

I am writing this article to let the people of Bellingham know how this young immigrant from Dalmatia is a forgotten part of your city's history in the early 's. His first job in this country was during the development of your beautiful Fairhaven Park. He pulled tree stumps after the trees were cut down to clear the area that would be used for the park. To do this, he was given two mules in a team attached to a wedge plow and with a series of chains when the setup was completed - he would give the command to the mules, and hopefully pull up the stump. If he was successful he would then go to the next stump.

Sometimes the stump was too big or too deep and when he gave the command, the mules moved forward and if the plow wedge got caught under the stump the wedge plow would catapult him over the stump and he would land between the mules. This was because my father had a firm grip on the handles and was not able to release his hold in time. He would describe his displeasure in a language only another Croatian would appreciate, and not for publication in this letter.

At best, it was a tough job even in those days for a young man trying to find his way in America. I never visit Bellingham without passing through the park. I have a warm feeling about his contribution to the people of Bellingham. This story was repeated time and time again to my sister, my brother, and me. After the tree stump-pulling job, he joined the salmon fishing fleet like so many other Croatian immigrants. This was another tough job as described in early articles of the Pacific Northwest Croatian.

To say that these men were only fishermen does not do them justice. These men were pioneers of the industry and innovators of supporting industries, canneries, boat builders, net manufacturers, harbor builders, and many other businesses up and down the coast, from Canada to Mexico.

Tech N9ne - On The Bible (Feat. T.I. & Zuse) - Official Music Video

Together they helped develop the largest fishing industry in the world. These pioneers of that legacy should never, ever be forgotten. It was an easy walking distance to the boat docks, or in my father's case, the walk to the future Fairhaven Park. My mother graduated from Fairhaven High School around She came to America with her mother and dad when she was five years old.

My father didn't get along too well with his potential in-laws, in fact, they tried to discourage any relationship between the two. However, my Mom and Dad were determined to get married and plan their future together. They hopped on a train from Bellingham to Sacramento,. California where my Dad had relatives. On October 28, , they were married, but the marriage did not have the blessing of her parents.

My mother was 19 and my father was Of course the relationship between my father and his in-laws improved over time and they became good friends. Once they were married in Sacramento, they moved directly to San Pedro. There was another colony of Dalmatians who like many other fiiends and relatives from the old country, were willing and waiting to give a helping hand to a newcomer. It was at this time he joined the San Pedro fishing fleet. We all know that tuna and sardine boats are very large and very expensive to operate. Consequently, there were very few individuals who were sole owners of these boats.

Instead, the fishermen would get together with friends and relatives, form partnerships, and then purchase a boat. My father was a partner in the following boats: All the boats are now docked in Davey Jones' Locker. No one can say that being a fisherman is an easy job. Most of the fishermen I knew had a philosophy Of "when pulling on a rope, and if whatever you were pulling did not move, and you complained that this is too hard - they would say it couldn't be that hard, You didn't break the rope yet.

Once while fishing off the coast of Mexico, about miles out to sea, my father fancied a swim. He took a long dive out of the crow's nest from about fifty feet up. He made the mistake of diving with his mouth open and on impact with the sea, his false teeth popped out and he lost them. He never did that again! These old timers had very little tolerance for effors or mistakes and if you made one, look out!

Once again fishing for tuna off the coast of Mexico, we were in a set and caught a school of tuna mixed with about 15 tons of sharks. Since I was just getting my start I was assigned to work the skiff, when the skiff came along side the boat I was given a long boat hook and told to push the skiff away from the boat so they wouldn't bang each other due to the roll and pitch of the sea and cause damage.

The rest of the crew were on deck hauling in the net. While pushing the skiff away from the boat, the hook got caught in the net and all work stopped so I could release the hook.

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If I didn't release the hook it might have ripped the net, and we could lose the tuna. As hard as I tried I couldn't get the hook released. My father lost his patience and took matters in his own hands. He took off his boots and jumped in the water with the sharks, pushing them out of the way with his bare hands. Then he swam through the sharks to the boat where the hook was tangled.

He unsnarled the hook and swam to the skiff, he handed me the boat hook then swam back to the boat. The crew was waiting for the sharks to bite my dad, but they didn't. Then my father told me not so nicely to never make that mistake again. He was a real trooper when it came to giving someone a chewing out. After the set was over and we had the tuna aboard, one of the crew members whispered to me that, "Even the sharks think your old man is too damned tough to eat.

In the early 's between the tuna and sardine fishing season and during the light of the moon when the fishing fleet was not fishing my dad played soccer with the local San Pedro team called the "Jardrans" he played with this team for a number of years and the family and relatives would go watch him play on Sunday aftemoons. In his younger days he was very spry and to prove it he would jump over the open hatch on the Betsy Ross and also he could stand along side the kitchen sink and spring jump to the top surface of the sink.

Some of his fishing buddies who were friends on Vis before they came to America told me that he should never have left Vis and stayed there and became a professional soccer player. I guess it's from his side of the family that we inherited our ability to play good sports. Like my cousins Frank and Vince Mu1jat in basket ball, my cousin Anthony Brajcich, baseball; my brother Frank, Baseball; and myself, all league - Ist team basketball; and my nephew, Joe Lovitto, who was drafted at age 18 to play major league baseball for the Texas Rangers.

All of these, like my dad, were above average in sports. I remember once when my neighborhood boy fiiends were out playing football in the street and my Dad came home early from working on the boat. He saw us kids playing and asked us if he could kick the ball we gave him the ball and he sent us down the street to catch the ball except when he kicked it - his foot went through the ball and it popped! There was so much excitement between us kids, that I don't remember what we played the rest of the day, probably marbles.

In the Dalmatian tradition around Easter my Dad, my uncles, and fishing buddies would get together and buy a spring lamb, slaughter the lamb, save the innards, heart, liver, lungs, and kidneys. My Mom would make a Dalmatian island stew with potatoes called "Kulin" in Croatian. They would sit around the table eating this stew and drink home made wine and praise God how good it tasted. In my father made his last fishing trip. I think this year he gave up tuna fishing to make one more salmon trip so that he could see me.

Sadly, we were only able to spend one afternoon together; and at that time he complained about a sore he had in his mouth. When he returned to California the doctors diagnosed it as advanced cancer. He was a heavy smoker, drinker, and a tough fishing son-of-a-gun. He died on January 18, His funeral was huge even by San Pedro standards. So whenever you pass through Fairhaven Park, remember one of your own who helped make this park and say a prayer.

Tuna Trip Aboard the Blue Sky: The newest member of the crew was my friend Matt Milosevich. We were pals in high school and he wanted to try his luck at commercial fishing. Matt's folks - although not from any of the Dalmatian islands, they were still from Croatia up around the Area of Rijeka. Matt's father came to! He came through the Northeast through Minnesota then south to Colorado, this was in the early 's. The folks settled in an old town on the Santa Fe Trail called Trinidad. The town was very active in the cattle drives during this extended period.

Matt's Dad worked in the coal mines and he bought a 50 acre farm where Matt was raised with his 4 brothers and 3 sisters. During the depression Matt's father was also a part-time copper-smith making wine barrels in the barn to help support the family along with some bootleg spirits that Matt doesn't like to talk about. Matt moved to San Pedro in during WW 11 and we have been friends ever since. All the crew members of the Blue Sky were able-bodied, experienced men who could be counted on to handle any situation on a typical fishing trip.

In May or June of we were getting ready to fish tuna in Mexican waters which would take 5 to 7 days traveling time before we came to the fishing grounds. After saying good-bye to our families and friends at the San Pedro fish docks, we left the Los Angeles harbor around 6 P. We were now under way and heading south off the California coast.

Matt and I were assigned the 8 P. At night out on the ocean around 10 P. I mean you can't see anything 30 feet away - no stars were out, no moon, no nothing! I was on the helm steering the boat and Matt said he was going to go below to check out the engine room and deck. He was on his way back to the bridge when Matt saw another crew-meniber on deck. His name was "Svetco" an old-timer fisherman with many, many years of experience, Svetco was attempting to fetch a bucket of sea water to flush the toilet in those days this was the only way to flush.

Svetco made a very dangerous mistake that almost proved fatal. One of the first things a fisherman or any seaman learns is that you never ever wrap the end of a rope that fastens to a bucket around your wrist, because when you throw the bucket into the water, the weight of the water rushing into the bucket causes a force strong enough to pull any man over board unless he is on good solid footing. This is what happened to Svetco, he couldn't retrieve nor let go of the bucket so it pulled him over board.

Matt was standing about 20 feet from Svetco and saw the whole thing, He immediately made his way back to the bridge where I was steering the boat. Very emotionally, he tried to tell me that Svetco, fell over board. I very calmly told Matt that this was his first fishing trip and to quit horsing around-we don't play that type of joke on each other and this is a serious thing to be kidding about. Boy he sure got excited then AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants.

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