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So what is evil? Veteran journalist Bill Hart tries to drag evil out of the darkness and hold it up to the light. In doing so, he has written a very readable account of 5, years of philosophy, theology and human history as it reflects and refines its notion of evil. More than an explanation of why bad things happen, Evil: A Primer is a tour through the nether regions in search of what we really know.

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Hart , Bill Hart St. Mar 01, Madison Deppe rated it really liked it. Fun and thought-provoking read! Sep 14, Carly rated it it was amazing.

A Primer on Evil

When reading this book, I was quite surprised of the informal atmosphere, which I think is what I liked the most about it. It feels like the author is talking to you, which makes you more comfortable with such a controversial topic. A primer makes you think about what evil actually is. It isn't explaining how you should start worshiping Satan, or that you should kill your parents.

  • Evil: A Primer: A History of a Bad Idea from Beelzebub to Bin Laden by William Hart?
  • A Primer on Evil (Paperback).
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It takes a step out of your comfort zone and takes you in the world of other religions. It shows how different When reading this book, I was quite surprised of the informal atmosphere, which I think is what I liked the most about it. It shows how different parts of the world, past and present, views evil. The best part about this book, in my opinion, is that it isn't trying to persuade you about anything.

It is slightly opinionated, about what the author thinks evil is, but he shows factual information, but lets the reader decide on they're own whether or not they believe in evil, or what it is. For a coyote to have your cat for lunch? For CEO's to plunder cooperations while balancing knife-edge boundries of the law? For weathly people to wax richer while their neighbors struggle in poverty? For humans to kill animals for sport or preform painful experiments on our first cousin, the chimp?

The whole book is like that! Jun 07, Martin rated it really liked it. Evil, A Primer, is exactly what it is held to be, a neat little book that discusses Evil in all its forms.

The Evil Within 2 Audio Latino El primer Jefe Parte 7

It is definitely an introduction only. William Hart treated this subject with the style of a poet and the mind of a scientist and the result is a highly readable introduction to one of humanities deepest philosophical debates. For my part I offer a 4 out of 5 rating and would recommend this book for anyone who wishes to delve into the philosophies of humanity. Dec 28, Megan rated it liked it. I picked this book up very randomly at the library, and it was just that--random.

A Primer on Evil by T.T.

But not in a bad way. If you read this, be aware that it comes to no conclusion. It's a look at several perspectives of evil. It talks about religion, war, death, disease, lying, swearing, etc. It's a bit frustrating because Hart sometimes jumps from topic to topic very quickly and with little transition; or he'll go back and forth supporting a theory and then debunking it. But I think that comes with the territory I picked this book up very randomly at the library, and it was just that--random.

But I think that comes with the territory, and I admire his objectiveness. It was a super interesting read. I especially enjoyed the religious aspect and how much Hart shows the contradictions of organized religion. I'm a bit more than half-finished with this book. Right now I'm juggling this book and the Jenna Jameson book as well as getting ready to start on a third I found this book on the bargain rack for like eight bucks.

It's amazing the cool stuff you can find for relatively cheap. This book is a philosophical, pop-cultural, theological, psychological and sociological foray into the question of what evil is and the disturbing answer that follows: Jul 02, CD rated it liked it Shelves: A journalist raps on the big bad guys and really bad ideas of history.

Few are spared and none 'forgiven'. An entertaining and quick visit to the complex grounds of morality, social behaviors, religion, and the inexplicably unpleasantness that beset humankind. This book edges up to being too clever in places with analysis and the writer throws around a lot of concepts that deserve more expansion for this topic to be well covered. Homer because of theodicy. This book was a mixture of conjecture, lore, and courtroom fact.