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She is in a dark place and her emotions jump off the page. It's easy to see how badly she is suffering and Kristie did an outstanding job at depicting this dark time. We get a more complete look into the world of the Amadis and Daemoni. More questions are answered and the history is explained which opens up this series for what will come up next. I do have to say that I fell in love with Owen in this book and I am currently in talks with Kristie to try to have him for myself But Owen would have to be one of my all-time favorite side characters and he came around at the perfect time.

Purpose started off with drastically different emotions than what we experience while reading Promise; with it's hope of new love and romance. We had to get through the clouds in order to see the sun and oh wow, did the sun come out! Parts of Purpose brought tears to my eyes and other parts It was like being on a rollercoaster until the very end.

I never thought that any other book could make my heart pound like Promise did but I was wrong. Purpose exceeded all expectations and presented a story that kept my emotions on high-alert. A true masterpiece that will appeal to all paranormal romance fans. View all 3 comments. Nov 15, Katelyn rated it it was amazing Shelves: I thought I liked the series opener, Promise, but I had no idea how much I would love the second installment. Honestly, it was even better than the first. I'm loving everything about this series and can't believe I have to wait so long to find out what happens next in the third book.

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Kristie Cook really knows how to keep her readers and fans wanting more! Promise left me very sad at the end and I wad dying to know what would become of Tristan and Alexis would deal with everything that happened. S I thought I liked the series opener, Promise, but I had no idea how much I would love the second installment. She was still waiting for answers to so many questions and dealing with a broken heart on top of it all. It just seemed so unfair. Then to find out that Cook has flashed us seven years down the line, I felt like my heart broke all over again for her.

But it wasn't all heartache and sadness in this installment. Cook brought back the romance, the wonderful relationships Alexis shares with her family and friends Sophia, Rina and Owen and on top of it all we get to know Dorian as well. I adored him and loved their relationship. What a cute and sassy kid! Too cute for words. I know this isn't a young adult series per se, but I think it still fits for the older YA audience. It's got all the great elements you want in a story and series and Cook's writing flows without effort. It's captivating and full of fun and sometimes scary surprises.

I can only hope the third installment in the Soul Savers series comes out soon because once again Cook left me with questions I want answers to and not to mention I just can never get enough of these characters! I loved, loved, loved this book! View all 4 comments. This book was better than Promise, and I loved Promise! There is not much I can say without spoiling the book. I'll say that I couldn't put it down. I really got invested in Alexis and her emotions, almost like I could feel everything she did. It made for a pretty intense read. I can't wait till the next one comes out.

If you haven't read them, get on it! There is a bit of language and sex. So steer clear if you can't handle that. I received the book for free throu This book was better than Promise, and I loved Promise! I received the book for free through Goodreads First Reads. May 04, Aimee rated it did not like it Shelves: In the first book, we don't know the outcome of whether or not Tristian is alive. We see the birth of Dorian and the book comes to an end. The beginning of this we see that 7 years has gone by. And Alexis is still in a very emotional grieving process. I had a couple problems with this.

It's been 7 years, she should have found a way to cope by then. She should have been rational to be a mother to her son. The extreme emotional breakdowns, after so many years, were too much too often. The first half of the book is really just her spending all her time crying and it wasn't much of a story. It really took away from the story and I almost didn't finish it. This book did have an interesting story, I just wish so much of the pages weren't wasted on an emotional basket case who needed to grow up.

The storyline of not giving birth to a daughter never happened before was interesting and while it probably will be explored later, I thought could have been used to give us something interesting to latch onto in the first half of the book. I liked the first book. Nothing spectacular, but it was still a decent read. I'm hoping the next is nothing like the first half of this book. The character was just too weak for me to like. May 27, Annette M Guerriero Nishimoto rated it it was ok.

Today's review is on the book Purpose by: Kristie Cook Puropse is the second book in Cook's Soul Savers series and sadly is a big flop in my opinion. The first quarter of the book focuses on Alexis and her self loathing. Even with Tristan being gone for 7 years she still mourns his loss to the point where I as a reader became bored out of my mind. She is so distraught that her mother has pretty much taken over as a parent of Alexis' son Dorian. Finally, when I was just about ready to put the book d Today's review is on the book Purpose by: Finally, when I was just about ready to put the book down and never pick it back up, Tristan comes back into the fold.

I was hoping for much more adventure than actually happened. I still felt that Cook hasn't identified her audience properly as the more romantic and steamy moments left me hanging. If your going to write steamy, then do it. Don't stop short, or don't do it at all.

I was amazed at the lack of attention that Dorian received throughout the book. Even when reunited with his father. This book didn't leave me hanging on the edge of my seat, it just left me hanging.

Kristie Cook

Sadly this book earns just 2 out of 5 stars. Nov 10, Jennifer rated it it was amazing. Though, how to even review it with out ruining it!! View all 7 comments. Dec 30, Stacey Sassy Book Lovers rated it it was amazing. After reading book 1 "Promise" I jumped back onto Amazon and bought Purpose I just couldn't wait to find out what happens next, I'm so glad I did. This book is 7 years later from the first.

Kristie Cook has done it again! This book seriously just blew my mind. Had me literally hanging on every word, I started reading in the morning and finished by night. Thank goodness I'm a woman cause the multitasking thing I concured! My kindle didn't leave my hand all day.

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Right from the start I was After reading book 1 "Promise" I jumped back onto Amazon and bought Purpose I just couldn't wait to find out what happens next, I'm so glad I did. Right from the start I was drawn in, the way Kristie Cook wrote the emotion coming from the main character Alexis was so powerful it had me sitting with a box of tissues I partly blame the hormones lol I felt her heartbreaking pain, her sorrow and all her multi Alexis confusion. As the plot builds on we feel Alexis get stronger and the spine tingling love returns in full force. This story is action packed and full of surprises, who doesn't love that?!

We get some answers concerning Alexis, and have more questions by the end. Such a thrilling continuation from Promise. After that cliff-hanger at the end of Promise book 1 I had to start this book straight away. I was dying to find out what happened! After the events in Promise…. Everyone believes Tristan is dead other than Alexis. As the years have gone by, Alexis has never given up hope but has slowly slipped into a state of depression. As Alexis tries to battle her inner demons, she is forced to choose between her 3.

As Alexis tries to battle her inner demons, she is forced to choose between her love for Tristan or to serve the Amadis by having a daughter with someone else. With no other options, Alexis turned towards her enemy leaving her life in danger….. I really enjoyed this story. To say the least I definitely felt more connected to her this time around. Not only do we see her troubles but we also see her highs, we finally find out about her powers and what is actually is.

So a lot of questions were answered. I loved that we got to see little Dorian and he was a great addition. And that last scene with him…. Guess you better read it and find out. Overall, I enjoyed the second book as much as the first. View all 17 comments. Jan 18, Jenna rated it really liked it. The book as a whole was a satisfying sequel to Purpose, though you won't feel that on the first quarter of the book. Life and real action begins on the second quarter of the book. The thing that made it different from Promise is the fact that it reveals another aspect of Tristan and Alexis' love, and the Amadis in general.

The way Alexis has different personalities and turned moody most of the time, really irritated me to the bones. There was The book as a whole was a satisfying sequel to Purpose, though you won't feel that on the first quarter of the book. There was a point when I persuaded her myself to consider Owen already! Just when I thought that the story was going another path, but Tristan unexpectedly appears!..

Finally, most of the questions that left us hanging on Promise are finally answered here, after reading it, I finally understood and was able to say "Ah, that's why. The book had the same theme as "Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader". The real battle is within you, and most people don't know this. It's about choosing the right path, and how these choices determine our future, what happened to Alexis. The hardest part of it all is when it is your own love that hurts you the most, and despite all your efforts, it doesn't end well.

However, "Purpose" gave us a lesson that in these times, it is only with God that we can find true hope,and he has a plan for us, and everything will work out according to His plan for us, our "purpose" here on Earth. In addition, the book reminded me how to remain faithful. Alexis, though absurd as she may be in other's eyes, but she knew deep inside how to be a loyal and faithful wife.

One thing that taught me though: I shouldn't give up on things I believe in. I should remain faithful despite when others pressure me to do something I don't like. It kind of can relate to the idea of having faith on the promises of God. Though we don't understand things right now doesn't mean He won't fulfill His promises to us..

In the end, the book had a great storyline, plot, very effective characters, and surprisingly we can learn a lesson from this novel. Purpose picked up where Promise left off so well. Alexis is getting through life without the other half of her soul. Dorian keeps her busy and so does her writing. They keep her grounded and from falling over the edge completely. The imagination of author Kristie Cook is outstanding. I love the paranormal Purpose picked up where Promise left off so well.

I love the paranormal aspects that Author Kristie Cook brings to life not only in her book but through the writing of Alexis. Happiness or eternal sorrow. Will the good in her overcome the demon blood or will the evil conquer all? The action, love, devotion, back stabbing, friends, foes and everything in between is so prominent in this book.

Alexis discovers a side of herself that she never knew existed. Boy is it one heck of a side too!! When you have paranormal creatures of all types going up against each other, whose side do you think they will take? I keep my reviews very spoiler free so I am holding a lot back on this review. Jan 02, Lani Woodland rated it it was amazing. I think I liked this book even more than the first one. It was an action packed and romantic sequel.

There is going to be a third book right? Dec 30, Tianna scott rated it it was amazing. All i can say is Kristie has done another amazing job and i cant wait for the 3rd installment.

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Purpose is even better than the book that came before it! If I could give this book an infinite rating, I would. In Promise, Kristie Cook showed us the joy and happiness of first and true love. But in Purpose, she shows us the opposite; the heartache and despair left behind when that love and hope is taken away. It's been seven years since the Daemoni attack that took Tristan away from Alexis.

It's unknown whether he's alive or dead. The o Full review here: The only things keeping Alexis from plunging head-first into darkness are her son Dorian, her writing, and the thin ray of hope that Tristan is still alive; but that hope is dwindling. When the Daemoni threaten to take away the only things left in her life that are keeping her going, Alexis travels to the one place she believes still holds a strong connection to her lost love. With the Ang'dora fast approaching, the battle of good versus evil not only against the Daemoni but within her own mind, and a battle against the one opponent she could never kill, Alexis will have to find the strength to save herself and those she loves.

As I said in my review for Promise, I love how Kristie makes her characters so real, but it's the emotion of the characters and the story that stands out the most. I don't think I've ever read a book or series that made me feel as much as this one does. The emotion rolls right off the pages and wash over you. There is no way you could feel nothing while reading this book. In Purpose, Alexis is lost in the despair and heartache of Tristan's absence. Hanging on the edge of sanity, her mind has fractured to help cope with the loss: If not for Dorian and her writing, she would surely have given up hope.

But now with the added threat of the Daemoni, as well as the Amadis, threatening to take that hope away permanently, Alexis is more determined than ever to hang on no matter what. So she travels to Florida where the beach house Tristan built her is located, hoping that their happy memories will help strengthen her resolve.

While there she makes an unexpected and unbelievable discovery, comes into her powers as the goes through the Ang'dora, and once again has to battle the Daemoni. Her son, Dorian, is such an adorably sweet little boy. Already coming into his father's warrior strength, and possessing his mother's fierce protectiveness, Dorian is wise beyond his six years of age. He also holds Alexis' great capacity to love. Having never met Tristan, and because of Alexis making sure that Dorian knows who his father is and that he is loved by Tristan, Dorian is able to love and miss this father.

That love causes him to get into numerous fights at school when the other kids say horrible things about Tristan. As a very young boy he has a strength of character that I can't help but admire. There is so much more I would love to say about Purpose, but I really don't want to give anything away and spoil the story for anyone else. Where Promise ended bitter-sweetly, Purpose finishes on a much better note.

I'll leave this review with this thought: The best kind of true love is born from adversity and hard work and is fated to last forever. It was more than easy to fall in love with the first book in the Soul Savers series — Promise. With an incredible story, writing and amazing characters that stick with you, I knew that as I read the last page I needed to know more.

Let me just say that Cook has totally outdone herself. Her writing and story from one book to the next blended and flowed and her characters were the same that I fell It was more than easy to fall in love with the first book in the Soul Savers series — Promise. Her writing and story from one book to the next blended and flowed and her characters were the same that I fell in love with from the first book.

Purpose takes place 7 years after Promise left off. You can see and almost feel her struggles right along with her. The mystery behind each race left so many questions in Promise, yet with Purpose, Cook made it a point to answer some, yet left others open. He was much more of a character in this book and, well, he quickly found a spot in my heart and that spot is still burning bright. He blended in perfectly and I believe he has a larger part in the series in the books to come.

Cook has what it takes in these self published works to take this industry by storm. If you have yet to read Promise, you have to fix that soon. Anyone who loves a good paranormal story with a steamy romance, you have found the perfect two books just for you. I highly recommend both Promise and Purpose to everyone. Dec 06, Stephanie G rated it really liked it Shelves: Alexis is heartbroken at the loss of her husband and soul mate. Each day is a battle for her sanity. With her son, mother and writing to relay on Alexis is barely making it till one day she decides something needs to be done before her delusions and demonic blood take her over the edge.

Returning to a place with happy memories, Alexis makes a very dangerous decision involving the evil Daemoni that leads to an unexpected discovery. This review contains spoilers from the first book in the series, P Alexis is heartbroken at the loss of her husband and soul mate. This review contains spoilers from the first book in the series, Promise.

This was a difficult review to write because there is one really big thing that cannot be given away but here goes nothing For those who read Promise, you shared the loss of Tristan with Alexis only to be followed by the birth of their son. The problem there being that only women can rule the Amadis which are a like an angel army that fight the Daemoni and help save souls of humans.

Purpose takes place 7 years after Promise ends. Alexis has now become a famous writer and is in terrible shape. She refuses to move on because in her heart she knows that Tristan was taken by the Daemoni so he can be converted back to evil rather than killed like everyone else believes.

She has little to no contact with anyone outside her house and has physically aged decades. Out of no where she sees a familiar face she cannot place and this starts her on her road to recovery. She drives to Florida to the house Tristan built her. There she makes a brash decision to confront Daemoni and expects them to either capture her and take her where they are holding Tristan or kill her and then she can join Tristan in the after life. What she didn't expect was This is big and I think you have to read it yourself to get the full effect.

Alexis really changes as a character and becomes stronger as the book progresses. She starts coming into her powers and they are quite impressive. Alexis also has a lot of issues going on in her mind. She has a dark voice that is trying to lead her down a dark path and get her to choose her Daemoni blood when it comes time for her transition. This inner voice really has you pulling for Alexis. Since the time of her transformation, or Ang'dora, has arrived we finally learn more about the Daemoni and Amadis. We learn their origin and I think everything becomes even more interesting once their history is told.

The world in the Soul Savors series really opens up when the existence of vampires, werewolves and other demons coming to light. In Promise we meet Alexis and are introduced to the world of the Soul Savers and in Purpose, everything is taken to another level. What Alexis is going through in her life and in her mind is darker and more dangerous than ever before.

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The battle to save souls continues and it become harder and more personal. I thought the pace was faster and the characters were even better in this book. Alexis really isn't the quiet, weak girl we first meet anymore and she becomes more admirable. Owen, who is Alexis' protector and one of my favorites is also back.

I love his sence of humor and was impressed to find out the full extent of his powers and what he is exactly. Promise was good but Purpose was better and I can't wait to see what Kristie Cook has in store for the next book. Jun 03, Alison rated it it was amazing Shelves: I think this is probably the most emotional book Ive ever read. For the first third of it I felt everything Alexis felt.

Utter despair and depression. I felt so sorry for her. I was desperately hoping the whole time that she would be reunited with her Tristan. And without spoiling things too much I was so overjoyed when the story finally started working out for Alexis. Such was the talent and pure genius of the writing that I nearly cried with happiness for her.

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There is some good action and Amadi I think this is probably the most emotional book Ive ever read. And Alexis finally gets her turn to kick ass which she does very very well! Aside from the beautiful relationship between Alexis and Tristen I feel one of the best aspects of these books is the complex world of demons and amadis. And a lot more of that world is explained in Purpose too.

Another bonus to this book was exploring other characters. Where Promise is mostly Alexis and Tristen, Purpose does explore other charactors and their backgrounds which I really enjoyed. And of course Alexis and Tristen's son, Dorien also featured heavily in the story line of this book. I loved how Alexis made sure the whole time Tristen was away, that Doren knew his Daddy had not abandoned them and that he was a good person and would come back to them some day.

And on that subject, the scene on the beach at the end had me in tears of joy. I literally sat there and cried for there had been such a build up throughout the book for that scene to come that when it did, I just felt such overwhelming happiness for them.

To me, this shows pure literary talent as it isn't very often that a book makes me cry. So now I'm going to be very impatient until the next book comes out and we hopefully get to see Alexis and Tristen fulfilling their purposes as Amadis and a few more bedroom scenes added in would be good too because they are some of my favourite bits of these books! If you've read Promise then you don't need anyone to tell you to pick Purpose up, its a must have!

I wish I could give it so many more stars than 5! Subscribe to Kristie's Newsletter. A Soul Savers Novella Wonder: July 19, at 5: March 22, at 4: September 17, at April 1, at 7: Absolutely loved it cant wait to read the whole series. You won a new fan today thanks. What do you think? Leave a comment and let me know.