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In Boccaccio moved to Naples with the family when his father was appointed to head the Neapolitan branch of his bank. Boccaccio was apprenticed to the bank, but it was a trade for which he had no affinity. He eventually persuaded his father to let him study law at the Studium in the city. For the next six years Boccaccio studied canon law there.

From there he pursued his interest in scientific and literary studies. His father introduced him to the Neapolitan nobility and the French-influenced court of Robert the Wise in the s. At this time he fell in love with a married daughter of King Robert of Naples known as Robert the Wise and she is immortalized as the character "Fiammetta" in many of Boccaccio's prose romances, particularly Il Filocolo It seems Boccaccio enjoyed law no more than banking, but his studies allowed him the opportunity to study widely and make good contacts with fellow scholars.

His early influences included Paolo da Perugia a curator and author of a collection of myths, the Collectiones , the humanists Barbato da Sulmona and Giovanni Barrili, and the theologian Dionigi di Borgo San Sepolcro. Mature years In Naples, Boccaccio began what he considered his true vocation, poetry. Works produced in this period include Filostrato and Teseida the source for Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde and The Knight's Tale respectively , Filocolo , a prose version of an existing French romance, and La caccia di Diana , a poem in terza rima listing Neapolitan women.


The period featured considerable formal innovation, including possibly the introduction of the Sicilian octave to Florence, where it influenced Petrarch. Boccaccio returned to Florence in early , avoiding the plague in that city of , but also missing the visit of Petrarch to Naples in He had left Naples due to tensions between the Angevin king and Florence.

His father had returned to Florence in , where he had gone bankrupt. His mother died shortly afterward. Although dissatisfied with his return to Florence, Boccaccio continued to work, producing Comedia delle ninfe fiorentine also known as Ameto a mix of prose and poems, in , completing the fifty canto allegorical poem Amorosa visione in , and Fiammetta in The pastoral piece Ninfale fiesolano probably dates from this time also.

In Boccaccio's father re-married, to Bice del Bostichi. His children by his first marriage had all died except Boccaccio but he had another son, Iacopo, in In Florence, the overthrow of Walter of Brienne brought about the government of popolo minuto. It diminished the influence of the nobility and the wealthier merchant classes and assisted in the relative decline of Florence.

The city was hurt further, in , by the Black Death, later represented in the Decameron , which killed some three-quarters of the city's population. From Boccaccio spent much time in Ravenna, seeking new patronage, and despite his claims, it is not certain whether he was present in plague-ravaged Florence. His stepmother died during the epidemic and his father, as Minister of Supply in the city was closely associated with the government efforts. His father died in and as head of the family Boccaccio was forced into a more active role.

Boccaccio began work on the Decameron around It is probable that the structures of many of the tales date from earlier in his career, but the choice of a hundred tales and the frame-story lieta brigata of three men and seven women dates from this time. The work was largely complete by It was Boccaccio's final effort in literature and one of his last works in Italian, the only other substantial work was Corbaccio dated to either or Boccaccio revised and rewrote the Decameron in This manuscript has survived to the present day.

From Boccaccio, although less of a scholar, became closely involved with Italian humanism and also with the Florentine government. His first official mission was to Romagna in late He revisited that city-state twice and also was sent to Brandenburg, Milan, and Avignon. He also pushed for the study of Greek, housing Barlaam of Calabria, and encouraging his tentative translations of works by Homer, Euripides, and Aristotle. In October he was delegated to greet Francesco Petrarch as he entered Florence and also to have the great man as a guest at his home during his stay.

The meeting between the two was extremely fruitful and they were friends from then on, Boccaccio calling Petrarch his teacher and magister. Petrarch at that time encouraged Boccaccio to study classical Greek and Latin literature. They met again in Padua in , Boccaccio on an official mission to invite Petrarch to take a chair at the university in Florence. Although unsuccessful, the discussions between the two were instrumental in Boccaccio writing the Genealogia deorum gentilium ; the first edition was completed in and this would remain one of the key reference works on classical mythology for over years.

The discussions also formalized Boccaccio's poetic ideas. Certain sources also see a conversion of Boccaccio by Petrarch from the open humanist of the Decameron to a more ascetic style, closer to the dominant fourteenth century ethos. For example, he followed Petrarch and Dante in the unsuccessful championing of an archaic and deeply allusive form of Latin poetry.

In following a meeting with Pope Innocent VI and further meetings with Petrarch it is probable that Boccaccio took some kind of religious mantle. There is a persistent, but unsupported, tale that he repudiated his earlier works, including the Decameron , in , as profane. In Boccaccio began work on De mulieribus claris , a book offering biographies of one hundred and six famous women, that he completed in Two centuries later, approximately in , this work was translated into the German language by Heinrich Steinhowel and printed by Johann Zainer, in Ulm, Germany.

The secondary title caption, a subtitle, of the German translation reads. Following the failed coup of , a number of Boccaccio's close friends and other acquaintances were executed or exiled in the subsequent purge. Works in his father's law practice.

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Begins to practise law in Husum. Appearance of Liederbuch dreier Freunde Songbook of Three Friends , a joint work with the Mommsen brothers that includes forty of Storm's poems. Storm's first prose sketch, Marthe und ihre Uhr. Birth of Hans Storm whose future difficult relationship with his father formed the basis of the 'father-son conflict' in Novellen such as Carsten Curator and Hans und Heinz Kirch Joint signatory to a letter of protest against Denmark's changes to the State Basic Law. Sketch Im Saal Trans. Storm's post as lawyer abolished by the Danish king.

Seeks new position in the Prussian Courts. Family moves from Husum to Potsdam. Begins work at the Potsdam Court; trial unpaid appointment as court official. Forms early friendship with Alexander von Wussow , Landrat von Heiligenstadt. Beginning of German-Danish War. Austrian and Prussian troops occupy the duchy of Schleswig. End of German-Danish War.

Schleswig-Holstein comes under the joint administration of Prussia and Austria. Death of his wife, Constanze, from childbed or puerperal fever. Begins poem-cycle 'Tiefe Schatten' 'Deep Shadows' describing her grave. Prussia takes over the administration of Schleswig, Austria that of Holstein. Seven Week's Austro-Prussian War.

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Prussian troops invade 'Austria-controlled' Holstein. Move to 31 Wasserreihe, Husum. Formation of North German Confederation. Storm's office as Landvogt abolished by Prussian authorities. Officially becomes Amtsrichter District Court Judge at much reduced salary. Lets ground floor of house in Wasserreihe to supplement income. Founding of the German Empire. Journey to a Hallig , Von heut und ehedem. Ein stiller Musikant Trans. Aquis submersus , Begins correspondence with writer Gottfried Keller Sells house in Wasserreihe and parents' house.

Leaves Husum for Hademarschen. Hans and Heinz Kirch , Banquet in his honour.

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Lone death of son Hans in Aschaffenburg. Hans' brother Ernst attends funeral.

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Celebrates 70th birthday in Hademarschen. Made freeman of the town of Husum. Hans and Heinz Kirch. Storm texts in German. Birthplace of Theodor Storm. Loss of life and extensive damage in North Friesland. Features indirectly in future key works. First preserved poem 'An Emma' 'To Emma'. Goethe at the age of.

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Novellen (German Edition)

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