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The divorce rate often reported by the media is 50 percent, which is based on Census Bureau data. However, census data does not capture the 10 to 15 percent of couples who permanently separate but do not file formal paperwork for a legal divorce. This means that a conservative estimate of the divorce and permanent separation rate is 60 percent. Add the additional 7 percent of chronically unhappy couples who do not divorce or permanently separate but are consistently unhappy in their marriage, and this means that two-thirds of all married couples do not live happily ever after.

Robert Greene , author of The Art of Seduction , explains that surprise is key to romantic feelings:. Hold on a sec. We can learn something here. And stay that way. Via The Art of Choosing:. The couples who had married for love and been together less than a year averaged a score of 70 points out of a possible 91 on the love scale, but these numbers steadily fell over time. The love couples who had been married ten years or longer had an average score of only 40 points.

In contrast, the couples in arranged marriages were less in love at the outset, averaging 58 points, but their feelings increased over time to an average score of 68 at the ten or more years mark. They have to spend a lot of time thinking about how to make it work. That process of discovery is ostensibly the fun of courtship, too, except that in arranged marriage the goal is to figure out how to be married, not whether to marry.

Via Simple Secrets of Great Relationships:. In my ex-husband's case, there's actually another ex-spouse. If she applies before me, will I get nothing? With Social Security, it doesn't matter who gets there first. There isn't just one benefit available. If you meet the qualifications, you get a benefit, regardless of what another ex-spouse has or hasn't done. As I said, the rules are complex. In addition to divorce, it delves into such subjects as domestic violence and your status with Social Security if you become a widow.

Be prepared to provide documents that establish your right to the benefit. You'll likely be asked for your birth certificate, marriage license and divorce decree. Plus you'll need your ex-spouse's Social Security number. If you don't know it, you'll be asked for his date and place of birth and the names of his parents, information which will allow Social Security to look the number up.

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In the meantime, please feel free to search for ways to make a difference in your community at www. Javascript is not enabled. Istock If you're divorced, you may still qualify for Social Security benefits from your former spouse. My former spouse is still living. What are the basics for that set of rules? Basically, you can receive benefits based on your ex-spouse's work record if: Your marriage lasted 10 years or longer You are currently unmarried You're 62 or older Any retirement benefit that you're entitled to receive based on your own work record must be lower than the benefit you'd receive from your ex-spouse's record.

Also, it doesn't matter if your ex-spouse has remarried. I would have handled this differently, by stopping at the most convenient option and asking myself "Is this a desk? Also, can you use this method to choose the perfect plate of beans? I'm hiring right now, and thinking about taking the underqualified white guy.

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Is racism and sexism really me? In situations like that, it is disastrously wrong to think about one's personal "values" and try to come up with some little plan that "suits me. I would have thought that was obvious — apparently so did graftole — but such is the extent of the late consumerist perversion of all that is good that we actually seem to think that the best way to raise kids is as accessories to our lifestyle. For example, is a table a desk? Depending on what you plan to use it for, it might be. Someone took the time to air his dirty laundry: I asked myself "Is this a desk?

Forgot the 'firstworldproblems' tag. Am I a bad person for taking an almost instant dislike to this guy? This is not a great way to make smart decisions. This is a great way to force yourself to continue to fit the stereotype you stereovision set has If you want to be you, try not being The Situation. You could however be Lewis Black, we need more of him and your sacrifice will be greatly appreciated.

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Yeah, I'd hate to take things like relative probabilities into account in making decisions. None of the things in my life are really me. Unfortunately I haven't figured out how to have immense wealth while watching TV all day. That's the real me. Well, why make that assumption?

I'm especially amused by the idea that our 'core' person is natural, healthy and comfortable Anyway the point I was making that you're really talking about what kind of person you'd like to be in this case. Think about the way we form models of other people in our minds. It's not something we do deliberately, rather our minds build a model that forms in our minds subconsciously -- we probably start with a 'default human' and modify it as we see them deviate.

In psychology Self-perception theory is the theory that our own sense of self only comes from observation in the same way. We observe ourselves in much more detail then anyone else, and we know our emotional responses. But what if what we think of as "ourselves" is really just our impressions of a person after observing them for a long time. In that case answering the question of "What would I do" is really no different then answering the question "What would Jane do? If you're not being honest, then you'll probably just answer with whatever you wish you would do.

I'm a bit confused about this would apply to buying desks, though. Sometimes I've though about the desk I would get if I was a billionaire. I would go to northwest territories in Canada and mine a huge block from the Acasta Gneiss , and shape it into solid block like this: For practical purposes though I couldn't really care at all.

As long as it holds all my stuff who cares? I dunno man, the answer to the question of what "the kind of person who supports public radio" is involves a lot of, like, sweaters. Deskology, the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems. I don't think this is a valid way to make every decision. But I think it's a useful tool to put in your decision-making arsenal, next to ones like "flip a coin". Or do you just shrug and really not care about the outcome? Also I am looking through the "style statement" website mentioned in the comments, and all I can think of is that my style statement would be "fucking awesome".

What an inflammatory and uncharitable response. I represent "the late consumerist perversion of all that is good? If you're looking for a conversation, I'm no longer interested. If you want someone to fight with, I was never interested. The constant invocation of "values" — a bastardization of Nietzsche's doctrines — is in fact an illustration of the extreme self-involvement that amoralist individualism causes. Your values guide all your decisions. There's nothing else that can. The real question is where do your values come from? What one should do in this situation is consider what is right for my kids and what is right for the family as a whole.

Well, OK, then, those are your values.

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The word "should" gives it away. He had the framework all figured out. I did not instantly think he was a terrible person from that post but holy crap, the April Fools Day post mentioned in the Wikipedia article davel posted is pretty over the top: Female slaves can be very sexy too. Why on earth would I want to fill such a position with an employee — and be subjected to all the burdensome rules and regulations and potential liabilities that come with it — when I can fill this role with a willing slave instead?

Then the follow-up post basically says "Ha ha, just kidding about the slavery stuff but seriously I want people to come live in my house and work for free. In my games business one guy used to refer to me as the Evil Overlord. I'm imagining a military general pushing little ships and airplanes and tanks around a giant glass table with a map of the world on it, trying to devise the best strategy to win a war, knowing that whatever he does is going to cost thousands of lives. And then he looks up turns to his lieutenant next to him and asks, "But is this really me?

I'm reminded of a scene with Marisa Tomei in some early 90s movie about a newspaper. At some point, she points out to her husband that his a not the devoted husband and father he thinks he is. Who you are is the sum of all the thousands of little decisions you make throughout each and every day.

It was a dumb forgettable movie, but that notion was sort of life changing for me. I forced me to look at all the little ways that I sabotage myself every day. I think a lot of people hang themselves up on this particular rock - mistaking a grand New Years Resoulution type decision to lose weight for the smaller and entirely less satisfying of deciding to eat less at every opportunity.

Even at that - I learned in my Network Flows class that individually optimal decisions can have sum total suboptimal results.

Video games vs work: Are young men choosing Xbox and PlayStation over jobs? - IN 60 SECONDS

It's a lot to keep in mind. I usually just get drunk. Then if it works out, I'm so awesome I can do it drunk. And if it doesn't work out, well, I was drunk. I wasn't really talking about you, to be honest, and I'm sorry if my comment had the sound of a personal insult; it wasn't intended as such.

That's why I used the word "we. Are you tired of wasting time and energy making decisions? Do you find yourself stuck making choices rather than just living your life? My technique cuts through decision making processes instantly and effortlessly. We all know the situation, you're in an unfamiliar bar ordering a drink, but there are so many choices. You wonder, would the wine here be decent?

I Don’t Want to Get Divorced but My Spouse Does!

What goes into a manhattan? Is Tanqueray the gin I like, or was it Bombay Sapphire? Will you order the wrong drink and look like a fool? Or will you stop like a deer in the headlights, making the bartender and everyone else who wants a drink mad at you for holding up the show? With five simple words, you can avoid this anguish and embarrassment: Buy my book, Becoming the Follower: In the end we're all just monkeys. When monkeys start posting on MetaFilter, I'll agree with you. In the end, I'm going to be a supernova, motherfucker.

Anyway, this guy is a scammer. He may believe the nonsense that he peddles, but that doesn't make him any less a scammer. Wow, only five hundred dollars for a workshop held by that kid in the back of your Intro to Philosophy class who wore sunglasses indoors and wouldn't shut the fuck up? I outsource my decision-making to Twitter. Yeah, maybe he believes it.

But it's just more proof that there is nothing more dangerous than highly motivated, very stupid people. When the revolution comes, the portmanteau-ists will be the first up against the wall. That will be the first sign that it is a portmantevolution. Is this comment really me? Once you start putting people up against the wall, you risk devolving into simple portmanarchy. I'm glad he mentioned which desk he ended up buying, and that I don't have one. I'd hate to discover that the piece of furniture I've been sitting at and spilling coffee on was really Steve Pavlina.

Help! I Don’t Want to Get Divorced but My Spouse Does!

I use this method, and it works great. Apparently, the rest of you aren't as awesome as I am. Guess I won't be buying any of you, then. It turns out literally every alternative pales in comparison to chronic masturbation and throwing empty whiskey bottles at traffic.

Should I mix this picric acid with lead? I hate stuff like this because it preys on people's external self-perception, which is often dictated by market forces. Then, it doesn't matter if the coat is uncomfortable, not that warm, or fits weird, because Mr. Sartorialist's perception is that he is a Sartorial gentleman, and that's what people like him do.

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Basically, I think it's a great way to get stuck in a trap of buying stuff because you want to look like an image you've seen elsewhere. It's just like you to say that. If you can't decide: See if that makes feel more clearly either way. That's how a deja vu becomes a cliche. An example of Mr.