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Regardless of which universities you end up choosing, make sure you know their deadlines for admission and scholarships hint: The more time they have to write and reflect, the stronger their letters will be. Remember what we just said about deadlines looming? That also holds true for your standardized tests.

Application deadlines typically November for early admissions and January for regular admissions are fast approaching!

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If so, now is the time to sit for those exams. Financing a college education can be difficult and stressful. Talk to your parents about financial aid and how much they will contribute to the cost of your education. Once you have an understanding of where they are coming from, start to research outside scholarships. Soon enough, the hard work will be over and the waiting game will begin. Be sure you complete the remainder of your applications by their respective January 15th and February 1st deadlines.

Did you apply to any school either early decision or early acceptance? Were you rejected or deferred? Keep your chin up and concentrate on your regular decision apps. If you got in — congrats! Be sure to respond to any important letters and submit the necessary paperwork. We know with the holidays around the corner, there are parties to throw and gifts to purchase. This will prove to be extremely valuable once those admission decisions begin rolling in.

You need to remain in good standing academically in order to graduate and retain your college admission offer. College is an expensive investment. You should continue researching scholarship opportunities. Deadlines haunt us and yet they cannot be ignored.

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  • You should complete any remaining college applications, along with apps for honors programs, dual-degree programs, ROTC, etc. If you have the opportunity, use this time to visit the schools that made your final list. Write "thank you" notes to teachers for their recommendations. While they might not have guaranteed you a spot at your dream school, they did do you a favor. Begin making plans to visit your potential new schools and start reviewing housing options. After all, just like college in general, some dorms will be a better fit than others. The culmination of all your hard work and dedication is quickly approaching.

    Scholarships, Financial Aid, Student Loans and Colleges

    As your last semester of high school grinds on, please remember:. Make sure all supplemental forms are turned in and continue to research scholarship opportunities. Many scholarship deadlines fall way after general college application deadlines. If possible, schedule any last minute college trips. I've worked so hard to not only think of a topic that teenagers can relate to but also find sources and do interviews. All my hard work finally paid off when it was published on a high school newspaper website and I was the third person to get the most views.

    I spent the other half of my summer learning how to write a personal statement, which literally drove me insane. It's still driving me insane on the simple fact that this essay will go to colleges and this will determine if I will get accepted or not. This personal statement separates me from everyone else. A cool thing about that was I got to be inside Columbia University a lot which is by far a beautiful campus. Between learning how to write an article and personal statements I also had time off to relax, go shopping, listen to live music, and write.

    I also had do two summer assignments that are due the first day of school. It wasn't that bad, maybe because I'm not big on procrastinating. One thing that you will constantly see when I write blogs is that I love writing. I had flashbacks to my own experiences learning to drive and had to turn off my Kindle for a minute to calm down and stop laughing so hard. My Senior Year of Awesome is a delicious book that will make you want to read more from its very witty author.

    Mar 04, Naturalbri Bri Wignall rated it it was amazing. This was such a sweet and fun book! It reminded me of school and I think a lot of young adults would both enjoy and relate to the story. I think the thing I loved best about this book was that the characters made their own path. They didn't like that their peers voted them into something, so they took the reins and made their own way through their final year of school.

    It took guts, imagination and a strong bond of friendship tho create such a lasting and enjoyable time. I liked that the story w This was such a sweet and fun book! I liked that the story was very real, in that things didn't just change and every floated together nicely. They had to dodge and weave their way through hijinks, mishaps and boys, making the story not only down-to-earth, but also relatable. The characters were created well. All of them were given unique personalities and they had enough depth that they were able to mingle and move through different crowds in school.

    Best of all, I like the message that it sends. Though it may not be easy, you should always remain true to yourself and never fear challenging what other expect of you, as to try and make yourself. I highly recommend this book to YA and adults alike. It is a read that you'll enjoy and really struggle to put down. Jan 13, Sonya Mukherjee rated it it was amazing. This guy charmed me from the start.

    Sadie's love and loyalty for her best friend Jana.

    Students Speak: Making Senior Year Count

    Jana's love and loyalty for her best friend Sadie. Digging out my own senior yearbook to reminisce about those superlative votes. The wistfulness of the last days of high school. Girls challenging themselves to do awesome things is just inherently awesome. Aug 10, Cheyanne Young rated it it was amazing. A super cute summer read! Feb 25, Sage Thoughts added it Shelves: May 07, Kester Nucum rated it it was amazing. See this review soon on www.

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    Sadie, along with her best friend Jana, attempts to do 10 Awesome Achievements for their blank list before they graduate high school. I got a free signed copy of this book from Jennifer DiGiovanni herself. In no way will that affect my review. Honestly, this book was surprised me.

    I'm going to See this review soon on www. I'm going to admit, I enjoyed reading this more than Me Before You. I am not a romance reader; in fact, the main premise, the awesome high school achievements list, is what, I think, interested me. I think the trying to avoid Andy scenario made it seem more funny. Anyway, I really enjoyed this book.

    10 Things I Wish I Had Known Before Senior Year Of High School

    It wasn't until this weekend until I devoured it up. Although I did expect the achievements to be more "awesome" maybe a large high school prank? I was shocked, though, about the secrets hidden in the book, even with the foreshadowing you will see. Plus, Andy and Sadie's relationship takes many twists and turns. Oh, and the author mentioned both Snapchat and Instagram!

    She's got the high school life spot on! Humor- It was hilarious! Authenticity- Snapchat and Instagram mentioned in the same book! Round Characters- Each character may seem like a stereotype, but they do have other personality traits. Surprises- No spoilers here! I did see a few, but it was okay to me. This book needs to be publicized more! This series has a ton of potential! Jun 26, Donna rated it it was amazing.

    College Resources

    So much fun reading this book! I love the adventures of Sadie and Jana and their friendship and loyalty to each other! My favorite character though is Andy. Every teenage girl should have an "Andy" in their life. Mar 06, Rachel's Book Reviews rated it liked it Shelves: Dec 13, Jessica Walters rated it it was amazing. A sweet clean YA romance. I loved the book.

    Mar 24, Jenna rated it really liked it. Apr 01, Mary Beth rated it it was ok Shelves: I seriously considered not even finishing this book.

    The female, Sadie, was immature and not very likable. The premise is that after attending school together for Because Andy annoys her and is the school genius, Sadie considers him an aggravation. Sadie really wants to go out with hunky Dominic. Meanwhile, Sadie and her best friend, Jana, decide they must accomplish a list of achievements before graduat I seriously considered not even finishing this book.

    Meanwhile, Sadie and her best friend, Jana, decide they must accomplish a list of achievements before graduation to make their senior year truly spectacular. Andy accidentally sees the list of achievements and gets mad. The rest of the book is filled with Sadie trying to make things right with Andy. Sadie is supposed to be a smart girl--she's on the math team and in AP biology--but she makes stupid decisions and downplays how smart she is. Although the author seems to want readers to think Sadie is nice, she comes across as immature and self-centered. Also, the dialogue between characters doesn't feel authentic.

    Considering the story takes place in Pennsylvania, I am confused as to why Sadie says "Gawd" to express frustration instead of God. However, I was able to finish the book, unlike others on my to be read list that will be removed shortly. Jul 06, Rachna rated it liked it. This was a cute book, but I wish it was fleshed out more.

    The Cuban descent character was written a bit stereotypically and that kind of bothered me and the guy we are supposed to be rooting for can be a bit of an ass. He scares the main character at one point, causing her to injure her hamstring and he doesn't even make sure she is okay or apologizes which I thought was a mean thing to do to someone you clearly adore but other than that he seems like a character you can justify rooting for.

    I f This was a cute book, but I wish it was fleshed out more. I feel like there was something missing in the story for me but overall it's a fun read. Dec 02, Monsiuer rated it it was amazing. My Senior Year of Awesome had every thing in it teen romance, jokes which make your soul smile, heat warming scenes and most of all it was book that makes you want to also fall in love and have your own ten awesome achievement list. Jun 26, S. Parker rated it it was amazing. I flew through this adorable book!

    The voice is so spot-on hilarious and I laughed out loud over and over.