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Three Generations Look Back at Their Formative Years

  1. ‘All part of my duty’ – California, Mo., veteran served aboard USS Lexington during WWII
  2. Lessons of the Narcotic Farm, Part Four: The Literature of Lexington
  3. ‘All part of my duty’ - California, Mo., veteran served aboard USS Lexington during WWII
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Dreams from My Father: It is remarkable for its lucid style, perspectives into race relations in America and abroad, and brief portraits of remarkable individuals. It is important for Americans as a view into what "community" means to our government's leader. The Eaves of Heaven: Pham In the 60's American soldiers asked themselves what it must have been like for their Vietnamese contemporaries, who had spent their entire lives at war.

Pham answers this question with power, beautiful language, and a surprising message of hope.

‘All part of my duty’ – California, Mo., veteran served aboard USS Lexington during WWII

How I Learned To Snap by Kirk Read Funny coming of age story of an outgoing, acid witted, young gay man in Lexington, Virginia, trying to negotiate Valley high school culture and a military father, but supported by his unconventional mother. I'm Looking Through You: Growing Up Haunted by Jennifer Finney Boylan English professor Boylan finally underwent a sex change, male to female, in her late forties, but in this layered, funny, and poignant memoir describes what it was like to grow up haunted in body, forced to live the conventions of a boy's life in public, while soothing himself by wearing his sister's bras filled with balled up socks, in private.

Boylan was also haunted from the beginning in the family home in Pennsylvania by multiple strange apparitions and sightings, that few others saw. In one of the saddest parts, Boylan struggles to work up the nerve to tell his sister, to whom he was very close, about the impending transformation, but inexplicably when he does, by telephone, opportunities having slipped by in the face-to-face, she reacts coldly, angrily, and refuses further contact. In the end Boylan realizes that we are haunted by ourselves, by our future and other selves, looking out at us each time we gaze in the mirror.

Lessons of the Narcotic Farm, Part Four: The Literature of Lexington

Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali Raised in a strict Muslim family, Hirsi Ali survived civil war, female mutilation, brutal beatings, adolescence as a devout believer during the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood, and life in four troubled, unstable countries. Love, War, and the 96th Engineers Colored: The World War II New Guinea Diaires of Captain Hyman Samuelson What made this book appeal to me was the number of different ways in which it could be read -- a detailed description of military engineering during World War II; a thoughtful presentation principles of leadership; a depiction of race prejudice affecting not only the African-American troops, but the Papuans among whom they operated; and a chillingly frank portrait of love, loss, and betrayal.

Samuelson is a thoughtful and complicated man, but always honest.

A Mountain of Crumbs by Elena Gorokhova The author remembers her childhood and young womanhood in Leningrad during the 's and 60's. A fresh, sometimes funny, account of life in Soviet Russia. Adventures with Russian Books and the People Who Read Them by Elif Batuman Anticipating an "introduction" to Russian literature, the book turned out to be a memoir on life as a graduate student, seeking an identity "As a six-foot-tall first-generation Turkish woman growing up in New Jersey Her style is no small part of the work's delight.

Rocket Boys by Homer Hickam Homer and several of his friends, growing up in a small West Virginia coal town in the Sputnik era, become heroes of their town by learning to build and launch rockets.

‘All part of my duty’ - California, Mo., veteran served aboard USS Lexington during WWII

Also a moving and nostalgic portrait of a troubled family living in a simpler, more innocent time. Soldier's Heart by Elizabeth D.

Allity Aged Care My Memoirs

Samet Samet, a civilian employee, began teaching English Literature to West Point cadets in October of , and among her first assignments was greeting the parents of plebes: In , when Lexington native Ted Page was 13, his father asked if he and his four older brothers might like to build a hobbit hole in the yard of their Lake Willoughby, Vermont summer home. The roof of the hobbit hole was recessed into the earth, a 4-foot thick steel-reinforced concrete dome. Some are 15 pages long, but they come together as a kind of mosaic, and they paint this picture of the family that was rooted in this period of time--the s, the s.

The commemoration complemented one of his consistent messages: His mother brought a different energy into the family.

Now feels like the right time to do so after a long process.