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Please try again later. Got this book on a recommendation. Macdowall puts you right in the heart of all that is transpiring. You feel the weather, heartthrobs, seasons changing, laughter and tears of the characters and places, respectively. Recommend reading the apendixes about pronounciations first, nevertheless, I felt a part of where ever Mr.

Mcdowall wrote about, either in the USA or Scotland. Must try some of those Houston Restaurants next time I am in the city! And I agree with one other reviewer, this is ripe for a film. One person found this helpful. This book will have you dreaming of walking the Highlands, then warming yourself before a warm fire while sipping a 12 year old single malt. An interesting story, with well developed characters who you will end up caring about.

White Stag to Queen's Pawn

Books are supposed to take you on a journey and let you experience a time and place new to you. This book will take you there. Living in Houston and having traveled to Scotland made this book that much more enjoyable being able to recognize the different places and towns Martin MacDowall writes about.

He creates a book that makes for fast and continuous reading. Each character described in his book are done so completely that I actually was able to vividly see them with my mind's eye.

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The characters are so real I was comparing them to people I know, which enhanced my enjoyment. It has been some time for me to enjoy a book this much and would very much like to read a sequel! A skillfully written and very compelling novel. An education on the life of a professional stalker and the beautiful and secluded country of northern Scotland. White Stag to Queen's Pawn I don't like to read fiction. I devour non-fiction because it is real life However, after reading this page tome, I have been converted. Last year I actually read a page novel and it was just ok.

Then when I had the opportunity to read this one, I decided to read the first pages and then decide whether to read another and so on. It was hard for me to put down. At the end of this book I found I didn't want it to end. I had become attached to the characters and felt part of their lives.

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The fact that the author is Scottish, and has been a guest stalker in Scotland many times really brought the whole book to life. A stalker is a person who is considered a crack shot with a rifle, and who is hired by estates to cull out the deer on large estates each year. The stalkers take paying guests on these hunts. The stalker in this book is Eilid Stuart, a naturally beautiful Scottish lass.

The story takes place over a period from to in the Highlands of Scotland and also Houston, Texas. Being an author of sorts myself, I cannot imagine sitting down and writing a book of pages. The author in my opinion has done an excellent job of researching every little detail mentioned in the book. Most of the locations are places that actually exist.

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There are lots of Scottish phrases and words and these are defined in the back of the book. The Scottish accents, used in this book, actually make the characters come to life. I could almost hear them talking. I also learned that Macallan is a very good Scotch whisky. I won't go into great detail in this brief review, but suffice to say that Martin MacDowall has put together a book that could easily become a movie, and I don't say that lightly either.

It has all of the things a great movie requires and I can only hope that some movie mogul will read the book like I did, with apprehension Martin MacDowall is a born storyteller with a peach of a plot in White Stag. His knowledge of the geographies of Scotland and Texas, their people and customs make this an authentic read first and foremost.

White Stag to Queen's Pawn by Martin MacDowall

His ear for dialog brings the characters to life. Eilid is as charming and capable a heroine as has come forth since Hemmingway's Pilar and Harrison's Dalva. She is the kind of girl every man dreams of; an archeypal Diana huntress with complex virtues and sympathies including a low threshold for nonsense and a left hook outta nowhere.

MacDowall doesn't spare the action and toughness of his male characters either. The sequence of the wayward Stratocruiser is a heartrendingly intimate view of an aircraft and era gone forever. The varied dialects lend authenticity to the taut dialogs and infuse the visual imagery for the reader. Martin MacDowall knows whereof he speaks and does so with a unique and powerful voice.

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Published on March 7, Published on May 20, Published on November 19, Published on August 11, Published on May 3, Published on January 2, In January of she witnesses an airplane crash in a snowstorm in a remote part of Glen Torridon. She rescues an infant boy, the sole survivor, who is returning with his mother to Los Angeles having gone through a serious heart operation carried out by a famous London surgeon.

Believing the child is orphaned, and because of her unfortunate relationships with men, she decides to "acquire" the child and raise him as her own. Aided and abetted by her uncle, a General Practitioner who lives near Pitlochry, she names the child Charles Edward Stuart after the young pretender of that name.

And so Jens Ericsson the twin son of 'Red' Ericsson an American oilman disappears and is presumed to have perished in the crash. He never remarries and builds a Petrochemical empire in Houston. Thirty-four years later a photograph in a Scottish newspaper is sent to him by a friend who is struck by the similarity of the leader of the new Scottish Republican Party, a certain Charles Stuart and Lance Ericsson Red's remaining twin son. Suddenly Ericsson is given a glimmer of hope that the son he thought dead might still be alive. He hires a Scottish ex-patriot private detective to investigate.