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  1. Yogi: The Life & Times of an American Original - Carlo DeVito - Google Книги
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  3. Yogi: The Life Times of an American Original
  4. Yogi: The Life and Times of an American Original

For all his verbal blunders and bad-ball hits, he was one of the smartest men in baseball. He clearly loved baseball, but his work ethic and habits left something to be desired. His management style was too laissez-faire. The flip side of stubbornness, of course, is doggedness, and Yogi was a tenacious competitor. Nor is it a sports story with the crackling prose of John Feinstein. Already a Monitor Daily subscriber? This website uses cookies to improve functionality and performance. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Monitor Daily Current Issue.

Yogi: The Life & Times of an American Original - Carlo DeVito - Google Книги

A Christian Science Perspective. What are you reading? Share this article Copy link Link copied. There are also too many lengthy quotes from other baseball historians and not enough original work for a first-class biography. I can recall that during the seventies and eighties it was widely rumored and discussed in the media that Berra was actively lobbying and applying pressure to get playing time for his troubled ballplayer son Dale.

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Perhaps a Robert Creamer or Charles Alexander will come along and give Yogi's life and character the biography it deserves. One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful. If you like reading about the lives of famous athletes you will enjoy this book. It is a fascinating account of how Yogi developed into a great player.

I have to say here that I am positive I made the classic college class cut when I cut a Geography class to see Don Larsen hurl his perfect game in the World Series. Who can forget Yogi running out and jumping on Larsen and wrapping both legs around him?

The next day when I went back to class my professor pretty much knew why I had cut and he loved sports. When I walked in he said, "Norm, how was the game? You will be too if you like reading about famous athletes. Wake-up Calls for America's Leaders. I have to admit some bias first. Yogi has been one of my favorite Yankees forever, I love baseball books and I know some of the people involved in this book. Nonetheless, this is a wonderful read, a trip from a St.

Louis neighborhood to the big leagues, the Big Apple and a look at one of the biggest hearts in sportsdom. Though I've gotten the Yogi story in bits and pieces before, I still enjoyed reading it. As the man himself would say, "It's like deja vu all over again. Rick Shaq Goldstein Top Contributor: I am not a Yankee fan, but I am an "old-school" baseball fanatic.

And any true "die-in-the-wool" baseball fan will enjoy this detailed recollection of when baseball truly was the "National Pastime".

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This biography covers Yogi and his family's life from the time his Italian parents landed on Ellis Island. Louis, where one of his best friends was a mediocre future Major Leaguer, who would hit it big in radio and TV Joe Garagiola. Joe's future success was neatly packaged around stories of his youthful days with Yogi on "The Hill". Yogi's Father Pietro was hard working, loving and a stern disciplinarian in the house.

He thought playing baseball was a waste of time, and of course no way to make a living. Yogi's three older brothers, Anthony, Mike, and John, were all good baseball players and had been offered tryouts and contracts with professional teams.

But Pietro would not hear of it and did not allow it. When Yogi was in the eighth grade he had no use for school and wanted to quit school and go after his dream of playing Major League baseball. Though Yogi feared his Father's wrath he confronted him with his desire and dream. It became a family war that eventually even included the family's priest.

Pietro finally relented as long as Yogi got a regular job to contribute to the family's livelihood while he tried to get a baseball contract. Yogi sold newspapers, where his favorite customer was his baseball idol And my mother's favorite player. He also had a few factory jobs. Then he was signed by the New York Yankees, and the rest as they say is history.

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When he reached the big leagues, Joe DiMaggio was the undisputed leader of the team but within a few years as Joe's career came to an end the Yankee torch was passed from Joe to Yogi. A lot of baseball revisionists say it went from DiMaggio to Mantle but that isn't so. Yogi not only became known as one of the greatest clutch hitters in history, but he was also one of the greatest "bad ball" hitters in history, so it was extremely tough to pitch to him in crucial situations.

His ten world championship rings as a player is unmatched in the annals of baseball history. One extremely sad part of this story is all the abuse Yogi took because of his looks and "supposed" lack of intellect. Yet he is probably the most successful Yankee in history after his playing days.

Yogi: The Life Times of an American Original

This story also conjures up many of the old fan rivalries of the 40's and 50's between the Yankees and Brooklyn Dodgers. Since the Dodgers and Yankees played each other seven times in the World Series during this period there is a lot of information about Yogi's competition with Roy Campanella, another catcher with 3 MVP's right across town in Brooklyn, and some wonderful quotes by Jackie Robinson as to Yogi's greatness. This story covers it all from Casey Stengel to Yogi's refusing to return to Yankee stadium for fourteen years after his firing by George Steinbrenner.

A wonderful, readable, and very interesting book. Eye-opening tales of someone I thought I knew but apparently knew little of. One person found this helpful. Growing up watching Mantle, Maris, Richardson, Rizutto, and Yogi made my formative years so very special. But not as special as having the opportunity to read such a comprehensive biography of a man who epitomizes why baseball taps into the very depths of each Italian-American's love of a game that allowed us to be accepted as Americans and not outcasts from an impoverished homeland.

Yogi, like DiMaggio, made all of my relatives feel accepted and allowed us to take risks that would lead to opportunities and acceptance that was was thought to be unattainable by so many first and second generation Italian-Americans.

Yogi: The Life and Times of an American Original

We all felt that if Yogi was one of us and he made us all so very proud!! See all 16 reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published on July 17, Published on December 3, Published on November 25, Published on October 26,