Manual You Are The Healer: Discover Your Miraculous Potential to Heal Yourself & Others

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Healing is less about fixing yourself than it is a practice of letting go. It helps you release blocks -- physical, emotional, and mental blocks and behaviors that keep you limited in your potential and true health. For example, you might suddenly realize that certain people in your life don't make sense any more, or you may lose interest in certain foods or activities you used to enjoy.

In healing you often receive clarity and insight about your life path. Healing moves you closer to your true, authentic self. It helps you experience greater peace, balance and freedom. It is also instrumental in helping you live your true potential. This includes being sensitive to your environment such as sounds, energy and the people in your surroundings.

You can be easily overwhelmed. You prefer nature, as well as quiet and calm spaces.

You're introverted by nature. Being in large crowds is draining and overwhelming for you. When you're alone, you feel like you can charge up your batteries and regain your energy. You have a good sense of how things will turn out, and people often to turn to you when they have a problem. You can easily anticipate people needs and wants. You often have dreams and visions.

You're empathic and compassionate. You can easily feel other people's pain. People often feel better or comforted in your presence, and feel safe in sharing their life secrets with you. You see and sense the world through a different lens. You know that the world is more than just what you see, and you're able to look beyond the surface level of situations and exchanges. Your abilities can also make you sensitive to negative and positive energy. You genuinely enjoy being of service to other people.

You may already be in a role of helping others as a practitioner, such as a nurse, chaplain or therapist. It brings you deep meaning and joy to help others. You don't know why, but you're attracted to healing and want to learn more. You know you have a calling and have a feeling that healing can help you explore more deeply your gifts and talents. And if you're reading this blog post, you're probably a healer, or possibly a reluctant one at that.

If you're wondering where to start, here are a few suggestions:.

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This includes gentle yoga, qigong and meditation. Explore different healing methodologies and healers in your area. Caroline Myss , Martha Beck and Barbara Brennan all have great books on healing, intuition and life coaching. Welcome to the realm of the unknown where the m-words are happily accepted and normal.

With healing, you will often experience more flow, synchronicity and miracles. But let me not mislead you, the healing path is not an easy one. Order A Mystical Journey. But after examining it closely, it was just an object, one that potentially could bring as much joy to someone else as it had to me. So I donated it to my local Community Center along with a silent wish for its new owner to ride it safely and happily. I actually feel lighter having let go of something to which I had attached a very small but significant bit of my energy. All it takes is a decision. Like deciding to give away your bicycle.

Sometimes the simplest of acts can become the most powerful. We are all immortal spirits living inside of human bodies continually being bombarded by human emotions, and as we have all experienced, some of them are not always too pleasant. At times we find ourselves at the mercy of our human traits, most of which are byproducts of our genetics and conditioning but also a result of our thoughts.

The world is a three dimensional canvas onto which we paint our thoughts thus creating our own reality. Another common fault is that we take everything too seriously—especially ourselves! Perfection is illusive but our ego tells us otherwise. We are embarrassed by our shortcomings and instead of laughing at them and resolving to do better the next time, we instead become victims in order to explain away our shortcomings.

The resulting lower emotions of shame and guilt lead to lower actions such as blaming others for those transgressions. Want to break the cycle? Start by lightening up! Yes, your foibles are embarrassing but if you look at them from another perspective they could also be pretty funny! Khalil Gibran once said: Learning not to judge or criticize others and accepting them just the way they are, are important skills to master.

If you can honestly look back and locate it in your own past and forgive yourself you will find it a lot easier to forgive others. We are all connected as spirits so anything we do to help others will invariably help ourselves. Individuation is just a product of the ego—which we have come here to overcome. Get to know yourself better and focus on your attributes. What you concentrate on is where you place your energy. Reward yourself, and as you start to feel generous towards yourself you will begin feel the same way towards others.

Start slowly and build on it in the same manner you would undertake any major task. The more goodness you see in yourself the more you will recognize in others, and vice versa.

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Heck, you might even go out and buy yourself a new bicycle! Many months and years after their departure, a simple song on the radio can reopen painful wounds. As you experience that grief surfacing, it feels as though your head is about to explode, offering brief but false promises of a sadistic conclusion to your endless tears, pain and anguish. And just when you thought you had no more tears to shed, that reverberating agony brings more to the surface. And who could blame them? How can you possibly mend a heart so shreaded? But there is something that you can do to get rid of it.

The reason for this phenomenon may be that we as beings would rather have our own pain than nothing at all because we fear having emptiness at our core. Over time our pain can become a familiar and acceptable alternative to the unknown. It also explains why a person can lose someone close to them, grieve for years and years and never escape the feeling—because that pain is pulled right back into the wounded heart that released it just seconds ago!

In doing so I get the person to feel, unlock and release their grief.

I then grab it energetically and literally pull it out of them, replacing it with warm, loving energy. The entire process is explained in my new book, You Are The Healer: The truth is that we never stop getting our hearts broken. When you look at it from a spiritual perspective, the physical universe is set up that way.

Everything that we have, our loves, our friends, our possessions, even our own bodies, are destined to eventually be lost. Hearts break open, not closed. And once we are able to let go of the pain and grief, we realize that our hearts have become larger and more able to hold love, thus we experience love on a much deeper and more fulfilling level. We then discover that we have more love to give. That container however, can again be filled.

Letting go of the pain unclogs the communication lines between us and our loved ones, enabling us to send them thoughts, to receive thoughts and maybe even feel their presence every once in a while when they come for a visit. Even our possessions can be materialized there if we desire, so nothing is ever really lost forever. Treasure every person who comes into your life as the unique gift that they are.

They are here to teach you something and you are here to do likewise. Never miss an opportunity to tell your loved ones that you love them. Let go and allow them to enter and leave your life as their own destiny dictates.

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You can always send them your love, which is as real a substance as anything physical, only more so. It will maintain your connection to them. Love is who and what we are and is what connects us. God is love, and so are you! Effortlessly conveying tender sentiments and a recurring recognition of how music can transport us back to a special place and time, instantly reliving feelings that seemed unreachable just moments before.

Can you remember a time in your life when you felt a close, moving bond with someone and an appropriate tune seemed to celebrate that event? Perhaps it was holding your newborn child for the first time, getting that new puppy or feeling extreme affinity and admiration for someone close to you—wanting only for their happiness. What melody was playing at the time of your most uplifting event? Play that tune in your head now and notice the warm feelings surfacing.

I am an energy healer and I use that love to heal others. We differ in technique, experience and capability, by the types of issues that we resolve and by the fees that we charge. Sometimes the appearance of this special ability displayed in others is enough to convince anyone that they are incapable of ever performing it themselves.

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It all starts with energy. It flows through and influences every part of our lives, from the way we feel to the way we think. Basically everything is energy—your body, emotions, thoughts, food, the air, sound, colors and even your spirit! Focus on loving thoughts deep inside of yourself. Use the memories of your most heartfelt experiences to get your energy rising. Take in a deep breath. Realize that air is energy and by breathing in you are accepting life. Breathe in and out a few more times, gradually feeling yourself pulling energy up through your body from the earth.

Focus on those loving thoughts inside your heart and send that warm, pure, kind energy out to someone near you, simply by using your intentions while letting go of any expectations. Intentions effortlessly move energy and they are probably the most important, yet most underrated, of all abilities that we possess as sentient beings. As you feel the love go out to that person, watch the expression on their face change as he or she is receiving the beautiful product of your caring.

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Smile to yourself as you see its effect—and know deep inside that you played a special part in it. As you expand this practice you will find yourself absorbing energy from other sources. The more I work with love the more I realize how the devastating result of its absence affects everything around us.

Negative emotions such as fear, anger and feelings of loss can be lifted. The resulting relief may spark a realization about life and their purpose for being in it. Energy works that way! Accept those who come into your life without judging, recognizing them for the unique gift that they are—while loving yourself as well. Touch them with your heart and know that in your own way you can truly change the world—and the way you view every part of life along with it. One of the people whom I had the good fortune to work on was an elderly retired doctor. He had only been there for two weeks but was already starting to feel the bleak isolation of his situation.

He was fascinated with the energy I was sending him through my hands and with all the technical information that I was disseminating. After I was finished working on him he remarked how important touch is. He pointed to a lady sitting by herself across the way and remarked; "Two days ago I sat next to her, started a conversation and after a while I asked her if I could hold her hand.

She said yes, and in a few minutes she started to cry. Babies in hospitals and people in old age homes alike die from the lack of it. When a child falls and hurts her knee, her mother or father will invariably put a hand there and might even kiss it to make it feel better. This feeling of love is something we all want—to be nurtured and cared for. On an emotional level, touch can be the vehicle which releases the fear that lies beneath the sadness, emptiness and turmoil.

All other feelings and emotions fall under one of those two categories. Hatred, jealousy, anxiety, criticism, insecurity, worry, and anger are all driven by fear. Fear has been a controlling factor since the dawn of time. Governments have maliciously used it to achieve their ends. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger.

It works the same in any country. Compassion and a yearning for peace for example, is a product of love. Fear cannot exist in the presence of love, just as darkness cannot exist in the presence of light. So when you tap into your limitless reservoir of caring and compassion you are allowing your love to transform that fear.

The more of this love you give to others, the greater your capacity to hold it becomes. Once you learn to overcome your fear of losing it and send it out unconditionally, even to those people whom you may not like very much, you become larger and more secure as a being.