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X-Men 10 Brubaker , Coipel. X-Men 11 Bendis , Cheung. X-Men 12 Aaron , Cheung. Versus 1 Immonen , Immonen. Versus 2 Mcniven , Mcniven. Versus 3 Yost , Loeb. Versus 4 Remender , Peterson. Versus 5 Fraction , Yu.

Avengers vs X-Men: The Main Event

Versus 6 Slott , Adams. Uncanny X-Men 11 Gillen , Land. New Avengers 24 Bendis , Immonen.

New Avengers 25 Bendis , Deodato. New Avengers 26 Deodato , Deodato. New Avengers 27 Bendis , Deodato.

Avengers vs. X-Men Vol 1 6

Avengers Academy 29 Gage , Grummett. Avengers Academy 30 Gage , Buffagni. Avengers Academy 31 Gage , Camuncoli. X-Men Legacy X-Men Legacy Gage. Secret Avengers 27 Remender , Davis. He prepares to kill her, as he had promised, when she burns him with the power of the Phoenix before running off.

Marvel Already Gave Us the Avengers vs. X-Men Posters We Want

Rachel Summers, using Cerebro, reports that there are five places on Earth that Hope could be. She secretly relays this information to Cyclops as well. Most of Wolverine's X-Men decide to side with Cyclops against the Avengers, after he visits the school and explains his reasoning. The children of Utopia are taken to the Avengers Academy to be put in protective custody.

Initially tense, the two groups begin to get along. The staff becomes nervous when Sebastian Shaw escapes, believing him to be after the children. When three Avengers arrive at the Jean Grey School, battle quickly follows. In a Quinjet flying high above Antarctica, Captain America confronts Wolverine over his behavior in the battle of Utopia. They fight, and Wolverine is tossed out of the plane. Hope goes to Wolverine for help with a plan. In space, the away team of Avengers tries multiple times to stop the Phoenix.

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  • The Force draws the attention of the Kree. The Minister Marvel uses it to resurrect Mar-vell, hoping to draw it to Hala. Captain Marvel regains control and sacrifices himself again to stop it. He changes his mind, but the Avengers refuse to forgive him for what he's done. The attention of Gladiator, Shi'ar commander, is also drawn.

    Not only are the Shi'ar long-time foes of the Phoenix, but his son is on Earth. Wolverine helps Hope survive an attack from Shi'ar Death Commandos. Wolverine alerts Captain America to the plan, and the Avengers go to the Moon as well. Suddenly, Thor crashes on the moon. The Phoenix arrives shortly after. Hope's power increases, and she finds herself unable to control it. Wolverine tries one last time to kill Hope, at her request. Cyclops stops him, stating one last time his belief that Hope is meant to be the Phoenix's host. Iron Man uses a specially designed Phoenix-Killer suit to try to destroy the Force.

    At the Avengers Academy, Shaw has no true ill intentions. Instead, he wishes to free the Utopia kids from custody. The Academy staff reluctantly agrees and lets them leave. Instead, they find the prisoner named Unit. He reveals to the Lights that Hope is a Phoenix Messiah, a host which the Phoenix Force would use with her Lights to correct the path of evolution.

    Having seen a Phoenix Messiah succeed in the past, he wishes to see what happens when one is disadvantaged. Thus, he has the Lights mind-wiped of the encounter. The Phoenix-Killer seems to live up to its name, at first. However, it instead fractures the Force. Hope rejects it, and it instead possesses the five other X-Men.

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    Now the Phoenix Five, they return to Earth to usher it into a new ages. And that days before, they offered in the UN to continue to help the world in exchange of pax Utopia. The President, while acknowledging all the good the Phoenix Five have accomplished, says that the X-Men are no longer culpable and something has to be done about their actions. Elswhere, there's an image of the Phoenix coming, and the Avengers in their original formation and costumes being destroyed by it.

    It's revealed to be a vision of the Scarlet Witch, who says that "this is what comes next". Back to the Avengers Tower, Mockingbird is reporting to the rest of the Avengers who are in a jet about the conditions of their mission. They are going to Utopia for Hope. Hours before, during the briefing of the mission, Captain America states that Hope is the key to figure out the Phoenix Force.

    When they finally arrive over the skies of Utopia, they launch their attack.

    Marvel Already Gave Us the Avengers vs. X-Men Posters We Want

    Emma and Scott sense their arrival, but they don't seem concerned about it. Finally, Cyclops shifts into costume and says they need to handle the Avengers by their own. Velocidad tries to defend Hope, but Thor knocks him out and takes her. When Rogers orders the withdrawal, Wolverine smells Cyclops coming. When he arrives, he blasts Captain America. Spider-Woman and Widow tries to attack Emma Frost, but she repels their attack, and when she stikes back with a deadly burst of energy, Iron Fist intercepts it to save his teammates.

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    Surprisingly, the blast didn't affect him, as his protected by a energy shield with the symbol of Shing-Shang, but he's quicky knocked aside by Cyclops' optic blast. Iron Man and Thor are still protecting Hope, but Scott easily takes off Tony's armor from him with a simple gesture. When Thor attacks him, he manages to stop the Mjolnir and blast Thor away. Instantly, Emma detects "chaos" coming, and the Scarlet Witch appears. Wanda asks Scott to stop for the good of both human and mutantkind, stating that she has seen what will happen. After Cyclops mentions her they are invaders, she claims they will leave with her.

    Hope wants to go as well, when Scott reacts, she mentions she wants to go with her, not with the Avengers.