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We DO want people to feel good about who they are, but not if they think that yelling racial slurs is who they are. So, this is all a matter of scale. I think the whole thing has to do with one issue: And defining - or redefining, or NOT defining - oneself a certain way can impact your life because of the definition rather than the facts.

Groups pick on other groups; people mock other people; everyone looks down on or up to someone else for a whole swathe of rational or irrational reasons - the cool kids get admiration and envy; the goths may get demonised.

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Being Different is Okay by Davida Grant

Liking baseball is Good, liking anime is Weird, liking arthouse films is Pretentious and liking [hate figure du jour] is Bad. Everyone has quirks, and everything cycles - videogames and comicbook film s have looped round from being weird to being normal in the last decade-or-so, for instance. School environments heighten all this, because children are a often filterless, b frequently cruel, c judgemental, d insecure, e clique-y and a thousand other things.

But it does give you the beginnings of insight, and suggest that not adhering to the rigorous cliques and meanness can lead to empathy and tolerance. Difficult concepts, harder actions - but beneficial in the long run, and even important to the survival of humanity. We find similarities and make friends; we find differences and push people away. Most people have it at some level, some need exactly the right circumstances and individual - which is tricky.

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And particularly thanks to the Internet there ARE similarlt-weird people out there. There are also differently-weird people with whom you have common ground and can forge greater points of similarity by being open to new interests and experiences. And only part of the big picture - put aside your differences, and find similarities.

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Turn weirdness into a novelty quirk that makes you interesting. Cash in on geekiness or fangirl-ery by sharing your passions. You will probably be mocked. But a third of it will be from envy, and a third from normal meaningless schoolboy bluster. Neithrr hurts much less, but both can be overcome if you try. As in, if your weirdness is part of who you are and want to be - embrace it. If you LIKE what you like, if your weirdness and difference stems from something innate or something you enjoy… try not to let negativity get you down.

Which means in part that no-one can change you but you, and then only if you want to. Also, that whatever judgments people pass, you know the truth and and should try to make peace with it. Being different also teaches you at a young age to be independent, and not need people.

You learn early on that as much as you want to be popular, you will never be.

It helps you in life. All the great novelists, artists, writers—-they were all weirdos. By being shunned, you learn not to need other people to make you happy, or validate your worth. You learn to love yourself instead. I know this because I was one of those shunned, as was my son. I hated being weird, but now, I see it as a blessing. It made me independent and not need anyone else. Perspective on everyone who fits in, and therefore always needs to fit in to be happy, has made me stronger.

Those who choose to live an authenic life despite what Anyone else thinks, they are the real MVPs. It takes real strength and character to stand as yourself and not follow the crowd… Yea.. Embrace yourself Love yourself…and Stay true to it. If you carry yourself with confidence even if they dont like it….

Conformists are the lowest of the low, and sheep. Ask New Question Sign In. How is being different a good thing? Run containers with industry leading price-performance. Learn More at try. You dismissed this ad. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Answered Mar 21, If changing environments is not possible, consider: Being different can be in itself good. May you find your happiness in being unique!

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They were portrayed as scroungers, while being excluded from working by regulation, discrimination, and lack of confidence. I found a vocation helping them navigate these obstacles. Many of my colleagues were refugees themselves, who, having found their own way, wanted to pass on the learning to the next generation. Our differences motivated us to help others in the same boat. As I began to take more pride in what made me different, I began to research other people who went against the social norms.

Students of Philosophy, LSR

I discovered that artists, entrepreneurs, innovators, and other world-changers were always different from the people that surrounded them. They made connections with other people, or between ideas that others had not previously made. And they had the courage and resilience to put those ideas out into the world—the courage to take the risk of being judged, and the resilience to try again when they were.

Some made it big think Steve Jobs, Lady Gaga, Barack Obama appealing to a mass audience with their new ways of seeing; others appealed to a niche with similar tastes. In every case their creativity was rooted in their differences. Though we may never escape all judgment and discrimination, we can learn to value our own unique perspective.

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Your stories and your wisdom are just as meaningful as mine.

Being Different is Okay

Click here to read more. Instead, it defines me as different. Being different has tremendous value. Being different is a source of connection and belonging. But fitting in is the opposite of being yourself. It leaves you sick inside.

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  4. What we have in common easily trumps our differences. My differences are a source of motivation. Being different is intensely creative. In the process, their ideas were tested and improved and tested again.

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    You, too, have value hidden in your differences. Then at least we can stop judging ourselves. See a typo, an inaccuracy, or something offensive? Please contact us so we can fix it! Did you enjoy this post?