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Gastner's curiosity is piqued -- but he's on vacation. Then four more deaths follow and the still-to-be-reckoned-with lawman steps in to stop the rash of murders The authentic flavor of southern New Mexico combines with strong detective work and irresistible characters to produce a second winner for Bill Gastner after Heartshot. Paperback , pages. Bill Gastner Mystery 2. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

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To ask other readers questions about Bitter Recoil , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This had a pretty good plot overall. All the elements were there, but the execution wasn't nearly as good as the first. I gave it 4 stars, a bit of a bump, but almost quit listening to this book. The narrator, Rusty Nelson, didn't thrill me, although he also read the first one. His voice lifted at the end of too many sentences making them sound more like questions, but the real problem was with the mechanics of the story.

Bitter Recoil by Steven F. Havill ~ Kittling: Books

I'll probably give the third a try, but I've got reservations. He has been told to get out and exercise more and to get away from work. You see, Gastner has a lot of bad habits when he works. He doesn't sleep, he gets involved in things that get him hurt and he eats large, spicy burritos.

So, Bill decides to go on a camping trip and visit a former colleague, Estelle Reyes-Guzman, who has taken a job in the sheriff department of a different county in New Mexico - up in the mountains. But, while he is trying to sleep in a campground he hears sirens and sees lights so he decides to go check it out. Sep 03, Janice rated it really liked it. Book 2 in the series. Undersheriff Bill Gaston is on vacation after being discharged from the hospital with doctor orders to lose weight, walk and stop smoking.

He's camping in a forest area that's now covered by Estelle who took a police job there to be close to her husband's new job. The first night of camping Gaston becomes involved in helping Estelle with a case that turns into a deadly business.

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I do like this series and look forward to the next one, but the Longmire series is still my favo Book 2 in the series. I do like this series and look forward to the next one, but the Longmire series is still my favorite. Jun 21, Frank rated it liked it. Some interesting characters, especially Estelle Reyes. Two plots which don't really intersect with motivation. Still, I will read another if it comes along. Dec 03, Lois Blanco rated it really liked it. Like the author, setting, characters, plot Mar 28, Gerry Nelson rated it really liked it.

Gastner is on vacation and visiting with Estelle. This is my all time favorite series. Havill brings his characters to life in every book. Jun 27, Paul rated it liked it. A few technical problems, such as a microscope that images bacteria being impossibly used to study fingerprints Otherwise, a good read. Oct 02, Cathy Cole rated it really liked it. I stopped at the top of the saddleback and looked down through the pines.

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It's not often that Posadas County Undersheriff Bill Gastner takes a vacation, but he figures he's got one coming now. Probably has something to do with his age and the quadruple bypass surgery he recently survived. Gastner loads up his truck and heads for the mountains of northern New Mexico to visit his former detective, Estelle Reyes, who's upholding the law in San Estevan County.

Parked in a campground, Gas First Line: Parked in a campground, Gastner's sleep is interrupted by sirens, and he suddenly finds himself reunited with Reyes and her new husband over the body of a young pregnant woman.

At first she's thought to be a hit-and-run victim, but the autopsy reveals the truth: Gastner tries his best to stay on vacation and off the case, but when four more deaths occur, there's no time for a vacation for this recuperating lawman. Steven Havill has a deceptively smooth and easy style that had me hooked before I knew what was happening. His main character, Bill Gastner, is self-deprecating, funny, and absolutely relentless when it comes to hunting down the bad guys.

Due to his age and that bypass surgery, he's also a very vulnerable character, which makes him a rare bird in the crime fiction world. The other characters hold their own against him-- especially Estelle-- but it's Bill's show in the beautiful mountains of New Mexico. And those mountains remind me: Havill really pushed two of my buttons with this book. Mine shafts and forest fires are going to get my attention every time, and Bitter Recoil was no exception.

Havill writes a lean, spare mystery filled with wonderful characters, a strong sense of place, and plenty of action. This is a mystery series that my husband and I both enjoy, and it's not necessary to read the first book in the series to be able to follow what's going on in this second one. He'll make sure you feel welcome! Feb 18, Kimberly rated it really liked it Shelves: I love the audio versions of this series, listening while I make my way to work in Seattle in the middle of winter takes me to sun-baked New Mexico listening to the laconic drawl of an old sheriff.

Apr 07, Douglas Cook rated it it was amazing Shelves: I like this series of mysteries. It reminds me of a slowed-down version of C. I am in the process of reading the whole series. Chapter 1 I stopped at the top of the saddleback and looked down through the pines. The campgrounds were still a mile below me, hidden behind the fat swell of Steamboat Rock. I took a deep breath, found a big granite boulder, and sat down.

This walking was worse medicine than pills or needles. Walk, the damn doctors had said. Nevertheless, the heart surgeon had convinced me that if I walked, gave up smoking, and shed my considerable girth, I might live a couple more years. I fumbled in my shirt pocket and pulled out a cigarette.

Hell, I was walking. That was one out of three. From where I sat, I could see all the way down Isidro Valley. The sky was a blank, merciless blue, and the sun beat down on my back, roasting right through my shirt. It burned out the kinks. Havill, Steven F May 26, Kathleen Hagen rated it liked it Shelves: Bitter Recoil, by Steven F. Havill Borrowed from the Library for the Blind, but it is available from audible. This is the second in the Bill Gastner series. Estella has moved on to another police department in New Mexico where she is top cop.

Bill, recovering from a heart attack, goes to visit her thinking to have a couple of days vacation.

But, of course, he gets involved in the crimes she is investigating. A body of a girl is found. It appears that she fell over a cliff, and then managed to Bitter Recoil, by Steven F. It appears that she fell over a cliff, and then managed to start crawling her way back before she died. Four more people are murdered in quick succession, and Bill and Estelle must figure out the crime.

Dec 02, Ed rated it really liked it Shelves: The Sheriff's Department of Posadas County has taken a double blow; Estelle Guzman has married and moved to follow her husband, while Undersheriff Bill Gastner is recuperating from heart surgery. Highly recommended entry in this durable series. Gastner has recovered from a heart bypass operation and gone to visit h 2 in the Posadas County mystery series. I have enjoyed them all although I will miss Bill Gastner. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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