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Aiding him in his quest to uncover the truth are an engaging cast of characters, including old friend Bailey, smart, streetwise Nina, a kindly professor, and most importantly, Joe's beloved dog Oz.

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An excellent contemporary detective story, Chasing the Dark will appeal to both boys and girls. This field is required.

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  6. A chilling tale of a fifteen-year-old whose premonitions about murders may be construed as the outcome of uncertainty in her own life. Read more about Buried Thunder. Search the site Search term is required. Home Books C Chasing the Dark. Joe is a smart kid, and, using brains rather than brawn, and helped by his friend Bailey, and a girl called Nina, he manages to unravel the mystery. There are lots of exciting episodes and adventures along the way, and it all builds to a suitably thrilling climax.

    Despite the twists and turns of the plot, and a large cast of characters, the writing style ensures that the action is easy to follow. The dialogue is particularly sharp and the author has given Joe a great line in the kind of deadpan, down-beat humour familiar from harder-boiled detective novels! Sam Hepburn is also Sam Osman , and writes equally appealing fantasy adventures too. He's such an awesome dog. One of my favorite characters - other than Joe, obviously - was Nina.

    Joe meets her in the lair of a crime boss, working for him to pay a family debt. She is full of fear, but she is more driven by her need to be free than giving into that fear. Nina is tough, smart, sneaky and very brave. She is exactly the kind of person Joe needs on his side in order to succeed. I just loved her to bits.

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    8. Another character I liked a lot was Joe's best friend, Bailey. Though he wasn't in the story that often, Bailey - and Oz, as a matter of fact - brought some much needed comedy to the team. He was also quite tech-savvy, which was very helpful for Joe and his mission.

      Chasing the Dark

      I really enjoyed Sam Hepburn's writing style, once I got used to it. The settings were vivid and interesting and she was able to pace everything so perfectly.

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      Except for at the very beginning, I didn't feel like it dragged or was too fast. There are so many questions that cropped up as I was reading, but I am really pleased to say that all my questions were answered by the end. Sam did a great job tying up all the loose ends and I closed the book extremely satisfied. There is a ton of action and suspense and danger and even a twist at the end that I didn't see coming.

      Overall, Chasing the Dark is a very interesting, action-packed, riveting mystery that is bound to thrill readers young and old. Aug 11, Parie rated it really liked it. Chasing the Dark I decided to read this book because I was looking for books in the library and this one caught my attention as I walked past.

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      It also looked reasonably short. The reason that I put this book in this category is because it is written in Something new that I learned from this book is to never give up. Joe never gives up on finding out the truth about his mum and follows every lead that would help him achieve his goal and in the end he got there.

      A character that I enjoyed reading about was Joe because he is a very determined young boy who had experienced so much at such a young age and dealt with it all very well. Overall, I really liked the book and would read more recently published books in the future. Joe hat es gerade wirklich nicht einfach: Seine Mutter ist bei einem Autounfall ums Leben gekommen und er wurde aus seiner gewohnten Umgebung in London gerissen um von nun an bei seinem Onkel und seiner Tante, die ihn so gar nicht leiden kann, zu leben.

      Er nimmt sich fest vor, herauszufinden, aus welchem Grund seine Mutter in dieser Nacht sterben musste. Sehr gut an diesem spannenden Jugend-Thriller hat mir gefallen, dass es sehr geheimnisvoll zugeht und auch noch der sowjetische Geheimdienst involviert ist. Jul 17, Katy Noyes rated it really liked it. And a pretty good one too. Following similar plot lines to adult thrillers, there's a mystery, a good guy and his friends, some bad guys and an enigmatic homeless man. There's a definite air of Great Expectations at the start. With an innocent and grieving Joe missing his mum, dead in a car crash, he quickly meets a Magwitch-like tramp who needs his help and soon after a reclusive old woman at the heart of another murder mystery, who distinctly reminded me of Miss Havisham.

      But apart from those two, it's very much a modern thriller: Teenage Joe is sent to live with his sour aunt after his mum is killed in a car crash. But why was she in a stranger's car at all Joe stumbles upon clues that reveal it may not have been an accident. Joe gets his friends to help and picks up an older female sidekick, who seems to be there to get beaten up a lot. I wasn't too sure about her motivation to help - there are gangsters involved that want to hurt her and she very easily bends to the leadership of the younger boy.

      Joe is likeable but at the same time his voice didn't always feel real - occasional teen-speak like "sicker" seemed a bit 'thrown in'. His knack of spotting the missed clues from chapters earlier was also a bit too lucky. It's a fast-moving story, with lots of action. Despite my comments above, I did enjoy the read ad guessing who the bad guys really were. And hadn't quite guessed the connections between the conspiracies. It's a decent teenage thriller.

      Children's Books - Reviews - Chasing the Dark | BfK No.

      Jun 09, George Lester rated it liked it. The first thing I'm going to say about it is that it is a standalone novel which is quite a change of pace for me as I am used to reading YA Series. I didn't know what to expect with this book. On the whole, I found the book to be pacy and compe 3. On the whole, I found the book to be pacy and compelling with believable characters in believable settings. In a lot of YA thrillers I've found it is very easy for the authors to take the tact of Go Big or Go Home, sometimes making their entire story ridiculous.

      Hepburn keeps it very simple, but not so much that you can guess what's going on. Joe Slattery is such a great character. He is very real and the emotions that he expresses about his mother's death and the investigation seem genuine. It all feels like it is happening and it is a very accomplished debut.

      The loss of stars come from it not being my genre, the story not being terribly exciting. It didn't feel like Joe was under any threat. I feel like if the stakes were raised I'd have been more invested in him.

      Kindle Editions

      But on the whole, it is a very strong debut and I look forward to reading more. May 10, Nitzan Schwarz rated it really liked it Shelves: I can honestly say I didn't know what to expect of this book my first physical Arc! The book started kind of 3. The book started kind of slow. Also, the kind of slow you get when the main character himself still hasn't figured out there's something off going on.

      But once Joe smells something fishy To read the rest of the review, go to my blog, here Sep 22, Nicola Fantom rated it it was amazing. Wow I really enjoyed thus young adult thriller. I noticed it was on a poster at the library so decided to give it a go. I love a good thriller, although this is aimed at a younger audience I found it just as good as an adult thriller. Lots of twists and turns, jampacked with action, mystery and intrigue. Easy to read, could easily be read in a few sittings so makes a nice break from heavier stuff. It is about a young boy who's mum dies in a car crash under suspicious circumstances.

      Having no one Wow I really enjoyed thus young adult thriller. Having no one else to look after him he's sent to live with his snobby aunt who can't stand him as she didn't get on with her sister.

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      It is not long before he comes across a conspiracy surrounding his mother's death, involving KGB, a journalist, a tramp, and a famous socialite. This is to be the first in a series, so definitely picking up the other's. Sep 29, Fabrizio Caruso rated it it was amazing. This book follows a fictional character named Joe Slattery who's mother had died in a car crash and is on a mission to find out what happened on the night of it. On his mission he meets lots of unusual characters such as a Ukranian mobster, a Russian thief and a professor.

      As you read more of the book you discover these characters, their emotions in certain situations they face and how they all link in to the murder of Joe Slattery's mother. With unexpected twists, untrustworthy characters, frie This book follows a fictional character named Joe Slattery who's mother had died in a car crash and is on a mission to find out what happened on the night of it. With unexpected twists, untrustworthy characters, friends backstabbing you at one point and then helping you in a situation. All this and with a good ending, this book is a must read.