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The characters are vividly portrayed, and the realism of both time and location indicate serious research by the author. But the strongest part of this excellent story is the plot. It will keep you intrigued from start to finish. Morgan Westphal must negotiate a maze of twists and turns on his way to a jawdropping truth. Holtry excels at melding a complex plot with equally complex characters Joshua Stiles was lost. He quit the Marine Corps to search, but failed to find his estranged wife and son.

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Now rudderless and alone, his search for meaning brought him back to the hills of Kentucky where he hoped to discover his family legacy. Instead of a peaceful Mayberry R. Could he be the peacemaker to end their century-old blood feud? It has the hard ring of truth while treating the Appalachian community with compassion and respect.

You can leave your keys and your wallet on the dashboard of your car and not worry. We have the climate, the soil and the tradition to produce quality product. So come on down and get mellow in the Bluegrass. See What Jim Miller is working on now at his web site. Growing up in small-town North Carolina, Resa Goldberg shared the dreams of pre-pubescent girls everywhere — dreams of love, of happiness, of being carried away by her very own Prince Charming.

The physical and emotional traumas the fifteen-year-old suffered at the hands of this first boyfriend would mark her for life. Somehow, and despite considerable evidence to the contrary, she never abandons her abiding belief that not only does Mr. Along the way she encounters a Rogues Gallery of boys and men who exhibit every conceivable male virtue and pathology, but never in a combination that adds up to her cherished ideal.

The payoff at the end of the journey is an epiphany that provides the author an understanding of the past—why she habitually makes such bad choices—and a way forward into a happier future. For readers it is a satisfying coda to a trip that is as rewarding as it is emotionally demanding. Resa Goldberg takes us on a heartfelt adventure as she searches for meaning in both life and, more importantly, in love.

If you're looking for a great religious thriller, this one is for you: An unknown painting is discovered in an obscure art gallery in the Middle East. Marcus Po, reclusive book reviewer for the Burlington Times, uncovers evidence that the painting was altered to hide its suggestion that the Virgin Mary wrote an account of her life after the crucifixion. If true, its revelations would forever change the role of women in the Catholic Church. Others are just as determined to keep the secret forever buried.

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The fate of the Church and the life of a pope hang in the balance. Pat Pope, Clinical Psychologist. Well-chosen words, dense description, interesting dialogue, mystery, and romance create an intriguing story that begins with a secret scroll and an unknown painting. I was blown away by the richness of the words and the cliff-hanging chapter endings.

The book is a great entertaining escape. Rexroth, a Manhattan private detective whose business isn't exactly thriving, knows next to nothing about the three-trillion dollar hedge fund industry. But when Samantha Little, wife of a hedge fund manager, comes to his office worried about threatening phone calls and refusing to tell him who referred her, he has his doubts but takes the case.

He soon finds embezzlement and murder, but that's just for starters. Lee Slonimsky has created a sleuth who's smart, resourceful, and very, very human. Sughrue as a melancholy P. A child is snatched from the Anchorage bus station. Clues developed during the search suggest she's being held by a pedophile and his ex-con buddy, and that they are hatching a plot to blow up the trans-Alaska pipeline.

Then Detective Gomez learns that the pedophile murdered his last victim. The cops are baffled as the killer seems to know all their moves. Strong characterizations and clearly detailed scenes made me want to be the one chasing the bad guy! If you like your murder mysteries raw and honest, this is one you'll find hard to put down. The plot twists will keep readers awake late into the night as they follow each development. The well-written prose gripped me early and remained fascinating. Covering Crime, Courage and Characters. Wright crafts the minds and motivations of all his characters artfully that grow in significance and depth as he carries the reader through the novel exploring each of his complex characters.

A quartet of unlikely characters pursue the serial killer and along the way discover insights to themselves as well as solve other heinous crimes. We can only hope we see them together again. The Lusitania sailed with close to passengers and crew, over half of whom would die. Germany's warnings to passengers were largely ignored.

Hidden on board were munitions and war supplies for the British army. How did Germany know about this contraband? The book offers a human tale of courage and conflict, lives shattered and rebuilt, loves formed and lost amid war's debris. So real are Len Abram's characters, so intertwined are their lives and their parts in the grand scheme of things, they are all wholly believable. The attention to detail is astounding. One minute you are aboard a German U-Boat, hearing all the creaks and groans of a submarine, feeling the tension as the boat lurks unseen, stalking its prey; the next you are in the Ukraine, among communist revolutionaries, and then in America, among capitalists.

The descriptions aboard the grand liner Lusitania are a vision of the shipboard life. You may feel that you ought to check your ticket. Instead of cold steel, Len Abram brings to life the warm lives and tragic loves of the spies, who sealed the fate of the Lusitania and the passengers to an ocean grave. It is a terrific read, filled with breathtaking suspense and painstaking historical detail. Debris combines fiction and history to make the past and the people who lived it alive again.

A thoroughly engaging read. When her mother is dying, Betsy Kramer makes the uncharacteristic decision to return to her home at Windy Hill to work on her tattered relationships and spend time gathering driftwood with her mother Margaret. Lingering at Windy Hill, Betsy finds letters from her estranged father hidden in a hatbox and realizes the enormity of the lie perpetrated by her mother. An emotional voyage that hurts and enlightens. Claudia pulls you right into the story.

You'll be moved by this touching book of women's fiction. To follow Claudia J. Taller and see what the latest news is, please visit her website. When Tina de Piro hires him to find her missing niece, Lucy, he soon realizes there's more to this case than he thought and before long, he's needing a lot of help from his friends and they're all in over their heads. Gottlieb, Reviews Editor, "Terrain.

Picking up Sentimental Over You will be the easy part. Johnny Suede, casino singer [and]private investigator [specializes] in locating missing children. Gary Ettari possesses a skill in writing characters with a depth of understanding Motor courts, motels, and open desert share the Strip with resorts like the Dunes, Sands, and Desert Inn.

The resorts take care of their own problems and the law picks up the pieces. If they can find them. Then the co-owner of the most exclusive casino in town is discovered in a parking lot with two slugs in his head. The case should go to the Sheriff's elite team of investigators, but outcast Detective Heber Parkins - the department's "trash man" - mysteriously gets the assignment, drawing him into a deadly struggle for control of the city's future.

We went from an era of shallow graves just over the state lines in California and Arizona that contained the remains of those who dared threaten our town's pseudo-tranquility during the skimming days, to downright murder on our streets. Joey's Place takes us inside the minds of our then police officers who may have been as sickened as I was at Las Vegas' transition from a safe town for all, into a burgeoning city with all its attendant sins exposed.

Nelson has captured the flavor of old Las Vegas, when the Rat Pack ruled the Strip, the money flowed fast and free, and cheaters soon found themselves hustled out the back doors of casinos Add greed, betrayal and a maverick cop who refuses to take the easy path into the mixture, stir it all together with Nelson's storytelling ability, and you're in for one hell of a ride! In addition to a full load of crime, intrigue, paranoia, double dealing mafia characters, crooked cops, and wild women, there's plenty of violence here, but it's not gratuitous. Complete with slick, upbeat dialogue and a thousand clever turns of phrase, "Joey's Place" is an intriguing, fascinating yarn both believable and entertaining With impeccable timing, Nelson serves up a powerful tale of an outcast detective vs.

Pompano, author of Sand Bar: It's a tough-talking tale that dramatically revisits the world of s Las Vegas when the glitz and glamour have gone and Sin City really earned its notorious nickname! To keep up with author JW Nelson, visit his web page. In the town of Hollow Creek, South Carolina, two separate murders, fifteen years apart, unite fifteen-year-old Pleasant Day and sixty-year-old Clarissa Blackwell.

As Pleasant Day struggles with her mother's distance, her father's infidelity and the death of her best friend, she draws closer to Clarissa, an older woman with the secrets to heal her. But Clarissa has struggles of her own as she faces betrayal and seeks to come to terms with old wounds. With her unpredictable psychic ability to 'read people' Clarissa uncovers the answers to a deadly crime and to Pleasant's true identity.

In the end, both Pleasant and Clarissa's worlds are transformed by the truths they're forced to accept, and both find solace and strength in the histories that have shaped them. Be prepared to clear your schedule for the day. You're going to read this one straight through! This is Vera Jane Cook's best one yet! Nothing, not even light, can escape from the gravity of a black hole and nothing can travel faster than the speed of light - so what is this mysterious object and what is its purpose?

It's about time we've had this discussion. With an unsavory reputation and sex appeal in spades, underage Fran Mullen, the daughter of the tyrannical manager of a minor league baseball team, is found brutally raped and murdered in the dugout before a game. A local suspect who is employed by the team is tried and released, much to the consternation of the local community who are convinced of his guilt.

Twenty-five years later an idealistic young reporter with career ambitions and a passing resemblance to Fran makes an outrageous claim: Fran Mullen is still alive! The reporter plans to do a major story on this wild revelation revealing new evidence. As the allegation ripples through a small minor league baseball town, ex-players, front office personnel and even Fran's own father have reasons to fear her improbable return. Everyone dismisses the claim that Fran is alive, but when people start dying there is no denying that something is horribly wrong.

Kastel's imaginative cast of characters Kastel's story is minor league in setting only. It's a major league yarn that puts the reader deep inside the inner workings of small town, professional baseball. Forced out of his job at the 44th Precinct in the Fort Apache section of the South Bronx, Sam escapes his troubles and moves his family to the suburbs, only to discover that his troubled past from the Bronx comes back to haunt him. When he's arrested for murder and brought back to the Bronx to stand trial, he must fight for his life against a District Attorney and his former NYPD colleagues who are bent on getting even by making sure Sam is convicted.

Start reading and I dare you not finish it in one sitting. Uriel Gribetz is the big new voice in crime fiction.

This fast-paced novel reflects the author's persistence, as he takes us on wild rides through the dark streets of the Bronx and parts of Westchester, where we meet an unforgettable cast of characters. Have you tried the tricks other memory books teach and given up? Can you actually improve your memory? What does science say? Memory researcher Jeremy Genovese knows there's good news - science offers real help. A growing body of research has given us tools and techniques for REAL memory improvement. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of the science of peak memory.

Genovese's book bridges that gap. The Science of Peak Memory introduces a number of ideas accepted by memory scientists, but largely unknown outside the laboratory. In easy-to-understand language, Dr. Genovese explains how you can harness these ideas to dramatically improve your memory. What would a better memory mean for you? Not forgetting someone's name? Remembering where you parked? What would a mind like Google mean to you? Keep up with the latest from Memory Researcher Dr. Genovese at his website.

Summer, , Rusty loses his job as a Lake Erie tugboat deckhand and can no longer afford his charter boat business. Out of work, out of hope and with a family to feed, he desperately turns to hauling grape juice for the mysterious Trapani clan despite his suspicions. After several successful trips, Al Trapani offers him an opportunity to run illegal alcohol from Canada.

Fool Me Twice: a novel of betrayal, denial, and renewal (The Doug Carlson Thriller Series)

Rusty reluctantly agrees to try it just once. As Rusty slips into the underground world of rum running, he comes to realize he is losing far more than his principles-he is jeopardizing his marriage and his life. But getting out is not easy. Hunted by a sadistic renegade Coast Guard captain, Rusty soon finds himself in the captain's crosshair, forcing him to challenge not only his principles, but his perception of good and evil. The s roar to life as Rusty's rum running legend grows. Durkee holds readers on course and breezing through this engaging tale of love, wickedness, revenge and morality.

It's all these elements, wound into a satisfying and realistic story line backed by historical fact, that make Rum Run a winning account. Written by a licensed psychotherapist, Shrink Wrapped is a collection of a dozen short stories with a common theme running through each, unifying them as a whole. These stories attempt to tug at the reader, raising questions, asking the reader to consider a perspective on human suffering outside trite, contemporary notions of sanity and insanity.

For instance, there is the story of Sara, in "Finding Cannon," whose grief over the loss of her grandmother results in a stigmatizing label of depression and jeopardizes her standing as a medical student. In "Seeing Red," Donald lays on the street, injured, believing he is about to die. He hopes to grab hold of a peaceful memory for solace. Instead, his life's regret comes into focus. There's Mary Lee and Teddy who seek out Dr. Cutter, a renowned marriage therapist, for his services in "Blowback.

As well, there is Jerry in "'For it is just this question of pain that parts us,'" who is forced to explore his psychosis, although he may be ill prepared to do so. Poignant and thought provoking Sigmund Freud meets the Twilight Zone Gutsy yet refined, nerve-wracking and intense. Katie Nelson, a program officer at Atlanta's largest charitable foundation, has the job everyone wants: But when her latest grant recommendation literally goes up in flames, killing an unknown Latina woman in the process, everyone becomes a suspect. Was it a hate crime, an inside job or something more insidious?

Even her new romance with a foundation trustee leaves her questioning his potential involvement. Following her hunches, headstrong Katie unwittingly places herself in mortal danger. Who's looking out for her and who's trying to do her in? There is an honesty and humanness about these characters which is enormously refreshing. For most Americans, with the end of the Cold War and the seeming beginning of an era of peace, was a year of hope. Trapped in a basement with misfit soldiers, Bean receives a phone call from a mystery man identifying himself only as "Gus.

You start throwing in with the hapless, feckless speaker and rooting for him, as you do with bent, failed detectives. You have a good time seeing someone have a bad time. A robust page-turner, ample proof that fiction still has the power to surprise, delight and inform.

Sheppard stakes out his territory with the risky yet unimpeachable flair that has become his trademark. It's a real page-turner, but also dazzling writing throughout. Sheppard is the missing link between so many writers, from Nelson Algren to Charles Willeford. The year is when Morgan Westphal, a private investigator, is asked to investigate the rape and attempted murder of Sophia Parmenter, the wife of an army major assigned to Fort Huachuca, Arizona. As a civilian, Morgan at first has no wish to become involved in what he believes is a purely army affair until he is told LeCroix is the man who saved his life in Cuba during the Spanish American War.

Morgan's investigation has barely started when the regiment is suddenly deployed to Mexico as part of the Punitive Expedition in pursuit of Pancho Villa. By the time Morgan solves the crime, he will make a long, solitary, and dangerous horseback ride deep into a turbulent Mexico, risk his life during a deadly encounter with Mexican bandits, and re-examine his own feelings concerning racial equality. A Troublesome Affair is a mystery with intricately connected characters caught up in a turbulent current of racial tension and armed conflict between the United States and Mexico.

Military, but America writ large. An engaging plot, with multiple twists and turns, moves along at a crisp pace and keeps readers guessing until the last few pages. It is an interesting story with strong characters and held my attention from beginning to end. Not only will it "keep you guessing" until the end but "keep you thinking" long after you turn the last page.

An imaginative tale of a man who didn't just see the future-he lived it. College student Paul Vance has no idea what he's letting himself in for when he signs up for extra help in his physics class with the mysterious professor Nazar Trobik, a man who seems to be a genus but with skeletons in his closet. The story line was fast paced with a great twist. He amazes me with the number of characters he creates without losing you.

This book will be interesting for anyone, science oriented or not. Nice romance, along with some intrigue. Buckner has written an engaging science fiction novel which could have happened. He has done similes numerous and humorous while keeping the reader anticipating and guessing with a sense of urgency. All around good read. Volume 3 in the Edward Ware Thriller Series When little Thomasina Ware visits him as a red-haired, fair-cheeked baby, Adolf Hitler puts in effect his master plan to take the ideal Aryan baby girl and remake her as his own, raising her to think like him, sound like him, and look like him as much as a girl can.

He hires a spy to steal the baby away from her parents when they aren't looking and deliver her to Hitler's mountain retreat. He tells Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain that she's just visiting. The Prime Minister thinks it's charming so her real parents back in England can't protest. The farce goes on and on and when the Second World War starts it's too late to get her back.

But Major General Ware, the child's father, vows to free his daughter or else. Second only to defeating Germany, it becomes his most important goal "Best historical novel I've read in years. I learned a lot about the Third Reich that I never suspected. Three cheers for the Cargills! It's so exciting that it's getting published. I can't wait to buy a copy. I'll be first in line.

So will my friends. I want to read the sequel. I'm a World War II nut. I've even been on a Band of Brothers tour for D-Day. But the picture of Hitler in "Hitler's Daughter" is really unique. Instead of being a two-dimensional villian, the authors really explore his motives for kidnapping the little girl. My father was in the U. I was born in England, though I've never been back there since. It all comes back again.

I took "Hitler's Daughter" with me. It helped me understand Nuremberg and the Obersalzberg where the Berghof was located. I could imagine Hitler addressing the mobs on Party Day in the s. Sugar Bear must solve the murder of the town drunk and wife-abuser, Burl Campbell, who is found dead on the day his ex-wife just happens to arrive back in town.

She is in the middle of a romance that makes it look like the usual story until it is discovered that her new love has been sending monthly checks to the deceased. Complications arise for Sugar Bear and his team including false confessions, an annoying psychic, enticing offers for early retirement, a woman from the sheriff's past, and even another murder before it is all sorted. You care about Bob Zeanah's characters, from the moment you meet the winsome Kelci and taste one of Sistah's pies and hear a sheriff called Sugar Bear in political mode Then you'll be saying: Occam's Razor is a medical thriller set against the backdrop of Operation Jackpot, the first major federal sting in the War on Drugs.

Declan Murphy, a popular Ob-Gyn physician, is called to the Emergency Department to see Helene Eastland, the sexually abused daughter of the powerful state governor. Helene has also become involved with the Jackpot drug smugglers. Declan decides the only right option is to help Helene flee her father's grasp and the Operation Jackpot subpoena. While on the run, Declan and Helene fall into a forbidden doctor-patient relationship that jeopardizes Helene's freedom and Declan's career. Retired Vancouver Police officer Sam Watson has little use for religion. When his only son, Jeff, commits to missionary service in Thailand, Sam is understandably upset.

An uneasy long distance relationship continues until the unthinkable happens, Jeff is murdered. The mission organization wants nothing to do with the investigation and the Thai Police seem unable or unwilling to solve the crime.

Thrillers suspense

Sam finds himself in Thailand seeking his son's killer but also grappling with loss, culture shock and, ultimately, the meaning of his son's short life. Armacost's writing is wonderfully funny and sad, and I will be reading whatever he writes from now on. Wesley Weimer, a twice-divorced prison guard and failed father of two, realizes his life has grown lifeless. Child support payments suck him dry and he'll never finish that degree.

Most of his free time is spent tending to his crippled mother or else writhing through painful visits with his children. So with Christmas right around the corner, Wesley persuades a prisoner to strangle him for ten thousand dollars-this way, at least his kids can cash in on the life insurance.

The only problem is, he doesn't have ten thousand dollars A promising film director and his Italian-Stallion sidekick get trapped in Mexico trying to save a young girl from a vicious drug smuggler. A bad-ass adventure on both sides of the border. They become trapped when they try to save a year old girl from a ruthless pimp and drug dealer.

The border is hope, offering safety and salvation. They must get across the border. Angel's story is a dark and disturbing tribute to the rest of the 'Angels' and will leave you breathless, humble and wanting more. His life is about to change, however, as he has been selected by an alien race which intends to install its parasites in his body, in order to use him for their own purposes. This unseen race, known as the Grand Arbiters, intends to observe humanity through the eyes of the lowly pizza man, in order to determine whether or not Man should be eliminated, and his precious Earth destroyed alongside of him " Hirsch writes with authority and depth, as if present at the end of the world.

Laurent, author of "Rites of Planets. He may even have succeeded in making me a convert to the sci-fi genre. Charles Bush is a gifted writer.

David O'Neal

Only one thing stands between him and San Quentin Prison's gas chamber: San Francisco attorney Eric Lawson. Its verisimilitude is its great strength It's quite an achievement. Charles Bush tells the moving story of getting a mentally challenged convict off death row. This is crime fiction with the ring of authenticity.

Get in on the fun. The cozy village of Pine Ridge, North Carolina is beset by an epidemic of the dangerous new drug Murti-Bing which renders its users automatons. After being ostracized from Federal Court for twenty years, Hamish O'Halloran, a sad sack lawyer, is appointed to represent a "notorious drug dealer. An inept investigator, he finds himself in dire straits, as his suspicions bounce from one potential conspirator to another.

For More about David R. Tanis, visit the author's website. Full of romance, daring, and intrigue, this story will keep you guessing until the very end. Up-and-coming New York City investor Salvadore Grandino always wanted to make a name for himself, but as the heir to a powerful mafia family - and its dirtiest secret - creating a new identity is more than a metaphor.

With enemies closing in, he must fight for his own freedom, and for the chance to spend his life with the woman he loves. And it's a fight to the death. And with a story on par with Patterson and Sandford, DeMarchis will keep you tearing through the pages to the very end.

In his debut novel, author John DeMarchis crafts a riveting story coursing with deceit, wit, and passion Washington and the Secret Service in this action-packed thriller. Brisk plotting, colorful characters, and a dose of humor make Bullseye a quick and enjoyable read Author Adam Tocci takes the reader on a dizzying trip of unexpected twists and turns that could easily be ripped from today's headlines Borgatti , author of Frazzled, Fried After several successful years chasing counterfeiters, he and his partner Harry Ludec have been promoted to the coveted Presidential Protection Detail in the the United States Secret Service.

They are tasked with guarding a President who is quickly amassing enemies while pushing through landmark legislation on immigration reform. Her take no prisoners approach doesn't win her friends in Washington. But where are the enemies are coming from; beyond our borders or within? The very first sentence will capture the reader Mike Kidd is not a detective; in fact, he has no vocation. He takes a job from time to time to augment the modest but steady income the single oil well on his inherited farm provides, but has no career. He was just as unfocused in college, taking classes that intrigued him so that he is well educated but has no degree.

His pleasant but unaspiring life is upset when his best friend dies and bequeaths a going business to him. Along with the business, he inherits unexpected danger and a mystery concerning just what the business produces. His friend also left him a briefcase with instructions to burn it without opening it. Mike soon finds himself in danger because a shadowy group is convinced Mike knows the briefcase's secret and is willing to kill to get it. Enlisting a most unlikely group of allies, Mike must piece together clues in order to reconstruct the information the briefcase held.

The more they learn, the greater the threat becomes. I simply didn't want to [put it down]. Jake and Willow pursue a girl with the same zeal that digital brains are killing paper book s. He is a master. Willow claims to be Raven, a mythical shape-changing trickster. Willow is trying to recover her powers as Raven, lost when she went to work for the government. As Jake comes upon crows feeding on the body of a young woman, a mechanical crow firing. As the laid-back Jake and clever Willow pursue the murderer, they themselves are attacked.

We learn all manner of crow lore. You won't find many private investigators as richly imagined and with a story packed with as many colorful characters as this one. Mystery fans and readers who like unusual stories, American Indian mythology and colorful characters won't want to miss this one.

This book should be high on any traveler's reading list. Was Halliburton a daring adventurer A welcome addition to the libraries of all aficionados of adventure literature. I hope it hits a home run. At last, a science book with a sense of humor! FORE, and the Future of Practically Everything presents a new way to project information from the past into the future. FORE stands for "First-Order Rate Equation" that the author has modified so it applies to a broad spectrum of physical processes, from life expectancy to home run hitting and the rise in sea level.

As Jake explores the reasons behind the suicide, he discovers that Max has left him a series of clues in the form of philosophical references—from Plato, Heidegger, Aristotle and others. The reason has its roots in the Nazi science experiments Max was forced to clean up after as a boy in Dachau, experiments attempting to use electricity to expand cognition in the human brain. Their partnership soon grows into something bigger, with significantly bigger consequences. Thomas, a "free-thinking" ex-union soldier from Kansas migrates west and is building a schoolhouse for a friend's sister.

A wagon train brings Amos, a former rebel who is now pastor to Texan Baptists. The murder of a child threatens to tear the town in two; and northerner and southerner, believer and non-believer, must form a partnership to hold it together. To prove poisoning and explain the killer's apparent ability to be in two places at once, the evidence-seeking skeptic must undertake a quest to Denver. An eccentric chemist in Central City will first teach him the Marsh Test for arsenic and then warn him that the grave of the murder's accomplice might lie empty.

The secretary for the defense attorney shows the detective how a union of opposites can make a home under one roof. I always look forward to a Hal Reames book. A fun read and thoroughly satisfying You'll enjoy the read. Gary Wilde, Birch Bay, Washington says, "Preston Holtry has mixed the ingredients of southwest mining history with murder and deception, added a dash of early forensic science and created a recipe sure to provide an exceptional read.

Because of his profession, Morgan is well-qualified to take on the task of helping Frank, who he at first thinks just might be guilty. Morgan begins by challenging whether the badly mangled body of the murdered man in the town morgue is even Hardesty. By the time Morgan discovers who was killed in Tunnel Three and why, he will become embroiled in a turbulent labor strike, investigate the murder of a prostitute who knew Hardesty, risk his life and his relationship with his brother will change forever.

Masterful mix of characters and events keep your sleuthing instincts churning to the very end. You will meet strong characters you will always remember; and, you will be challenged to solve the puzzles of evidence uncovered by persistent criminal investigation. This story will introduce you to a new author. Enjoy him; he has more good stories. It contains a history of mining in Arizona with suspense and surprises right to the end. I look forward to more good stories by him. In Search of Sal A friendship that develops in High School between Tony and Sal and then gets lost after graduation takes you on a journey that involves mystery, suspense, murder ,fraud, love affairs and courage.

Bravo Home Boy, Bravo! Author Tony Morelli's agent, Mick, calls in the middle of the night. Mick suggests that Tony write Sal's biography. Several obstacles challenge his decision: A body is found in the Chattahoochee River. She's going to lose the buyer if she can't convince authorities the two are tied together, as well as the commission that goes with him. People come and go through the revolving door called her house, including her boyfriend. Each with his own secret. David O'Neal: Books, Biography, Blogs, Audiobooks, Kindle

Chattahoochee Dead will keep you turning pages until the very end. Monsignor Tony Cupelli, a pastor in working-class Queens, has always been controversial, due to his support of a married clergy and women as priests, and for his not completely secret affair with Maggie Rosario. Cupelli is both suspect and amateur detective as he tries to decipher the many clues the killer has intentionally left, clues that promise future crimes patterned on the murders in one of Cupelli's favorite short stories.

The criminal outsmarts Cupelli and the police at every turn, even to the scary and erotic surprise ending set up from the very beginning. Benevento's novel is meticulously plotted and full of surprises-he keeps us guessing from chapter to chapter, page to page. Where Do I Sign? Thinking that he has signed up to discover the wonder of the military, he finds, in a hilarious and often brutal fashion, mateship in the Army to be dead, patriotism to be a lie, and the elite image of the Special Forces to be a farce.

Locked in to a four-year contract with no escape, Dempsey harnesses his survivalist instinct whilst using plenty of humor along the way, to make it out in one piece. A great achievement for a first time author. Roberts and Catch - but, with unmistakable Aussie twangs. I loved being swept back to the glory days of the East Texas oil boom. His wife remained in an Illinois cemetery. Drought and the Depression force Sweeney back into his former lifestyle: Sweeney's companions, Clickster, a one-legged veteran with a noisy contraption for a leg, Jessie, a half-breed, foul-mouthed woman, peddle illegal booze throughout the oil fields of Louisiana.

A local sheriff, Dee Dandy, tires of the ordinary weekly payoffs and demands the bulk of Sweeney's profits.

East Texas is alive with oil prospectors. Hunt, who seems to have two wives, and the pair begins an odd alliance in the search for oil. Director, Books for Heroes. Suspenseful twists are delivered through an unforgettable cast of characters. Action packed, fast paced, and engaging; you will be looking over your shoulder wondering how much of your DNA is actually your own.

Geology student David Lambert becomes unwittingly involved in a clandestine conspiracy following the discovery of soft tissue in a dinosaur bone. Enduring scathing criticism of their findings, David's mentor Dr. Marcia Shelly pairs him with an alluring journalist to investigate the black-listing of scientists who buck the evolution paradigm.

With BBC reporter Murphy Salas, David learns that researchers have been discredited, even murdered to keep evidence that challenges Darwinism out of the public eye. As the scheme unfolds, they find that concealing such evidence is just the tip of the iceberg.

David Lambert unites with an improbable team that faces mortal danger as they attempt to expose the menacing plot and prevent the genocide of the planet's most vulnerable citizens. David also discovers the shocking truth about Murphy Salas and Marcia Shelly, and his world is forever changed. A breath of fresh air in the thriller genre. Pick it up only when you have time to finish. Wolfe, Attorney and Writer " Wow I can't wait for his next book. You may not accept all the conclusions, but you will be thoroughly entertained. Thought provoking and paradigm challenging - a cover to cover read that will leave you questioning your world view and wanting more.

Take this opportunity to escape the real world and settle into his amazing rendition of real-world science meets Jurassic Park. Amy Loeher went missing from her small town a little over a year ago. Everyone has given up on her except for her mother, who hires detective James Arklow, an ex-cop and criminology professor currently on sabbatical from the university where he teaches.

The detective's search for the girl will lead him down the highway, where he hunts a deeply disturbed trucker who has left a trail of blood stretching from El Paso, Texas to North Platte, Nebraska. If that doesn't keep you awake at night, remember this - the Beast is still out there!

A Thriller Novel A beast stalks the bleak and barren moorland. It is an unknown thing, a creature from the darkest, most terrifying of nightmares. When Ralph collides with a deer one starless night, old forgotten thoughts of blood and death re-emerge, control him, and force him to begin a nightmarish journey of mayhem. The beast hunts out its victims, kills with frightening speed, then feasts on their flesh. A thing of legend? Or is it real? Ralph knows the truth, for he is the true Beast of Bodmin. Soon everyone will know the truth.

Yates' writing is distinctive and original with a vigor and energy all it's own. Road k ill's vivacity does not disappoint! Retired "Atlanta Constitution" and "Baltimore Sun" newspaper man Hunter James presents a collection of essays about the southern mountains that is filled with wit, humor and southern colloquialism. Celebrities, fascinating unknowns, the mountains and foothills of Western North Carolina, Hunter James brings them alive. From the mysterious Brown Mountain lights, marijuana busts, mountain music, old-style tent revivals to tobacco auctioneers, white trash cooking, southern Appalachian politics, the legend of Tom Dooley and saving the New River, Hunter James covers all of it and a whole bunch more.

When you finish this book you will feel you know those persons to whom you have been introduced. Masterful writer, Tops at letting people talk. He puts you there with his striking and beautiful word pictures. Reminiscent of Faulkner, but shorter sentences, thank god! Nichols, psychologist, author, editor allegedly retired. The reader will also find plenty of material about mountain politics, literature, marijuana hunts and how not to get eaten by bears.

Yes, and much more besides. Purchase at Amazon As the nation burns, Marcus Diablo vows that those responsible will pay. America is in flames from coast to coast due to the worst terrorist attack in history. While backpacking with his family near Yosemite, Marcus Diablo's wife Annie goes missing. Frantic to find her and the terrorists responsible, Marcus sets out on an epic journey that will change his life forever.

A wonderful accomplishment for a debut novelist, looking forward to more. Annie Diablo goes missing while backpacking in the Eastern Sierras with her husband Marcus, and their two young sons. Marcus becomes the FBI's chief suspect. His claims that Annie was abducted by a group of homegrown fanatics planning to set fire to the forests in Yosemite National Park and the surrounding wilderness areas, are dismissed as the desperate lies of a guilty man. But when, from California to Connecticut, the nations forests erupt in flames it becomes clear that Marcus was innocent.

As an attack, no one was prepared for, strikes fear and panic into the hearts of every American and society unravels, Marcus, following the smallest clue, finds the man who abducted Annie, and uncovers an organization that for thirty years remained hidden, embedded deep in American Society. Following an insane hunch, Marcus embarks on a quest that takes him from his home and family, to Australia's inhospitable Outback, to the tribal lands of the Hindu Kush, to the arid expanse of the Syrian Desert, to the freezing waters of the Bering Sea.

Marcus will form unlikely alliances, cheat death, receive gifts of priceless value and along way, change his life and the lives of all he touches, forever. The young Chinese woman lying dead in the dank Seattle alley was murdered with no apparent motive. To find her killer Detective Miken Larsen must dive deep into the ugly world of human trafficking, and she soon discovers that young prostitutes are not the only commodity the traffickers smuggle.

The CIA has a big piece of the puzzle, but their agenda does not include sharing information with local cops-not even when three more seemingly unconnected people die. Keep the night-light on. John Reid as a routine psychological evaluation to determine competency soon turns into something far more sinister. Appointed by the court to examine Floyd Bell, who as a boy a decade earlier suffered a severe brain injury, Reid soon finds himself embroiled in a plot involving conspiracy, revenge and murder.

The last time Reid looked into the eyes of pure evil his entire world collapsed costing him everything. This time, if he is going to survive, he must learn to rely on those who care about him while identifying those who will stop at nothing to see him dead. Flores, Department of Communications, St. But she also began to open herself up, just a bit. Y Is for Yesterday actually found Kinsey embracing, almost, a cat and a dog. That was a huge start for her. Not every plot worked.

But around M Is for Malice, the novels took another sea change and became a bit deeper and even richer. We just wanted to see what Kinsey was up to. What scrapes she got herself into. Would she ever date again? Would she ever splurge on clothing or a good handbag? Her success, as well as that of Paretsky and Muller, opened the door for other strong female private detectives, cops and amateur sleuths. These authors also showed publishers that mystery readers would follow characters anywhere and opened the way for detectives of color as well as gay and lesbian detectives.

Grafton received many awards during her career. The Kinsey novels were generally released two years apart. In an interview with the Louisville Courier-Journal , Humphrey said his late wife had not yet started writing her last book in the series. But apparently she did know the title. Would she have remarried—third time the charm? Would she have become the guardian of a relative, as she was when her Aunt Ginny took her in when she was four years old?

That would bring her life full circle. I hope the family keeps its promise and allows the alphabet to end at Y, forcing us all to use our imagination. Rest in peace, Sue Grafton. You and Kinsey will be missed. Respectfully submitted, Oline Cogdill. She was surrounded by family, including her devoted and adoring husband, Steve.

The Kinsey Millhone novels were true touchstones, cultural icons, and, in some way, life changing. But beginning in , with A Is for Alibi, and through the 25th letter of the alphabet with her final adventure, Y Is for Yesterday , published in August , Kinsey was there for me.

But around M Is for Malice , the novels underwent a sea change and became a bit deeper and even richer. Her success, as well as that of Paretsky and Muller, opened the door for other strong female private detectives, cops, and amateur sleuths. A Los Angeles Police Department Deputy Chief, Brenda was known as a closer who could solve crimes but also get confessions that stood up in court. Her interrogations lead to convictions. Sedgwick played Brenda as a fully realized person, with many flaws, so many flaws, making her all the more human.

I also loved that Sedgwick, who is a beautiful woman, sometimes looked a little frumpy and plain, as do all women at some point during the day. Sharon faced myriad challenges, in addition to bringing criminals to justice. And she also had to earn the trust and respect of those loyal Closer viewers. While The Closer was about the confession, Major Crimes is about the art of the deal.

The ever-reliable McDonnell shows how a soft-spoken woman can also be a force of nature—strong, insightful, taking no nonsense from criminals, and, yes, closing those high-profile cases. McDonnell played Sharon as a realistic person, who has her own flaws. Sharon is not Brenda; she is her own unique person. McDonnell showed how a person of deep faith—Sharon is a devout Catholic—also can use that faith in her job. Nor would that faith stop her from investigating a church if necessary.

So I am as sad as anybody that after six seasons, Major Crimes' finale airs at 9 p. I think the network is making a huge error in taking Major Crimes off the air, as this wonderful show has more stories to tell. This last season has been devastating in its twists—no spoiler here, I promise—and the series has risen to every challenge. The main reason for its success is how the squad members mesh. Each detective is a distinct person, with different views, yet united in their insight and quest for justice. We saw relationships, marriages, adoptions, family members, and people reinventing themselves.

So thank you, Mary McDonnell, G. I always wanted Dr. Morales to have his own episode, or four. I am curious what will replace Major Crimes. Period pieces are interesting but not always successful. So, goodbye, Major Crimes. Thank you for the hours of entertainment, the involving stories, and the wonderful characters. Mary McDonnell, center, with Major Crimes cast. Congratulations to all the nominees. A Biography by Lawrence P. Edgar statue courtesy of Mystery Writers of America, Inc. I adored the Hardy Boys. Or rather, I adored Frank, the older, studious, dark-haired Hardy boy.

His younger brother Joe was sporty and blond, and even at that age, I distrusted blonds. Sobel, who would go on to write nearly 20 more books featuring his prepubescent gumshoe. I was in trouble from the very first page. Reader, I hated him. But like his evidently lobotomized clients, I wound up owing a debt to Encyclopedia Brown. Although maybe not expenses. The Best American Mystery Stories , edited by bestselling author John Sandford, features 20 high-octane mystery tales that crackle across a handful of subgenres: The stories have a tendency toward the masculine with hardboiled prose, hard-bitten characters, and themes that strike close at what most men—husbands, fathers, brothers, sons—fear.

Themes such as a stronger, more ruthless man taking or destroying what they, rightly or wrongly, believe is their responsibility to protect. While the stories are similar thematically, there is a broad range as to story type, story execution, and style. The Irish Maguires are a Detroit boxing family with a hard choice. To keep their third generation, family-owned gym they need a big payday, but their primetime fighter, recovering from a rotator cuff injury that is more serious than anyone knows, is set to fight an opponent best known for killing another boxer in the ring.

McGee, is a deceptively quiet, and very good, tale about a retired widow and her grandmotherly instinct to protect a young boy. A new short storycollection offers a startling look into the heart and mind of a writer we all thought we knew by Kevin Burton Smith. Everybody knows—or thinks they know—Sue Grafton. She is, without question, one of the most popular and acclaimed mystery writers of the last 30 years. W is for Whatever-She-Decides- To-Call-It is tentatively scheduled for publication later this year, and Z is for Zero we know the title of that one lies in wait just down road, the final curtain on what will unquestionably be considered a major series in American detective fiction.

Kinsey and Me, now in bookstores, is like nothing Grafton has done before. It features 13 loosely connected vignettes focusing on the trials and tribulations of Kit Blue, a fictionalized, younger version of Grafton herself. All the scalding tears I wept, both during her life and afterward. There may even be a better-selling one or two. But no female private eye and few contemporary male ones have appealed to such a wide spectrum of readers, both male and female.

And Grafton has done more than merely ship units. She also landed, perhaps most fittingly, the Ross Macdonald Literary Award in Critics and readers have praised her shrewd eye for the telling detail, well-integrated research no info dumps here , deft characterization and solid, inventive plotting. Not since Lew Archer, the creation of her idol Ross Macdonald, has a fictional private eye so effectively wormed into the dark, twisted wreckage of American families gone awry. Like Archer, with whom Kinsey shares the stomping ground of Santa Theresa a thinly fictionalized Santa Barbara, the Southern California beach town where Grafton now lives, as did Macdonald , the turf is not so much the mean streets Raymond Chandler dreamed of, but the mean and frequently dysfunctional homes that line those streets.

And the sad acknowledgement that everyone, it seems, has their reasons. Grafton, who wrote a handful of acclaimed mystery novels himself, for introducing her to the genre. Her parents were alcoholics. My mother, who never weighed more than 98 pounds, drank as well. She would wake up, have a drink and lie down on the couch, so from the age of five on, my older sister and I pretty much raised ourselves.

She left home and married at 18, had a child, divorced her first husband, remarried, had two more children, divorced again. She took what jobs she could find: Did I put that in the book? Mine were a bit limited for a while. In a interview, she revealed to Stuart Kaminsky that her mother had committed suicide. She died on my 20th birthday. Through it all, Grafton continued to write. Grafton co-wrote the screenplay for the feature film adaptation of the latter, starring Rod Steiger, Robert Ryan, and a young Jeff Bridges, and eventually settled into a career in television, writing episodes of Rhoda, Nurse for which Grafton developed and wrote or cowrote every episode , Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and others.

She eventually moved on to made-for-TV films, including the adaptation— with her third and final, she says husband, Steven Humphries—of a couple of Agatha Christie novels, A Caribbean Mystery and Sparkling Cyanide both But I think that was good for me as a writer, to come up slowly. But if it was an outing of her demons, it was a muted and rather private one. The volume was published by Grafton and her husband, and had a limited run of copies, doled out mostly to friends and family.

But now comes this new, expanded and revised edition, aimed at a much larger audience. At times I feared Grafton would barge in and demand to know what I was doing reading her diary. Kinsey would probably understand. Whether her millions of fans will is another question. Balancing out the gentility and charm is a very strong work ethic. Yes, that may mean something. But, honestly, that was all unconscious. I suggested that because Kinsey was a person first, and a woman second, it might have helped ease her across the gender gap, picking up male readers where many other female private eyes have not.

She answered with the equivalent of a verbal shrug. But she works it out. How much of Kit Blue, then, is you? The biographical details are all correct. Very little was invented. Oh, in one story, I deleted a character or two for the sake of simplicity, and when we decided to do this as a real book, I took out two stories that just seemed too harsh, and added five. They were all for me.

I had no intention of ever publishing them. I put them away. I felt there was a kind of timelessness from my perspective as the writer and as the person who suffered through all that—that carried some weight with me. So it will be interesting— an invasion of privacy I did to myself. In fact, sometimes I think my sister and I had different parents. She was the oldest, so she was on the front lines and she took the brunt of it and I just did my little dog-and-pony show, as I put it.

She was the one who clashed with my mother.

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We all handle these things differently I was just fortunate my father had written mystery fiction and that it was the love of my reading life. We had a drugstore spinner rack in the back of the house and we just read all the time. At the dinner table my parents would talk about books and literature. We were all wellread. That was how we related to each other.

I was saturated with it from an early age. My sister and I had a lot of freedom, probably far more than we should have—we could read whatever we wanted. Mickey Spillane, Chandler, James M. Those are the books I grew up on and they were dark. I loved Double Indemnity. That was great stuff. Crime in fiction is more grounded in human life, in history and narrative. Read your local paper. Kids are killed for just the most ridiculous reasons In fiction, the job of the writer is to put that into a context that makes sense.

I am absolutely played out— nothing left to say and no place left to go. But I want to assure people that Kinsey will survive. A new short storycollection offers a startling look into the heart and mind of a writer we all thought we knew. Her long-running series featuring Southern California private eye Kinsey Millhone started way back in with A is for Alibi, and was soon followed by B is for Burglar , C is for Corpse , D is for Deadbeat , and so on. Kinsey and Me , now in bookstores, is like nothing Grafton has done before.

Grafton co-wrote the screenplay for the feature film adaptation of the latter, starring Rod Steiger, Robert Ryan, and a young Jeff Bridges, and eventually settled into a career in television, writing episodes of Rhoda, Nurse for which Grafton developed and wrote or cowrote every episode , Seven Brides for Seven Brothers , and others. The award season continues with nominations for the Agatha, which will be awarded during the Malice Domestic conference, which is celebrating its 30th year. The nominees represent those books published in The Agatha ballots will be included in registration bags at Malice Domestic 30 April and the winners will announced during the Agatha Banquet on Saturday evening, April Mystery Scene congratulations the nominees.

Best Contemporary Novel Death Overdue: Mystery Bookshop by V.