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Ebook Downloads For Android Phones Eigo Wo Syaberu Kotsu Japanese Edition B00emhx24i

Japanese Continuers marking guidelines KB, 12 Pages. Course Specific Marker Notes. Oral examination Characteristics of better responses: Characteristics of weaker responses: Written examination Section I — Listening and Responding Characteristics of better responses appropriate depth of understanding was demonstrated the skill of summarising was demonstrated by providing succinct responses within the limited space given distinction was made between relevant and irrelevant information a good knowledge of vocabulary was demonstrated a number of different ideas were synthesised to give an accurate and complete response an explanation of how the speakers feel and evidence for this were provided Q5 details and not simply a translation of the text were given to address the requirements of the question where a comparison was required, the points of view of the speakers were made very clear, and they were supported with relevant detail Q6 analysis, synthesis and evaluation where required, were evident Q7 and Q8 all elements of the question were referred to and all relevant details from the text were provided Q7 and Q8.

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Part B Question 11 Characteristics of better responses: Question 13 Characteristics of better responses planning and a coherent structure which followed article text type conventions was evident, for example, title and paragraphing, including an introduction, reflection and conclusion consistent level of language was used throughout senior structures were manipulated and authentic advanced vocabulary was used highly accurate language was used, including the use of correct tense and correct Japanese kanji strong personal reflection and ideas were expressed.

Just some miscellaneous tidbits from the grammar notes I have lying around Ashita nihon ni iku ndesu.

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Densha ga okureta ndesu. Ashita wa hareru deshou. Hokkaido wa samui deshou. Saikin samu ku narimashita. Watashi no nihongo wa jouzu ni narimashita.

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Kaimono ni ikimashou ka? Takusan benkyo shi nakucha ikemasen.

Phrasal Verbs - die, eat, fix - Set 2 - English Speaking Practice - ESL - EFL - ELL

Won't you - How about - Wouldn't you - Examples: Issho ni tabemasen ka? Ashita shiken desu kara benkyo shimasu.

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Nihon ni kite kara shirimashita. Tabete kara toilet ni ikimasu. Dekakeru mae ni denwa shimasu. Taberu mae ni te o araimasu.

On the Japanese passive form - UBC Library Open Collections

Motto benkyo shita houga ii desu yo. Lesson o yasumanai houga ii desu yo. Watashi wa mada hirugohan o tabete imasen.

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Shikamaru wa mada okite imasen. I like to verb. Watashi wa utau noga suki desu.