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Besides being extremely cheesy it is not even historically accurate! May 23, Clare rated it really liked it. Forth from her land to mine she goes, The island maid, the island rose, Light of heart and bright of face: The daughter of a double race. Her islands here, in Southern sun, Shall mourn their Kaiulani gone, And I, in her dear banyan shade, Look vainly for my little maid. But our Scots islands far away Shall glitter with unwonted day, And cast for once their tempests by To smile in Kaiulani's eye.

Love finds you in Lahaina Forth from her land to mine she goes, The island maid, the island rose, Light of heart and bright of face: Love finds you in Lahaina, Hawaii is a dual story. Set in , Sandi Smith is a researcher sent to Hawaii to record and uncover local oral history. The immediate intimacy, the lack of privacy, cheerful friendliness and oh, the smell of flowers carried by the warm wind made me instantly homesick for Hawaii.

Sandi is sent to speak with Auntie Hannah, who was the companion of Princess Kaiulani. Princess Kaiulani was the next royal in line for the Hawaiian monarchy when it was overthrown by American business interests in Yes, you heard me. All children in Hawaii learn about Princess Kaiulani, but this was a deeper look into her life while she was abroad. Princess Ka'iulani pronounced kah-ee-oo-lah-knee was sent away to Britain partly to groom her for the monarchy, and likely to protect her from the violence starting to erupt against native Hawaiians.

Kaiulani first meets aspiring journalist Andrew Adams aboard the ship taking them to England, where he mistakes her for her companion Hannah Duncan. Andrew is humiliated and angry when he discovers their deception. Kaiulani is a curiosity to the British who are fascinated by her dark skin and mysterious beauty and yet refer to her as a savage.

I imagine she experienced a little of what Pocahontas might have encountered. Many Hawaiians, who struggled when missionaries led the ban on the hula and native dress, nevertheless embraced Christianity and were happily Christian living under a Hawaiian monarch. Kaiulani and Andrew meet again at a religious revival in England. Funnily enough, Hannah again posed as Kaiulani, so Kaiulani could attend the revival. Andrew and Kaiulani renew their friendship and are separated once again, and know they cannot marry.

Andrew covers the chaos of Hawaii following the death of King David Kalakaua and the forced abdication of Queen Liliuokalani. Kaiulani embarks on a PR campaign to win the hearts of the American people, but was ridiculed and mocked by the American press. Ka'iulani had returned to Honolulu later, at age 23, a deposed princess.

It was said she died of a broken heart, though typhoid was blamed as the cause. Sandi did not seem to me to be a fully-fleshed out character, but how can anyone hold a candle to the vibrant personality of a real Hawaiian princess? My primary concern about the romance between Kaiulani and Andrew is a nit-picky one, as Kaiulani was only 13 when she left Hawaii for England. I will also share that both Kaiulani and Sandi Smith find love, or love finds them in Lahaina. There is an entire series of books that start with "Love Finds You in , Nov 27, Beverly Frisby rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: My husband and I spent a wonderful 10 days in Hawaii during January of and the memories of the beauty of the land, and the history of the Hawaiian people is still very vivid to me.

We spent a large amount of our vacation in Lahaina, but it was the cover art that completely captured my attention an My husband and I spent a wonderful 10 days in Hawaii during January of and the memories of the beauty of the land, and the history of the Hawaiian people is still very vivid to me. We spent a large amount of our vacation in Lahaina, but it was the cover art that completely captured my attention and drew me to first pick up the book. The intensity and the heart gripping emotion of this story moved me so deeply. Thoene grasped the beauty of Hawaii perfectly with vividly painted word illustrations.

The author breathed life into the characters that lived over a hundred years ago. They do not seem to just be players in a story written to amuse, but it is as though you can see them moving, hearing them speaking, laughing, crying. It is presented here in a dual story--two storylines at once of loyalty and love that are stronger even than death. This is when we meet Sandi, a married woman who has been waiting for four-and-a-half years to find out if her MIA husband, John, a ground soldier in View Nam, was still alive.

She was going to Lahaina to interview the oldest woman in Hawaii, Auntie Hannah. The second time line begins in the Royal Kingdom of Hawaii, , where we meet Princess Kaiulani and her best friend, Hannah. Together Kaiulani and Hannah go through many trials and uncertainties.

As they do, they learn to hold fast to their faith unwaveringly. The young Hawaiian princess' life was so poignant it cannot fail to touch the heart of the reader. By the end of the book, the reader will come away with a greater understanding not only of Hawaiian history, but also of our own human nature. You can read more about the author, Bodie Thoene, by visiting her website, http: Jun 27, Readnponder rated it it was ok.

Book Review: Love Finds You in Lahaina Hawaii by Bodie Thoene

I have enjoyed many books by Bodie Thoene over the years. This one was a disappointment. A fictionalized account of the last years of the Hawaiian monarchy before America took it over as a territory. It followed the typical romance formula: This is part of a larger series: I will not be reading any of the other 49 books.

Dec 31, A. Poorly researched and deeply offensive. This author invents stuff when the truth is far more spellbinding. She also wants us to believe that young Princess Kaiulani had a torrid shipboard romance en route to her school in England from Hawaii. She was 12 at the time. I highly doubt it. So Theone does what no author should do - she changes the age of a real person to accommodate her dopey romance.

Hardback Editions

View all 4 comments. Jun 03, Audrey rated it really liked it Shelves: This was a departure from Bodie's regular works but it still was a very lovely story. It has been a source of mild irritation for me that Hawaii got swallowed up by the United States but I'll try to forgive them for that. It was a pleasure to read about Princess Kaiulani and her best friend Hannah. The romance in this book is gentle and mild which makes for pleasant reading. Jul 31, Michelle rated it liked it Shelves: This "love finds you" title started out pretty slow, so I set it down for several days.

It started picking up pace about a third of the way through the book so I kept reading. The more I read, the more I enjoyed it. There were two men trying to win the Princess's heart, which always makes for an interesting story. The fall of her kingdom was disheartening, but historically accurate. She loved her people and wanted to serve them, but the corrupted descendants of former missi More like 3. She loved her people and wanted to serve them, but the corrupted descendants of former missionaries had decided they wanted to own Hawaii and that wouldn't happen unless the kingdom fell.

There were some nice surprises in this novel. I enjoyed the Princess's free spirit and her torn heart when it came to duty versus her personal life, but duty always won out. The hero was pretty heroic and the one guy I thought was decent turned out to be a scary man. Nice plot twist there. Guess you never really know who to trust if you are royal. That has to be a hard life. The modern day if you call modern part of the story was heartbreaking, yet beautiful as well. I couldn't imagine waiting five years with my husband "missing in action" to find out if he was alive or dead.

Life should go on, or shouldn't it? The guilt the heroine felt at enjoying her life was believable, as was her grieving. I loved this subplot because of how she had to deal with her growing affection for the Hawaiian man. Again, another plot twist at the end of this tale, too. Overall this was a decent read. Once I got a third of the way through the story I read until I finished the book. There are a lot of historical details in this book - about Hawaii and about Victorian England, because the Princess attends school there for several years.

There was a portion of the story when the characters went to see a famous evangelist who traveled England preaching. That scene was believable, too. This was a heartwarming romance that was heavier on the history and culture than the actual romance, but it was still satisfying enough to make me smile. If you love history, you'll love this story. Apr 15, Cassandra rated it really liked it Shelves: I have not read any of the "Love Finds You I love the Thoene's works and have read almost all of them. I believe they are releasing a movie about her as well. As usual, the author excels at the attention to detail and setting.

Reading any of the Thoene's books, I feel like I am there, watching from the sidelines. I am unsure of the historical accuracy of this book and cannot comment on that aspect. The ending was a nice twist, unexpected until I was almost finished. The obligatory conversion scene was glossed over and a bit unbelievable. Both of the main characters found God at a revival meeting and their attitude was a complete One day they didn't care about God beyond a vague understanding and the next day they were on fire for their faith. Overall, it was a worthwhile read just to pique my interest into another sliver of history.

Now to find a really good biography or history book covering this time period Nov 10, Pamela Hubbard rated it it was amazing Shelves: I just love Bodie Thoene's books.

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With each one that I read, I fall more in love with the characters an the storyline! It also helped that this book was partially set in one of my favourite places The story is set in two time periods. First, in , Sandi is working on her graduate degree at UCLA and her assignment is to research the history of Hawaii.

Love Finds You in Lahaina, Hawaii

She finds herself in Lahaina, talking to the oldest woman in Hawaii. Sandi is also dealing with the fact that it has been 4. The second part of the story flows from Sandi's research. The old Hawaiian woman, Auntie Hannah, gives Sandi a collection of letters and memorabilia and tells Sandi her incredible story.

So, we are transported back to the late 19th century as Princess Kaiulani and her friends travel to England during a hostile period of Hawaiian history. The history was brilliantly woven in with the characters and setting and I was riveted from page one of this book. My only complaint is that the book seemed to end very suddenly maybe it was because I didn't want it to end.

Jul 10, Tiffani rated it really liked it.

Love Finds You in Lahaina, Hawaii by Bodie Thoene; Brock Thoene - FictionDB

I thought the writing, message, themes, etc. I love Bodie Thoene's writing style--she writes so well. My only critique is the title. I was hesitant to read it just because of the title. It sounded like a fluffy romance novel, but it most definitely isn't fluffy and just about romance.

It explores different ways to love--sisterly love, love of God, love of country, and differences between love and lust. It's historical fiction and jumps between the s and s as a woman named I thought the writing, message, themes, etc. It's historical fiction and jumps between the s and s as a woman named Sandi discovers the history of the fall of the monarchy in Hawaii from an old woman called Auntie Hannah.

It made me want to go research Princess Kaiulani, the last Princess of Hawaii. Thoene also includes references to the bible, poetry, plays, and lyrics which add depth and meaning. Wonderfully written, beautifully paralleled, masterfully built. I highly recommend it. Oct 14, Rachelle rated it liked it.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. There are two entwined stories following widowed graduate student Sandi Smith in ; and Hawaii's royal heir Princess Kaiulani from Thoene plays around with Kaiulani's age, and weaves a wistful romance and happy ending for her. Sep 07, Michelle Wegner rated it it was ok. I've read tons of Bodie Thoene's books, and have whipped through each series, hardly being able to wait to read the next one. This one, however, was a disappointment. I felt the story was very disjointed and the romantic story lines forced.

I did, however enjoy reading about Hawaii, and this book made me want to dive more deeply into its true history. Jun 01, Darlene rated it it was amazing. I just love Bodie's writing.

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When you think there is no way she can wrap things up, she does and everything comes together perfectly. There is the perfect amount of romance without a bunch of mush. Bodie and Brock Thoene are two of my favorite authors, and this book did not disappoint. With exotic settings and an interesting story line based on the actual history of Princess Victoria Kaiulani , it was a great read from the beginning to the end. Oct 17, Cheryl rated it it was ok. I am a huge Thoene fan, but this one fell a little flat Oct 22, Susan rated it it was amazing Shelves: For a fictional book about the life of Princess Kaiulani of Hawaii I thought this was very well done.

I have read a few that were so bad I couldn't finish them.

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It starts out with the story of Sandi, who has come to Hawaii to interview Hannah who had been a good friend of the Princess. She has been in kind of a limbo as her husband has been missing in Vietnam for almost five years. She has come to Lahaina for a school project. I loved the way that she is absorbed into the Hawaiian community and For a fictional book about the life of Princess Kaiulani of Hawaii I thought this was very well done.

I loved the way that she is absorbed into the Hawaiian community and becomes so comfortable with the people. She has an immediate connection with Hannah and is fascinated by all the information that Hannah has given her for her research. She also gets to know Hannah's great grandson, a wounded Vietnam vet. There are feelings that develop between them though Sandi doesn't feel free to pursue them since she doesn't know if her husband is alive. The conflict between those feelings and the love she still feels for her husband creates some interesting scenes in the book. I liked the way it turned out.

The majority of the book deals with the life of Princess Kaiulani as she leaves Hawaii to go to school in England. She is accompanied by her half-sister Annie and her friend Hannah. On the voyage they meet Andrew Adams who is rather full of himself. He wants an interview with Kaiulani, but is a bit obnoxious when he speaks to her, thinking he is talking to Hannah. This sets the scene for a prank that will have long term effects during the book.

On arrival in England they also meet Clive Davies who is smitten by Kaiulani. Over the next few years both men make a play for Kaiulani's heart. Kaiulani, as a royal princess, has been sent to England for two reasons. First, to be educated in the ways of a world larger than that of the Islands. Should she become Queen there is a lot she needs to know. She meets a woman who brings her the story of Princess Kaiulani that spans from — We follow Sandi as she relives the life of the princess while dealing with her own world of grief and longing. The book is rich with Hawaiian scenery and ambiance.

Bodie illustrates the innate character of the Hawaiian people beautifully, bringing out their sense of humor and cheerful approach to life. The other thing I really enjoyed was the historical accuracy. All in all, in researching the subject, I found most of the story of Princess Kaiulani to be accurate. And the story in itself is fascinating. It makes for a great read! One thing I wish the book had included — a glossary of the Hawaiian words and names used in the book and how to pronounce them.

Through the whole book, I pronounced them the way I thought they would be pronounced in Hawaii, with every vowel and syllable enunciated. But I was never sure I was right. That was something that bothered me. What I enjoyed the most about this book was the ending! Maybe I should have, maybe some of you saw it coming, but I never did. This was an amazing read. For all of you Thoene fans and Christian fiction fans, this is a great one! For four-and-a-half lonely years, Sandi Smith has wondered if her husband, a soldier missing in action in Veit Nam, is alive or dead.

A research trip to Hawaii provides a welcome diversion. As Sandi interviews the oldest woman in Lahaina, she is swept into the life of a princess born nearly a century before … and a surprising love greater than she could ever dream. Greed and danger abound in the changing politics of Hawaii. The beautiful Victoria Kaiulani Cleghorn, Crown Princess of Hawaii and the next royal heir of the kingdom, is sent to England with her best friend, Hannah, to guarantee her safety. But all is not as it seems.