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DFNW is a place where life lessons are learned. The experiences our daughter, Chloe, has had at this studio have challenged her in a way that her confidence and stage presence have increased beyond what we could have ever imagined. Chloe has benefited from top-notch instructors who not only believed in her, but were so invested and inspiring that they have had a life-changing effect.

As a parent, I feel this invaluable sense of community and support amongst our many amazing DFNW families. Carla Kendall-Bray puts her heart into making her studio a positive, professional, encouraging environment to explore dance and for that, we are so truly thankful!

Index - Dance Fusion NW Dance Studio

There is a culture that draws in not only the dancers, but the families. Carla has surrounded herself with an amazing group of instructors.

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Together they have created a safe environment that not only fosters creative expression through movement and performance, but also challenges the students to commit to their art. Not only do I have a very happy and flourishing dancer, but a new family, too.

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Carla and her incredible staff teach that grace comes both from the body and the soul. Super balance between fun and learning. Our son was the only boy in his class Tap and Jazz Combo and never felt like the odd one out. He has been challenged and encouraged, and never once has he lamented that he is the only boy. For our children, the highlight of the year is the June Performance. Business internet connectivity and IT support.

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