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I was fourteen and due to my dyslexia had only just learned to read properly. I hid the book under my mattress in the dormitory as it would have taken away from me if it had been found. I read it at night under my bedclothes by torchlight. It was a world I could escape into. The past — Charles II, the plague, the fire of London — became tangible, alive. The love story lingered and I spent many happy hours of daydreaming about Amber and I think it subconsciously inspired me to write I Coriander. Though I read it in my early twenties, the book resonated strongly with me, as I saw, in Tori Spring, a lot of myself.

Clair-De-Lune taught me to speak, it taught me that the thoughts in my head could be illustrated just as vividly when I spoke and told them to people as they appeared on paper. But I firmly believe that not only was it the book that ignited my love of reading, but the book that taught me that sometimes, just sometimes, being myself was just good enough.

Shawshank taught me to adapt but not to give in, to keep the best, most ferocious parts of me intact even as I found my own kinds of camouflage. No one book, really, there were so many. That was something I returned to many times between the age of 13 and 20 and always found comfort there. The poetic language, the nostalgia, the mystery, the sense of a summer at the end of childhood, so beautifully captured. To me this book is the original YA novel, exploring the inner life of a teen in turmoil - and a source of comfort and humour to generations of readers.

Lauren St John, author of The Glory and The One Doller Horse trilogy A story that had a tremendous impact on me as a teenager was The Other Side of the Mountain by EG Vallens , the true story of star American downhill skier Jill Kinmont, who, at 18, suffered a near fatal accident in a pre-Olympic competition in the 50s and was paralysed from the neck down.

I read this book at a time in my life when I felt very lost and had no idea what I wanted to do.

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The main character of the book, Sophie, hits so many obstacles throughout the novel and we discover the many difficult hurdles she jumped in her past. She never gave up and she always believed in herself, even when everyone she knew turned against her and it all seemed pointless without that one person, she woke up everyday and managed to stay on track. Books in general are a sort of kind of magic, but this one had just enough magic in it to give me back a little bit of my strength.

And of course Will Herondale. One of the most perfect fictional boyfriends. The plot of the book intrigues me. Tessa and Will also love reading: Ballet shoes is for anyone who needs some fellow worriers and dreamers to help them along. Perfect, funny, deep and beautiful. But in the summer of I discovered The Hunger Games. This is a series I have re-read at least three times. It saved my life because it was the book that introduced me to the dystopian genre, and it gave me a different reality to escape to.

Since then, I have come across even more life-saving books. And of course, the quotes always bring a smile to my face. Sticking to contemporary, there is Eleanor and Park. It saved my life because of the message it brings; you never have to fit in. In the writing world, Vivian Versus the Apocalypse saved my life. Another book the Guardian sent me that has really made a different is All the Bright Places. It really felt special to me, one of those books you want to keep to yourself.

Gosh, this list is longer than I planned. Do your parents feel the same? Because this is a tricky situation: And there is this thing with computer-games: Let him join the navy! It could give him the structure and motivation he really needs to get his ass in gear. And if he fails, lesson learnt. I very much agree with this.

But it will work best if the relationship is good, as described in the articles about trust I had the pleasure to read. From my experience as a father boy 17, girl 14 and as a youth-worker I would say the relationship is the basis for everything. From there you can trust, that what you do and say will be of importance to your teen. Chris, I love your site, very inspiring! This is why you do not have any comments here. I was reading the comment you posted from mary had a little lamb. I believe my son has terrible self esteem issues.

Self-esteem comes from successes, NOT being told you are smart or capable. Anyone can be told those things about themselves and yes, as his mom, you could just be saying that. He needs to FEEL that he is successful and important. Find areas where he can shine and have talents- every teen needs to see one area that they can achieve well. For most kids that happens at school or in sports.

Help him find his area of expertise and I promise you will see his self esteem rise. Never praise a kid just because. Always praise a good effort and him trying new things. I agree with this,because this teaches us how to stay motivated as teen and to have high self esteem to believe in our selfs. That is the teen power!!!!!!!!!

Secrets for the Mad by Dodie Clark

I especially like 3 because we all know that experience is the best teacher. This is such bullshit. Sorry, but there significant variation in teen problems and using these bullshit, Cosmo-type lists is borderline dangerous. If your teen is at the level where this little stuff works, great.

A Ministry of the Church of God (South West LA), Inc.

But many parents are having physical fights, kicking kids out that are going on welfare…. I wrote them a fairly scathing email. I have interviewed parents that have kicked their kids out as well as teenagers that have been kicked out. Some were in foster homes and some were actually mature and honest enough to see that they had it good at home, now they had to study and work because mom and dad were no longer an assess. I agree rules, what are they? Kids today are raised with do whatever you want, adults are so into their own lives, that there is little or no relationship between the child and parent.

Kids today are given way too much. My husband had ours save their own money if they wanted something, show responsibility, they bought their own computer and ipod. Birthday money, allowances, money from small jobs, babysitting, mowing lawns etc. I had a daughter I could not motivate when in her teens, I believe depression has a great deal to do with it. But happy to say she us grown and you could not find a more responsible person. I pray for them, that is another thing, we take ours to church, always have, I know there are alot that call us hypocrites for not being perfect, but the reason for going is to help yourself be one a better person.

Sure we are not perfect, but who is? I hope that your children will come around, this world is a very bad example for them. Be the right kind of example for them, and pray for them, you show them, and hope they will learn from what they see. God Bless you all! Teaching Textbooks Geometry Answers Blog. There must be something both of you like. Probably something to do with technology. Kids like techie stuff. I find this very fustrating. I too have a teenagers who I consider not stupid but very lazy.

In this article mentioned teenagers are forgetful, chores are the same everyday nothing changes. My teenagers 13 ,16,17, everyday I have to remind and tell them to do their chores.

Christian Challenge Ministries

Like I said, just want to understand. How do you remind them? Try switching it up. He could not care less about losing privileges and offering short or long term rewards mean nothing. We have offered small things like going to a movie he wants to see to taking a trip to Universal Studios and the beach. These are things he loves but he would rather not do his homework or assignments.

He loves his xbox and we have taken it away from him and have offered him extra video time. He will put more effort into getting out of doing something than it would take him to just do it. I feel the same with my son. He does not care what we take away or what we would give him. Nothing motivates him either!

See a Problem?

If nothing works then take it to the next level. If his phone is on contract then cancel the contract. We are having the same issues with our 16 year old son. Our son loves football but is in danger of not playing due to grades and missed practices. He refuses counseling and tutoring.

Hi just read this I feel im in the same situation with my 16 year old teen no motivation nothing seems to catch his attention only sitting in his room all night playing computer and sleeping all day…much to my dismay…sleeping all day when I go to work and just repeating this all summer.. Hopefully this will achieve keeping him active and building his resume. If you've never removed a stump, you should know it's generally a task people accomplish via a goddamn truck and some heavy chains or even high explosives.

I had a shovel and a bow saw.

By this time it was December in Montana, and it was freezing. I sat out there every day trying to dig out that damn stump. I could go inside to sleep at night, but as soon as I woke up I was out there again. It took weeks to get that accursed ent-spawn out of the ground. The bullshit stays with you, even once you leave the camp. Whenever I felt depressed, my grandparents would genuinely ask if I wanted to go back to Montana. I'm sure in their heads something that expensive couldn't have been a bad experience, no matter how desperately I tried to convince them otherwise. It's the sunk costs fallacy as applied to child abuse.

They'd spent tens of thousands of dollars treating me.

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How could it all be crazy bullshit? So they went the other way, and every time I was accepted to college, received a scholarship, or won an award, my success was always directly attributed to their decision to send me there. I still find myself saying "intentions are irrelevant," a mantra I was taught in the program that a grand total of zero people in the real world agree with. I was so terrified of being shipped away again that I didn't even touch alcohol until after I was I still wake up from nightmares of being dragged out of my house and forced to board a plane.

I kept a suitcase packed for a long time, just in case. I also have this ridiculous coin they gave me, which translates from Latin to say "we demand greatness, not compliance. I'm sure you can read plenty of testimonials by parents who are completely happy with their brainwashed little minion who is now free from the horrors of metal music, homosexuality, or legitimate mental illness. Alternatively, you can also read reports that catalog the absurdity of "get tough" treatment programs, with ramifications including post-traumatic stress disorder, as well as causing many teenagers' original problems to worsen.

I never forget that my story is not unique. Between 10, and 20, teens wind up in these programs every year, and they'll continue to do so. Because even in the 21st century, society is baffled by adolescence and will resort to desperate, horrific measures in hopes of finding a cure. Tori Jane is a writer and painter who lives in Los Angeles, and you can reach her here.

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