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  1. Hebrews 1:5-9
  2. Christ's Superiority Over Angels, Part 2
  3. Hebrews 1: The Superiority of Christ
  4. Juli Camarin

The point of this chapter and of the whole Bible is to make us passionately devoted to the glory of Jesus Christ as Revealer and Ruler and Redeemer and Creator and God. But to which of the angels has He ever said, "Sit at my right hand, until I make thine enemies a footstool for thy feet"? He returns to where he started in verse 3—Christ sat down at the right hand of Majesty as King of the universe and as Son of God in power and as Heir of all things and as God—remember verse 8, "Thy throne , O God, is forever and ever.

So he comes back in verse 13 to this triumphant place of the Son: But look what he says of angels to show the contrast. But how do they serve us?

Hebrews 1:5-9

The connection between verse 13 and 14 gives us a clue. Verse 13 says that while Christ is seated on the throne, something is happening to bring his enemies under his feet like a footstool. One of the things is that angels are being "sent" to serve those who are to inherit salvation. In other words, there are enemies of our salvation—enemies that want to bring the work of Christ to nothing and make it fail, enemies that want to keep Christians from inheriting salvation demons, false ideas, sinful impulses, evil persons, etc.

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So God accomplishes two things through his angels. Now let's step back and sum up what we've seen and close with a very faith-building observation. There was some wrong thinking about angels in these churches, especially as they related to Jesus. It may have been a lot like the Jehovah's Witnesses error of making a great angel out of Jesus Christ. The answer of this writer is. Now notice something very encouraging for our faith in future grace—God's ministry to us today and tomorrow and the rest of our lives.

From verse 5 to verse 14 we have been talking about Jesus' superiority to angels. One is tempted to ask, Why then does God bother with creating angels? The answer of this section is really remarkable. Once you see angels in their proper place their role is a magnificent one. They have a role toward Christ and they have a role toward the people of Christ. Toward Christ, verse 6 says their role is to worship.

Toward the people of Christ, verse 14 says their role is to serve and help us reach salvation.

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Which means—if you're willing to let me use the familiar language—that God created angels that his Son might be glorified and his people might be satisfied. I want you to leave this morning with this truth ringing in your heart: Jesus Christ is infinitely superior to angels. They were created not to compete with Christ, but to worship Christ and honor him. And the chief way that they do that on the earth is by serving us so that we hold fast to Christ and trust him and love him and treasure him and finally reach him in the fullness of our salvation.

So angels were created for Christ's everlasting glory and for our everlasting joy—which, as you well know, are not contradictory aims.

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Because Christ is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him. The universe is filled with helpers. Christ wants you to be encouraged and hopeful. That's why this chapter ends with this amazing promise. The heavenly worshipers are all—all of them—sent to serve you and bring you safely home. Infinitely Superior to Angels. When He had made purification of sins, He sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on high; 4 having become as much better than the angels, as He has inherited a more excellent name than they.

This is why the writer says in verse 5, in response to Christ's enthronement: Angels Worship Jesus Then verse 6 draws out an implication of this truth that makes the degree of superiority of Christ to angels crystal clear. Which brings us to verses 7—9, because this is exactly what these verses say he is. Jesus Is God Which is why this writer can take Psalm Christ is greater than Moses and Aaron.

Christ's Superiority Over Angels, Part 2

These arguments are designed to lead to the conclusion that the salvation Christ provides since it is predicated on His own precious blood and not on the blood of bulls and goats is indeed great Hebrews 2: We ignore or "neglect" this great salvation to our spiritual ruin. Christ is also superior to the angels, which is the theme of Hebrews 1: Angels are featured throughout the OT. We generally think of angels of being messenger for God; they did serve that purpose Genesis 19; Daniel speaks of Michael Daniel Angels were a featured part of many Near Eastern religions.

The Dead Sea Scrolls suggest that the ancients speculated about the role of angels in service to God. In NT times, the worship of angels has apparently become a problem, probably as a part of Gnosticism Colossians 2: Angels had have something to do with Paul's teaching in 1 Corinthians And they did just this at his birth:. Such things never occurred at the birth of anyone else.

The praises of angels were not even heard at the birth of John the Baptist! But when God brought His only begotten Son into the world, the angelic order was called into activity. An angel announced His birth Luke 1: Angels ministered to Jesus in His temptation Matt 4: All of this confirms the superiority of the Son to the angelic order.

They served Him when He was in the world! Michael, one of the chief angels, helped another angel in a conflict Dan That conflict, however, was not in the world, but in heavenly places. Angels did not come to the aid of angels in the world, but they did come to the aid of the son. They worshiped Him when He was "brought into the world. And if God is saying that all angels worship the Son, then the Son must be God.

Since the angels worship Jesus Christ, He is obviously superior to them. The reason Christ is worshiped by angels in verse 6 is not that Christ is the Son of God, like an angel is or like Christians are, but because he is the Son of God in the sense that he is God, the Son. Verses talk about the permanence of Messiah's reign; the quality of his rule; the permanence of Messiah himself and of his companions.

Hebrews 1: The Superiority of Christ

Verse 7 speaks of the nature of angels, and is contrasted with verses , which speak of the nature of Christ. In verse 7, the word "makes" is from the Greek word poieo , which means: So who created the angels? The writer uses the quotation from Psalm to emphasize the subservient state of angels. They are like the wind and fire which are parts of God's creation, and completely obedient to his will.

The chief point of the citation is to contrast sharply the Deity and eternal dominion of the Son with the subservience and mutability of the angels. They serve, He reigns. I believe that verse 8 supplies us with one of the most powerful, clear, emphatic, and irrefutable proofs of the deity of Christ in the Bible. In verse 9, the past tense of the verbs should be carefully observed. The reference is to the Lord Jesus in the days of his humiliation.

Jesus hated lawlessness and loved righteousness. The word "righteousness" comes from the Greek word dikaiosune, which means: The more you and I become conformed to Jesus Christ, the more we will love what is right and hate what is wrong. The writer of Proverbs tells us that when we break the law, we are praising the wicked. Now let me ask you a question here, "Is there a difference between obedience to God's law and obedience to the civil law?

To break the civil law is to break God's law. There is no difference unless one directly opposes the other. Then the Bible is to be obeyed over civil law. What must it have been like for one who loved what is right and hated lawlessness to have lived for 33 years in a world such as ours? Does the lawlessness of this world at times make you sick? Because of his obedience, God has exalted him. The word "companions" is from the Greek word metochos.

Who are the companions? Are they the angels? I doubt it, the stress on the subordination of angels here makes an allusion to them as companions improbable. Metochos is used four other times in the epistle of Hebrews. Each time it is in reference to Christians. Jesus Christ has partners or companions in his joy. If we had been living in the ancient world, we would not have been surprised to hear that a King should have partners or companions.

Juli Camarin

Rehoboam illustrates this in 1 Kings:. Rehoboam turns for counsel to the young men that grew up with him and which stood before him. These were his companions, they looked forward to the day when their friend would come to power because that would mean they would come to power too. They expected to be his inner circle, they were his partners. This was also true in the Hellenistic world. Jeremias describes the Herodian court in Jerusalem in the Time of Jesus , "In the royal apartments, among the king's associates are to be found his intimate friends.

These friends constitute the highest rank which we meet at all Hellenistic courts. Even Caesar, of course, had his circle of "friends" - a prestigious rank, indeed. From Suetonius', Lives of the Caesars , I want to mention one passage: In the Hellenstic, Roman world, the concept of a king having partners or companions would have a very definite image to contemporary people.

The victorious king we see in Hebrews 1, does not find his partners among the angels. This king is a man, and his partners are men. Every Christian is a partner of the King. How do we know that? The readers are holy brethren whom the author regards as partners in a heavenly call. Think about this, partners with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

It mentions His kingship, it reveals the excellence of His rule.

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