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  1. Etta James - At Last Lyrics
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After three hundred years had passed, at last the vampire's soul was free. No matter how early I came down, I would find him on the veranda, smoking cigarettes, or [ … ]. And at last I began to realize in my harassed soul that all elusion was futile, and to take such holidays as I could get, when he was off with a girl, in a spirit of thankfulness.

Etta James - At Last Lyrics

Lincoln , chapter 6, in Mr. She was so mad she wouldn't speak to me for quite a spell, but at last I coaxed her into going up to Miss Emmeline's room and fetching down a tintype of the missing Deacon man. After all their troubles, at last they lived happily ever after.

After exhausting all possibilities, Holmes was at last satisfied the problem was unsolvable. All that studying really helped.

At last the hostages were released. Sally earned her diploma at long last after six years in college. The train has come at last.

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At last, we have gotten something to eat. Also, at long last.

After a long time, finally, as in At last the speeches ended and dinner was served , or Harry's got his degree at long last. The first term dates from about , the variant from the early s.

At Last! - Etta James | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

Also see at length , def. References in classic literature? Meantime the thieves were frightened, and ran off a little way; but at last they plucked up their hearts, and said,.

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The little man crawled about in the hay-loft, and at last found a snug place to finish his night's rest in; so he laid himself down, meaning to sleep till daylight, and then find his way home to his father and mother. At last he cried out as loud as he could, 'Don't bring me any more hay.

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