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Other portraitists in the Forum point out that many famous paintings portray positions that could not have been held for more than a fleeting moment. These paintings, wrote Michele Rushworth ,. No one can sustain a natural-looking closed mouth smile for very long either; it ends up looking forced and stiff…. Brueghel … attempted to capture complex activities … as though they were frozen in time. Eakins has a woman with her mouth open in song and a man in mid-leap at a swimming hole.

Other Forum artists point out that Van Hals and even Sargent painted fleeting expressions, including smiles and teeth; examples are posted by Tyng and Mike Dodson here. Rembrandt studied and drew himself with a variety of facial expressions: You can see these sketches here scroll up slightly to see the drawings. The time required to observe and capture them would have been prohibitive for many artists. Another likely factor was observed by Michael Georges: Those teeth that remained were not always the nicest to look upon.

George Washington was particularly known to have very bad teeth. In the civil war, the requirement for being a soldier was that you have two good front teeth to bite the paper casing off the bullet cartridge. There can be no teeth or real smiles because a broad smile is a giveaway that photos were used. I suspect that another reason portraiture in the US often tends to have a conservative esthetic is that many Americans commissioning portraits want to present themselves within an old world ethos.

Ironically, parts of the world with centuries of antique portraits on their manor walls are the most adventurous today in experimenting with new forms of portraiture see Portrait Composition: Old World vs New? Tift is a winner of multiple British National Portrait Gallery awards, including first place in This painting gives me a rich sense not just of who these boys are now, but also of what they may become as they grow up.

The way these boys are painted gives me a sense that they will grow up to be — well, the kind of men I would want my daughter to marry! So for me, the decision about whether to paint a subject smiling — broadly or slightly, with or without teeth revealed — should be based not on a general rule, but on the character of that particular human being. Every good portraitist seeks to reveal character as well as superficial appearance.

Paint on the Smiles

The smile may even be the expression most particular to each individual over their lifetime. The smile is also the expression of nuance. There are more, and more subtle emotional shadings possible with a smile than with any other expression. Smiles can contain elements of other expressions like sadness or anger, creating faces of fascinating ambiguity and complexity.

Like sadness, smiles can register as a powerful expression even when just barely visible on the face. These artists find more truth revealed in the face of a person looking inward rather than connecting outward. Maureen Scott rated it really liked it Apr 17, Mrs B Hayes rated it liked it Apr 17, Heather rated it liked it Oct 15, Ann Smith-Nicholls rated it it was amazing Nov 04, D B Herbert rated it it was ok Jan 11, Helen rated it really liked it Mar 19, Patricia Small rated it it was amazing Nov 06, Eva Falconer rated it liked it Dec 29, Margaret Howard rated it it was amazing Jun 12, Connie Steckel marked it as to-read Jun 19, Courtney marked it as to-read Apr 30, Jackie White marked it as to-read Aug 21, Bronwyn Rykiert marked it as to-read Oct 06, Anita marked it as to-read Mar 09, Beiza added it Dec 19, Liza Shaw marked it as to-read Jan 29, Helen Joy Jacobs marked it as to-read Mar 22, In more extreme and creepy cases, it makes the imbiber unable to feel any other emotion besides happiness.

Which isn't even going into the horror of what happened to the TCB universe versions of the Mane 6 - their bodies have been taken over by sentient, twisted mockeries of the actual TCB! Mane Six, who are kept enslaved and tortured in their own minds while a fake pony happily lives out their life, ruins their relationships, and murders countless innocents.

Lines And Webs reveals that the Elements of Harmony have been tooled by Celestia to subconsciously do this to all ponies in Equestria as part of her Utopia Justifies the Means plan to end all violence and negative emotion in the world. The most prominent example is Twilight, who after figuring out the plan and trying to resist it, is in the prologue blasted by the elements and MADE to accept. In the Doctor Who fanfic, Time and Space, it is revealed in Chapter 6 the monster of the week is feeding on the negative emotions of the passengers of a cruise ship set adrift, leaving only the positive ones.

The results are creepy. A potent mix of several calming and cheering potions, it is used on Professor Snape to hilarious effect in Chapter Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians has a less sinister version of this power. By directing a snowflake to fall on someone's nose, it draws out their inner joy, allowing them to appreciate the fun in life. This is because it's revealed he's the Guardian of Fun and as such, his snow can bring out the cheer and fun-loving side of people.

This was hinted when he used this back when he was human so his younger sister would not be afraid. Ella Enchanted , like the novel it's based on, has a part where Ella who's under a supposed blessing that makes it impossible for her to disobey an order is ordered to be happy about her curse and goes around being terrifyingly cheerful until someone gives her another order to snap her out of it. In Star Trek V: The Final Frontier , the Vulcan Anti-Villain Sybok uses his telepathic powers to remove people's emotional pain and replace it with euphoria, which causes them to be so thankful that they instantly become his devoted followers.

Nightcore - Painted Smile

The virus does this to people but it's purely a side effect; the seeming happiness infection is perfectly random in its ultimate source. Nevertheless, the Health Dept. In Lethal Weapon 4 , Riggs and Murtaugh get information out of gangster Uncle Benny by dropping in during a dental appointment and turning up the nitrous oxide laughing gas.

Unfortunately the valve breaks and they all end up getting high with him. In the film Serenity , the Alliance floods a planet's atmosphere with a drug called Pax that was intended to induce submissive contented non-aggression in the populace. By the time a survey team arrived, the vast majority of the planet's population had grown so utterly peaceful that they'd stopped feeding themselves and died of starvation. Additionally, one tenth of a percent of the population's bodies reacted by stimulating aggression and became the Reavers.

The stop-motion short film More is about a dreary and dystopian world where people buy a product called Happy to escape from reality. The protagonist invents a better product called Bliss, which is a pair of electric goggles that transforms your surroundings into a technicolor dreamland. Because he sacrifices his inner spark implied to be his childhood innocence to create it, neither his product nor his resulting riches can cure his depression. The title character of Bruce Almighty tries this on his girlfriend to make her fall back in love with him after she leaves him, before remembering that he can't affect free will.

In Coda , the Corp's mandatory music can create artificial highs. Anthem uses this aspect of it frequently. In Masques , the ae'Magi routinely does this to his victims. When he kills people to obtain magic power, they die smiling, happy to be able to be of use to him. Aralorn, who has witnessed some of his murders, still finds herself unable to fight the happiness she feels when he touches her.

She's a spy, so that's a good thing, but she's worried that she wouldn't be able to resist even if she tried to. The aphrodisiac used in Slave World to induce compliance and severe Stockholm Syndrome. In Mostly Harmless , Ford befriends a security robot by replacing its emotional control chip with a short piece of wire, thus forcing it to be happy whatever it did. Dick , there's a home consumer product called a "mood organ" which allows you to change your mood, and most people use it to be happy all the time. Technically, they do that voluntarily, but really their lives are so miserable they don't have much choice although there is one character who makes a point of setting aside a regular time, twice a month, to succumb to utter despair for a couple hours.

In Larry Niven 's Known Space series, an alien Pierson's Puppeteer uses a Tasp, which is a device which activates the pleasure center of the brain of anyone he points it at.

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You are happy when he uses it on you. It is very dangerous, because if used on you long enough, you become willing to be the slave of whoever is using it on you. Addiction is a real problem. By the second book tasps have apparently gotten more common in human society, despite being outlawed, and some people apparently do this to random people that look sad. In the Foundation series by Isaac Asimov , there's a character called The Mule which due to a mutation is capable of controlling people's emotions in any way he wants, and permanently if he wishes so. He uses this power to control his generals by creating loyalty in them; they know their loyalty is only due to his powers but they are unable to desire things otherwise.

Things degenerate after his death, and near the end his apprentice plans to implant the device to the captured protagonists to enslave them through addiction. Ella from Ella Enchanted is under a curse that makes it impossible for her to disobey an order. She is once ordered to be happy about this curse. The results are downright creepy. In The Dresden Files , any mental manipulation, even for good reasons, tends to cause catastrophic harm to the subject the human brain knows that it's being manipulated and fights against it, resulting in severe PTSD under the best case scenario.

It's also highly addictive: As a result, painting a proverbial smiley on someone's soul will get you executed by the magical authorities. Some White Court vampires can do this specifically the ones that feed on lust. They use it to control and manipulate their victims, since the process also drains Life Energy. Red Court vamps use their narcotic saliva for much the same purpose; since it's addictive, they'll end up with a whole gang of junkie thralls who will do anything for them.

Her motivations are altruistic; she sees Harry is deeply hurt by the events in the previous book, and believes that his interference in the events surrounding the Summer Knight's murder will get him killed, so she offers him a chance to find comfort and peace away from his own inner pain.

Paint on the Smiles by Grace Thompson

It would also, of course, get Harry out of her hair so she could complete her plan to use the power of said Knight, whom she helped murder, to destroy the balance between the Faerie Courts and doom the world to a Neo-Ice Age. In the short story "Love Hurts" from Side Jobs , a villain experimenting with redecorating people's minds to make them fall in love causes a number of mysterious suicides. This is one way soma helps maintain the status quo in Brave New World.

When the Savage starts to incite rebellion, the police respond not only with water pistols but with bursts of soma vapor and a prerecorded soothing voice. In fact, the riot began because the Savage disrupted the normally scheduled distribution of soma pills a routine analogous to payday for the lower castes. Citizens are also engineered and conditioned from birth to love and accept their roles in society and to believe that their tier is the best tier to belong to.

For example, Betas are conditioned to be glad they don't have to deal with all the responsibilities of Alphas, while still enjoying perks and advantages unavailable to Gammas and Deltas, such as nicer clothes. Similarly in This Perfect Day by Ira Levin, the populace is given regular injections of happiness-inducing drugs. The Cheering Charms probably work this way. Harry seems to be in a state of utter contentment while under the influence of Felix Felicis, a good luck potion.

It's mentioned that too much at a time can cause giddiness and overconfidence. The Imperius Curse works this way to the victim; it's a mind-control spell that seems to work by putting the victim in a blissful daze so they don't realize what they're being forced to do. In the Mode series by Piers Anthony , Darius is in a position of leadership "King of Laughter" in his home society, and his qualification is his ability to "multiply joy," making everyone feel the same joy that his wife does.

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No character ever seems to think that this practice is suspect because the happiness of the masses is "not true happiness," though Darius is bothered by the fact that it has adverse effects on the king's wife's capacity for joy—although even the wife is fully consenting to these adverse effects. In the Uglies series brain alterations are performed on the pretties to make them cheerful and stupid.

Almost all transformations in this series are accompanied by some form of brain alteration to make sure the subject accepts the change without question. In Greg Egan 's short story "Reasons to be Cheerful", the protagonist starts out afflicted with a brain tumor that makes him feel, not pleasure, but genuine happiness. In Mary Andrew's "Fireborn Chronicles" the criminal elements of the universe are sent to a hive planet where they are addicted to a wonderful drug that can only be earned by working, but which the workers are completely content to work for in order to receive.

In the second book this addiction accidentally happens to Ira's sister, and she comes to be much more accepting of her new life than he is. Crowley a demon uses this trope to convince Aziraphale an angel that he really doesn't want to go back to heaven in Good Omens. When the bird has worn the mountain down to nothing And you'll enjoy it. You won't have a choice. In V they call it "bliss". The leader of the Vs, Anna, will stand in a special area and tell them calming things, and they become happy. Unfortunately, if Anna tries to do this to humans, she will almost bleed to death.

In the second season finale, it is discovered that Ryan's Half-Human Hybrid daughter can bliss humans without dying. Doctor Who In "Underworld", Leela and another character are about to fight, but a guard shoots them with a "pacifier" gun. Apparently the effects of the ray are to make people happy, so they stop fighting the gun was invented too late to stop their civilization from destroying itself in a war.

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Leela becomes so happy the Doctor gets annoyed and hypnotizes Leela back to her usual savage self. In "Gridlock", pharmacists on New Earth developed mood patches to achieve this effect, which The Doctor despises.

Unfortunately for the inhabitants, a virus spread through a mood patch called "Bliss" and killed just about everyone on the surface. On Sliders , the group ends up on an Earth where everyone has to wear a drug injection device on their arm that keeps them calm at all times. The promo for that episode was great: The girl wishes for her to 'be happy'. And she IS happy, merrily singing a tune while dusting the mansion Good thing the show's genie happens to be a walking Reset Button with an Australian accent. Angel A woman who wants Angel to sire her as a vampire tries to loosen him up with happy pills.

Unfortunately, Angel and perfect happiness don't mix well , and his evil Angelus personality resurfaces. Jasmine also does this to people just by being around her.

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It's part of the massive Glamour she projects. One of Ally McBeal 's clients was a businessman whom a non-malign brain condition had made perpetually happy. His son sued to force him into restorative surgery because he had also lost his business instinct and lost money for the company. He ultimately underwent the surgery voluntarily after his wife died and he couldn't grieve for her. Earlier on in this same episode, the young lady who didn't want to become homogenized to look as good as everybody else was told by her mother to "have a cup of Instant Smile.

An episode of Stargate Atlantis features a character who emits pheromones that work directly on the part of the brain controlling positive emotions. The result is a terrifyingly cheerful cast, including some rare smiles from the Perpetual Frowner and the Implacable Man. In Kamen Rider Decade , one world has this done to much of the population. Basically, half the people are cheery and helpful Stepford Smilers due to basically being lobotomized into it, and the other half act that way for fear of having it done to them at the first sign of any rudeness or negativity, as is law on that world.

Chiana's people do this routinely in Farscape. One means of doing it involves pulling out the eyeball and installing a chip on the optic nerve. This is shown in graphic detail. This includes making Spock laugh, which McCoy says will kill him if it goes on too long.