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After all, Henry used to be just like him: But hell, that was long ago. Before Henry did some guy a favor and ended up running for his life. Before his girlfriend and buddies got gunned down by someone on his tail. Before he agreed to buy his parents' safety with a life of violence. And when Miguel gets drafted by the Mets and is sent to the Brooklyn Cyclones, Henry must head back to New York, back to the place where all his problems beganand where Henry might find a real reason to keep living, a reason that may just cost him his life.

Jan 12, Lee rated it really liked it. The third in the trilogy of Henry Thompson, and the trouble that kept following him like a little lost pup. The things he would have to do, to keep his parents alive. But, he was always still doing the right thing With sparse, gritting writing, and an anti-hero you had to root for I enjoyed this trilogy.

Nov 21, Maddy rated it really liked it Shelves: Although there are many series in crime fiction, it is unusual to find an author determining that they will be writing a trilogy as they start their writing effort. A notable example of a successful trilogy is the Garnethill series by Denise Mina. More so than in a series, it is important to read the books of a trilogy in sequence to make the arc of characterization and plot more comprehensible. In the case of the Thompson trilogy, there are many events introduced in the first two books that form the basis for what happens in this last entry.

As the book opens, Henry is completely under the thumb of a Russian mobster named David Dolokhov. Henry is in his debt to the tune of 4 million dollars; he is paying Dolokhov off by doing his dirty work for him, with the assistance of Dolokhov's head henchman, Branko. The real motivator for Henry is what will happen if he does not do what is ordered of him—Dolokhov will have his elderly parents killed. Henry is hiding behind plastic surgery and pain killers; although he doesn't enjoy killing, he does what he has to do.

At the moment, he is serving as a bodyguard for an up and coming hotshot baseball player which brings him from Vegas to New York City.

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The final assignment that will pay off his debt is to kill Dolokhov's sister-in-law, Anna. That's not an easy task; she has two of her Russian nephews protecting her and looking for vengeance for Henry's murder of her son.

The suspense mounts as Henry targets Anna, the nephews target Henry, Henry targets David, Branko targets Henry—how Henry manages to outwit any of these bloodthirsty amoral killers is riveting. It feels as if he is stepping into a hornet's nest. Every move he makes aggravates somebody else.

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The fact of the matter is, Henry doesn't care if he dies or not. His one noble characteristic is that he will not allow his parents to be killed to pay for the bad choices he's made in his life. He also relates to the young ballplayer he is guarding, having once had a chance at a career in the sport, and offers him advice that will steer him toward a productive future, not the one that Henry carved for himself. It's a surprisingly compassionate act from a man who will kill without blinking. People are disposed of without any remorse. Yet, despite the high body count and the absence of any traditional heroes, the book provides a sense of redemption.

The pace is unrelenting; the conclusion a completely perfect ending for the trilogy. I wouldn't be surprised to see the Thompson trilogy become a cult classic for noir lovers. Huston has echoes of James Crumley and Hunter S. Thompson—lunatic, disturbing and completely brilliant. Jan 19, Ladiibbug rated it it was amazing Shelves: The stakes are higher view spoiler [ now that the Russian Mafia, extortionists, vigilantes and other enemies have leads on, or have found, Hank. Hank, once again in this trilogy, makes a deadly mistake in doing a good deed -- he gives a ride, reluctantly, to a woman and child who sell a car to Hank.

As if Hank didn't have a staggering group of bad guys, people out for revenge, bounty hunters, etc. Author Charlie Huston's introduction in book 3 of the characters of Miguel and Jay is brilliant. David, the extortionist who appears to be the biggest threat to Hank's beloved parents, makes a devastating demand of Hank. With Hank's bone-deep love of baseball, view spoiler [missing a very real chance to play in the big leagues by an injury hide spoiler ] , and Miguel's very real chance to play in the pro baseball league, David's demand that Hank exploit Miguel's biggest weakness, imo, makes everything that's gone before look Hank is forced to kill more people to save his own life.

The characters and situations are so bizarre -- Hank gets dragged into doing terrible things, not to save his life, but to save his parents' lives. Huston wraps up his excellent noir crime thriller in a shocking but satisfying way. My rereads are rare, due to my huge TBR. Charlie Huston is worth every minute of my precious reading time. Next year, I'll be rereading Huston's Joe Pitt, Noir PI vampire series five books , one of the most unique vampire series I've had the pleasure to read. Imagine Manhattan, turf divided by various vampire groups, with resentments and conflicts between the groups frequently turning deadly.

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Book 1 is Already Dead Feb 18, Don rated it it was amazing. I rarely get "lost" in books in the way I might when doing other activities, such as seeing a compelling movie or playing a particularly good video game. With that behind us, I am going to say that this book was riveting--I couldn't put it down. ADM was that good. I started ADM like I do with most books. I figured I would give it a try, but assumed that I would get bored. Admittedly, what grabbed me initially was the b Let me preface my review of "A Dangerous Man" by Charlie Huston with a caveat: Admittedly, what grabbed me initially was the book's first person, uncensored narrative.

I had to do a double take when reading the profanity. I soon realized that beneath the gritty, in-your-face writing was a character--Hank Thompson--whose life, through both circumstances and his choices, has become a living hell. Every moment for HT seems like an eternity, and we the reader are eager to watch him see it through to some kind of conclusion.

I didn't read the first two books of this trilogy, so for me, the origins of HTs Faustian bargain with some mobsters aren't spelled out with a lot of detail. But the consequences are: HT has become a pawn of these underworld thugs.

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His life belongs to them, as does the fate of nearly everyone he comes into contact with--most especially his own parents. And yet, HT is more than meets the eye. As his situation descends into escalating violence where nowhere is safe for him, we see someone who hasn't played his final hand yet. How HT somehow goes from pawn in the beginning passages to chessmaster in the book's final moments is the essence of ADM's dark journey. Fasten your seatbelts and get lost in "A Dangerous Man.

A satisfying ride it is. Mar 31, Lukasz Pruski rated it liked it. I hope it is not presumptuous of me to provide the explanation. We do not take the plot of the first two books realistically. It is as if the plot is happening in a parallel universe where it is completely normal for a basically good person, Hank T. For the most part, this book does not work, unless one likes to read painfully realistic descriptions of beatings and killings.

The ending is touching, though, and beautifully written. There is some other good stuff. Huston still writes great dialogue. I also like the self-referential fragment of the book where Mr. Huston writes about Hank Thompson thinking about an author, Robert Cramer, who has written a trilogy about Hank Thompson.

This is pretty cool. The first two books in the Hank Thompson trilogy provide a hilarious yet thoughtful parable on human condition. If not for the redeeming ending, this novel would just qualify as porn of pain and violence. Two and three quarter stars. Jan 29, Drew rated it really liked it. I almost didn't buy this book.

I loved "Caught Stealing," the first in the Henry Thompson trilogy, but the sequel, "Six Bad Things," involved Henry taking a lot of less-than-sympathetic actions. I had liked the character in the first book, and the second one made me like him a good bit less. It was so disappointing that I had trouble enjoying the storyline as I read it. Charlie Huston's writing is always awesome--action-packed, creative and gripping--but when I'm starting to feel uneasy about th I almost didn't buy this book. Charlie Huston's writing is always awesome--action-packed, creative and gripping--but when I'm starting to feel uneasy about the main character, it can be hard for me to stick with books even by authors I love.

And yet, I ended up picking up "A Dangerous Man" anyway, mostly because it was super-cheap when the bookstore I used to work for was shutting down. I've finally read it, and while it doesn't bring things back to the level of "Caught Stealing"--which would have been impossible, really, in light of what occurred in the second book--it did a good bit to redeem Henry Thompson as a character, and didn't have nearly as many horrifying and heartbreaking incidents in it as "Six Bad Things" did.

In the end, I liked it almost as much as I'd like any Charlie Huston book, even despite my sensitivity or even oversensitivity where the main character was concerned. I still think that it might be best to just read "Caught Stealing" and not bother with the sequels at all, but if you can get through "Six Bad Things," "A Dangerous Man" is easy to handle. Oct 18, Scott rated it really liked it. This is a really good book. It's exciting, it's moving, it kind of feels real even though it's kind of ridiculous.

It's also a terrific ending to this series. A Dangerous Man is the final book in the Hank Thompson trilogy. This one picks up a bit after Six Bad Things leaves off. Everything is going pretty crappy for Henry: He's also started screwing up a lot of David's assignment. So David gives him an easy one: Like in the other books, everything gets crazy.

Henry is on the run for his life again, and he tries to make things right. It's all very addictive. I read this book super quickly because I just didn't want to put it down. It doesn't have quite the same height of suspense as the previous iterations, but it still has most of the magic: I'd highly recommend this series: May 08, Kev rated it it was amazing. Excellent trilogy by an excellent writer. Dec 24, J. For those of you who have not read any of this series, I highly suggest you read the previously mentioned books immediately.

This trilogy is one of the freshest and most well written set of books I have read in a significant amount of time.

A Dangerous Man

I keep kicking myself that I have just now discovered Charlie Huston. In A Dangerous Man , our antihero has hit rock bottom. The resulting book comes from the depressed outlook and drug induced reference of keeping his parents alive by living a "dangerous lifestyle," doing the dirty work of a Russian mobster.

Ultimately, the frame of reference of this book is much darker than its predecessors, but it does an exceptional job of portraying accurate and believable feelings and emotions. As always, Huston introduces a barrage of new characters, some of which are beyond likable, including the young hot shot baseball player, Miguel, which Henry has been given the charge of "taking care of" in his old stomping grounds of New York City.

A Dangerous Man-- book review

Obviously chaos ensues, and it is enjoyable every step of the way. I have not read a book recently with such penetrating and believable characters. The characters and the situations they are put in are above and beyond the driving force of these books. A Dangerous Man is an exceptional conclusion to the series, and should be considered a "must read" book. Jul 15, Jen rated it liked it. I didn't realize until after I had finished this book that it was the third in a series.

I really only read it to begin with because it was a free download from Kindle. The first half of the book was a bit confusing and did not really hold my attention. I found myself having to reread several pages because I realized I was skimming the words, not really paying attention to what I was reading. However, I hate to start a book and not finish it, so I plugged away.

When the book was nearly over, I ac I didn't realize until after I had finished this book that it was the third in a series. When the book was nearly over, I actually found myself enjoying it. Maybe if I had read the first two books, this one would have been a little more enjoyable to me. The story is told by the main character in the story, who occasionally skips back and forth Pulp Fiction style between two different things that are going on -- the current situation he has gotten himself into and then something in the future that happens that we will eventually learn.

See what I mean by how this can be pretty confusing? There's a lot of violence, bad language and adult situations drugs, sexual situations, etc. I actually think this wouldn't make a half-bad movie, but this is something I'd much rather see on the big screen than read about.

Apr 16, Brett Starr rated it it was amazing. Great ending to a great series A great ending to a superb trilogy! Henry "Hank" Thompson is back, his plastic surgery enhanced face, his pill habit and more The story starts in Vegas and then heads back to New York, Hank is working as a "dangerous man", a hired killer, enforcer, bodyguard, etc.

The Russian mobster David Dolokhov has Hank on a short leash, with the threat of his parents being killed hanging over his head, Hank doesn't really have a choice! I enjoyed this book just as much Great ending to a great series Charlie's writing and great characters always make for a fast and exciting read! Hank has killed seventeen people through the three books, stolen four million dollars from the Russian mob and is wanted by the FBI, it had to end sometime! Charlie Huston could have went alot of different ways for the ending, I think he chose the most realistic ending possible, without overdoing it!

Feb 24, Timothy rated it it was amazing Shelves: I'm an unabashed Huston fanboy I've cited the first two books in the Hank Thompson trilogy as excellent examples of pure modern noir -- a story in which an innocent is sucked in over his head, in which a mostly good guy has to deal with the consequences of being mixed up with utterly bad people.

Wrapping up such a tale in a satisfactory manner is difficult: I don't want a downer ending just to fit the mood, but there would be something unsa I'm an unabashed Huston fanboy I don't want a downer ending just to fit the mood, but there would be something unsatisfactory about a story like this ending with pure happiness. Huston aces it, though, leavening the darkness of the story with just enough humanity. Everything bad that happens to Thompson and there's a lot of it happens because it must; the few good things the protagonist experiences likewise flow from the story.

The books I like best are ones that I finish and say 'I want to read this again. Jun 21, Monica rated it really liked it. I loved reading this trilogy…the hard-core crime and violence blended with some of that Pulp Fiction subtle, quirky humour. The kind of humour where the bad guy fails at killing you so he shares a cigarette or drink with you while the failed killing is discussed.

I was hoping for maybe a fourth book in this series…and would still be thrilled if there ever was…but the ending of this last book was satisfying and complete. Huston I loved reading this trilogy…the hard-core crime and violence blended with some of that Pulp Fiction subtle, quirky humour. Mar 29, Jake rated it it was amazing Shelves: A great end to a great series. Huston's Hank Thompson trilogy does a masterful job of telling a tragic story in ways that are alternately hilarious, frightening and sad.

He is a master at making one feel grounded in what's going on despite the situation the characters are in. My only complaint is that the serious had to end! While dark and grimly violent I did think this was a fitting conclusion to the Hank Thompson trilogy. Was put off a bit though by the no quotation marks style I had listened to the previous two installments on audio but did get used to it in the end.