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Is Anger a Choice?

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Personally, I would say that although applying those concepts in practice is somet What I liked about this book is that it makes us conscious of the fact that at the end of the day, no matter what the situation is, we are the only ones responsible for the anger we experience and the health problems that come with it.

Personally, I would say that although applying those concepts in practice is sometimes hard, it would do a lot to stop anger running our health. What I would add though, something that wasn't discussed in the book is that we need to create lots of opportunities to enhance dopamine so that we can overcome some of these health-related issues.

Oct 16, Monica Willyard rated it really liked it Shelves: This is a book about anger, yours and mine. The authors write in a down to earth style that is easy to understand. All of us will feel anger at one time or another.

Is Anger a Choice?

The authors believe that anger may be inevitable, but we have a choice about how we handle that anger. We can stuff down with food, lash out at others, withdraw into silent depression, and several other coping techniques. The authors believe there are healthier ways to handle anger, and that is the topic of this book. I am finding it This is a book about anger, yours and mine. I am finding its message helpful already, having faced very stressful week after the death of a loved one. Oct 28, Rachel rated it liked it Shelves: Jan 04, Corey rated it really liked it.

I read this book during a very dark time in my life. It really helped me to learn how to control my temper, as well as to let certain things go. It's a very helpful book, or at least was for me. Betty Daniel rated it it was amazing May 12, Jgruninger rated it liked it Dec 02, Strawberry Fields rated it really liked it May 20, Apr 04, Patty W rated it it was ok. Now, to just apply what I read to real life. Big lesson is that you have use your mind. When you are thinking bad thoughts, bad experiences, change the thought to something pleasant.

Tell yourself this is not good for you. Then think of a good experience. Martin Baggs rated it really liked it Aug 03, Q rated it liked it Sep 24, Janeen rated it really liked it Apr 08, Shannan rated it liked it May 03, Kirstyn Martinez rated it really liked it Sep 01, M rated it it was ok Aug 26, Shelly rated it it was amazing May 12, Kristi Hess rated it it was amazing Jan 01, Matt Scruggs rated it really liked it May 18, Lois rated it it was ok Jul 24, Laurie rated it it was amazing Sep 02, Darren rated it liked it May 07, Kevin rated it liked it May 09, Alex Ti rated it liked it Sep 14, Christopher R Jones rated it it was amazing Oct 17, Julie rated it really liked it Nov 03, IvyLaArtista rated it liked it Sep 23, Rage blackouts are common to a disorder called "Intermittent Explosive Disorder.

Anger Is a Choice. Nataraj Books

Irritation and frustration are the lower scale of anger--but they all exist on a continuum. You might want to look up the disorder. Rage is not considered as inmature. Look, I am mature who protects my sisters from anyone including my mom and her boyfriend. One time, her boyfriend hit one of my sisters and It seems I used the rage emotion.

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I can't seem to recall the events. It is like a blank memory spot. Do you get "rage blackouts" often? This is just something I'm learning about I don't have them, but someone I'm close to does. How often do you have them, and do you know what causes them? I have had in my counseling a few years back and it did nothing. If something isn't going his way ex: Just last night he was happy one minute then screaming at his girlfriend all because she was listening to the same song over and over. I dont know what to do, I have suggested he go see our family doctor, but he refuses to.

Hes in college studying pre-med. His dad and I divorced when he was young, and we have never gotten along.

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I know that bothers him. Anyone have any suggestions?? Thank you for the response Andrea, Im just not sure how to get him to go, he doesnt think he has a problem. I try to talk to him about it and about getting help, but he doesnt see it. Being 20 I cant make him go either. I will try to sit down with him again and see if he will do it for me at least. Sorry for not responding sooner, I just found your comment today. I would strongly recommend that you seek therapy. A one-on-one relationship with a strong and wise therapist could provide you with the tools you need to overcome this trauma.

She's not a black man who can't go into a clothing store without being followed. She's not a woman whose been beaten until she's an adult. I run a process group and when the topic turned to rage and anger everyone shared about being enraged all the time. One beautiful woman said that her biggest regret was that she never killed her father, who beat her senseless over and over.

But it's "blame the person who is acting out" without providing a real solution.

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And when people stuff it, it hurts them. John Sarno and others who have studied rage say that repressing it is dangerous.

A&A: Anger Is A Choice

It can cause pain syndromes or worse. I see nowhere in this article any suggestion that would be substantial enough to tackle this enormity of this topic. To say "rage isn't necessary to act on" denies the day in day out evidence to the contrary. It supported the survival and dominance of humans for the past , years. It is part of who we are.

Can we really get out of control?

If we continue to argue it's not, I believe we do a disservice to those who struggle with rage. I'm curious--do you ever offer any hope to these people by offering them some methods for dealing with their rage? If so, I'm sure you know that they are going to have to rely on some internal motivators in order to heal.

You have explained rage as sourced in the external world, as if to say that only when the external world gets better will the person with rage be able to stop feeling enraged. That belief is why we have such things as mass murders. Dealing with rage, just like dealing with any other difficult emotion is going to have to be an inside job. That means that we have to start dealing with anger before it becomes rage. The article is not meant to make rage go away--it is meant to facilitate an awareness of how to integrate rage, so that anger eventually becomes just another part of the internal messaging system.

I do offer a solution. A solution that works. It takes time, but it works. I don't charge and I'm just getting started. It's not a cult because it teaches people to think for themselves. I'm not in charge.

Anger Is a Choice Booster

I'm another member of the group. But to say that the belief that rage is external is responsible for mass murder is simply not true. The instincts for power and security and cultural conditioning and plain old mental illness is responsible for mass murder. I agree rage is not simply external. We work on our internal belief systems and we take responsibility for the relationships that drive rage responses by being vulnerable and sharing our feelings with the people who hurt us and set boundaries when we are ready.

I've changed so much in 2 years I don't recognize myself. The others help me too. I don't have anyone's answer. Just a general framework people can use that I've written. If it benefits them, great. If not, I have it in the literature they should think for themselves and move on. And best of all, people seem to be changing. I'm sorry I was harsh. I felt a little bit "Tough on crime" this morning, reading your article. I wanted to point out that rage is a complex issue. It's baffled human beings for eons. It will continue to, I assume, for eons. Good luck to you and your practice.