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  1. NFL tells coaches to remind receivers about illegal crackback blocks
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  3. NFL tells coaches to remind receivers about illegal crackback blocks – ProFootballTalk
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NFL tells coaches to remind receivers about illegal crackback blocks

I understand the league is going to put a 4 inch band around the uniform that will be the only legal area that the defense can touch while tackling the opponent. This will be above the waist and below the nipples. South Park was right.

Pretty soon instead of throwing blocks, offensive players will be encouraged to hug defensive players instead of engaging in any kind of violent action. Keep your heads on a swivel boys.

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How about an emphasis for the officials not to call mysterious offensive pi calls like they did in the bears packers game? And let them block! Dec 20, 5: Take a look at your boy Tom Brady.

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Make sure they tell the crackback instructor, Hiney Ward about this. Too bad Hines Ward never got warned.

One of the dirtiest players to ever wear a uniform in the NFL. Gotta love the Hines Ward hate. You guys never had a problem when it was defenders doing the de-cleating. But Hines turns the tables and you guys get all bent out of shape.

NFL tells coaches to remind receivers about illegal crackback blocks – ProFootballTalk

Chicago Public Library - Best of the Best. Miles is excited about his junior-year football season. He knows the sport, loves playing defense and even though his father can be overbearing, he's taught Miles basic skills and how to play smart and to respect the coach. Zach, who has been Miles's best friend and teammate, is transforming himself, now.

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He's not just bulking up, but passing out uppers and advocating shooting up steroids as something all players do. When the regular coach steps aside, belligerent inexperienced Coach Stahl takes over and Miles has to consider carefully how important is the sport to him and how much he wants to risk.


Coy obviously knows the gridiron and uses crackback, a football term meaning a block coming from the outside and behind, to symbolize all the ways sudden changes or surprises in life can throw you for a loop. Most of the recent quality sports fiction has focused on basketball or wrestling, which makes this extra welcome. A crackback block comes from the outside and it can destroy you if you're not careful. Miles Manning, a junior and a star football player, is blindsided by some crushing blows that seem to come out of nowhere.

Miles is a likable and talented player who tries to please everyone: In addition, he refuses to take steroids, even though his teammates do. Through his struggles with his coach and his dad, he begins to learn that life is complicated and that answers don't always come in the form of X's and O's. The family secret that drives his father, the interesting girl who shows him that the world is a big place, and the intense, sometimes unbelievable coach who teaches him that you can't please some people, no matter what, give Miles a new, perhaps healthier, perspective.

Boys will appreciate the well rounded characters and the plot that mixes sports with real life. It doesn't hurt that there is some great football action throughout.

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Every reader is going to love Miles for his humor, his talent, and intelligence. Coy controls the story with great wit and talent himself and we look forward to his future work. Click here for the full article. The Goddess of YA Literature. Coy has crafted a strong novel, replete with terrific scenes from the playing field