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Students and tourists can avoid most of the administrative issues which make Italian living difficult. I find that frequent visits for weeks at a time, rather than staying long-term, keep my love of Italia high. While Florence is my favorite city, I have lived all over Italy. Not putting down roots in any particular place has enabled me to gain a wonderful perspective on the many regional differences. And now I can go anywhere in Italia and reconnect with friends! Ciao Earl, thank you so much for your wonderful comment. I agree that the red-tape process is not one for the faint of heart.

As a person not married, or with dual citizenship, I really know what it is like to be drowning in paper. I think you are spot on about visiting or living in Italy in increments. I try and tell people that this way they get the best of both worlds. Stability in their job back home while getting to enjoy Italy on holiday and leave the stress behind. Or take a year sabbatical, enroll in a local school which means you can meet some people and you can even work part time.

But I have found my favorite place in Italy is wherever I happen to be at the moment! As I am short on patience, I fear that if I tried to live there, I would get angry, frustrated, etc. I am definitely one of those people that have fantasized about living in Italy for a long time. You are in good company, there is no surprise why living here seems very appealing and it is for the most part. The good thing is, depending on how flexible you are, you could always choose to live in a much more affordable, but smaller town.

It makes more sense for me to simply spend up to 90 days there either working remotely if I ever figure out how! Hello Wynne, thank you for your comment. Misty and Rick are great, I always love reading their posts because they tell the truth but in a fun way: Instead why not make it easier for yourself and come just for a few months and enjoy the best of Italy?

Yeah I hate that word too. Only British who am I kidding…English! They have not moved to a different galaxy, the galaxy remains the same although, perplexingly, it speaks in a very hard to hear new dialect. For the others, Australians, Americans, Norwegians, expat status second-class is awarded if you can manage not to make an arse of yourself during that treacherous last Christmas season.

We are working with a lawyer that the Italian Consulate here in Phoenix gave us to obtain my husbands dual citizenship. We have been at this for about 2years total but are getting closer to the promised land. We are hoping is the year we move to Italy, even if it is to try it for a year to make sure we really want to commit to the move permentally. Hello Ilene, I know how long that process can be, I have many friends who have gotten their dual citizenship and from the US it takes a bit longer than from here. Keep me posted of your progress! I Dominic am also going through for my dual citizenship my parents are Italian born, have been to Italy many times years ago, along with Europe miss it and would like it to be a second home also have lived and maybe living part time in Costa Rica, am a Canadian, i always have and enjoyed a vehicle in Europe looking at Spain also, may move around a bit to see where i may live for a while, any opinion on living like a gypsy in Europe for a while with a vehicle until i find the right place?

You had me at: I discovered that quite often the people in the tabaccherie were so much more knowledgeable than the people in the Questura or Consulato or whichever official office I had to go to get my next stamp or signature in the process. Your blog is so great and this article is spot on. I discovered your blog last month somehow while google searching around for the right commercialista to help me with my tax situation as I own my business in California and I am now a full time resident in Italy.

I agree with what you wrote about the job situation. I am a shoe designer and when I lived part time in Italy in the past I was making a great salary because I was working for an American company. Fast forward to when I moved here, I thought I would be able to find new opportunities more or less easily, we are in the shoe making heart of the world after all, and I have a good work network. Instead, I designed for factories here and was never paid, went through lots of frustrating experiences, and have found valid opportunities through working on collections for non-Italian companies that need a designer or want work done in Italy.

Hello Leila, lol I was probably slightly dramatic in likening some red-tape to an actual torture procedure but I think you get my drift. I am really happy you found my blog and I hope you got all of the questions answered that you need regarding commercialista help, my guy Tommaso Francalanci is awesome. He basically lessened my level of stress to about half of what is was before, quite simply, the man is a saint. Thank you for sharing your job situation, I think what you have experienced is very similar to many of us. Congrats to you on making it work, and finding legitimate honest companies that treat you like well, a normal person who deserves to be paid for the work they do.

Are you based in Florence still? Did you try eating shaved white truffle on eggs? From pajamas, to cleaning products omg we have so many! I however do NOT have an intimate relationship with the post office. I try to avoid them as much as possible though ultimately we all have to go at some point.

She put the full retail value of the dresses on the shipping form so we had to shell out an extra few hundred euros just to receive the package.

InterNations - A Place for Italians in Moscow

First, they lost the shipment. She was suspicious and got her camera out to photograph the box as she opened it to discover a package full of Christmas meats, sausages, and cakes. Meanwhile my dresses were held up in Milan. The Italian post eventually returned my dresses to us, never refunded our money, and we shipped them back to the States using DHL.

Bravo Italian Post, Bravo. Oh my gosh leila, that post office story gave me shivers. I definitely had some issues with sending and receiving things but luckily I work from home so I know for sure if anything arrives or not. I have had shaved truffles on eggs in Le Marche not san miniato but that is the absolute best way to eat truffles in my opinion. You can really taste the flavor that way.

You can email him at tommasofrancalanci commercialisti. Hi Leila, Thank you for your post! Can i ask you about your commercialista? I finally got my permanent residenzia after 6 years of ever changing laws. My reward was meeting a cast of characters from a wacky global novel; and yes, some of those people became my friends I spent so much time at the State Police that I got to know where everyone liked to go to lunch…came in handy when I had to get a paper signed…ahhhh!

From my required language and culture classes I made friends with people from Russia, Senegal, Turkey, Estonia and Morocco. Being an older American, my language skills, even after 10 years are not up to snuff, but I do love my adopted hometown. Cher congrats to YOU. That is a big deal and I hope you celebrated, it sounds like you made the best of the situation and even some friends out of it, that is so cool! I feel the same way as you, I love this country so much, consider it like family even with zero familial ties here even if she pisses me off from time to time.

Still, I get to spend the spring in one of the most beautiful places in the world and get to share it with visiting friends.

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Thanks for this post. Whereabouts in town are you staying? Funny that you mentioned the price of aspirin, we recently stocked up in France because here it is so expensive. Funny how the prices change dramatically for these things depending where you are.

Help! How Do I Live and Work in Italy? – Ms. Adventures in Italy

You definitely have the right attitude about life in Italy and that is so important, yes you will be frustrated, yes shit will happen, but look around at where you ate and all of that frustration fades away: Have a wonderful five months here! With any luck, the highs will be more plentiful than the lows. Blows away all the fantasising about how wonderful life in Italy is — because it is not. Life can be very tough here and getting a decent paying job is simply not easy.

Alternatively, you might be lucky enough to be transferred here if you work for a multinational in which case you will probably be fine too and earn more than your Italian counterparts too. Ciao Alex, what a pleasure to see you commenting on this post, it is much appreciated! We have done the move, worked the many jobs it takes to survive and now love it as much as any other place, but with a level of realistic expectations that comes when you really know the good and bad of the given place. Nico, my Frenchy other half, was transferred from a French multinational and his experience is like as you say, but I remember when he had to accept the Italian version of the same contract he was getting before, but he did so also because he loved the country so much.

As a retired Special Ed teacher of 36 years with small pension I am hoping to find at least part-time work in Florence and to stay at least several years. This article —with its abundance of practical info and tips— has made me feel a lot more prepared mentally, at least and eager to start my new adventure! Also, I joined the facebook group Friends in Florence thought I saw the reference to it in one of your posts…? I suspect you have just brought new clients for your accountant. That is very exciting, I am happy for you to make this very big change and that you already have chatted with people on Friends in Florence which is a great resource.

I have a feeling you will do just fine and if anything, it is all just part of the experience. There always seems to be some need for English teachers in Florence, so you can always seen about doing private lessons too. Hello and thank you for the very interesting post.

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  6. I would like to add that being a freelancer is difficult no matter if you live in Italy or not. I was a freelancer for In fact, I dropped a very lucrative client — a large US company which is a household name — precisely for regularly not paying me for months. We moved to Italy six months ago and even though we live on much less money than in England, I am still in the pink-tinted phase, I love the sun, the fabulous weather, the art, etc.

    This may soon change, especially as I will be searching for an accountant in the next month or so. Best wishes from Vicenza,. I never encourage people to dive straight into that line of work because pay in general, is of a lower scale so I feel like people need to be financially prepared.

    For example, what I would get in the USA for the social media work compared to Italy is almost triple in some cases. I do think you can live on much less money which is why I adore life here, I think that it depends where in Italy you are. I love your blog and cherish your opinion, thank you so much for your two-cents! This is definitely a really helpful post! Thanks for the info! Thank you so much Giselle! It is really interesting to know about the job opportunities for young people in Italy! I really want to go and stay for a while but I definitely need to know that there would be a job for me before I move!

    Italy is such an amazing country. I am in love with Florence. I wanted to move there but for now it is impossible. Thank you for sharing your article. I am all about being realistic but optimistic, I think that Florence is lovely, but I could never honestly tell people that it is easy to live here and make a decent salary. On the other hand, I have met many cool people who have made it happen. It just depends how much you want it, and how much you are willing to adapt. Hi Georgette, I just had the chance to read this….

    Now when people ask why I am living in Paris, I am going to send them this post: I do love Florence and have wonderful and frustrating memories of my 3 years there. I am happy I am able to stay over here in the wonderful EU and have a bit less frustration over here in Paris, but of course no where is perfect. Be well and enjoy the Italian summer sun!

    Meet fellow Italians at our events in Moscow

    Hi Georgette, I am an American, planning to move to Tuscany to be with my fiance this year — as soon as I can make it happen! I had two practical questions that I am asking my expat contacts who are in Italy: There seems to be descrepancy about whether one must present Visa during the PdS application process. We are doing things in baby steps. Oh and I do have a small vacation to Florence in 4 weeks, just to get my next hit. All of this is so interesting to read.

    I am about to take the plunge because.. I fell in love with an Italian and I am just finishing up college here in San Francisco. I have visited Italy many times before this decision but its still a little nerve wrecking to say the least when you move to a whole different culture. I am going to start out on a student visa and and if everything goes well I will probably get married in the future, which might help in the process.

    I am happy to share my experiences and tips that I learn as well and I will keep checking back with this beautiful blog. Thank you for this article. I feel like in Italy, we will have a home and a more stable live. We are planning to live in Rome. I am US citizen visiting Italy at this moment, I arrived 2. I am a freelancer bookkeeping myself, working remotely from anywhere in the world.

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    5 questions expats in Italy hate being asked

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