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Season 2 Fear the Walking Dead: Season 3 The Walking Dead: After suffering a brutal rape, Marie Katharina Wressnig becomes agoraphobic, refusing to leave her house and remaining oblivious to events in the outside world. Though young women are being found dead and mutilated on local freeways, Marie takes in boarders, one of whom is Tom Peter Sarsgaard , a cryptic young man who works as a cook on an offshore oil rig. Despite Marie's paranoid musings -- Tom begins lugging around garbage bags and locking the kitchen door to cook various meat dishes -- the two form a relationship.

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This relationship is first interrupted by the arrival of Marie's flirtatious sister Mignon Angeline Ball and then by Tom's sudden disappearance. Ironically, his absence gives Marie the ability to finally leave the house and thus get on with her life. Katharina Wressnig as Marie. Peter Sarsgaard as Tom. Angeline Ball as Mignon.

Geoffry Lower as Jarrid. Liz Stauber as Ricky. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later.

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Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. While I expected to marvel at her phenomenal professional success as a writer, I was equally impressed by her incredible spirit and work ethic. A young widow, Mary returned to work full-time writing radio shows and wrote her fiction for two hours each morning before she woke her five children for school.

Inspired by an acrtress friend, Mary even finds the time and energy to attend Fordham University to obtain a degree! Mary's talent for telling good stories brought her worldwide recognition and great success, but it is her spirit and down-to-earth confidence that caused me to admire her even more. Reading this book was a spiritual experience.

I love all of her books and am grateful that she is still writing. This story of her life, how she faced her challenges, and still raised an exceptional family is inspirational. She stayed true to her values which was not always easy but always essential. She is one of my heroes. I must admit that I have never read a Mary Higgins Clark book before. But I purchased this book for a friend who is an avid reader of Mary Higgins Clark. I read the description on Amazon, and I later also purchased it for myself. What a wonderful person Ms.

Clark is and an exciting life she has led. She has overcome many obstacles and tragedies in her life and has a positive, can do it attitude! I think you will enjoy her book. Like everyone who visits bookstores I've seen Mary Higgins Clark's books. I never had the slightest inclination to pick one up until now. As a writer I'm always interested in how successful authors do it and when I saw this autobiography in the store I tried to purchase it.

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Alas, the store clerk refused to sell it to me. It was being held until November the 19th.

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This is the first time a bookstore has ever refused to sell me a book and I went home with my curiostiy piqued. When the 19th arrived I headed back and snatched up a copy. As it turns out, Clark is an interesting woman, whose New York childhood and tender first marriage made her the writer she is today. I'm just half way through, but this is a wonderful autobiography of MHC. She is such a good writer that the pages and delicious highlights from her life! It is like you are sitting in her kitchen having a cup of tea and she is just talking directly to you.

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I am so very glad that she followed her dreams! I love her books! One person found this helpful. I have all of Mary Higgins Clark's books. She introduced me to psychological suspense stories and now I work in the psychology field. Reading her book of her life and how she entered the writing world has endeared her even more to me. I hope she writes many more books. I loved this book about my favorite author. Very well written and interesting. See all 82 reviews.