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In , Antoine Lacassagne turned the Chair of Medicine into the Chair of Experimental Medicine, both in the tradition of Claude Bernard and in keeping with his own teaching, as he was first appointed as Chair of Experimental Radiobiology in and worked on cancer research.

From the beginning of his career, the research he carried out in radiobiology was at the frontier of experimental medicine.

Visual summary of both rounds

This list is actually far from exhaustive, so great was his scientific curiosity about any new physiological question. It is important to remember that the most widely accepted theory at the time was that sugar came from diet and that it was destroyed by combustion phenomena, particularly during breathing.

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Bernard quickly observed that the blood and liver of animals contained sugar even when their diet did not. Starting from the hypothesis that the liver was the organ that produce sugar in the organism and not the one.


Sommaire - Document suivant. By going from zero past mandates to president without touching base between those two steps, Emmanuel Macron has also set a precedent that threatens not only the organisation of governing parties, where long political careers are a requirement for higher office, but also one of the main benefits of the Front national , which also offers short time-to-office career tracks for aspiring mandate-seekers.

This, to me, is the most interesting dynamic set in motion by Emmanuel Macron: In its early days, the Gaullist movement, which — unlike En Marche! Yet just like the Poujadist movement, En Marche! For a broader overview of the French political space in its current shape, I recommend this excellent article by Fabien Escalona in French, subscription required.

Chandler in English also has most of the important facts sorted out.


As explained in an earlier post in French , both texts are utterly wrong , for rather obvious reasons , and uninformed to the point of embarrassment. Along with the other Twitter accounts mentioned in the first part of my post-mortem , I highly recommend following his tweets if you want to become an accomplished elections nerd.

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On top of that, anecdotal evidence shows that very few people know about the law and its effects anyway. The book was controversial among historians when it came out, but seems to have won the argument over the years. On top of that, the regional elections attest that governing parties can deny the Front national any second-round success.

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I know close to nothing about Finnish politics myself. My point about En Marche! More will be known very, very soon.

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Des billets de blog? As a result, the second round of the presidential election totalled only , more effective votes than that of the previous presidential election. The number of blank votes in the second round reached a record count of 3 million over 4. Although much smaller, the number of null votes was also multiplied by over 3.