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Expecting Grace, Mercy, and Peace

  1. God’s Grace is Good
  2. God’s Grace
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  5. Expecting Grace, Mercy, and Peace |

It is undeserving love of God to us as believers. I know for a fact that I am not meant to have everything I have now. At many times in my life I thought God hated me and did not love me. It was because I was living in the world. Seeing the negative and getting caught up in drama and things that felt good. I even got angry at God for taking my son away from me. But, what I had to eventually see was that He blessed me with his twin brother. So, instead of bringing home 2 babies I only brought 1 home. However, many people are not able to bring anyone home if they lost their only child.

I had to see the grace that he gave me in the positive. Have you ever felt like your not good enough?

God’s Grace is Good

Of course you have, I think everyone has. Even though you feel this way do good things still happen to you and you do not know why? God wants the best for you and has a plan for you. God finds favor in you, He gives you grace. You can not earn grace. I did not earn the right to bring home both my boys.

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Also, did not earn my wonderful husband, family, or friends. Grace has been offered to everyone.


God’s Grace

God saved us all when He sent Jesus into this world to carry ours sins away. Did you know that God has given you choices?

  1. Twins; Mercy & Truth, Peace & Righteousness do you know them??
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  7. They met in Christ. This is the right way that we are to live. This is a poetic way to describe the divine aspects of the character of Jesus. Also describing the characteristics of the new community of followers who were to come after him.

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    True reconciliation always involves a delicate balance of peace with justice, and mercy with truth. I think, why is it so fuelled by fear and uncompromising rhetoric. Where is the mercy? Where is the peace? Do we forget that the God that we serve came to the marginalised, the rejected, the poor and the oppressed. He came with love, he walked in peace, he brought freedom and mercy along with truth and justice.

    No wonder those looking on at the behaviour of many church goers today shake their heads and wonder at the hypocrisy of it all.

    Lisa Hunt-Wotton

    I appeal to us all to walk hand in hand with mercy and truth. To embrace and to kiss peace and righteousness and to remember that grace and forgiveness has been shown to every man, woman and child through the love of Jesus Christ. We in turn need to offer that same grace and mercy to our own neighbors, brothers and sisters along the way. I would love for you to spend a few minutes in reflection this morning about what this looks like in your own life.

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    Studies in the Word of God

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    Expecting Grace, Mercy, and Peace |

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