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Valkyrie and Fletcher go dancing, but everyone in the night club is possessed by remnants. Valkyrie is forced to explain sorcery to Crystal and Carol in order to convince them to leave. At the Hibernian , the sorcerers all formulate a plan to activate the giant Soul-Catcher at MacGillicuddy's Reeks in order to capture all the remnants. Grouse also releases a harmless virus that makes people act like they are possessed in order to cover up the remnant outbreak.

Valkyrie also shows the group Echo Stone Gordon to help. Skulduggery, meanwhile, plans to enter the new Sanctuary with a couple of sorcerers, but they fail and Skulduggery, the only one who cannot be possessed, escapes while the others are possessed. During the search for the key to the Soul-Catcher, Tanith and Ghastly confess that they have feelings for each other. The key halves are recovered in a church and from a sorcerer. Fletcher is possessed at the Hibernian. Valkyrie is saved from Fletcher by Billy-Ray Sanguine , who also hints that he has feelings for Tanith too.

Valkyrie searches for Kenspeckle, only to discover that Clarabelle has become possessed and has stabbed Kenspeckle to death. Valkyrie is saved from Fletcher by Caelan , who lets her leave with the group. Ghastly is possessed and Sanguine steals the key. However, Ghastly and the others possessed capture Valkyrie. At the Soul-Catcher, Valkyrie is possessed and is turned into Darquesse. She kills many people, but is stopped by Skulduggery, who convinces her to destroy the remnant inside of her. The Soul-Catcher is turned on and all the remnants are sucked back in, except for Tesseract's, who possesses Tanith.

Tanith then attacks Valkyrie and the others. Right before she hurts Valkyrie, Skulduggery shows up and she leaves. Fletcher takes Valkyrie to Australia to apologise for his actions, but Valkyrie continues to be interested in Caelan. After the four-day period, by which time Tanith becomes permanently possessed, Tanith visits Valkyrie. She now has Billy-Ray as a boyfriend, and tells Valkyrie that she slowly plans on leading her towards being Darquesse.

The two then leave to Ohio. At the end of the book, Tesseract breaks into the Torment's apartments and kills him. Skulduggery attempts to arrest Tesseract, but something appears and mortally wound Tesseract. Skulduggery reveals that it was Lord Vile, who had returned to kill Valkyrie. Tesseract requests Skulduggery to take him outside to see the sunset. As the two sit on a bench, Tesseract dies trying to smile. A few months before the release, a trailer was made for the fifth book.

Waterstones made a competition to make a trailer. The second video was the winning choice. Sign In Don't have an account? However, once the outbreak gets going it actually becomes a gripping story in which Landy begins to show his ruthless side in relation to his characters. The plot moves quickly and contains exciting set pieces in the trademark Skulduggery Pleasant style.

There are also a couple of juicy twists in terms of information about the overarching plotline, and as such it is difficult not to recommend the book as an excellent continuation of what is an excellent series. I chose to knock off a star considering the slow start, but by the end that really doesn't matter. Jan 28, Buechertau rated it it was amazing. Ich habe es geliebt.. So grandios wie immer..

May 23, Iskreads rated it it was amazing. THe book is thrilling and i would highly recommend it to people of all ages. Skulduggery and Valkyrie are both trying to find out how to stop Darquesse from emerging. As Valkyrie reveals this information to Skulduggery, she has tried to block her true name as we 1 "What exactly would you call a dog" pg 2 This is the fifth and most current book in the already intriguing series, Derek Landy make this book thriling with the introduction as well as the much anticipated introduction of Lord Vile.

As Valkyrie reveals this information to Skulduggery, she has tried to block her true name as well as blaock the possibility to be possessed but the visions by the sensitives has not yet changed. During this they encounter a man called Tesseract and they must stop him at all costs, or they will die.

Skulduggery Pleasant: Mortal Coil

Tanith being possessed permanently was a very strong twist in the book. Scapegrace has always hated them and wanted to kill them but they always elude him and make him very angry. Despite his efforts he can't seem to make them treat him seriously let alone the possibility that he could kill them. The connection i have made here is a book to book connection as i have seen this before in other novels.

May 20, Desinka rated it liked it. After looking forward to redding this for a while and finally getting in the mood for it, I must say I was a bit disappointed. I found Mortal Coil to be the weakest book in the. The plot was neither as fas paced or as fun as any of the previous ones.

Mortal Coil (Skulduggery Pleasant, Book 5) - Derek Landy - E-book

Also it was rather dark, which definitely wasn't something I appreciated. The humour helped as usual but I wish there was more of it to balance the gloom and doom. There was anew narrator for this book, which might also have contribut After looking forward to redding this for a while and finally getting in the mood for it, I must say I was a bit disappointed. There was anew narrator for this book, which might also have contributed to my lesser enjoyment. Although this new guy sorry, I don't remember the name did a decent job and tried to be as close to Rupert Degas as possible he was still miles behind This has still been an enjoyable read and I'm long forward to the next book in the series.

View all 7 comments. Read 17 Dec Read 25 Jan I still really love all the books in this series. This volume has awesome Tesseract and the ridiculously frustrating Remnants. This book is where the series really turns dark and makes you want to cry. What fun I have to look forward to moving forwards! Apr 23, Bilbo Baggins rated it it was amazing.

Another Reread that was fully enjoyable!! Apr 14, Michael Cattigan rated it liked it Shelves: I have been enjoying this series. They were nothing exciting, nothing terribly original. But they were fun.

Derek Landy author of Skulduggery Pleasant!

They were light hearted. They were fast-paced and witty. But niggles and worries are starting to mar my enjoyment of them now. The worse elements are coming to the fore and the books are becoming increasingly dark, violent and disturbing. The plot focuses much more on Valkyrie Cain than the previous books: Instead, the novel continues the quest to identify the new threat Darquesse and develops Valkyrie's final realisation from Dark Days that her true name is Darquesse and that she is herself destined to kill her own family and destroy the world.

Two parallel plots develop: Valkyrie seeks to have her true name sealed in order to stop anyone from forcing her to become Darquesse by using the power of her name; and the Necromancers accidentally release two thousand 'Remnants' into Ireland. Remnants, which had been introduced the Dark Days are slivers of dark power capable of inhabiting human bodies and accessing their skills, powers and memories.

It is the first strand of these plots that I balked at: And she lies there and watches the procedure in a state of inertia. There's a lingering on it which hadn't been there in the darker aspects of the earlier novels. Yes, to be sure, Tanith Low is regularly tortured I think as revenge on the editors who thought it was too dark to kill her off in book one ; Skulduggery is tortured.

But these are brief moments, usually off stage, referred to but not seen. Here , Landy lingers and describes and we see the heart. And, whilst dissected, Valkyrie contrives to escape her bonds, standing up, organs removed, folding her sternum and chest back onto itself, chucking her own heart and removed organs into a carrier bag. This is almost torture-porn. I'm not the sort of chap who thinks children's books should be sentimentalised and anodyne.

I like gritty young adult books: I thought Between Shades of Gray , fir example, was wonderful in its honest unsentimental realistic horror of the war. Violence, loss, death are, in my opinion not inappropriate for young adult fiction, if there is a point to it. But this, like Darren Shan's Demonata series revelled in gore for its own sake and there was no other point. The gore did not make the situation tense; it did not add to the plot; it did not develop any character - although apparently Nye, the 'doctor' who performed the procedure will be brought back in future books.

In retrospect, perhaps it would be more accurate to say that I object to the pointlessness of Landy's torture-fest. Jan 30, Tokio Myers rated it really liked it Shelves: In a remarkable change of events I am still in love with a skeleton. Which is odd for me since the majority of the time I like living breathing people but whatever. This my friends, was a fantastic book.

Something that's really hard to achieve seeing that it's the sixth book in a series. All the charm and dark dry humor is still here along with some new developments that keep you entertained. Be warned though, if you expect the nice sweet ending that we have learned to expect out of the Skuldugg In a remarkable change of events I am still in love with a skeleton. Be warned though, if you expect the nice sweet ending that we have learned to expect out of the Skulduggery series then you are in for a disappointment. Mortal Coil is darker, bloodier, and heart breaking. If I were to complain about something it is the absence of Skulduggery.

He still is around helping Valkyrie just not to the extant of the other books. This is probably because Valkyrie has grown as a person and doesn't need the detective to help her all the time. Good for her but I still want y skeleton to save some peoples asses with humor, luck, and lack of eyeballs. Quotes that mad me laugh out loud: You have a gun, Tanith has a sword I want a stick. As a nice surprise you know?

How would that be even possible, let alone… nice? Derek Landy has outdone himself with Mortal Coil , the fifth and my personal favourite so far of the Skulduggery Pleasant series. Skulduggery and the gang are forced to deal with an invasion of body-snatching remnants while Valkyrie goes on a mission to seal her true name before it can be used against her Things get darker in this novel and there's some truly horrifying scenes that had me reading through the night to find out what happened next just so I could sleep W-O-W.

Things get darker in this novel and there's some truly horrifying scenes that had me reading through the night to find out what happened next just so I could sleep easy. But as always, there's also some fantastically funny scenes that kept me reading just because I wanted to. There's also a lot more romance creeping into the story - and I'm a sucker for romance when it's done well. Gotta say, as far as Valkyrie is concerned, I'm a Fletcher girl.

Caelan is a little too shifty and suspicious for my liking! But Tanith and Ghastly? Landy must've ripped out my heart a dozen times by the end of the book regarding those two, but I'm still holding out hope. Can't wait to see where Landy takes the series next. Jun 12, Viktoria rated it really liked it Shelves: He is just a very good and interesting character! Actually the story isn't that important somehow, i mean it's good and well thought through.

But the interesting part is the interaction between those great characters! Most of the time it's not laughing out loud funny, it's kind of a quiet sarcasm and irony. Which suits the story and the characters very well. And you cannot know for sure whether they are good or evil. You just hope that they are good but even Skulduggery has Skulduggery is back! You just hope that they are good but even Skulduggery has a very dark side in him and Valkyrie as well.

I enjoy that immensely! That actually gives it quite a realistic feeling, although they are all characters from a magical world. What i did not so much liked this time was the fighting. Over half the book are descriptions of fights. Interesting and sometimes funny ones, but near the end it felt a bit boring and overused. I wish Landy have had other ideas of having a face to face conflict between characters, maybe just a different kind of physical fight,to give it another feeling. Still, i think this series is highly entertaining and Skulduggery is one of the best mail character ever! Apr 26, Sam rated it it was amazing.

All hell breaks loose in this novel. If you haven't started reading this series yet, then I insist that you do! This one has amped up the evil and the creepiness with the remnants which are featured in another book taking over bodies. One thing that has changed which wasn't really in the others is the amount of kissing in this. I don't mind a good kissing session in a book but I think that maybe younger teenage boys who have been reading the series may be put off by it. I am also seeing some ' All hell breaks loose in this novel.

I am also seeing some 'Twilight' in this with the whole 'Vampire being gorgeous and in love with the main character', I was a bit disappointed as I recall the Vampires being scary in the first book not cute. There was a sad-ish moment towards the end which I won't give away but I am a little upset about it. And there's a small cliffhanger at the end, so I'm really looking forward to the next one. Landy has out done himself with this one, Bring on the Death Bringer! That one was well good. I feel like the series takes a turn for the very dark at 5, probably because of the Remnants.

It's really interesting, all the themes of darkness within, who we are, how darkness can latch on inside us. Is it a part of you like Darquesse or an external force like a Remnant? I forgot how much I love Fletcher. Annoying, yes, but adorable!

Paperback Editions

Also, these books are still ridiculously funny. Rereading them as an adult I'm That one was well good. Rereading them as an adult I'm noticing lots of interesting things, for example the multiple third person POV. It's fab -- we go all over, in the heads of all the MCs and also the heads of random people who never reappear, which sounds like a dodgy technique, but works really well, because Landy writes everything with such wit and humour. The one person whose POV we never experience is Skulduggery, despite his being the eponymous character.

I don't know what to surmise from this, but it's fascinating! I honestly think that Mortal Coil has one of the best endings in this series. I actually don't remember a whole lot that happens in the series after this point which is weird because I'd read them more recently than the earlier books.

But oh god I am so excited to see what happens again. Aug 13, Foreverfangirl rated it it was amazing Shelves: Oct 02, Sand-Witch rated it it was amazing. This book will crack you up. The skull dude makes jokes without realising that he is making jokes and its hilarious. Even when the bad guys are talking to the good guys. Apart from the funny stuff, the book also has some intense and scary stuff in it. View all 3 comments. Jul 05, Amy rated it liked it. A few of my previous complaints about this series have included - 1.

Decrease in snappy humor 2. Increase in tendency towards darkness 3. General creepiness and kind of disturbing. Back of the cover was inappropriate Mortal Coil doesn't really stray from any of those problems. In fact, the front cover is a seriously creepy picture of Skulduggery's head and a whole bunch of skeleton and human hands reaching for it.

I've been trying to keep it face down as much as possible, which It's I've been trying to keep it face down as much as possible, which is generally not a good sign. There is decidedly a lack of snappy humor in this book. It's not laugh-out-loud, crying-till-you-kicked-out-of-the-library sort of humor.

There were maybe half a dozen comebacks that were genuinely funny. I think giggled more because I wanted something to giggle about then because it was that great. A Fiend in Need made me laugh harder. No, this was definitely not like the first book in the series. There is still Necromancer activity, possession by disturbing little Remnant things, and other dark things I did not fully appreciate. Yet I gave it three stars.

Yeah, actually, I think I did. Despite the inappropriate cover, it was a tinge less darker, less morbid then the preceding book. It was less comical, true, but there is more character change. There were less "deep dark hints" into Skulduggery's "evil past". In fact, I like how the "philosophical" nature in some ways adds to the story. Can the future be changed? What drives a person to become totally, whacked out evil? Can Valkyrie prevent herself from becoming Darquesse and destroying the world?

Is it right to hurt a mortal, innocent person if they are being controlled by an evil being?

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What do you do when one of your best friends is controlled by a Remnant and dating a really awful guy? That is, I think, why I enjoyed this book more.

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It's transformed itself from silly humor and emotionally irritating scenes of self-doubt to a more natural and questioning balance. Valkyrie is now a trained warrior. There is no more little girl learning about magic for the first time. She's building deep relationships with her friends.