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  2. Retribution (C.J. Townsend #1) by Jilliane Hoffman
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He knows the details needed to stop the attack. When she discovers that her data is being used by a hidden program to take away the free will of their subjects, she runs to the SSU. If she succeeds, Rafe will face the most harrowing mission of his life.

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If she fails, an army of superhuman soldiers will be unleashed against an innocent population in a plan of retribution taken to deadly extremes. Add this book to your Goodreads shelf: Just outside that door, under one of the exterior lights, two women stood at awkward angles to each other.

Rafe felt a tingle of excitement across the back of his neck. Thanks to the satellite photos, Rafe knew several troop transport trucks had driven through another door further down the rock formation, indicating a probable garage or loading dock. Since the mystery woman had to be sleeping somewhere, it was likely the underground portion of the facility also held living quarters.

Which meant more places for Rafe and his team to search for Nate Ngoro, their missing teammate. Rafe shifted his binoculars to the woman on the left. His men liked to tease, but damn, she made him hot. A clip held her honey blonde hair behind her ears, revealing a long, stubborn shot of jaw that ended in a slightly square chin. Rafe found perfectly symmetrical beauty boring and Dr. Still, even with her being too thin he had a hard time keeping his eyes off her. There was no disputing that comment. Four months ago Dr.

Montague had been listed among the fatalities in a bus crash on her way home from vacation. The other doctors specialized in such diverse topics as drug rehabilitation, hypnosis to cure obsessive-compulsive disorder, and the use of growth hormones. There were three psychiatrists, ten medical doctors, sixteen lab assistants, and six administrative staff. A snort came through the com link. Rafe ignored the gibes of his men. Unglaublich gut angefangen, im Mittelteil unglaublich abgeflacht und dann im letzten Viertel noch mal aufgedreht.

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Eher ein klassischer Krimi mit ein paar Thrillerelementen May 12, Maddy rated it did not like it Shelves: Say it isn't so: All were criminal acts. She had to be very careful not to take this any further.


Suffice it to say that I was entertained by this book in ways totally unintended by the author. View all 7 comments. Mar 18, Wendy rated it it was amazing Shelves: Retribution is a fascinating debut novel! I was hooked from the first page to the very end. Set in NYC, law student C. Townsend survives a brutal rape and disfigurement committed by a masked intruder who is never caught. Unable to put it behind her she moves to Miami and takes a job at the State Attorney's office where her past comes back to haunt her.

View all 6 comments. Jilliane Hoffman, Retribution Putnam, It's not often that a single book causes me to put aside everything else I'm reading to concentrate on it. I got my copy of Retribution in the mail, and started paging through it about half an hour later. Thirty-six hours later, with little food and sleep in the interim, I'd finished it, having put aside the other books in the queue to concentrate solely on Jilliane Hoffman's debut novel. Some books are best summed up with the same "what if?

Retribution (C.J. Townsend #1) by Jilliane Hoffman

Such is the premise of Retribution. Townsend, an Assistant District Attorney in Miami, was raped and tortured in , while still in law school in New York, by an assailant she knows only as The Clown. He left her for dead; she survived, and a nervous breakdown and twelve years of therapy later, she's relocated to south Florida, changed her name, and managed to erase her past. Then a man is pulled over for a routine traffic stop, and in the trunk of his car is found the tenth victim of the serial killer known as Cupid.

Many of the details of the case are all too well-known to Townsend, for they remind her of her own violation so many years before. Then, in court, she sees a distinctive scar her rapist had, and knows she's prosecuting her own assailant Hoffman, an ex-Florida ADA herself begging the autobiographical question, of course , delivers the goods in her debut novel.

She gives us a well-drawn and engaging cast of characters, a fabulous plot, and almost perfect pacing. The novel rarely slows, and when it does, it picks back up again promptly. While it lacks the onion-like layers of mystery of, say, Erin Hart's recent debut Haunted Ground, Hoffman zeroes in on the simpler mystery she supplies us here and relies on the ethical subtexts for layering; when the prosecutor knows the defendant in such a way, does the case become prosecution or persecution?

And how will keeping all the necessary secrets affect Townsend's life, and the lives of those around her, especially in a case where everyone knows the media will be digging so far into it that someone's bound to turn something up? It's probably not the greatest of form to describe a book with a January release date as great summer reading, but that's exactly what Retribution is.

The ending does go a bit over the top. But it's such a fine rollercoaster ride we'll forgive Ms. Hoffman the stock serial killer climax. Oh, and one other great thing about those twists and turns-just when you think you've figured out the end of the novel, Hoffman springs what you just figured out on you in the next few pages. The revelations of various bits of information throughout are as well-constructed as they are in a Hideo Nakata film, leaving the reader wondering what's coming around the next turn.

Jilliane Hoffman is going places. This is a remarkable debut novel. Not everyone can stomach the horrors that were perpetrated on her, but from that moment on, I understood her motivation. The character was well written, and I felt her fear, paranoia, anger and loss of control.

This book was not a white-knuckle page turner; it slowly and methodically revealed the story and its surprises. It is also a sad, but perhaps realistic, commentary on our law enforcement a This is a remarkable debut novel. It is also a sad, but perhaps realistic, commentary on our law enforcement and legal systems.


I think readers of this book will have to judge for themselves what is right and what is wrong. View all 4 comments. Hahaha, don't bother with this juvenile mess. What a vapid offering. The writing was terrible, it was a bad book. Also, there was no mystery there to speak of. Anyone who has ever read a book or two, or is familiar with a working of a simple mystery novel, would be able to figure out who the increasingly cartoonish killer is.

Plus, I think Hoffman needs to see someone professionally.

See a Problem?

Almost every character, cardboard as they were, was overly sexual. Now there is nothing necessarily wrong with tha Hahaha, don't bother with this juvenile mess. Now there is nothing necessarily wrong with that. We are sexual beings after all, and sex in books humanize otherwise fictional characters, it makes us see them as humans. But there are other ways of characterizations. There are other things in life, better things, more tangible things. Trust me, sex is way overrated. Also, never trust anyone who says trust me. You are all so gullible, hehe. Now quasi-erotica is not a bad thing in itself, it can serve a purpose and might work too.

Just the end result here is unintentionally hilarious, the writing really laughable. You look at the author, she seems like a sweet old lady, you wouldn't think she'd be so sex-crazed. I wouldn't want to call her a nymphomaniac, that's derogatory, Kongos's Egomaniac, sure, but not a nymphomaniac.

Everyone should be able to express themselves sexually without being shamed for it. Just, the author needs help. The main baddie did something to one of his poor victims, something that years later, I found out had an actual name. I am not clutching at my pearls, it was just so egregiously shocking and in very poor taste. Not to mention so completely unnecessary that it stood out for me.

So when recently, I came across the terminology, its meaning in the Urban Dic and thought to myself, so that's what he did. Like I said, the author needs to see someone. Avoid these safe books, maybe if enough of us did that, the publishers would stop spewing out these low-quality contemporary novels. Last words, final thoughts: Any writer that uses the term "panty creaming good looks" ought to be disbarred from writing. Is what I think. Der Klappentext klingt ja einfach schon sehr gut und das Buch hat auch so angefangen.

Was ich dann aber gar nicht erwartet hatte, war, dass sich die Autorin mehr auf die juristische Seite konzentriert als auf die Ermittlungsarbeit der Detectives. Das hat mich aber einfach total begeistert was war von einer Jurastudentin auch anderes zu erwarten: Dadurch wird auch super auf Probleme eingegangen, die ich bei anderen Thrillern, die sich mehr auf die Ermittlung konzentrieren, teilweise vermisse Der Klappentext klingt ja einfach schon sehr gut und das Buch hat auch so angefangen. Dadurch wird auch super auf Probleme eingegangen, die ich bei anderen Thrillern, die sich mehr auf die Ermittlung konzentrieren, teilweise vermisse.

Leider hat mir aber gerade dieser Teil nicht so gefallen. Der Schreibstil hat mich an einigen Stellen etwas aus dem Lesefluss gerissen, aber sonst konnte man das Buch sehr schnell lesen. Auch war es, bis auf ein paar Seiten im Mittelteil, immer sehr spannend. Aber das war bei dem Fall auch klar. Die Autorin schreibt so erschreckend brutal und gut. Weiter geht es mit 'Morpheus'. Jan 26, Emily rated it liked it Shelves: Jul 24, Pamela rated it did not like it Shelves: Judging from the other reviews it looks like I'm the only one who did not enjoy this book.

I should have learned my lesson after reading her other one. Nor was it suspenseful or thrilling. It revolves around C. Townsend who is a district attorney in the state of Florida. Twelve years earlier while studying in New York she was Judging from the other reviews it looks like I'm the only one who did not enjoy this book. Twelve years earlier while studying in New York she was violently raped.

This is where the story becomes more ridiculous than it already is. As well, throughout the entire plot she just goes on and on about her rape. None of the characters jump out and they have no depth. The blossoming relationship between C. There are way better books out there to read. You might want to do the same. Der Anfang ist dann auch recht vielversprechend: Aber nach der ersten Szene flacht der Spannungsbogen ziemlich ab.

Jilliane Hoffman ist dennoch ein ordentlicher Thriller gelungen. May 30, Liz Cee rated it it was amazing. This is classic edge-of-your-seat suspense! I don't want to delve too much into the plot because the twists and turns are what makes this an excellent read.

Chloe Larson is a law student in New York, about to take the bar. One night, she is brutally tortured and raped by a man who, horrifyingly, knows so many intimate details about her. She survives and, 12 years later, is living in Florida and practicing law under a new name and appearance. Her attacker was never captured. We travel with CJ as she This is classic edge-of-your-seat suspense! We travel with CJ as she begins to prosecute the case of "Cupid" a horrific serial murder.

She encounters the familiar and begins to spiral into madness. Despite the typos and the fact that everyone seems to smoke, I am giving this one top marks.