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  3. Finding Christopher: One mother's story from the 'baby scoop era'
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Symptoms of OCD such as paralyzing fear, rituals, and intrusive, unwanted thoughts can be debilitating for children, making it critical they receive the right kind of treatment. Pam tried many OCD treatments over the course of her son's childhood, from natural remedies such as acupuncture, yoga and essential oils, to medications and traditional therapy.

But no matter how hard Pam and her son tried, none of these approaches were enough to maintain steady progress. Then came the summer of Her son was 17 and facing college in the fall. She knew he needed a more intensive, daily program. His regular therapist recommended Rogers Behavioral Health as a place where her other patients had found success.

Held five days a week for four weeks, the program provided individualized treatment, cognitive behavioral therapy , dialectical behavioral therapy, exposure and response prevention , and more. Throughout the program, her son gained tools to manage OCD at home, learned to overcome intrusive thoughts, and developed new confidence in himself.

She said she was not sure if she wanted to be on the fertility drugs required, and there also was the big expense. Smith began her treatment with Silber in July , nearly six years after she first began trying to get pregnant. Before Smith began treatment, she was teaching elementary school.

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Smith and her husband decided she would quit her job once the treatment started so she could concentrate on getting pregnant. Staying at home and not having her income was a slight adjustment to their budget, Smith said.

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But the Smiths said they have no regrets about their investment. When you think about it, all it was is money. What we do with our money now means so much more. The Smiths are not alone in creating a baby through the IVF procedure. Silber also said those numbers would be higher if insurance companies covered treatment for infertility.

Silber said he defines an infertile couple as one that fails to get pregnant after one year of trying. While 85 percent of those trying to get pregnant will within one year, 80 percent will get pregnant in the second year, Silber said. They have their education, career and marriage.

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Everybody is so healthy, so why worry? Silber recommends that any woman age 35 and older not wait to be seen by an infertility specialist if she is having trouble getting pregnant. Silber said when he first sees a patient, he takes a sperm count of the husband and sexual history of the couple. While there are several causes of infertility and several options to get pregnant, Silber said in vitro fertilization not only is the most effective, but the most cost effective as well. Silber also said IVF is the most common form of assisted reproductive technology available today.

This procedure achieves remarkable pregnancies even in women with hopelessly damaged fallopian tubes. Silber said many couples have gone through other, more expensive conventional treatments that have not worked. Once a couple chooses to pursue IVF, they pick a target date for the IVF procedure with Silber and then count backward, usually six weeks. First, the woman is on hormones for two weeks to suppress the pituitary gland.

The next two weeks, the woman is stimulated with hormones to get her ovaries to produce multiple eggs.

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Silber said 15 to 20 eggs is a good number with which to start. For Smith, she said she was surprised the drugs did not adversely affect her. Her husband administered the shots, which she said probably was the most uncomfortable part of the process. Ryan did make words, though they were limited. Ryan would refuse almost all foods except cheerios, bread, yogurt, cheese, milk and pasta. It was like nothing existed for him.

Finding Christopher: One mother's story from the 'baby scoop era'

First we cried, I cried a lot, not understanding how this happened, not understanding what this meant for Ryan and how it would impact our lives forever. I was angry, we tried so hard to have a child, a healthy child, how could this happen. There was no denial though, we knew we had to continue and we would do what we had to, to help Ryan come out of his world and into ours. I decided to leave the work force. I had worked full time for 16 years as a RN in various hospitals. The Psychologist advised me to go to Parentbooks, a store in Toronto and buy some books and start reading.

Days later we flew back to the Middle East and started a new chapter in our lives. Our life long journey had begun seeking knowledge and acquiring increased patience.

Mother (video game) - Wikipedia

It was not good or bad, it was just different. I read all night, highlighting passages and making notes. This book changed our lives. I followed many of the interventions Ms. Seroussi did with her child.

I hired a Sudanese teacher living in our area who had some experience with children with disabilities to help me. Our main goal at first was to make eye contact, to have Ryan become more comfortable with quick eye glances, to help him understand simple commands. He screamed in pain to look at us even so briefly. Those were difficult years. While overseas we had little support.