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That said, there are ways to make something seem more original than it actually is. The group enters an ogre-shaped cave. Naraku appears and tries to take the shard Kagome is carrying. The ogre-shaped cave comes alive. Miroku tries to destroy Naraku with the wind tunnel but is poisoned by the saimyosho, Naraku's demon wasps. Naraku leaves, and the group is stuck in the belly of the ogre who is beginning to digest them. Inuyasha tries to blast out using diamond spears, but Naraku has strengthened the walls.

Desperate, Inuyasha takes the shard from Kagome and embeds it in Tetsusaiga. The evil aura from the ogre taints the shard and then flows into Inuyasha. He turns into full-demon form. Before Inuyasha can go on a rampage, Kagome flings her arms around him and purifies the tainted shard. Despite the acid burning her legs, Kagome holds onto Inuyasha, who still in full-demon form but clear-eyed and clear-headed, is able to use enhanced diamond spears to break out of the ogre's belly.

Meanwhile, Kikyo meets Kanna who is fleeing with the infant. A surprise attack from Moryomaru prevents Kikyo from killing the infant. Naraku gives Kagura the task of guarding an imprisoned and very-much-alive Goryomaru. Mouryoumaru's flesh resurrects a Meioujuu, which said to have the strongest armored shields, to attack a castle that contains armor made from one of its shields.

It absorbs the armor, becoming strong enough to repel InuYasha's adamant barrage when the group fights it. Mouryomaru absorbs the Meioujuu and gains its powers. During InuYasha's new-moon human phase, the group is attacked by the youkai Nikosen, who can survive decapitation. At sunrise, Tetsusaiga absorbs Nikosen's power, preventing backfire from using the dragon scale. Tetsusaiga completely fails to work against the youkai lake Numawatari, but Sesshomaru finishes it with the Meidou Zangetsuha. A Byakuya's youkai captures two brothers from Koga's clan, Kai and Shinta.

The youkai use Kai to draw out Koga with an embedded jewel shard. Koga saves Shinta and exterminates the Byakuya's youkai with the power of Goraishi. InuYasha's group fights Mouryoumaru, who takes Kai's shard and flees from InuYasha's new ability to cut youketsu. Koga fights despite knowing that because of Midoriko's will, his legs won't move in battle. Mouryomaru absorbs Naraku, merging the Shikon jewel inside, and takes the shards from Koga's legs.

Naraku reappears inside Mouryomaru and uses the Youmeiju's ability to absorb Akago, Naraku's heart. Naraku traps Kikyo, InuYasha, and Kagome with spiderwebs in the sky, worsening the miasma in Kikyo's body; Kagome cannot purify it because the webs have touched her own malice. InuYasha and Kikyo stay behind while the others search for a bow that can heal the miasma. Sesshomaru prevents Byakuya from catching Kohaku.

Inuyasha's group find a village plagued by Kaou, a youkai that consumes people's pain and suffering. Kaou reveals the unhappiness about Kikyo in InuYasha's and Kagome's hearts before they defeat him.

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During the new moon, the group finds a place haunted by a bone-manipulating youkai. Miroku and Sango confront the youkai, which is looking for bones to heal its sick father. The youkai decides to make medicine out of Sango's boomerang and captures them in a bone cage. Kirara escapes to warn Inuyasha, Kagome and Shippo. Miroku gets poisoned; to save his life, Sango is forced to destroy the youkai's father and her boomerang. Inuyasha defeats the youkai.

Shippo takes the kitsune exam for advanced demon magic and gets promoted to lower senior 8th rank for fooling Inuyasha. When Kagome returns from her middle-school graduation, Naraku uses the complete Shikon jewel to transform into a gigantic spider with Rin inside his body. Inside the Meidou, the jewel tries to tempt Kagome into wishing to return to her world, which would leave the jewel completely tainted. Inuyasha uses Tetsusaiga's Meidou to find Kagome.

No longer fearing abandonment, she wishes that the Jewel would disappear forever. The chapter was later included in the last volume of wide ban Inuyasha reprint in Ne no Kubi has escaped and seeks the Shikon no Tama. Inuyasha killed Ne no Kubi and Kagome Higurashi is able to help him without outside spiritual assistance. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Kagome Higurashi, a year-old junior high school student, is dragged into the Bone Eater's Well by Mistress Centipede, an insect-demon. She escapes and emerges in the past. Kagome turns out to be the reincarnation from the deceased maiden Kikyo, with the sacred Shikon Jewel also reborn inside her body. When Mistress Centipede attacks again and rips out the jewel, Kagome awakes the half-demon InuYasha who was sealed 50 years ago by Kikyo. InuYasha kills Mistress Centipede, then attacks Kagome to get the jewel. When a carrion-crow demon steals the jewel, Kagome shoots the crow with an arrow and shatters the jewel into hundreds of shards that scatter all over Japan.

Demon Yura of the Hair attacks Kagome to get a jewel shard, throwing Kagome falls down the well and back to her time. Kaede tells InuYasha that to defeat Yura, he needs Kagome's help; he goes through the well to Kagome's time, but Yura sends her hair after them. Kagome returns with InuYasha to his time to stop Yura.

Back in the Feudal era , as InuYasha and Yura fight each other, Kagome breaks open one skull whose hair strands lead to Yura's hands; Yura dissolves, and Kagome recovers Yura's jewel shard. Some time later, Inuyasha's half brother Sesshomaru and his subordinate Jaken search for the grave of The Great Dog Demon, InuYasha's and Sesshomaru's father, and the heirloom sword Tetsusaiga that lies in the grave. InuYasha sees a vision of his dead human mother saying that Sesshomaru has resurrected her and is holding her hostage in exchange for the location of the grave.

Kagome destroys the illusion, but Sesshomaru deduces that a portal to the grave is in one of InuYasha's eyes, which he rips out to open the portal. Sesshomaru cannot touch Tetsusaiga because of its magical shield against full demons; Kagome accidentally pulls it from the stone and gives it to InuYasha.

InuYasha and Sesshomaru fight, and Sesshomaru retreats after having one arm cut off. InuYasha and Kagome meet Takeda Nobunaga on his way to rescue Princess Tsuyu, whose husband's soldiers have been kidnapping young women. InuYasha and Kagome kill the demon and recover its jewel shard, liberating the women from the eggs.

In the modern times, a woman approaches the Higurashi shrine to have a flesh-eating Noh mask exorcised, but the mask escapes and takes over her body. Because the mask's body is disintegrating, it tries to compensate by eating more and more people. When the mask attacks Kagome for her jewel shards, she runs away and sends Sota to the well to summon InuYasha.

InuYasha follows them and destroys the mask, recovering the jewel shard which was animating it. Back in the Feudal era, a child demon named Shippo steals Kagome's jewel shards, seeking revenge on the Thunder Brothers Hiten and Manten for his father's death. Manten senses that Shippo has some shards and goes after him. Manten captures Kagome, planning to boil her to make hair-potion.

Hiten and Manten find and fight InuYasha to get the remaining shards. Hiten eats Manten's heart to absorb his brother's demonic powers into his own. However, InuYasha slices him in two with Tetsusaiga. While Tetsusaiga's scabbard is being repaired, Kagome returns to modern times. A girl's ghost is trying to hurt people. The girl, Mayu, died in a fire and mistakenly blames her death on her mother and brother also injured in the same fire. InuYasha stops Mayu from killing her brother and Kagome. When the soul piper demon tries to drag Mayu to Hell to become an evil spirit, InuYasha and Kagome follow them to the apartment where she died.

Kagome grabs Mayu from the brink of Hell, telling her to reconcile with her mother. Mayu agrees and the demon releases her. Mayu and her mother forgive each other and Mayu becomes a good spirit, ascending to Heaven.

Read online Cobalt City Rookies PDF, azw (Kindle), ePub - Books

The night of the new moon temporarily strips InuYasha of his demonic powers, but the group is able to escape. When InuYasha and Shippo go back for the jewel shards, the leader of the spider-heads injects InuYasha with spider venom. Kagome rescues InuYasha and they hide in another room, sealing the door with Tetsusaiga while Myoga sucks out the venom. InuYasha regains his demon strength at sunrise and kills the master by ripping the shards back out.

Meanwhile, the ogress Urasue robs Kikyo's grave and creates a clay doll from her ashes and grave dust, attempting to resurrect the dead miko. Realizing that Kikyo's soul has been reincarnated, Urasue kidnaps Kagome; just as the others arrive, Urasue drives the soul out of Kagome's body when InuYasha utters Kikyo's name. Revived in the clay body, Kikyo kills Urasue and tries to kill InuYasha, blaming him for her death. InuYasha denies killing Kikyo, who runs away when Kagome starts recovering her soul.

Miroku , a lecherous and thieving monk, recruits Hachiemon , a racoon-dog demon, to help him steal the shard. When InuYasha and Kagome find him in a town, they run to the outskirts to avoid endangering the town's people. Miroku uses his wind tunnel against InuYasha, who is saved when Kagome leaps between them. Miroku identifies Naraku as the killer of Kikyo. They decide to work together to hunt Naraku and collect jewel shards. An artist is creating demons from his paintings of Hell, drawn with a jewel shard in his ink.

He fights with InuYasha. When he gets a cut and spills ink on himself, the ink dissolves him. Kagome picks up the tainted jewel shard, purifying it in the process. To replace the arm cut off by InuYasha, Naraku offers Sesshomaru a human arm with a jewel shard embedded in it, claiming that it will allow him to wield Tetsusaiga.

Sesshomaru finds InuYasha and his friends, knocks Tetsusaiga away, and seizes it with his new arm. Sesshomaru unleashes a giant demon which Miroku starts to suck into his wind tunnel, but the poisoned bees sting Miroku and force him to stop. InuYasha partially tears off Sesshomaru's new arm and reclaims Tetsusaiga, which regains its powers. Sesshomaru flees to remove the rest of the arm, which is turning against him. When Naraku explains that he added something to allow him to retrieve his jewel shard, Sesshomaru decides to kill Naraku.

Fearing for Kagome's safety, InuYasha takes away her jewel shard and throws her down the bone-eater's well, trapping her in modern times by blockading it. InuYasha fights off the hell-wolf Royakan, to whom Naraku then gives a jewel shard and a plant that will kill Royakan unless he kills InuYasha. Shippo hides at the bottom of the bone-eater's well with a shard, which allows Kagome to return to the feudal era just as Royakan's wolves detect Shippo's location.

Energized by her nearby scent, InuYasha easily defeats Royakan. After InuYasha spots him spying nearby, Naraku describes his origin from the fusion of Onigumo with a horde of demons and admits tricking InuYasha and Kikyo into betraying each other. As Naraku disappears into a miasma, Kagome removes the jewel shard in Royakan's forehead, saving his life and turning him back into a friendly demon. Kagome finds Kikyo first, but Kikyo binds Kagome with a concealment spell.

When InuYasha confronts Kikyo about stealing souls, Kikyo embraces him and tries to drag him down to Hell. Angered by this sight, Kagome unconsciously tries to pull her detached soul fragment away from Kikyo, forcing her to release InuYasha and flee. The "Peach Man" Tokajin lives on a mountainside and eats both people and peaches. A riverside tree consumes his leftovers and bears fruits that look like human heads, which InuYasha's group find floating downstream.

InuYasha goes ahead, hoping to finish before the night of the new moon. Tokajin knocks Tetsusaiga away, then shrinks and swallows InuYasha. Shippo and the others fall into Tokajin's tiny magical garden that shrinks them down to scale. Inside Tokajin's stomach, InuYasha loses his demonic powers, but stabs Tokajin's belly to get vomited out. He regains his full size, but awakes entangled in a thorn bush as Tokajin plans to pickle him. Tokajin takes Kagome out of his tiny garden to restore her to full size as his next meal. Miroku and Shippo escape by hanging onto Tokajin's sleeve and Miroku and help InuYasha to untangle himself.

InuYasha breaks into the kitchen and sees Kagome being boiled alive in sake. They find Tokajin's mentor, a sage who regrets his actions, but is powerless to stop him since he has been converted to a plant. Tokajin acquired his mentor's powers by eating him, except for the secret of longevity which is why he preserved his head. The mentor changes himself into a bow to help Kagome to shoot a sacred arrow at Tokajin as he battles with InuYasha. Her arrow dislodges a jewel shard from Tokajin, whom InuYasha then tackles out through the window.

Tokajin is killed by the fall, but InuYasha lands in the tree and is saved.

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Sango exterminates a demon and takes its jewel shard as payment. InuYasha's group hears of this and goes looking for her. Naraku manipulates Sango's brother Kohaku into killing their relatives as they exterminate a demon, then sends his demons to kill the rest of Sango's village and take their jewel shards.

When Sango survives, Naraku tricks her into blaming InuYasha for the murders. Seeking revenge but still weakened by her injuries, Sango allows Naraku to embed a jewel shard into her back before she attacks InuYasha. During the battle, Naraku steals Kagome's jewel shard and flees, but also partially reveals his demonic nature; distrusting him, Sango sends Kirara after him.

She faints and awakens while being carried on InuYasha's back as he chases Naraku, who confesses that he killed Sango's relatives to steal their jewel shards. She joins the group as the best way to find Naraku and get revenge. A village headman's son pays InuYasha's group to destroy a water god who has been demanding the village boys as sacrifice. The god's attendants are brushed aside, but the god himself is armed with the Amakoi Halberd which is stronger than Tetsusaiga. Some water sprites tell Miroku that the true water goddess is sealed in a cave, and Miroku and Sango free her as InuYasha fights the impostor.

The real goddess opens the waters to help InuYasha fight the impostor god, and kill it. Miroku secretly leaves the group to visit his foster father, Mushin, who can repair the wound from his tunnel. Naraku hears of this and sends a demon puppet to lead the rest of InuYasha's group away from Miroku. An urn grub possesses Mushin and causes him to attack Miroku during surgery; Miroku escapes to his father's grave site besieged by demons.

InuYasha and the others stop the demon and save Mushin. Mushin repairs Miroku's hand as far as he can, but the wind tunnel is permanently widened. Concerned by InuYasha's increasing power, Naraku resurrects Kohaku with a jewel shard in his back and sends him to destroy a village. Sango follows Kohaku to a meeting with Naraku, who threatens to destroy Kohaku unless she brings him Tetsusaiga. To keep Kohaku from killing himself by removing the jewel shard, Sango steals Tetsusaiga and takes it to Naraku. Naraku orders Kohaku to kill Sango, who is wounded but tries to restrain him instead of fighting back.

InuYasha's group arrives and attacks Naraku, but he dissolves into poisonous vapor. Kagome purifies the vapors and destroys most of Naraku's body with her sacred arrow, but Kohaku escapes with Naraku's head. InuYasha and Kagome leave Kirara and Sango in the care of Miroku and Shippo while they look for herbs to counteract the poison. They find that a half-demon named Jinenji is wrongly accused of eating his fellow villagers.

Kagome stays with him and his mother to protect them from the villagers, while InuYasha searches for the real culprit. When the real man-eating demon and its offspring also attack, Kagome wounds it with an arrow, but gets knocked down; Jinenji saves her by punching the man-eater in the mouth and grappling with it. InuYasha returns and kills the demon's offspring while Jinenji rips the parent demon apart.

Jinenji gives healing herbs to the villagers, who help repair the damage to his field. InuYasha's group finds a pit where hundreds of demons are trapped together by Naraku's spells, and are fusing into a composite "imp" intended to become Naraku's new body. Miroku warns InuYasha not to kill it, lest he become absorbed into the composite.

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Kikyo arrives to investigate the pit's evil aura and falls in. Saying that Kagome's actions are more likely to make InuYasha lose his reason instead, Kikyo shoots an arrow that breaks Naraku's spell and frees the imp from its pit. Toto-sai strikes his hammer into the ground, causing lava to erupt, and escapes with InuYasha's group. Sesshomaru demonstrates to Jaken that he cannot kill with Tenseiga, which is a sword of healing. InuYasha again fights Sesshomaru, who uses a dragon's arm to fend off Tetsusaiga until InuYasha figures out how to use Tetsusaiga's "Wind Scar" attack.

Partially blinded by poison, InuYasha hits Sesshomaru with his new "Wind Scar", causing his brother to disappear in a flash of light. Toto-sai decides that InuYasha is worthy of Tetsusaiga after all and agrees to hone the blade; he also says that Tenseiga chose to save Sesshomaru. As Koga and InuYasha fight over Kagome, the harpy king returns to rip the jewel shard out of Koga's arm, severely wounding him. InuYasha destroys the King with the wind-scar and takes his jewel shards, but Kagome stops him from killing Koga for the two shards in his legs. Koga's friends carry him away over his protestations, InuYasha and Kagome argue, and she returns home to modern Tokyo.

In modern Tokyo, Kagome's friends push her to date their schoolmate Hojo ; her reluctance makes them accuse her of having another boyfriend. They badger her into talking about InuYasha, who ends up sounding like a violent, selfish, two-timing chump. Kagome tries to defend his character, making her friends conclude that she loves him. They take Koharu to another village where she will no longer be enslaved. Kanna , another detachment of Naraku, uses her mirror to steal the villagers' souls and control their bodies.

Sango throws her boomerang, but Kanna's mirror bounces it back and knocks Sango out. Kanna controls Koharu into seizing Kagome to steal her soul. As the controlled villagers fight with InuYasha, Kagura arrives. Kagome's soul is too large to fit into Kanna's mirror; although weakened, Kagome is able to defend herself and prevent Kanna from taking her jewel shards. Koharu attacks Miroku, but he knocks her out. Sesshomaru resurrects Jaken with Tenseiga.

Controlled by the sword Tokijin, Kaijinbo attacks InuYasha during the night of the new moon; the rest of the group tries to fight him off while InuYasha remains in his vulnerable full-human form. Tokijin cuts Sango's boomarang in half; even when Miroku splits Kaijinbo's head open, his body keeps fighting. Kageromaru emerges from Juromaru's gut to join the fight, moving almost too quickly to see, and eats some of InuYasha's innards.

InuYasha passes out but awakes when Kageromaru threatens to eat Kagome. InuYasha cuts off one of Kageromaru's arms; when the injured "detachment" hides underground, Sango poisons the nearby soil to drive him back up. Kageromaru emerges and disappears back into Juromaru's gut.

InuYasha unleashes the Wind Scar to destroy both detachments. Kohaku has forgotten Naraku, but the sight of approaching saimyosho jogs his memory and he flees.

He encounters InuYasha's group, which fights off the saimyosho from taking the jewel shard that keeps Kohaku alive. As Sango treats Kohaku's wounds, she tells him that he is her brother. More demons come with Kagura, who demands Kohaku's shard despite suspecting that Naraku is playing a trick on them.

Kagura leads a demon horde against InuYasha's group, supposedly to recover Kohaku's jewel shard.

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As the others fight, Kagome and Kohaku wait inside the shelter until demons break in. Kohaku fights them off, then runs into the forest with Kagome to hide. Afraid that he might kill Kagome when transformed, InuYasha asks Toto-sai for advice. Toto-sai suggests killing InuYasha's father's killer, Ryukotsusei, to gain more control over Tetsusaiga. As InuYasha arrives at the place where Ryukotsusei is sealed, Naraku breaks the seal and tells Ryukotsusei that InuYasha is the son of his old enemy.

InuYasha is unable to injure Ryukotsusei, who gloats that his body is harder than steel and thus invulnerable. Toto-sai arrives with InuYasha's group and says that unsealed, Ryukotsusei can only be destroyed with the Bakuryu-ha "crushing stream", or "backlash wave" in the anime. After InuYasha kills Tsubaki's main demon, her other demons and shikigami all attack.

Kagome rebounds the shikigami, just as Kikyo did in another duel with Tsubaki fifty years ago. The curse breaks and the jewel is purified, although Tsubaki carries it away with her remaining demons before they die. A saimyosho takes the jewel away from Tsubaki, completing her defeat. An orphaned girl, Satsuki, hopes that her "Shikon shard" will bring her older brother back from the wars. Shippo brings her to the house of the village headman, where the group is staying after Miroku exorcized a lizard demon there.

Kagome and Sango look at Satsuki's shard and tell Shippo that it is just a "stone flower", a quartz crystal.

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Shippo tries to steal a real jewel shard for Satsuki, but InuYasha stops him. The lizard demon returns, disguised as Satsuki's brother, and takes her hostage. Shippo helps her escape, while InuYasha and Miroku kill the demon and then credit Shippo for it. Rather than remaining in her family's empty hut, Satsuki finally agrees to let the headman's family adopt her.

A woman tells InuYasha's group what happened.

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When they finds a burning village full of dead bodies. Muso the demon says that he enjoyed killing them. When InuYasha cuts off Muso's arm, saimyosho fuse into a new arm for him. Muso calls Kagome "Kikyo" before InuYasha seems to destroy him with the wind-scar. The group realizes that Muso is Onigumo, Naraku's original human core.

The grandfather admits that he killed his son himself for consorting with humans. To avenge her father, Shiori expels all the ogres from the barrier and InuYasha destroys them with the backlash wave. Shiori asks InuYasha to break the magic orb that creates the barrier; her grandfather's ghost emerges from the orb and attacks, but her father's ghost protects her. InuYasha destroys the grandfather's ghost and breaks the orb with Tetsusaiga, which becomes stronger. InuYasha's group catches Naraku's scent and also closes in, but splits up when Kagome detects the jewel shard embedded in Kohaku, who is guarding Rin.

InuYasha's group meets an old incompetent exorcist who leads them to a haunted castle whose lord seems possessed and kills any servants who approach his quarters. At night, an ogre's head appears in the sky above the castle but their attacks go through it without effect. Miroku realizes that the apparition in the sky is an illusion distracting them from the real ogre, whose head was buried in an underground chamber that the castle's princess shows him.

The ogre's escape turned the burial mound into a pit now filled with the remains of unsuccessful exorcists. Jakotsu, a homosexual sadist, uses a hinged multisection "snake bone" sword against InuYasha and is offended by Sango, a woman, daring to interfere. Mukotsu's poison paralyzes Kagome. Shippo fetches InuYasha away from the fight with Jakotsu. Mukotsu strangles Kagome, disabling Miroku and Sango with his poisons. Immune to the poisons, Sesshomaru saves Kagome by cutting off Mukotsu's arm and killing him with one blow from Tokijin.

Sesshomaru asks them about Naraku's whereabouts, then leaves. A saimyosho takes Mukotsu's shard, but InuYasha chooses to stay with his friends rather than try to follow it to Naraku. Jakotsu observes all of this from a distance and reports to Renkotsu. InuYasha attacks the seemingly innocent doctor and is interrupted by Ginkotsu, Renkotsu, and Jakotsu attacking the villagers. When the doctor protests their actions, Jakotsu attacks him while Ginkotsu and Renkotsu take on InuYasha's group and Kikyo. The doctor transforms into Suikotsu of the Band of Seven, tainting his jewel shard.

When the children plead with Suikotsu, the other members of the Band of Seven drag him away to keep him from transforming back into the kindly doctor. Kikyo and her soul collectors cannot approach Mount Hakurei, but InuYasha's group goes to investigate it. Because of the way the mountain's purifying barrier affects demons, half-demons, and even Miroku for his occasional vices as a lecher and con-man , they decide that Naraku cannot exist inside the barrier.

InuYasha's group decide that the saint is helping Naraku and they return to the mountain.

Miroku and Sango enter the barrier while the others wait outside. Kikyo notices that the barrier is getting stronger and thicker. Renkotsu and Ginkotsu ambush Koga. Koga stuffs some of Renkotsu's armor into Ginkotsu's artillery; the resulting explosion kills Ginkotsu and wounds both Renkotsu and Koga.

Renkotsu flees with Ginkotsu's shard, using it to heal himself. Miroku tells Sango to go on by herself, but she cries and says that she would rather stay and die with him.