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Information concerning the world after death is not taught at schools, many people believe that talk of the world after death is old-fashioned, and spend their lives in ignorance of it. This results in all kinds of confusion when they die and return back to the Real World. No matter how strongly intellectuals may reject the idea, our souls are eternal; we are beings living in an eternal chain that consists of past, present and future.

True death does not occur when the physical body stops functioning. It usually takes place about one day after physical death and is also closely related to how quickly a person is able to accept his or her death. During the first seven days or so, the soul of the deceased person usually remains close to the place he or she lived and tries to follow the lifestyle he or she was used to. The destination that souls take after death varies, and souls can be divided into three groups accordingly:. Souls who fall straight to hell, because living on earth, they led a life full of evil and were possessed by more than four or five hell spirits at the time of death.

Spirit world (Latter Day Saints) - Wikipedia

These souls cannot make the normal departure to the other world, and instead, they go straight down to the depths of hell. This spirit guide could be, in an ordinary case, a close friend, an acquaintance, parents or a sibling who died earlier. At this point everyone must contemplate how best to cross and the way each person crosses shows the level of purity of the soul and how easily he can get rid of all his worldly attachments. So sometimes the mind of great learning according to the standards of earthly learning is more harmful, and retards more the progress of that man in the ways and acquirements of truth, than does the mind that is, as you might say, a blank; that is, without preconceived ideas of what the truth is on a particular subject.

This unfortunate experience exists to a greater extent in matters pertaining to religion than to any other matters, because the ideas and convictions which are taught and possessed of these religious matters affect innumerably more mortals than do ideas and convictions in reference to any other matters. A spirit who is filled with these erroneous beliefs, that may have been taught him from his mortal childhood, and fostered and fed upon by him until he becomes a spirit, is, of all the inhabitants of this world, the most difficult to teach and convince of the truths pertaining to religious matters.

Spirit world (Latter Day Saints)

It is much easier to teach the agnostic, or even the infidel, of these truths, than the hide-bound believer in the dogmas and creeds of the church. So, I say, let the minds of mortals be opened to the teachings of the truth, and even if they are convinced that what they believe is the truth, yet let not that belief stand in the way of them being able to see the truth, when it actually is presented to them.

The Science Of Eternity (FULL DOCUMENTARY)

Another law is that not all who know that life in the spirit world is continuous are certain that continuous life means immortality. I mean by this, that the mere fact of living as a spirit does not of itself prove that such spirit is immortal. This is a subject that spirits discuss as much as do mortals, and it is just as much a question of uncertainty, as is the immortality of the soul as taught among mortals, now and for all ages past.

While men know that the death of the body does not mean the death of the spirit, and that such spirit, which is the real man, continues to live with all its qualities of a spiritual nature, yet there has never been any proof presented to man that that spirit will live for all eternity, or, in other words, that it is immortal. I say this, because I have read the histories and beliefs of most of the civilized, and some not called civilized, nations of the world. And I was not able to find in all my readings that it was ever demonstrated that man is immortal.

Of course, many pagan and sacred writers taught this, but their statements were all based on belief and nothing more; and, so I say, immortality has never to mortals become demonstrated as a fact.

The Spirit World

In the spirit world, the spirits of not only the lower spheres, but those of the higher intellectual or moral spheres, are still debating the question among themselves. I am informed that there are some who lived on earth many centuries ago, and who have become exceedingly wise and learned in the knowledge of the laws of the universe, and have become so free from the sins and errors of their earth life that they may be called perfect men, and yet they do not know that they are immortal. Many of them think that they are just such men or spirits as were they who were represented by Adam and Eve; they know not that they are any less liable to death than were the ones just mentioned.

And hence immortality is a thing which may or may not exist for spirits as well as for mortals. I know that many of your spiritualist friends on earth claim that the mere fact that spiritualism has demonstrated the continuity of life, establishes the fact of immortality. But a few moments consideration will show you the falsity of this reasoning.

Change is the law eternal, both on earth and in the spirit world, and nothing exists the same for any length of time; and in the succession of these changes, how can it be said that in the future, far or near, changes may not come by which the existence of the spirit - the ego of man - may be ended, and that ego take some other form or enter into some other condition, so that it will not be the same ego, and not the same spirit which is now living as a demonstration of the continuity of life?

And so, many spirits, as well as mortals, do not know what is necessary to obtain, to have the certain knowledge of immortality. But many other spirits know that there is an immortality for spirits who choose to seek that immortality in the way that God in his great wisdom and providence has provided. I will not discuss this phase of immortality now, but will at some later time. There is another law, which enables spirits to become, by the mere operation of their natural affections and loves, pure and free from the consequences and evils of their mortal lives, and again become perfect, like the first parents before the fall.

This does not mean that the law of compensation does not operate to the fullest, and that it does not demand the last farthing, because such is the exactness in the operation of this law, that no spirit is released from its penalties, until he has satisfied the law.

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There is no special punishment inflicted by God on any particular man, but the law of punishment operates alike on every man. If the facts that brings that punishment into operation are the same, that punishment will be the same, no matter whether the object of its infliction be the same or different persons. So you see, it cannot be escaped, on any ground of special dispensation, so long as the facts which call for its operation exist, and the conscience and memories of the spirit realize these facts.

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But after a little while, memory commences to work, as the soul is awakened, and then never ceases until the penalties are paid. Some spirits live here a great number of years before they receive this relief; while others more quickly obtain it. The greatest cause which operates to relieve these spirits of these memories is love. I now mean the natural love; and this love embraces many qualities, such as remorse and sorrow, and the desire to make amends for injuries done, etc.

He cannot possibly feel remorse or regret or the desire to atone, until love, no matter how slight, comes into his heart.

Death and the Afterlife

He may not realize just what the cause of these feelings may be, but it is love just the same. Well, as these various feelings operate, and he acts in accordance with them, a memory here and there will leave him, never to return; and as these memories in turn leave him, his sufferings become less, and after awhile, when they have all left him, he becomes free from the law, and it, as to him, becomes extinct.

But it must not be understood that this is a work of quick operation, for it may be years - long, weary years of suffering - before he becomes thus free and once more a spirit without sin or these memories. This is the way the great law of compensation is satisfied; it cannot be avoided, but all its demands must be met, until sin and error are eradicated, and the soul returned to a pure state.

But this gradual release from these penalties does not mean that a spirit is progressing in his journey to the higher and brighter spheres; because even without this torture and torment, he may still remain stationary as to the development of his higher nature, mental and moral. But when he has been relieved of these sufferings, he is then in a condition to start towards the progression that I have spoken of.

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