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Allegory of the plague: This allegory is considered to be a representation of the plague and its high contagiousness, and suggests that, in addition to the catapulting of cadavers into besieged cities, plague may also be transmitted by using inoculated arrows. Please note that Category C agents are not listed. Category C agents include emerging pathogens and pathogens that are made more pathogenic by genetic engineering.

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Developing a network of credible countermeasures requires a consistent demonstration of intent to defeat bioterrorists backed by a viable capability. It also contains detailed information on Anthrax, Smallpox and other potentially lethal diseases that may be released into the population by bioterrorists. The bottom chart lists the USDA high consequence livestock pathogens and outlines species affected, mode of transmission, clinical signs, and whether or not humans are affected.

It summarizes disease information for potential bioterrorism and agroterrorism agents.

ED Farmácia Bioterrorismo

Diseases from Selected Zoonotic Agents Wallchart This wallchart lists numerous zoonotic disease agents, their transmission routes, human and animal clinical signs, and incubation periods. This wallchart complements the zoonotic agents already displayed on the Bioterrorism and High Consequence Pathogens Wallchart above.

El origen del ébola y sus epidemias más graves

Select Zoonotic Diseases of Companion Animals Wallchart This wallchart summarizes numerous zoonotic disease agents and their transmission routes, incubation period, animal species affected, and clinical signs in animals and humans. It serves as a quick reference for students, laboratorians, veterinarians and other medical professionals.

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