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There is more to proofing a manuscript than spell check.

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On example is "a pan of gloves", really? The story held up amazingly well and makes me appreciate the advances in medicine since those days. I suppose she was hoping it would inspire me to go into nursing. I had long lost that copy, but found another here on Amazon, which I just had to have for my personal library. The book brings back good memories and I'm sure inspired many to go into the nursing profession. The book follows young Cherry as she starts nursing school and gives the reader a look into what it takes to become a nurse.

I highly recommend it for pre-teens and teenagers who are thinking about going into that field of work. I read these books as a preteen and was delighted when they showed up on kindle. I put off buying them because of the price. When the price dropped yesterday I bought this book. I stayed up late to finish it. Granted the writing isn't as good as many current authors, but it was very interesting to see how nursing has changed. I thought it worth rereading. I was very young when I first read the book and it shaped my life.

I was upset to find that they didnt jave the nursing schools like that anymore, but ive been working for almost 30 years in thet medical field as a CMA and a MA educator.

I was so happy to find it again. Having read all the Ames books as a girl, I was thrilled to read these again. Of course they all reflect the time and the society as it was.

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And there is lots of praise for dedication to the profession and to the war effort. Written for young girls, this was the beginning of a new age.

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Cherry Ames : At Hilton Hospital, ""Island Nurse"", ""Rural Nurse"", ""Staff Nurse

The Butterfly Lion Michael Morpurgo. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban J. Edward the Emu Sheena Knowles. Billionaire Boy David Walliams. Other books in this series. A young man, victim of a car accident, is brought to Emergency with a broken leg. Shortly after he is admitted to the hospital, the doctors discover that ""Bob Smith"" has been suffering from amnesia for several months. Where is his home?

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What tragic happening caused such distress that his memory is a blank? Answers to these questions must be found if ""Bob"" is to be cured. Working under the direction of the medical and psychiatric doctors, Cherry plays a crucial role in helping the patient to get well and to find a solution to the dilemma that caused his ""flight from memory.

During her free time, Cherry follows up obscure clues and encounters suspiciously difficult people and an alarmingly tangled situation. Here is a fascinating story that will be long remembered by the lovable nurse heroine's legions of admirers, both young and young at heart. Joe Fortune had quickly diagnosed, and Cherry is assigned to care for the truculent but endearing old Scotsman. Cherry soon suspects that more than illness is worrying the peppery owner of the Balfour Iron Mines, and her suspicions only deepen upon their arrival at Barclay House on Balfour Island.

True, there is trouble at the mines. But the mysterious actions of Sir Ian's erstwhile friend, Jock Cameron, force Cherry to conclude that trouble of even greater consequence is in the making. What hold does the industrialist Broderick have over Sir Ian? The startling solution to this baffling mystery waits for Cherry in three different places: Cherry Ames, Flight Nurse 6.

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