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Andrew just got hold of a couple of their novels at an op shop. What else do you think criminality could be attributed to? I think criminality can be attributed to many factors, occasionally pathology, but more often to poverty and poor education. By extension, I like reading crime fiction that sheds light on social and political issues and social justice. I get tired of stories that depict perpetrators as monsters — or in this case, demons. Thanks for those comments, Margot.

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I did think the Anne Holt was very well constructed. I think there are very ill human beings, and certainly both justice and mental health systems can fail these people and their families, leading to monstrous results. I must look up the exact quote. I have never read Scandinavian crime fiction but from the reviews I have read I sense a lot of intensity in the fiction which is interesting considering that the Nordic region is said to be one of the most safest and peaceful parts of the world.

Thanks for the review, Angela. Your comment made me smile, Prashant. Agatha Christie had a theory that we read crime fiction to frighten ourselves in a safe way. But I think my view may have been influenced by the fact that I worked in a similar field with troubled children for some years and I felt the way the author handled the whole setting came over as very authentic. It annoys me no end that Nordic Noir has become a catch phrase because I find it meaningless. Most are somewhere in the middle.

Some of the Scandinavian writers also explore socio-political themes in fascinating way — e. I am a fan of any crime fiction which does this but it is only a minority of the whole that manages to do it well, whether it be from Scandinavia or anywhere else. No need to apologise, Bernadette. As you quite rightly point out, it is a brand rather than a genre. While the setting of a story has some influence over what I choose to read — I have a distinct bias for work set in Asia — I am primarily interested in books that are well written and, as I mentioned in an earlier comment, that shed light on social and political issues.

I, too, look for books that expose political and social issues behind violent crimes. But I also recognize mental illness and the total inadequacy — at least in the U. The brutal gunning down of children and adults in several settings over here demonstrates the complete breakdown of the mental health system and the prevalence of gun culture and the ease of purchasing guns.

Why these usually young men are so angry at society and act it out is not something I can explain. But surely, a lot of things are going wrong here, a lot, to result in such terrible violence against innocent people. Or all three causes and more. That is too easy. I like the old-fashioned mysteries with disgruntled relatives, bosses or employees, accountants, lawyers, neighbors, schoolmates, fights over money, whatever. Far better for me to read complicated crimes without serial murderers. And, I, too, wring my hands or silently yell at publishers for the horrific violence against women portrayed in much of crime fiction.

The combination of sex and violence, and the confusion therein, is not good. If so, why is that? Who is reading those type books? And are they sitting next to me on a bus? Innocent in Las Vegas Box Set: Cupcakes, casinos and laughter - join Tiffany Black as she tries to solve these puzzling mysteries. Free on Kindle Unlimited. A Berry Deadly Welcome: Prepare to be hooked! Kylie Berry encounters crazy killers, clueless cooking and new friends in this laugh-out-loud mystery. Night Shift Witch Cozy Mysteries A witch and her gang of magical misfits tackle three murder mysteries.

A brand new female vicar. Will she find out the killer before she's caught too? The Outlier Prophecies books , plus Blood and Magic. A future under attack. An investigator under fire. Can she find the courage to stand up to fate? Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Is this feature helpful? Thank you for your feedback. Read reviews that mention death of the demon hanne wilhelmsen foster home chief inspector anne holt year old run away twists and turns wilhelmsen series oslo police outside oslo home director olav who seeks his mother promoted to chief agnes vestavik detective hanne stabbed to death novel in anne old olav wilhelmsen novel.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. This novel is the reason I read mysteries, especially Nordic ones. It has everything I love in a good whodunit - twists and turns, good characterization, no red herrings, and an ending that knocked my socks off. It is the first novel I've read by Anne Holt but it is not the last. She may be the best Scandinavian mystery writer I've read, and I've read a lot.

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I also am impressed with the quality of Anne Bruce's seamless translation. The book had me in its grips throughout and I had a hard time getting to sleep because I didn't want to put it down. The story both simple and complex. The director of a foster home in Oslo, Norway is found with a knife in her heart.

Hanne Wilhelmsen, Chief Inspector, and her team are directed to solve the crime.

"DEATH OF A DEMON" Original Painting

Hanne is new at her job and is settling in but finding it difficult to delegate to others. The main suspects are the usual - the husband who stands to inherit everything, the lover who has been stealing from the dead woman, the employees of the foster home, and even the children who reside there. One child in particular, a twelve year old boy who has run away, is on the police radar. The police very carefully interview all the possible suspects and the motives become more and more difficult to sort out?

There are several people who could have benefited from the death but who had the opportunity to commit the crime? Is the solution an easy one or do the investigators need to dig deeper? I found the novel easy to follow despite the number of characters in it. I especially enjoyed how the story of Olav Hakonsen, a twelve year-old boy in the foster home, along with his mother's first person narrative, are interspersed in the mystery. This is a fine example of how a great mystery should be constructed.

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Death of a 'demon' | World news | The Guardian

This is the fourth book in the Hanne Wilhelmsen series translated from Norwegian to English. It describes Hanne's encounter with a young boy, most likely a psychopath or sociopath, who is sent to a special home for troubled children. He is not accepted by his peers and tries to run away to his mother more than once.

This does not sit well with the people at the school whose job is to teach him proper behavior. His arrival heralds the beginning of more than the usual problems within the school, including murder. Because all of them seem to occur after he arrives fingers quite naturally point to him as the guilty party. The picture Anne Holt paints of this problem child is disturbing on several levels: Its ending is in some ways fitting The plot is set against the background of Hanne Wlhemsen's growing fears of what might happen to her and her career if her colleagues discover she is a lesbian.

Holt does a good job of balancing those fears with the unspoken sympathetic support of her colleagues.

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This may not be the best of the Hanne Wilhemsen books I liked "" the best but it is an edge of your seat mystery. One person found this helpful. This is the 2nd book I have read by Anne Holt the 3rd in the series I really enjoyed this novel - even more than the first one I read The story begins with the murder of a child group home - Agnes 12 year old, Olav, was recently placed in the home and runs away - he wants to go "home" We learn a lot about several of the caretakers in the group home - their secrets and their lives.

We also learn more Hanna - and how she adjusts to being Chief Inspector - and her friendship with Billy T I Have book 8 in the series - but books 4,5, 6, and 7 do not seem to have been translated into english I don;t know if they will be!!! I don;t know whether to read book 8 - or wait to see if the others are going to be translated: Let me explain the Three-Star rating. Holt writes very well and is a good story-teller, hence 3 stars.

I didn't finish the book because of its unrelenting"darkness.

There was an error trying to load your rating for this title.

I'm a Norwegian by descent and I appreciate "dark," but in this case there seemed to be no hope of a dawn. Anne, I love you,but not this effort. As another reviewer notes, this series has been coming out for a long time in Norwegian -- this one appeared in but is only now being translated into English.

So far at least, the series is compelling and compulsively readable. I've only read the first three novels, and all three have been engrossing, well plotted, and surprising. Moreover, the central characters are rounded individuals with faults and virtues, whose personal lives are intertwined with police story. In this one, the "demon" -- an enraged and powerful child -- is a frightening character who still manages to evoke a kind of sympathy. I look forward to the next in the series -- "In the Lion's Mouth", but I have a bit of a wait ahead: Ah well, it will be worth waiting for.

I was so disappointed in this book. I've read and enjoyed Ms.

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Holt's other books so I kept on reading even though the somewhat clumsy translation and dragging plot. When I got to the end, I couldn't believe that it was so disappointing. I felt robbed of time and attention. One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful.

Death of a 'demon'

Death of the Demon is the 3rd book in the Hanne Wilhelmsen series. This book had me guessing until the killer was finally revealed. Really enjoyed the twists and turns. The interaction between the two characters, in the previous books, was enjoyable. Not unputdownable but good - kept my interest solidly throughout. Very sad really and of all the selfish people in the story, it's the one that has compassion and a work ethic that takes the blame.