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Although President John F. His young family and charisma were well liked by the public, and his years in office were marked by a combination of both success and failure. Usually referred to as JFK, and known to […]. Starting when his father became a U. Bush and his family have been politically active. The 41st President has been heavily involved in U.

Since he is the oldest living President and Vice President, there are a […].

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What was Harry Truman known for? He was ultimately quite an unpopular president, but he is credited with some major accomplishments during his tenure, including creating new divisions of the Armed Services, combatting […]. Historians have long called James Buchanan the worst president in U. Primarily, this is because of his role leading up to the Civil War. He refused to take a stand against the issue of slavery during his tenure, preferring to let each state decide whether to accept slavery or not.

His own Democratic party was […]. Following the War of , America was more united, politically, than they had been in many years. It was in this time of relative stability that Monroe came to power in the U. The Assassination of John F. Kennedy Primary Source Worksheet. This worksheet allows students to use a primary source document to learn about the assassination of John F.

Kennedy from the perspective of Lady Bird Johnson. I use the worksheet to help students better understand the assassination and the chaos that followed. This activity is very easy to use. Lesson Plans Individual , Worksheets , Webquests.

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Expose your students to the wisdom of John F. Kennedy with this Power Point presentation containing 25 quotes from his speeches.

The Suspicious Assassination of JFK

The quotes can also be printed and displayed as classroom signs. Created by Sue Summers Please click here to see my U. This lesson is perfect for any Social Studies class wanting to learn more about John F. Social Studies - History , Civics , U. Lectures , PowerPoint Presentations , Activities.

Kennedy's Presidency PowerPoint Presentation. This engaging and thorough PowerPoint covers everything students need to know about John F. Some of the topics covered are: PowerPoint Presentations , Multimedia. Help your students learn all about the 35th President of the United States while practicing important common core standards!

John F. Kennedy Timeline

This complex, informational text is perfect for a close reading passage. Graphic organizers and practice pages provide plenty of text-based questioning pract.

History , Informational Text , Close Reading. Worksheets , Printables , Graphic Organizers. Common Core requires that students understand complex text independently.

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Now here is a quick and easy way for students to practice that just takes a few minutes but really uses thinking skills! Worksheets , Activities , Printables. Messare Clips and Design. The set is designed to be coupled with my other US Presidential mini spotlight sets. All items in this set are shown in the preview. Tropes and Schemes in John F. Classroom Quips and Tips. This lesson serves as a great introduction to AP Language students who are beginning to evaluate rhetorical devices, tropes, and schemes.

This pdf packet includes: Kennedy's Inaugural Address -a worksheet identifying and analyzing tropes and schemes in th. This resource includes the annotated text and marginal notes for President John F. The rhetorical analysis includes 55 marginal comments with Common Core State Standards alignment. Reading and annotating informational texts is a cri.

Reading , Presidents' Day , Informational Text. Study Guides , Activities , Scaffolded Notes. Students will learn about the life of John F. Kennedy in this unit. Included in this product are Kennedy Jacqueline Caroline and John Jr. Kennedy Cuban Missile Crisis Sp. Examinations - Quizzes , Research , Projects.

Reading , Social Studies - History , U. Activities , Minilessons , Printables. The following is a common core-based lesson on the foreign policy of John F. The worksheet contains a variety of activities designed to foster active learning. History , World History. Lesson Plans Individual , Worksheets , Activities. Discusses Kennedy's life and important events during his presidency in a way that students can understand.

Reading with gorgeous graphics and eight questions at the end. Perfect for homework or as a reteaching or introductory tool.