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Elaine Frederick from Flesh Feast. Lake was never nominated for an Oscar. This is probably her best role and she was pretty convincing dressed as a boy. She had a complex personality and a reputation of being difficult to work with. Was even sued for non-support by her own mother. Some of her ashes were found in a New York antique store in Popular pin-up girl in WWII and traveled across the country to raise war bonds.

Romantically linked to Howard Hughes and Aristotle Onassis. Father was a dentist. Joined the Group Theatre in New York in Discovered by James Cagney and made his first movie in Married to Mary Cheffrey for 37 years and had 2 children. Had problems with alcoholism, failing eyesight, and thyroid cancer in his later life.

Died of a brain tumor in Branford, Connecticut at He was probably a classic case of just being burned by the competition since acting races during the s were especially brutal competition. Served in the Army Air Corps between and making aviation training films. Buried in Nova Scotia with his wife. Moved to the Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin between and Father was a supervisor for the Brickner Woolen Mills. At 14, he lied about his age to volunteer in the Wisconsin National Guard for the Pancho Villa expedition as a bugler.

In , he went to France to fight WWI. Began his acting career in theater and silent films during the s and his big movie break came in Married 3 times and had a daughter to second wife Marjorie Lane. Irish American actor known for playing dangerous tough guys from the s to the s. Usually played supporting roles. Probably not being nominated for The Great McGinty. Well, he was just burned by the competition in His portrayal of the sadistic and cruel Markoff was fabulous, but I do think Thomas Mitchell deserved to win for Stagecoach. Liked gold mining and writing poetry. Said he only smoked for the movies.

Had his own TV show in the s. Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell were among the biggest sex symbols of the s. Of course, one was known for marrying Joe DiMaggio and Arthur Miller while the other was renown for her work in adoptions and being a star doing a cleavage scene. Of course, I have a lot of people on their known just for their looks and being heartthrobs.

And many of these appeared in movies. Yet, while some fade, there are those who seem to endure. So without further adieu, here is 10 more actors and actress who never made that iconic Oscar speech for beating Meryl Streep, Katharine Hepburn, or whoever else received a lot of acting nominations at the time. Yet, he was unpopular among the Hollywood elite because he refused to conform to Hollywood standards.

Father was vice-president of the Omaha National Trust Company. Mother thought she was an adopted illegitimate child from Southern aristocracy and had her children home schooled by private tutors until they were teenagers. During WWII, he was rejected for service due to colitis and allergies. First appeared on Broadway at 15 and performed there for 10 years before Hollywood. In , he crashed his car through a telephone pole after leaving a dinner and was seriously injured with a broken jaw and nose, a fractured sinus, and several facial lacerations which required plastic surgery.

He would never fully recover and began to depend on alcohol and pills for relief. His health and physical condition would deteriorate from then on. He also became erratic with his performances suffering and his career declined that he was unemployable by the s. American actor known for playing moody and sensitive outsiders and hero victims as well as helped change Hollywood masculinity. One of the original Method Actors of Hollywood. First actor to refuse to sign a Hollywood contract and choose films independently, later adopted by Robert Redford and the Independent Film movement.

Clift was said to be unpopular among the Hollywood elite for refusing to conform to Hollywood standards. He refused to reveal his private life since he was a closeted bisexual , avoided movie premieres and parties, was usually unavailable for interviews, and preferred not to live in Los Angeles. Spoke French, German, and Italian. Brother was married to Eleanor Clift and had a child with Kim Stanley. Had a twin sister who survived him by 48 years. Spent a few days in a monastery and studied priests for I Confess. Made his fellow cast and crew members cry while filming his death scene in From Here to Eternity and learned to play the bugle even if he knew it would be dubbed.

Burt Lancaster was nervous and afraid Clift would out act him prior to working with him. Spent a night in a state prison for A Place in the Sun. James Dean would sometimes call him just to hear his voice. Mainly because it featured her skirt blowing from the air vent on the street which cause quite a stir at the time. Nevertheless, Monroe would grow dissatisfied with being typecast as a dumb, sexy blonde.

Yet, as a sex symbol, no woman has ever been more enduring than her. If he knew of her existence, then he was certainly a deadbeat for her mother was mentally and financially unstable as well as unable to care for her. Spent much of her childhood in foster homes as a ward of the state and possibly experienced at least attempted sexual assault.

Married her first husband at 16, just to get out of the system and when he left to serve as a Merchant Marine in WWII, she worked at a munitions factory, mainly spraying airplane parts with flame retardant and inspecting parachutes. She was discovered by 20th Century Fox and changed her name to Marilyn Monroe. Struggled with alcohol and drug addiction as well as sought psychiatric help in her later years.

Found dead from a barbiturate overdose at American actress, model, and singer who became a major sex symbol starring in a number of commercially successful motion pictures during the s and early s. Monroe was never nominated for an Oscar. Mostly her not winning the Oscar was due to the fact her talent was rarely taken seriously due to being a sex symbol and typecast as a dumb blond she was not. Not to mention, she refused to abandon Arthur Miller when he was called to the House Committee on Un-American Activities as well as had a very terrible childhood.

Not to mention, she was said to be difficult to work with in her later years. Has status as a pop and cultural icon as well as a quintessential sex symbol. Converted to Judaism upon marrying Arthur Miller. Romantically linked to Marlon Brando, John F. Kennedy, and Robert F. Worked at the same factory where Ronald Reagan posed for morale photographs during his service. Was featured on the cover for the first issue of Playboy Magazine where she posed nude.

Before Marilyn Monroe, the most famous blonde bombshell was the platinum blonde Jean Harlow known for her quick sassy wit and voice. Was very close to her mother while her parents had a very unhappy arranged marriage. Mother was extremely protective and coddling instilling a sense her daughter owed everything she had to her. In , her parents divorced and she rarely saw her father again after that. Attended high school in Illinois where her mother remarried in She married her first husband the same year and would move with him to Los Angeles where she entertained as a wealthy socialite but they divorced two years later mostly due to his drinking.

Married 3 times and dated William Powell at the time of her death from kidney failure at American actress and sex symbol of the s. Made a few films with Clark Gable. Harlow was never nominated for an Oscar. Seriously, you have to feel for her in that movie. Well, Harlow was seen as a sex symbol and mostly made comedies. Also, she died young, yet had relationships with much older men.

lady lavinias liebestraum german edition Manual

Romantically involved with William Powell who was said to be the love of his life and was deeply devastated when she died. Yet he was the one who financed her funeral arrangements. Ironically, they once lived a few blocks away back in Kansas City, Missouri. Died during the filming of Saratoga.

With her deep sultry voice and her flaming red hair, Rita Hayworth was one of the top stars of the s as well as one of the most prominent pin-up girls. Yet, her iconic scene in Gilda is the only reason why anyone watches the movie. Father came from Spain. Parents were dancers and was taught to dance by relatives. First performed in public at 6 and made her first film at 8. Father moved his family to Hollywood in hopes to perform in the movies and that his family could be a part of it as well as established his own dance studio.

Yet, he lost all his investments during the Great Depression. Dropped out of high school. Began her acting career at 16 though Columbia required her to change her name and have plastic surgery skin bleaching and painful hairline electrolysis as well as dye her hair red. Married 5 times including third husband Orson Welles and fourth husband Prince Aly Khan and had a daughter to both men. Struggled with alcoholism which prematurely aged her. Made 61 films in 37 years. Hayworth was never nominated for an Oscar.

That or not receiving an honorary Oscar for her career. Well, Hayworth was basically a sex symbol and mostly typecast as either dancers or femme fatales, sometimes both. Also, she was Hispanic and drank heavily and had a torrid personal life. Grandfather popularized the bolero and had a world famous dancing school in Madrid.

Was a top pin-up girl for military servicemen in the s and a beauty icon for women. Though Marlene Dietrich was groomed to be the next Greta Garbo, she was her own woman who managed to remain popular by continually reinventing herself and only gave up performing after rupturing a hip in the s. Her public image always pertained to defying sexual norms yet retained her femininity through her hairstyle and her deep sultry German voice. Father was a police lieutenant who died when she was 6 and her mother married his best friend in who was a first lieutenant of the Grenadiers but he died due to WWI injuries.

Studied in violin but her dreams of being a violinist were curtailed when she injured her wrist but not without playing violin for a pit orchestra to accompany silent films in at a Berlin cinema. But she was fired after 4 weeks. Debuted on the stage as a chorus girl and worked through the ranks. Went to Hollywood after the success of The Blue Angel. Married to Rudolf Sieber for 43 years and had a daughter yet it was an open marriage since she had affairs as a bisexual. Survived cervical cancer in Suffered from poor circulation in her legs. Injured her left thigh in and right leg in Retired in after she fell off stage and broke her thigh.

An alcoholic and dependent on painkillers, spent the last 11 years of her life as a mostly bedridden recluse in Paris. Died of renal failure at German-American actress and singer who remained popular during her long career by continually reinventing herself. Capitalized on her glamor and exotic looks cementing her stardom as one of the highest paid actresses of the era.

Bertholt from Judgment at Nuremberg. Dietrich was nominated for Best Actress in for Morocco. Seriously, who knew she could master a Cockney accent. Was also bisexual as well as reputed to have many affairs. Said to travel with a medal of St. Christopher in her satchel. Kennedy, John Wayne, and Jimmy Stewart. While Rosalind Russell played classy and glamorous roles, she never became a sex symbol in her long career playing professional women. In fact, some of her later roles like Mama Rose and Auntie Mame are especially iconic which earned her acclaim on Broadway and on the screen.

Her parents thought she was studying to be a teacher instead of a stage comedienne she was planning to be. Married to Frederick Brisson for 35 years and had a son. Had a mental breakdown in and struggled with severe rheumatoid arthritis. Died after a long battle with breast cancer at American actress known for playing character roles, exceptionally wealthy, dignified, ladylike women, as well as for being one of the few actresses of her time who regularly played professional women, such as judges, reporters, and psychiatrists.

Had a wide career span from the s to s and attributed her long career to the fact, although usually playing classy and glamorous roles, she never became a sex symbol. Losing to Loretta Young for the Best Actress race, which she was expected to win. Was typecast as a sophisticated lady in melodramas during her early years and mostly acted in comedies. Had a reputation as a stage diva, which is fine on Broadway but not in the movies. Took many roles originally offered to Myrna Loy. Won 5 Golden Globes and a Tony. Cary Grant introduced her to her husband and was best man at her wedding.

Wrote the story to The Unguarded Moment. Was an advocate for the disabled. Received a Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award in for her charity work. Doris Day was one of the top box office draws in her day as well as one of the most popular stars of the s. Unfortunately, good girl image in movies just makes me puke whenever I see her on screen. Father was a music teacher and choir master. Parents separated during her childhood. Trained and aspired to be a dancer but a accident injured her legs so trained to become a singer instead.

Made her recording debut in and her first film in after auditioning for Michael Curtiz. Married 4 times and had a son with first husband Al Jorden and adopted by third husband Martin Melcher. American actress and singer who began her career as a big band singer in and had a long contract with Columbia Records and was one of the most acclaimed singers of the 20th century and one of the most successful singer-actors to date.

Day was nominated for Best Actress in for Pillow Talk. Of course, she earned an honorary Oscar for Lifetime Achievement. Yeah, her movies basically appeal to a certain demographic which consists of white, socially conservative, and over And even among them there are haters like my grandparents as an actress at least. Co-owned a hotel with her son as well as has many pets and adopts stray animals. Released 31 albums and her songs spent weeks in the Top Oldest living artist to score a UK Top 10 with an album featuring new material. Established the annual observance of Spay Day. Is 6th among the Top 10 box office performers of all time.

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Voted favorite star by US servicemen serving in Korea. Kim Novak was a leading sex symbol of the s with her deep voice, blond hair, and good looks. Father was a history teacher who worked as a dispatcher on the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railroad while mother was a factory worker. Was a model for a refrigerator company trade show and was standing in line to be extras in a Jane Russell film when she was discovered by an agent who signed her for Columbia Pictures.

Married to veterinarian Dr. Robert Malloy for 39 years as of Bought a 43 acre ranch in Sams Valley, Oregon in which the house burned to the ground in that consumed all her art and the first draft of her biography she worked on for 10 years. Was injured in a horse riding accident in suffering a punctured lung, broken ribs, and nerve damage but made a full recovery within a year. Was diagnosed with breast cancer in American actress whose career began at 21 and came to prominence almost immediately in the s.

In the s, she withdrew from the public eye and only acted sporadically until her retirement in Novak was never nominated for an Oscar.

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  4. Yet, if I have to say she was robbed for not getting the Best Supporting Actress nomination in for Vertigo. I mean she had the role she was born to play such as basically looking pretty for Jimmy Stewart and not saying much. Basically was mostly an actress for her looks as a blonde bombshell sex symbol and her acting style had the same emotional range as Kristen Stewart.

    Yet, she was taken more seriously as an actress than Marilyn Monroe for some reason since she got more dramatic parts. Romantically linked to Sammy Davis Jr. Hobbies included raising horses, photography, poetry, and painting in oil and water color. Paintings are impressionistic and surrealist. Has exhibited her work at least once. So she wore her own with a few minor adjustments such as tissue padding and straps pulled. Father was a First Lieutenant in the US Army who later became an office manager and mother was an actress for a road troupe.

    Grew up in Southern California. Married 3 times with first husband being NFL hall of famer Bob Waterfield and adopted 3 children with him due to be rendered infertile after a botched back alley abortion. Married to John Calvin Peoples for 25 years. Died of respiratory failure at American actress and one of the leading sex symbols of the s and s.

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    Russell was never nominated for an Oscar. Not being nominated for Best Actress in either of The Paleface movies. Either that or the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award for her work on adoptions. Also acted mostly in comedies, musicals, and westerns. Delved briefly into music and played piano. Yes, I know it sounds a bit bizarre but before he played Dumbledore in the first 2 Harry Potter movies, he played King Arthur in Camelot, which my mom listened to a lot when she was young.

    Played rugby in high school but his athletic career was cut short due to contracting tuberculosis. Failed to gain entrance to acting schools mostly for being too old like 24 but enrolled in the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. While still a student he directed his own production of a Clifford Odets play which was a critical success but a financial failure that caused him to lose all his savings and become temporarily homeless.

    Made his film debut in Married twice and had 3 sons to first wife Elizabeth Rees-Williams. Was known for his heavy drinking and drug use. Gave up drinking in but had a Guinness a decade later. Gave up drugs in after nearly dying from a cocaine overdose. Irish actor, singer, director, writer, and producer who appeared on stage and in many films. Career spanned nearly 45 years. Harris had a reputation as a hellraiser as well as hard drinker with substance abuse problems.

    Makes being cast as Dumbledore all the more ironic. Also was burned out by the competition. Supported the IRA for 11 years. Granddaughter threatened never to speak to him again if he turned down the role of Dumbledore for Harry Potter. Wrote a book of poetry. Also known for fathering children who also went into show business like Jamie Lee Curtis and Michael Douglas. Third, you have Natalie Wood and James Dean, famous for not only starring in Rebel Without a Cause together but also falling to untimely deaths whether it be through drowning or reckless driving.

    John Barrymore was hailed as the greatest Shakespearean actor of his generation inspiring actors like Alec Guinness, John Gielgud, and Laurence Olivier. Yet, by the late s, his career and personal life was a total wreck due to his chronic alcoholism, which would later kill him. Younger brother of Lionel and Ethel. Mother was from a theatrical family. He was a badly behaved child that he was sent away to schools in attempts to instill discipline but kept getting thrown out. At 10, his maternal grandmother who raised him lost control of the theater she owned causing disruption among the family.

    At 11, mother died from tuberculosis which compelled Lionel and Ethel to seek work as professional actors. At 15, he lost his virginity to his stepmother and his grandmother died. Was basically forced into acting by his father. At 19, his father had a mental breakdown as a result from 3rd stage syphilis in which he was institutionalized. Worked as an illustrator for The New York Journal and as a poster designer.

    Decided to go into acting full time only for the money. Stage career began in and made his first movie in Married 4 times and had 3 children including a daughter Diana who died at 38 due to drugs and alcohol to second wife Blanche Oelrichs a. Michael Strange , as well as a daughter and son to third wife Dolores Costello. Grandfather of Drew Barrymore through son John Drew. Was notoriously known for his alcoholism which he struggled with since 14, which wrecked his marriages and contributed to his decline and death.

    He also ran enormous debts with his lavish lifestyle which drove him into bankruptcy. Died of pneumonia, kidney failure, and liver cirrhosis at American actor who tried to avoid the stage but appeared with his father and sister. In , he left his 14 year stage career to devote himself to films and made an easy transition to sound. Notable film roles are Dr. He is the only Barrymore sibling not to win or even be nominated for an Oscar. If there was anything keeping him from getting that gold statuette it was probably his lifelong struggle with alcoholism.

    From on his heavy drinking would greatly affect his performances in which he start forgetting his lines that he had to read them on black boards behind the camera. This made it difficult for him to get work and would later be reduced to lampooning himself for money as a washed up has been. Of course, out of the Barrymore siblings, he was the dysfunctional one. During his days as a struggling actor, he had a fling with and proposed to Evelyn Nesbit but her mom sent her to New Jersey to break of the relationship. Witnessed the San Francisco earthquake. Though James Dean only starred in 3 movies, before wrecking his Porsche at 24, he forever remains an icon of s adolescent angst and screen legend.

    Father was a farmer and dental technician. Moved to Santa Monica, California at 6. Mother died of uterine cancer when he was 9 years old and was sent back to Fairmount, Indiana to live with his sister. Moved back to California after graduating high school.

    The thoughts and perceptions of an aspiring writer on life and the world around her

    Yet, he dropped out to pursue acting full time. Got his start through acting on television and bit parts. Studied method acting under James Whitmore and Lee Strasberg. Starred in only 3 films. Sexual orientation was a contested subject among his contemporaries and is still debated to this day though his best remembered relationship was with Pier Angeli. American actor and culture icon of teenage disillusionment. His performances in his 3 films and fatal car crash at 24 cemented his enduring popularity and legendary status to this day.

    Had 2 nominations for Best Actor both posthumously: Yet, I think the biggest loss for him would be dying before he could make more movies. Posthumously or not, Best Actor Oscars never go to guys under His well-deserved win was a total upset and even he was shocked. Nevertheless, Brody is considered the youngest Best Actor winner to date at 29, 5 years older than Dean at his death. But his win in helps explain why Dean never won an Oscar. Was an auto racing enthusiast and would also compete in actual races that Warner Bros.

    Still, in a twist of tragic irony, while filming Giant just 13 days before his death, Dean appeared in a TV PSA with Gig Young warning kids about driving fast on the highway. Natalie Wood began her career as a child actress and managed to receive 3 Oscar nominations before she was Father was a day laborer and carpenter while mother once dreamed of becoming an actress or ballet dancer.

    Made her first film in at 4. Fell in a river and nearly drowned at 9 which left her with a permanently weakened left wrist with a slight bone intrusion that she hid with large bracelets for the rest of her life whether filming or out in public. Married 3 times, most notably twice to Robert Wagner and had 2 children. Struggled with depression and in may have tried to commit suicide through a sleeping pill overdose.

    Was afraid of water and never learned to swim. Drowned during a weekend boating trip at 43 under mysterious but probably accidental circumstances like falling off the boat while drunk and on medication while or after arguing with her husband. American actress who became a successful adult film star after working in movies as a child as well as receiving 3 Academy Award nominations before she was 25 years old. Made 20 films by While more women under 30 have won Oscars for leading roles than men by 28 to 1 or just Adrien Brody.

    Luise Rainier and Jodie Foster were under 30 at both their wins so this has happened 30 times. And whenever Wood was nominated, she was usually burned by the competition. Also, she died young before she could make a decent comeback. Spoke English and Russian with an American accent.

    Sister was a Bond girl and played the same character she did in The Searchers. Attended high school with Robert Redford. Christopher Walken was on the boating trip when she drowned. Romantically linked to Nicholas Ray and Warren Beatty. Yacht was called the Splendor. Had a grandfather who worked in a chocolate factory and died during the Russian Revolution. Dancing almost as soon as he could walk, Fred Astaire is best known for his movies with Ginger Rogers. I mean his career spanned 76 years. Also married a jockey. Father was an Austrian Jewish convert to Catholicism and brewer.

    Thus, he basically started dancing and singing almost as soon as he could walk and talk appearing on vaudeville with his sister as later appeared on the Orpheum Circuit. Yet had to take 2 years off due to child labor laws. Mother used Astaire as a stage name. At 17, he met a song plugger for Jerome H. Debuted on Broadway with Adele the next year and continued a stage career until she married the Duke of Devonshire in Retired for good in Married twice and had 2 children with first wife Phyllis Potter.

    Second wife was jockey Robyn Smith. American dancer, choreographer, musician, and actor with a career spanning 76 years in which he made 31 musical films and several award winning television specials and issued numerous recordings. Best known for his 11 movies with Ginger Rogers which transformed the genre. Gave up musicals to focus on straight acting from Not getting a nomination for any of his movies with Ginger Rogers. At least he got an honorary Oscar in Could also play piano, clarinet, drums, and accordion. Was a lifelong golf and Thoroughbred horse racing enthusiast.

    Remained a male fashion icon exchanging his top hat and tails for a breezy casual style of tailored sports jackets, colored shirts, cravats, and slacks held by a tie. Never wanted his life to be a biopic and last request was to thank his fans for their years of support.

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    He and his sister have an award named after them sponsored by Anglo-American Contemporary Dance Foundation. Of course, he spent a great time of his career trying to get Hollywood to take him seriously. Father was a tailor and the family resided in the back of his shop. Mother was an abusive schizophrenic who was later institutionalized as well as his brother Robert. At 12, lost his brother Julius who was struck and killed by a truck.

    After that, he joined a local gang known for skipping school and petty thievery. But he managed to settle down after a friendly neighbor sent him to Boy Scout camp. Discovered by David O. Signed on to Universal Pictures and moved to Hollywood at Married 6 times with Janet Leigh being his first marriage. Had 6 kids with 2 daughters to Leigh Jamie Lee and Kelly Curtis , 2 daughters to second wife Christine Kaufman, and 2 sons to third wife Leslie Allen including Nicholas who died of a drug overdose in Had problems with alcohol and drug abuse but managed to check in a Betty Ford Clinic in the mids and stay sober.

    Nevertheless, later years were plagued with various health problems including heart attacks a bout of pneumonia that nearly killed him, and COPD. Died of cardiac arrest at American actor whose career spanned 6 decades and over films covering a wide range of genres from light comedies to serious drama. Though his early roles were more or less based on his good looks, he soon became a notable and strong screen presence when given the chance. Of course, in , he was just burned by the competition. However, he probably never won an Oscar because he was originally seen as a pretty boy and it took a while for him to gain recognition as a serious actor.

    Worked to rescue horses from slaughterhouses. Enjoyed painting and made it a second career since the early s. Jerry Lewis attended his first wedding as a witness. Kirk Douglas was one of the most versatile actors of his generation playing in westerns, drama, film, noir and even Disney movies. He even has a book called I Am Spartacus. Father was a ragman. Sold snacks to mill workers as a boy to help his struggling family. Talked his way into attending St. Lawrence University where he paid his tuition through working as a janitor, gardener, and wrestling one summer at a carnival.

    Said he wanted to be an actor as a kid. Attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts on a scholarship. Made his Hollywood debut in Married twice and fathered 4 sons 2 with Dill and 2 with Anne including Michael Douglas with his first wife Diana Dill. Married to second wife Anne Buydens for 60 years as of Suffered a severe stroke in s which took his voice though he partially regained his ability to speak.

    American actor, producer, and author with his cinematic career spanning 50 years. Known for playing tough guys and demonstrating an independent streak that he broke studio contracts to gain control over his projects. Formed his own movie company Bryna Productions named after his mother. Was a major box office star in the s and s and appeared in 7 films with Burt Lancaster. At least he received an Honorary Oscar in the s and at least his son Michael won 2 as an actor and producer. Well, he was most likely burned by the competition yet he also demonstrated an independent streak and broke many studio contracts just to have control over his own projects.

    Was a classmate of Lauren Bacall who helped him land his first film role. Father-in-law to Catherine Zeta Jones. Has written 11 books. Embraced Judaism after surviving a helicopter crash in , which killed 2 other people. Blogs semi-regularly and is believed to be the oldest celebrity blogger in the known world. Played an important role in ending the Hollywood Blacklist when he insisted that Dalton Trumbo be credited under his real name for his screenplay for Spartacus.

    Played a 4 spring banjo on The Jack Benny Program. And an autobiographical one man show in Vincent Price is one of the most famous horror movie legends of all time as well as among one of the most imitated movie stars. He may have played villains, but he was a generally warm person with a quirky sense of humor who loved children and donated his art collection because he believed in the importance of public access to fine art. In , he graduated from Yale in art history.

    American actor well known for his distinctive voice as well as for his serio-comic performances in a series of horror films during the latter part his career. Was originally a character actor. Made his first horror film in Maranov from The Whales of August, and so many characters from horror movies. Price was never nominated for an Oscar. Was an art aficionado and collector who opened a gallery with Edward G. Robinson and sold 50, pieces of fine art to the general public including works by Rembrandt, Picasso, and Dali to between and Worked as a consultant to Sears Roebuck in the early s, which he saw it as an opportunity to bring art to the American public.

    Hosted the PBS show Mystery! From to Eisenhower yet he was perfect for the job since he was such a big art fan and collector. Wrote and published several cookbooks. Father was a successful insurance broker and mother a former gym teacher. Attended schools in Connecticut and Europe. Debuted in society at 17 and pursued acting in Greenwich Village, studying at a small studio. Debuted on Broadway in and made her first film in Married twice and had 2 daughters with first husband Oleg Cassini. Married to second husband Howard W.

    Lee for 21 years. Had a daughter who was severely disabled due to contracting rubella from a fan while pregnant with her. Suffered from depression and saw a psychiatrist as well as went through 27 shock treatments. May have tried to jump out of a 14 story ledge and was institutionalized. Died from emphysema at American actress, acclaimed as a great beauty. Boy, if anyone can play a bad girlfriend, it was her.

    Tierney struggled for years with depression which sometimes kept her from doing her job as an actress such as concentrating and sometimes dropped out of projects due to stress. She was also institutionalized on 2 occasions. She was just an emotional wreck. Also, when nominated for Leave Her to Heaven she was simply burned by the competition because there was no way she was going to win against Joan Crawford.

    Named after her uncle who died young. Romantically linked to Spencer Tracy and John F. Became an outspoken opponent against shock treatments, claiming that they destroyed significant portions of her memory. Second husband was once married to Hedy Lamarr. Despite that he served with distinction as a medic in the Pacific, his career would never recover. At 4, his parents divorced. Father was an amateur musician and court reporter. As a teenager moved to San Diego with his mother and stepfather. After dropping out of high school, he started a band which traveled to Mexico.

    Played banjo and guitar for big bands and recorded one of the earliest Vitaphone movie shorts with the Henry Halstead Orchestra. Eventually pursued acting full time. Married 3 times with Ginger Rogers as his second wife. Had one son to third wife Diana Hall whom he was married to for 32 years. Died of complications from a coma at American Actor best known for playing Dr. Spent a time typecast as doctors. Career spanned nearly 65 years. Ayres was only nominated for Best Actor in for Johnny Belinda.

    In , he was only 22 and early in his film career which is understandable. Yet, after filming All Quiet on the Western Front, he became an ardent pacifist and caused tremendous public outcry when he applied for CO 4E status. Though he eventually settled in serving as a medic in the Pacific with heroic distinction and enjoyed a comeback after the war, he would never reach the peak of his Hollywood stardom in his early years. During WWII, he was one of 16 medics who arrived during the invasion of Leyte to set up evacuation hospitals under fire as well as provided care for soldiers and civilians in the Philippines and New Guinea.

    Is buried next to Frank Zappa. Was a believer in eastern philosophy and directed a documentary called Altars of the World. Was turned down and to play Dr. Kildare on TV after because he requested there be no cigarette advertising on the show in During the s, Rock Hudson was a popular leading man with legions of female fans. Also it was an open secret in Hollywood that his 3 year marriage to Phyllis Gates was a publicity stunt. Mother was a telephone operator and father was an auto mechanic who deserted the family during the Great Depression.

    Stepfather adopted him and changed his name to Fitzgerald. Delivered newspapers, ran errands, and worked as a golf caddy. When discovered by future agent Henry Willson, he was working as a truck driver. Though he used Rock Hudson as a stage name, he hated it. Had at least 3 known lovers not including Jim Nabors and was a heavy smoker and drinker for years. Died from AIDS at 59 and was the first major celebrity to die from the disease.

    American actor who was known as a leading man during the s and s, notably in romantic comedies with Doris Day as well as serious dramatic roles. Career spanned nearly 40 years and 70 films as well as several TV productions. Hudson was nominated for Best Actor in for Giant which was well deserved. As for losing the Oscar for Giant, well, he was facing tough competition. Was a good friend to Ronald and Nancy Reagan who called him personally in his Paris hospital room where he was being treated for AIDS and made sure he had the best possible care available.

    Kissing Linda Evans on Dynasty led to widespread panic in the TV industry when it was revealed that he had AIDS during that time, too, but she suffered from no ill effects. Appeared in a cigarette commercial. Contrary to rumors, he and Jim Nabors were never more than just good friends and Nabors was in a committed relationship with another man whom he eventually married in Of course, my last post was quite long.

    Now this selection pertains to some other famous screen legends you may or may not be familiar with. Next, you have Richard Widmark and Fred MacMurray who both usually play nice guys but their greatest performances usually consist them playing evil men. Then you have Swedish actress Greta Garbo best known for her sexual allure, husky Swedish voice, and her reclusive nature after she retired in the s. So for your pleasure, here are 10 more movie stars who never made their Oscar speech after being announced for beating their fellow nominees during the ceremony.

    So they gave the Oscar to a man playing Santa Claus. Father was a traveling salesman of Swedish ancestry. Studied and taught acting at Lake Forest College. First acting jobs were for radio in the late s and early s. Debuted on Broadway in and film in Married for 45 years to Jean Hazelwood and had a daughter married to Sandy Colfax from In , he married Susan Blanchard, the former 3rd Mrs. Retired in and died in Roxbury, Connecticut after a long illness 7 years later at American actor originally typecast as villains or antiheros in film noir but later branched out into leading and support heroic roles in westerns, mainstream dramas, and horror films among others.

    Sure Widmark may have had stiff competition against Edmund Gwenn and Robert Ryan in , but you have to admit playing a complete psycho and losing the Oscar race to Santa Claus as particularly humiliating. He was also subject to a lot of typecasting afterwards. Had a ranch during the s and s near Green City, Missouri where he raised funds for an airport named in honor.

    Despite that his characters were mostly armed, was as staunch supporter of gun control. Fred MacMurray is probably best known by your baby boomer parents as playing the kind single dad from My Three Sons. Of course, while mostly playing nice guys, he did play a few not so wholesome characters in movies like The Apartment, The Caine Mutiny, and Double Indemnity.

    See my thing about these roles in my post on bad movie bosses. Married twice but was never divorced. Adopted 2 children with first wife Lillian Lamont and adopted twin girls with second wife June Haver to whom he was married to for 37 years. Suffered throat cancer in the s and late s. Died of pneumonia at 83 after a battle with leukemia for over a decade.

    American actor who appeared in more than films and a successful TV show during a career spanning nearly half a century. Originally typecast nice guys in romantic comedies, melodramas, and musicals, he broke that with Double Indemnity as well as played outright scumbags in The Caine Mutiny and The Apartment. Spent a lot of his later career making Disney movies. Murray was never nominated for an Oscar.

    Also, not being nominated for Double Indemnity for Best Actor. Often said that his best roles were when he played against type. Also, made Disney movies. Said to be one of the wealthiest actors in Hollywood mostly because he had a reputation for being cheap as well as bringing a brown paper bag lunch with a hard-boiled egg, sometimes a leftover dyed one from Easter.

    Was also a skillful investor in California real estate. Appeared in commercials for Greyhound and Korean chesinbop math calculation program. Insisted that all his scenes for My Three Sons be filmed first so he could have plenty of time making movies and playing golf. Sold the ranch to Gallo in which planted vineyards for wine sold in the MacMurray Ranch name.

    First person honored as a Disney Legend in Played saxophone on The Jack Benny Program. Lena Horne is better known for her singing career and civil rights activisim. Father was a numbers kingpin and gambler. Mother was an actress from a black theater troupe. Moved to Pittsburgh at 18 and lived there for 5 years until she joined the Cotton Club as a chorus girl. Made her first film in and her first recording some time before that. Married twice and had 2 children to her first husband Louis Jordan.

    Second husband was a white man named Lennie Hayton for 24 years yet they separated in the s and she said she only married him to advance her career but she loved him very much. Died in New York City of heart failure at American singer, actress, dancer, and civil rights activist. From a Cotton Club chorus girl at 16 and nightclub performer before moving to Hollywood where he had both bit and substantial roles.

    Horne was never nominated for an Oscar. Not receiving an honorary Oscar for lifetime achievement due to making so few films. She refused to play maids which really limited the quantity of movies she made. And she found herself blacklisted for a time due to her left leaning views and civil rights activism during the Red Scare that she only made 2 movies during the s.

    Uncle was an adviser to Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Granddaughter of inventor Samuel R. Lost her father, husband, and son in the same year. Worked with Eleanor Roosevelt to pass anti-lynching laws. Spoke and performed during the March on Washington. Was not thrilled about the potential prospect of Janet Jackson playing her in a biopic, especially after her Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction. Granddaughter was the screenwriter for Rachel Getting Married. Daughter became a best-selling author.

    However, her life was rather tragic with failed marriages, a special needs kid, substance abuse, and financial troubles. Mother was an aspiring entertainer. Father was a cabinet maker and minister. Roads dry and dusty. Mild and pleasant the past few days. Prof Triggs came Yesterday. We have had a day and a night [crossed out: I think Triggs will yet strike out something new and valuable in the way of criticism -- may be formulated the principle of the new dem-ocratic criticism.

    I told him Kennedy had written me that an old Yale professor of his, had said recently that Whitcomb Riley was the true poet of democracy instead of Whitman. We agreed that Riley was a true democratic poet, but not at all of command-ing genius; he suggests nothing is nothing but Riley. He is a specimen and not a genius a tribe; he is a local flora but not botany. There is nospiritual or intellectual stimulus in Riley, one welcomes his poems as he welcomes any real and genuine thing; but they are minor productions, they are light craft that do not draw much water, Walt Whitmans keel scrapes the deepest bars.

    He could do nothing in the waters in which the Hoosier poet disports himself. Riley is a Hoosier poet. Rained all night; mild and sunshiney to-day. That delicious scotch speech is of itself a bribe to me. I seem bound to like everything uttered in it. Still mild -- no front -- partly overcast. Their world do not cut through the origin of things glimpses of the pathos beauty of life, but not of its mystery, terror or power.

    We are never lifted to the heights or plunged into the depths. At first this rather [??? It is the egoism and ever living presence that makes the Leaves a man, in the sense that no other work is, of course it is the personal quality that tells in all writing and in all action too. How much of a man are you? We usually call it character but by whatever name, it is the man back of all.

    But does not the ethical value of any piece of writing finally depend upon the literary value? A sermon aims at ethical value but if its literary value be low will its ethical value be high? Every page of Emerson has an ethical import which is enhanced by the poetic quality of the writing. Teh goody-goody books are good ethics, but they do not strike [crossed ou: W's ethical or patriotic or philosophic value will not save him; these things would not save the Bible -- only an effective presentation can embalm them.

    Matter and manner are both equally important. The younger writers, Stevenson, Pater, Howells, James have the manner but not the matter -- they have nothing important to say, but they say it extremely well. The matter is always in the man, in his personality, in the comprehensiveness of his relation to life and to nature -- in that something we call wright and authority.

    How extremely clever Howells, how he tickles the literary and visual sensebut he gives one no adequate sense of bulk or power -- he has no deep sigificance. The new men are all light-weights. They do not love greatly, or feel deeply or think profoundly. Such a chorus of tiny voices I had not heard for a long time. The tone was of trouble and dissent, if not of alarm. The nuthatch I think was the red bellied. I gazed long and long up into the dark dense green mass of the tree to make out the cause of the complaint. The chickadees were clinging to the ends of the sprays, as usual, very busy looking for food, and all the time uttering their plaint.

    At last I spied the cause -- a little owl on a limb looking down intently upon me. How annoying such exposure and hue and cry on the part of the birds, must be to the little lover of quiet and privacy! A little flurry of snow last night; cooler and windy this morning. Sound in its philosophy I think but lacking in vividness and concreteness in its presentation. It was Whitmans doctrine of evil -- that evil is temporary or unripe good, or a necessary part of the good, I should have said.

    My brethren, there is no abstract or absolute evil, there is only temporary and passing evil. Evil in human life is what hinders and defeats, and gives pain Ignorance is an evil when it does these things; Knowledge is an evil when it does these things. Evil tends to extinguish itself. The currant worm is an evil to the current; its course, if unchecked, is to kill and destroy that which it feeds uponand thus bring about its own destruction. The same with the elm beetle or potato beetle. Fire is an evil when it gets the upper hand of you, and tends in the same way to self extinction.

    There is no principle of evil as the theologians have taught; things are evil with reference to us and our wants. There are antagonistic or mutually destructive forces in nature and the present state of things in the physical cosmos, is the equilibrium brought about by the endless clashing and warring of these forces.

    There is no such thing as cold, there is only heat; no such thing as darkness; true is only light. In a general survey evil is imperfection, and imperfection is a condition of growth, and hence necessary. R, still runs in my mind. It was said that he had recently been heard to say that he wished for death that he might join his mother in heaven. The revival meetings here at the church which he had been attending every night seem to have filled him with such thoughts. The engineer of the train said at the inquest that he thought he must have been deaf, as he paid no heed to the train screaching and thundering behind him in the still morning air.

    The up train was not yet in sight or hearing. How shall we account for it? What deadened him to the sound of the train? Some think he was meditating over the prayer meeting which he was to conduct that night in the church. If so what power of abstraction he must have had! Miss Gordon [crossed out: Think of such a view of the almighty as that!

    It was the will of God of course. If a man is struck by an engine going 40 miles an hour it is the will of God that he should be killed -- the world is thus made. Was it the will of God that he should be upon the track and should fail to hear the approaching train? Of course it was. Have] Given all the circumstances and conditions the physical and mental forces acting upon him would of course land him just there and just thus self absorbed.

    In this sense everything that happens is inevitable and is thus the will of God. Mercury down to 18 this morning. I do not forget that this is the 16th anniversary ofMothers death and the 93rd of fathers birth. Much thin floating ice in river to-day. Winter, full fledged, upon us at last. Snowed all last night and all day to-day from north with mercury at 20 or lower; snow light and very dry, nearly one foot.

    I think they have been a help to myself have deepened my love of nature and added to my resources. Writing or speaking from our heart, no doubt deepens the channel of our thoughts and feelings. To this day I can occasionallysurprise a remnent of that desire in my mind, or a sort of lingering whiff or odor of it. I wanted to go to Harpersfield. Dick Van Dyke a neighbors boy [crossed out: Father half-promised that I might go. He said I must help do up the falls work first. There was a field above the sugar bush that had to be crop-plowed.

    I must do that. So at it I went -- the first and last field I ever plowed. Day after day in the September weather I followed the plow, all the time thinking of Harpersfield. What a charm the name had for me. I lived in its atmosphere for weeks. But I never got there. Dick went and I stayed behind. Father when the pinch came, said no, he could not spare the money, the home school was good enough and I must wait But thinking it over at this lateday I conclude I went to Harpers-field after all, or that it came to me. The desire, the ambition, the dream, [crossed out: It gave a fine tone to my days.

    The disappointment was a good discipline, it threw me back upon upon myself and helped to clinch my purpose to yet go away to school upon money of my own earning, which I did [crossed out: How different with my own boy; he has but to wish for schooling and it is his. Is it best so? I fear he will miss the great educational value of defeat and denial. The unsightly banks of gravel and drift is the price paid for the deep pools. Xmas; Two or three degrees below this morning -- the trees all feathered out with white frost plumage.

    Madam angry and abusive as usual -- all because I did not bring home a lot of worthless stuff for Xmas. That production must outrun consumption undermodern stimulated conditions, is self-evident. One man now does the work of twenty or more, and the currency has not increased in proportion. The per capita criterion is not the right one. The volume of goods to be handled and consumed is the measure. If these increase faster than the currency, prices will fall, because more things must be bought with less money.

    Today bright and clear and the sun melting the snow. The month goes out beautifully. Clouds com up hurriedly and cover the sky. Set thy mark low as regards thy deserts, high as regards thy duties. Snow nearly all gone, no rain yet. A few days ago I saw and heard bluebirds. Spending my time writing a little in the forenoons on literary themes, sawing wood and walking in afternoon. Can't you see that Whitman admits of and justifies this kind of statement -- Can't you see that is is all made out of him and that, therefore, the substance of it must be in him? Can't you see that it is not outside, cut and dried, eulogy, but a sympathetic drawing out and re-statement of his intrinsic values?

    Could I have written the book had not thesubject suggested it? You might as well say I eulogize Nature in my other books. I give you the result of the contact of my spirit with Whitman's. Whatever there is there comes from him through me. Could I have siad these things of Tupper? Snow all gone; ice on rive broken up in places. Bees have flown to this well. Five bluebirds yesterday, says Julian, eating berries of poison ivy. I write in forenoon and go over to SS in afternoon.

    I do no forget that it is the 13th anniversary of Father's death. Here I sit, night after night, year after year, alone in my little Study perched upon a broad slope of the Hudson, my light visible from afar, reading an hour or two each evening, and then to bed at 9. No callers, no society, no proper family or home life. Not in years has a person dropped in to spend the evening with me.

    Occasionally Julian comes in afterhis return from school, and we talk awhile. Julian is developing a very quick, keen, and eager intellignence. Up in the morning before daylight and lend a hand in getting breakfast, and then the furnace and a few chores; the fifteen minute walk to the P. Then dinner and a few chores, then sawing and splitting wood for the next 24 hours, then a walk to Slabsides, or elsewhere; then a little reading and dozing in my Study; then supper and darkness again.

    Every day and eveyr day in winter the same. What long, long thoughts I have! What constant retrospection, what longing for the old days and people! The world goes by meafar off. I hear its roar and hubub, but care little to mingle in it. It is mostly vanity and vexation of spirit.

    The last bit of snow gone. Clear today here, snow squalls in the Catskills. Sky clear with much wind. Health unusually good these days, and mind eager and active, even prolific of ideas. His essays do not seem to have been spoken out of his real mind at all, but out of some kind of artificial or put-on faculty, like most sermons one hears, or the editorials one readsMost men are wiseer in talk than in writing.

    In writing we are apt to dip the cup too deep. Now if you want the cream of the milk you must not dip too deep. Real wisdom is light. After a man passes middle life, and have on wisdom, it is on the surface of his mind, and withing easy reach. Set him after it with his pen, and the chances are he will get but little of it. He will be too formal; he will get himself up for the occasion there will be no ease or indifference in his method; he will go to delving in his mind, and we will not get that simple self-expression we are after.

    The last benefit of a conversation is that it makes a man simple, and makes him value the plain, near by things. What is interesting in a man is what he himself has felt or experienced. If you can tell us that, we shall listen eagerly. Hence the best writing is like talk, it is so direct, and there is so little beating around the bush in it. Hence comes in the value of the interviewer. If he get real talk out of the politician, or the celelbrity, the chances are that his report will be vastly more entertaining and meaty than a speach or a letter from the interviewer would be.

    Or, it is like nudging the tree -- the ripe fruit falls easy. The pen often brings off unripe fruit, like a determined shake. We make a dead-set at the mindWe are determined it shall yield up its fruit. Talk is spontaneous, writing is premeditation and labor. Johnson's talk, you touch the real man; in his essays, you touch only his clothes, or his periwig. In letter, too, people are apt to give us their real selves, women especially. Carlyle wrote as he talked; but the reading is less than the hearing because the voice and the laugh smoothed it.

    The printed page is rough. Now a smooth road does not add to the pleasure of riding or walking any more than a smooth page, a steady flow, adds to the pleasure of reading. And many of Carlyle's sentences do give the mind a jolt. It seems as if the German language must bruise the eye at least, with all its capital letters. In fact, are not all revolutions eveolutions? The French and The American Revolutions were certainly evolutions, growths, expansions.

    We win more love, we have more enjoyment; we are more flexible; we can give ourselves more freely and entirely. Quite warm, sunshiny; snow nearly all gone. Sit in my summerhouse, Julian and I, for ten minutes; insects dancing in the air. How true it is that life blossoms but once for us, and that is in youth. The persons and events we knew then are primary; they made the world; they are part of the frame of things.

    All later ones are secondary and are soon forgotten. The later men who take the places of those we knew in our youth, seem like substitutes, mere make-shifts, and of no account. The old men, the real old men, why, they are all dead long ago: These old men are mere imitations. We can remember when they were not oldl It is all put on. The grandfathers and grandmothers whom ew know -- think of any present-day grandfathers and grandmothers being anything more than mere counterfiets of them!

    A tearing wind thisafternoon and all night. Still brilliant winter weather; sleighing farily good; hauling manure and muck. Julian and I still alone. It seems to be his only weapon. The chicks are getting so they do not mind it. Just now he sat for nearly a minute near them with his tail spread, or opening and shutting it, while a chick ate away undisturbed. Ice harvest begins on the river today. A big "row-jow" in the kitchen at night, all for Hiram. If it was spring, we would move to Slabides at once.

    What a strange feeling it gives me; what a vision of the year passes before me; What a far-off innocent time it seems to me! How many greatsouls were about in the world at that time; they seem to have kept the earth warm. Oh, how pathetic is the retrospect, how unspeakable! It all comes to a focus on the old home, father and mother in the flower of their days, and the brood of us children all under the paternal wings.

    I do not know, but so it is. I can hardly analyze the feeling. Their last baby was born there over fifty years ago. I think of the joy they had in their children, and aof all their outlook upon life, and how it is all past and hushed so long ago. I see myself as a little boy rocking the cradle again, or minding the baby, while Mother bakes or mends or seeps or washes I hear her voice singing. I see Father pushing onthe work of the farm. Then there is another feeling.

    It seems late for babies to be born into the world; the show is about over; the curtain will soon fall; what can remain now of interest compared to what we have seen? It does not matter that one's reason tells him the world is old and played out only to him; that grandfather at my age probably felt the same, and his grandfather, and his, and his, felt the same; that to the young the world is young and untried, and full of promise, as it was to us in youth -- it does not matter I say, if this be so, the actual, concrete feeling remains the same, and life is a tale that is nearly finished.

    Mild since Sunday, the 7th. Snow nearly all gone; ice harvest cut short; doubtful if any more ice is cut. Hiram at work on a new wagon-box. I hear his hammer as I write. Not well the past three days. Sore throat and general lassitude. Read came three times. Am slowly mending now. Cattarh in head and lung remains. Was shut in the house from Thursday till Thursday, a kind of purgatory. A fine snow on the 11th about 10 inches. Colder after the snow. About zero one morning. Began to thaw Tuesday and has been bright and thawy since Snow rapidly disappearing. Ice men in despair. Stay till March 1.

    Dine and lunch here and there as I am invited. Do not gain much in strength -- up too late o' nights. March 1 Start for Washington this pm. Walk out over the Rock Creek bridge; how the buried past comes back! Hang about the great inauguration crowd. See McKingley's hat as the carriage drives by. Do nottake much stock in him, tho' his face is a strong one. On Sunday, the 7th, Miss Merriam and I walk to the woods; a bright but chilly day; find a single hepatica on Piney Branch where I used to pluck my first hepatica long ago.

    Woods grand and new to me. Ice in river broke up last night. A starling over by the station. Sparrowsvocal as of old. Do they touch me as of old? I try to htink so. Hiram at work on the hen-house at SS yesterday. I go over in PM and sit near, and look on and try to realize that it is the Hiram of my boyhood, actually working here in this solitude. Only a little frost last night. Here I had stood or walked with Channy; here I had strolled with Walt' here I had wandered in solitude with my youth.

    How it all came back to me but with a pathos I did not then feel. WP Slow rain all night, fog and mist today; ice nearly all out of the river. Sparrows and robins singing as of old. Mercury above 40 degrees. On 19th it was up to 52 degrees. Warm and spring-like today; all the early birds here including phoebe. In afternoon Hiram and I move over to Slabsides and take up the old story where we dropped it last Nov.

    Wind in the east htis mornign and raining slowly. Storm came up via Georgia. One robin, one sparrow, and one phoebe here this morning to keep me company. I fee llike a toad that has got out from under the harrow. Promises a splendid say day among the Delaware hills. At SS reading Economics, and touching up some Mss. Last night, sitting by the fire, Hiram and I again referred to the old names and events of long ago.

    That little span of one's youth, how its memories dominate one's life, especially as one grows old! April 1 The fifth of the bright, sharp days -- days from the North. Froze quite hard last night, not a cloud today. A warbler in song in the woods, probably the pine warbler. A flock of rusty blackbirds on the margin of the stream all singing in concert, a musical jangle; some of their notes very pleasing.

    I paddle up and Julian paddles back. Nip falls overboard twice, and then shakes the boat with his shivering. We return by Tom Riley's and Tom shows us where a hawk killed his rooster on Sunday. April comes in dry, hard and brilliant -- a face of steel. Not a cloud, sky a hard, intense blue. Van Ingen and daughter Josie up yesterday painting my portrait. Miss Ball of Vassar, and a Mrs. Take them out to Julian's Rock -- two jolly women. Clear and sharp as usual. I spent the day thus: After breakfast I read and wrote till near 11, when Van Ingen and his daughter arrived.

    Sat for Josie to paint my portrait till Then had dinner; then talked and read paper for an hour; then sat again for Josie for an hour. All 3 go over to the house and poke about. Forgot to say that after breakfast I helped Hiram saw off the butt of his hickory log -- a lugging, half-hour piece of work. Health good, sleep ditto. Back rather weak and easily tired since the Grippe left me; mind fairly active; spirit pretty good.

    Clouded up yesterday pm, and last night a gentle rain. Cloudy and mild this morning. Julian here with Hiram and me. Arbutus beginning to bloom. The fresh green rye patches beyond Black Pond and the pink and red flush over the swamp maples along the Creek make a very pleasing April scene. I go there and find a half [???

    Find a hand full of my fine arbutus. Sat by fire reading Walker on Money and watching my pot of beans baking in the chimney corner. Amasa set out celery plants yesterday. Rain heavy in afternoon. If one hepatica or one group of them is so beautiful there amid the dry leaves and woody rubbish, why shall we not gather a hundred of them and find the beauty multiplied an hundred fold? But it is not so. We gather the flower but not the beauty of which it was the occasion and of which it was only a part.

    In the room the bunch of flowers look tame and common place enough. The beauty was in the contrast, the unexpectedness, the separateness etc. In the poem there is just this too much of skimmed off or culled beauty. Its connection its genesis is not there; the best part is left out. Stopped last night in the wet spongy meadow in front of Dick Martins and heard the "Wood cocks evening hymn", The bird was calling in the twilight, "yeap" "yeap" or "seap" seap" from the ground, a peculiar reedy call.

    Then by and by it started upward on an easy slant that peculiar whistling of its wings alone heard, then at an altitude of feet or more, it began to [crossed out: In less than five minutes it was up again Looking in the direction of the sun now in the late or mid after-noon, the soft maples stand in a rosy mist or nimbus against the vivid green of a meadow slope or rye field beyond.

    How pleasing the prospect, the maidenhood of April. The old dreams, the old longings come back. Oh, April, how I love you. More rain; begun in the night. A disgust of rain seems near. Day promises to be bright and mild. First heard whipporwill on the 16th 20 A sudden and very severe cold wave last night, as if some one there in the North had opened a big window and let the Arctic currents flow in upon us. The whole atmosphere seemed chilled in ten minutes. Mercury dropped from 60 to 22 before morning with strong wind; formed ice nearly an inch thick; killed some, if not all the young celery; killed all my cherries, and I fear the currants, too.

    Very cold again last night, about 24 degrees here, and 28 at Riverby. Below zero in northern Michigan24 A soft brooding, slightly veiled April day, a female day, bewitching full of sentiment. Shad trees in bloom, warblers just arriving, turtle dove softly calling, swallows twittering over head, social sparrow chanting, farmer plowing, gardeners planting, downy wood pecker drumming, violets blooming. The streams and little brooks run full and clear, the river is full of shad and herring, the hen if off the nest with her tender brood. The cow hides her calf in the dry leaves in the woods, the sheep steer for the uplands, the sow nurses her "faint pink litter" in the sun -- in short it is late in April and the tide of life is mounting in all things.

    Mercury promises to reach above 70 degrees. Our April hot spell upon us at last -- three days now of summer temperature -- to-day goes above Everything growing on a jump; currants and cherry trees just beginning to bloom. Cooler with light rain in the night. How sweet is the world. Frost again last night, but not severe. It is always the common sense view, touched and heightened by his fine poetic and literary quality. Here in is a lesson for me. April goes out like a dream, soft, warm, above 70 veiled; the maples in a thin yellowish green veil, the cherry trees draped in white, a mist of green in the orchards and woods.

    May 1st Cloudy, with spurts of rain from N. Still cloudy with dashes of rain at long intervals. All the forest trees touched by the wand of spring. Poppletown Hill looks classic with its vivid green and brown. Mrs Hale and her friend come Monday the 3d. Two very interesting women. The new woman is a great improvement on the old. She loves the open air like a man and is nearly as unconventional.

    There seems to be more poetry in her soul than in the man's. Rain last night from the West, Cool, and clearing this morning. Seems related to ground warblers. Yesterday morning when we first got up, at 5, Hiram called my attention to some large black object [crossed out: It seemed as large as a turkey. Hiram said he bet it was a coon. I felt sure it was an Eagle. We kep an eye on it for nearlyan hour; then we saw it move, presently I saw a gleam of white as the bird bent forward to preen its plumage; then it stood up and lifted its plumage and wings and shook itself; a bald and no mistake Had he passed the night there?

    By and by having fixed himself for the day, he launched into the air and flew directly over the house. The thought of him lingered all day. What attracted him here attracts me -- the wildness and seclusion; the precip-itous gulf etc. Noble lodger, I hope you will come nightly to my craggy retreat. It is an inspiration for all day to look out of the window as I get up and see thee upon thy perch.

    Fine shower in afternoon. The drains here full of water; a freshet in all the streams. Johnson and his wife left to-day. Enjoyed their visit much. May in the sulks. Bright and warm in afternoon. Rain again last night. Clear and lovely this morning. Rain enough to stand us a month. A kind of shining nimbus diffused through the air 22 23 Bright, clear cool day, after some rain; very beautiful, -- in the [??? W; frost farther north.

    No real heat yet this spring; fine grass and grain weather. Die Lindenwirtin The Hostess of tho Linden. O Jugend wie bist du so schisn Golden Youth. High voice in Db, Low voice in Bb. High voice in F, Low voice in Db. Wenn die Schwalben heimwirts zieh'n. High voice in Em. Mein Gliick My Joy. High voice in Eb, Medium voice in C. High voice in El , Medium voice in 0, Low voice in Bb. F, Low voice in Eb. High voice in F, Medium voicejn Eb.

    High voice in D, Low voice in Bl. Medium voice in l-7b.. Those Days of Yorel. Medium H voice in Bl. Medium voice in D. High voice in Gb, Low voice in Ell. High voice in G, Meiliuni voice in 1", Low'voice in E. High voice in F, Low voice in D. Strampelchen Restless Little Feet. High voice in Bb, Mcdimn voice in Ab. High voice in F, Low voice in Eb. High voice in C. Medium voice in Bl.

    Medium voice in Fm. Es ist nicht wahr! High voice in 1", Medium or Low voice in Eb. Low voice in A. Medium voice in Eb. High voice in Ab. Es ist bestimmt in Gottes Rat Pzi-[ting and Meeting. D Friihlingslied Spring Song. High voice in Bl. Low voice in G! High voice in Jm. Have a care ye tender flowers, have a care! My Lord has need of those flowrets gay, The reaper said and smiled.

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    • Arise A Hero (The Tanarian Chronicles Book 1).
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    Dear tokens of blooming earth are they, Where He was once a child. Fear ye not, oh chosen flowers, fear ye not. They all shall bloom in fields of light, Transplanted by my care, And angels upon their garments white These sacred blossoms wear. Fear ye not, oh chosen flowers, fear ye not, The mother gave in tears and pain The flowers that she most did love; She knew she should find them all again In the fields of light above-, Happy then ye chosen flowers, happy then!

    Thereis a Rea - per whose name is Death,and L. My Lord has need of those flowrets gay, the reap - er said and 4. Dear to -kens of bloom - ing earth are they where He was once a care, and an-gels up - on their gar - ments white these sa - cred blos - soms IT chi-1d,where He was once wear, these sa — cred blos f 5.

    Solo Night Song C. Borch Mendelssohn- Shelley J. Heilman Prices apply to U. Printed in the U. Meno mosso T Far in you a — Far in you a — - zure, far in- yon. Fold thy pin— ions light! Fold thy pin-ions s e sleeps! L2 My la — dy sleeps! Meno mosso dy sleeps! Shelley Alfred Wooler H.

    Huss Alsatian Pastoral Solos Sop. Leoni Oley Speaks J. Dichmont Lily Strickland Mary G. Protheroe Lily Strickland Pearl G. Description Songs listed on cover include: Adjiclaurno, the Squirrel NO. Hand— som - est of all the maid— ens. Bliss I will bring her to your wig-Wam, Be the sun - light of my peo — ple ' a, tem Thus it was that Hi - 3. Great are the sea and the heavh; Yet greater is my heart, And fairer then pearls and stars Flashes and beams my love. The Lord My Shepherd Is. The Lord my shepherd is, my ten-der, gracious guide, To past-ures green, He leads me, wa—ters still be- side.

    I Carried in stock and for sale by music dealers everywhere. If interested in other I grades of piano music, Songs or Violin and Piano numbers, write for descriptive and thematic catalogs to Hinds. Hayden 8; Eldredge, nc. BocK 23 Union Square. W0 fliegt es hin? Orchestral score and parts may be had of the Publishers. Unpoco lento, tranquillo assai. P; a tempo Ion g? One each for J'oprano—. The numbers contained in each volume have been selec wit the idea of furnishing each of the four voices with a versatility of material and for all practical purposes the songs are set down in their original keys.

    Edited by Horatio Parker. These collections of the most notable lyrics in German, Italian and French have been prepared to meet the needs of our large an ever increasing class of earnest as irants to true artistry. This anthology of song, collected and edited by one of the greatest scholars of music of modern times, pr- sents a work of unusual interest to voice teachers, singers and music students generally; in contrast to the ephemeral character of the average anthology.

    The group of songs contained in this set is the greatest contribution yet made to collective sacred songs, and cannot fail to make a very powerful appeal to the interests of all sin ers. Henderson has here collected the very best of sacred song literature produce during s period covering two hundred years—from Bach to Cowen.

    Edited by william Jhakespeare. One for two high voices. One for one high and one low voice. She gives thee a gar-land Pg. Be — — Ware! Be — — ware! I thought you loved me. If thou thy heart butowest Willst du dein Herz mir schenlren Boon, F. What are these which are arrayed. Therefore the Redeemed of theLord. Thou art so like a Flower. The old Abbey Bell. Song for Tenor Dans, Arlll.

    Inspirer and 1-Iearer of Prayer Contralto or Bass. My Shepherd will supply my Need Sopr. There is an Eye that never sleeps Sopr. In heavenly Love abiding Sopr. Come said Jesus Sopr. Now and afterward Sopr. Whether the World go up or down Three Songs. The Blackbird sings in the Hazslbush. Where go you pretty Maggie No. Somebody watches and waits foryou.. Duet for Soprano and Tenor Language of the Flowers. Where are the Eyes of the lovely one.

    Nae shoon to hide her ting tees —- Op. Spray leaps high on the jut- ting Crag for Soprano. My gentle Mary Tenor or Soprano. Ave Maria for Sopr. A Grreyport Legend No. The Bells of Lynn. Under the Guns Bass learnt, Rlcllrd. Binding Sheaves Iuscllel, Guam. Come away, come away, Death. When all the World is young, La. I once had a sweet little Doll, Dears In heavenly Love abiding. He is thy Lord. His Love is merlasting. A Day in the Woods. A Night in the Woods No. Art thou weary, art thou languid. Farewell oh dream of m e.

    Whether my heart be gladorno Dance on the Green. Adapted and edited by L. It was a Dream Contralto. My Heart is like the sable Night Contralto. Whither ohBird so fast P So- prano With thy blueEyes Contralto. No No No No No.

    At Night Mezzo Soprano. Moonlight Mezzo Soprano No. My love will return to me. Dear heart good night. Ballad for Soprano or Tenor. Ballad for Cuntralto or Baritone. Sung by Georg Henschel. To Thee A Te. Ah ifl were s bee Spring Son. As thy wavlring footsteps.

    Cradle Hymn ofthe Virgin Latin and Engl. A Bird upon 5 rosy Bough No. Beneath the starry Arch. Music when soft Voices die Parker, l. The Sea hath its Pearls Illtier, G. She never told her Love. The Yearls at the Spring. At Break of Day. The Rose and the Lily. What does the little one see down there Mezzo Soprano. As through the Land.